A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 71

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 71

EP 12 – The Bearers (8)

The situation room of the Chungmu facility underground base.

Countless politicians, entrepreneurs and strategists were mesmerized in front of the big screen.

It was an inhuman fight.

If your arm is cut off, you kick it, if your foot is crushed, you bite it in your mouth, and just before you die, get healed and get up and charge again.

The telecommunication magicians gathered together to bring down the queen, and next to them, Yeo Do-yeon smashed the giant monster’s head in one breath to protect them.

The flying monster who was about to attack Yeo Do-yeon was caught up in Seol Jin-woon’s blue streak and fell to the ground in two parts.

David Kim presented a new kind of shinki that steps on the falling monster’s corpse, runs through the air, and extracts the monster’s magic stone with one arm.

A streak of lightning falls on a blue night, and shattered concrete fragments float in the air and rush towards the monster.

Healing lights flashed here and there, and some with their limbs amputated rose, some lifted them up, and some made them fight.

How could this be a human fight?

Seen on the screen of the Chungmu facility’s underground bunker, their desperate struggles seen from afar through a drone.

On a dark night, only the Cipher Gate shines brightly.

It was nothing like the fire moths that rushed to it.

* * *

“You just need to catch the queen!”

There were no heroes here.

“Four o’clock! Bats!”

“It comes up from below!”

“We focus on the top! The ground is escorted by Team Leader Park! ”

It was just a person.

“Hey, Team Manager Park! A pack of wolves is running! Also, run away-”

“These bastards are hunting our sheep! Put on a shield here…! Such a Nimiral!”

“T, the team leader is tired. What is this! Healer! The team leader’s eyes, nose and mouth will bleed…!”

“Originally, when my magic power goes down, I get a seizure! It is said that it is hopeless to even bleed-”



was only a person,

“…I’ll hold you!”

So it was a fire.

“I’ll lure you this way, so run away!”

“Yoo Jung-ah!”

“I’ll follow you later-“

“Hey, you bastard!”

Of course, it was weaker than a candle in front of the wind,

“T, Chief…!?”

“Where the f**k are you going to get older than adults!?”

“calm down!”

“I’m your shield! You bastards!”

“You’ve lost your magic-“

“I do the bait!”

I set myself on fire, knowing that I was going to collapse,

“Hey, where have you been, Chief Park?”

“……Now, I am the team leader.”

“…f**k. I’m sorry, can you go to the Dongdaemun area to apply? Over there in the apartment complex.”

“I will go.”

“Do you have any barriers left? no. Wait a minute. You have that ability-“

“I am able to write. just now.”

Candles come together to become torches,

“Hey, who laid this shield!?”

“……Nice to meet you.”

“Who are you?”

“… Team Leader Park. Please call me Team Leader Park.”

The embers of the wind spread across the fields,

“Captain Seol! Guild Hunters overpowered the apartment! Someone came and covered the entire apartment complex with a barrier!”

“We focus on bringing down the Queen. Because telecasters are bringing them down. Don’t let the flying monsters approach that area-“

“All the wizards are dead!”

“…to the guild side’s long-distance capable people-”

“Hey, I gathered them all and brought them.”


“It’s a place my brother made, and I worked with him for a long time, but I don’t know his face.”

At last, become a lamp that will take away this dark night,

“hey. There is a giant monster.”

“Ah, Doyeon passed by and grabbed it. Oh, come to think of it, Captain 3 was also a wizard, right? The kids in Dongdaemun are in a rush to be wizards-”

“No, Doyeon, why is she here?”

“I do not know. long time no see Anyway, if it wasn’t for him, the sniper team was completely dead.”

radiated a brilliant light.

“The sniper team took down the dragon!”

“great! I’m going to get the next chick!”

So there are no heroes here.

“what…? Why are we winning?”

“The brave yangbans have joined!”

“…Send more telegram magicians to headquarters!”

Because they were ‘heroes’, not ‘heroes’,

“Captain Seol! Bringing down the queen is also a limit!”

“On the brink of bringing it down to range! a little bit…! little bit more!”

“There aren’t enough telecommunication magicians-”

“The three telecasting magicians of Team 4 are joining us!”

The flames lead to each other,

“Queen…! The Queen is in range!”

“Tell all the batteries! Aim!”

“Aim Haranda See-Fal!”

Burning with momentum to consume the world,

“That’s right, that’s right in the sky over there, right?”

“yes. That’s what the Dongdaemun kids were preparing for.”

“I just need to catch that one, it’s not this one!”

Faced the darkness of this blue night.

“I’m going to faint after shooting this, so you take care of my body.”

“…isn’t that a life-saver technology?”

“Now or when?”

and calm down,

A huge wave of fire raged in the sky.

“Wow, what the f**k is this? this. crazy…!”

“……I haven’t written it yet?”

A storm of brilliant flames roared violently and devoured all kinds of monsters.

“Ha, the sky, with flames…!”


“Wow. wow… f**k you. Wow. wow…”


A tidal wave of fire is coming from the southern sky.

“…Captain Chun-sik. No matter how you look at this magical power, that’s it.”


“The 2nd team leader is finally back. You bastard…”

It covered the chilly blue night sky in red.

“It seems our Seon-ah has come.”


Hong Seon-ah once cried as she grabbed her friend with a hole in her forehead and shed tears of blood.

The background alone was definitely a moving story. The myth of the Apgujeong camp has been talked about until now.

When bored, the survivors of Apgujeong appeared in the media and shed tears and received hundreds of thousands of won. In addition, the state was also on the side to subtly encourage it as a way to rectify public opinion.

Even though psychics were able to escape from Seoul, everyone unanimously decided to stay in Seoul and protect the common people.

A story that warms the heart.


Before Han Seung-moon arrived at Apgujeong,

The short years that Hong Seon-ah had to endure changed everything about her.

‘…The day before yesterday, Jung-yi’s brother died. Today, Eun-ah’s body was recovered.”

Apgujeong was a terrible place.

1200 people are suffering from food shortages,

There were monsters that I had never seen before,

Maniacs roamed the city center, picking up guns from soldiers’ corpses.

And, dozens of hunters had to supply 1200 food for 1200 people in the city to be able to ration each day.

There was never a time when the number of combat personnel, including ordinary people armed with rifles, exceeded 70, and gunshots continued to be heard in department stores and supermarkets, and people had to gradually adjust to death. Behind the touching period of survival, there was such a chaos.

‘… Uncle Chun-sik. well hey our sweetheart Out of the warehouse, he, out of the asshole warehouse. I have a hole in my head.’

‘…what did the body do?’

‘I burned it. Just like every day.’

Hong Seon-ah always burned the body of the dead. Because they could never feed their corpses to the monsters.

Hong Seon-ah was always with her colleagues at the end.

First of all, her hair burned, the pain on her skin, dry dead skin cells, sad memories, and a lifetime of burning at her fingertips.

clean the scars Hong Seon-ah carefully sent off the souls of her comrades with the flames.


‘Hey, kid. how much…! That, in that dark warehouse, how frightening it must have been. She…! That, the little one, that, huh, huh huh…! Whoa…!’

There is no way I can wash away the one love that remains in my heart.

‘Heh heh…! Whoa, whoa…! ooh, we Even if it breathes fire Guns, you can’t dodge guns.’


‘Uncle…, we, we alone, can’t we escape?’

Every time the funeral was over, Hong Seon-ah fell down in front of Kim Chun-sik each time and sobbed, earnestly begging him to leave Seoul.

Kim Chun-sik’s answer was always the same.



‘Still, I will remain.’

Hong Seon-ah realized a lot of things through a total of 12 funerals.

The first thing I realized was that when people weep really sadly, they can’t even breathe properly, and the sound they make in the torture is similar to the sound of laughter at first glance.

So when Hong Seon-ah wants to cry, she rather smiles.

‘No, why do only the Awakened receive a large amount of food?’

‘…Haha, because it’s the one who procures the food-‘

‘It’s really mine. If we have a gun, we can take it with us, and if we go out…’


So she always smiles.

Afterwards, I laughed while burning the corpse, so I heard a crazy b*tch.

‘Was it you? Nice to meet you!’

‘Sa, buy, save me…!’

‘what. Were you a student?’

‘Come on, come on, wrong, hyungs, hyungs, let’s do it so…!’

‘Eun-ah was also a student. Weren’t you two getting along a bit?’

‘Sorry, really, ji, really! sorry! Sorry-‘


‘Ahhhhh! turn it off! Huh..! Whoa! aah!’

When his vengeance reached its peak, he knew that even an ordinary person could burn a living human to death without hesitation.

Hong Seon-ah decided to live her life with a smile. Rather, she suppressed her emotional exhaustion with laughter. Because the usual emotional exhaustion has reached its peak.

Such a race is usually referred to as a crazy b*tch.

‘No, Seon-ah, why is the food distributed in our complex-‘

‘If you twist, you guys will come to the rescue!’


‘Oh Hong Hong!’

‘…you’re not a crazy b*tch!’

Hong Seon-ah decided to live with the people she wanted to protect.

‘Chun-sik is a man! Let’s escape Seoul!’

‘Well, I’m staying.’

‘I knew how to say that, so I prepared this.’

‘…What else is that?’

‘Stand! Unless Hong Seon-ah and the 16 members of the offensive team do not expel the crazy b*tch who swears for food every day! I am determined to go on strike as a group!’


‘So, get rid of the women’s president! You crazy utilitarian!’

Hong Seon-ah also learned a little bit of politics.

‘…Chun-sik-ahjae. Two people died today. That’s right.’


‘The regular boy and the regular guy. We drank and quarreled every day, and when we went, we went hand in hand, so…’


‘Excuse me, let’s get out of Seoul. Among the Awoken.’


‘……Bad Sacky.’

I also learned to curse.

‘No, why aren’t you going? why! why!’


‘If you have a mouth, answer me!’

‘……Go with you guys.’

‘I’m not arguing with you knowing that I can’t leave you! You bad boy! Let’s go to Seoul!’


‘You don’t understand Korean, you naughty bastard!’

I found it very difficult to talk to foreigners.

‘…Really, why, why don’t you go? Is there any reason not to say it?’


‘Are there any traumas you couldn’t save in the past?’

‘… Asking a person who went to war to tell the story of the past, what? You mean you won’t sleep for three days?’

Even more so if that’s the case.

So I drank.

‘Come on, come on, drink it cool! Why don’t you go to Seoul?’

‘……The life just.. just. Um. The more you save, the better. Well. yep.’

‘So you drove us to death?’

‘The number 1200 is true. uh. Well. Too much more than you thought. Dear.’

‘I’m immersed in the hero game. The person next to you dies, but mana doesn’t matter?’

‘I kill… I, I kiled f**king inocent. sorry baby. I’m so sorry, baby……’

Ever since I found out that the reason the words ‘I’m so sorry baby’ came out of drunken Kim Chun-sik’s mouth was the sound of shooting mortars at the tent where newborn babies were gathered.

I’ve found that people become more miserable when they hate someone they can understand than someone they can’t understand.

‘…What are we, the offering for repentance? If we save people by killing us, will we die and go to heaven?’


‘okay. Uncle Chun-shik, you never told us to fight together. You probably don’t even want to go to heaven. Because he is such a person. by the way.’


‘…I, something, something nice. I just want to curse you.’


‘I don’t know what to say here. What…?’

She knew she wasn’t smart.

‘…I have 12 people who are more important than 1,200 people.’



Eventually, I gave up on counting. In other words.


It was that she was also a mentally ill person who wanted to save someone in the end.

After thinking for a long time, Hong Seon-ah got up from her seat and approached Han Seung-moon, who had been talking with Won-ok-bun for a while.

“Gam Ji-yoon is coming up. Yes. I’m going to go to Seoul with you from here. Military hunters now…? Ah yes. Okay. 1st Corps-”

“A senator!”

“? What’s going on, Captain Hong?”

“Take me.”

Hong Seon-ah scattered familiar faces in the corner of the screen. Those who chose David Kim rather than themselves are now dying one by one in Seoul and falling apart.

She saw Park Chun-bong, team leader, on the screen. In Apgujeong, he was a tactical backup for Kim Chun-sik, and in the Shinbundang election, he was the deputy director of the back line defense.

The awakened ability was to strike a shield, his favorite food was Gwamegi, his hometown was Damyang, Jeolla-do, he lived in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, he worked as a server administrator for an internet shopping mall, his two sons were killed by a monster, his parents were alive or dead, and his wife had been in the past. Bereavement, swearing a lot, drinking a lot, but surprisingly, he doesn’t smoke. The reason is that the will of his wife, who died of breast cancer, is ‘If a single father smokes, the children also smoke’.

He was surrounded by wolves on the screen and he was facing his end.

Hong Seon-ah suddenly smiled.

smiled very broadly.

“I told you to go out a few times, but seeing you doing that over there makes my stomach explode! Those naughty bastards! This time, I’m going to grab it by the neck and pull it out!”


“Let’s go back after a long time! Seoul!”

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