A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 77

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 77

EP 13 – International Hunter Perspective (3)

I sat on an old bench in the rest area and suddenly thought,

Being an assistant was a very poor job.

If you serve for 20 years, you will receive a civil servant pension, but if you look hateful to a lawmaker, you will be blown away, but if you get too close to a lawmaker, you will go to jail instead. Of course, it was up to the legislator to save him or not.

I frankly recalled.

“Now that I think about it, I don’t know how I survived. Rep. Yang’s youngest son, Kwon, was brought up from the club.”

“Ah, that… water pong?”


Simply put, life or death depends on the legislators. Similar occupations include knight’s servant, Joseon dynasty slave, and secretary of a chaebol family.

Suddenly, Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong remembered the past. It was a bit embarrassing to be a memory, though.

“After that, I even gave tutoring for free. three people.”

“Our inspiration was because we wanted to sting our eyes when we openly scatter.”

Even if it sounds like shit, you have to be patient and pick it up, and in the end, people who are similar to each other often become friends. That was me, Yang Il-ho, Lee Ho-jung, and Kang Seok-ho.

A gang of aides sat down on a bench in the parking lot of the Capitol, and boiled and ate cup noodles. I remember waking up and spilling soup on a call from a doctor while eating.

I felt the emotion of that time and exhaled a sigh of relief. The smell of ramen is very fragrant.

“Hey, Mr. Yes, this… it smells. The taste of ramen noodles cooked next to the smoking area in the parking lot-”

“What is that memory?”

Yang Il-ho pouted his lips, but Lee Ho-jung smiled and poked his side.

“There wasn’t a hole in the sky back then, right?”

“That was a good time!”

The three men in suits chuckled, but it was clear that it had been a very pleasant spring afternoon.

The sun was warm as the day had come, and the asphalt gleamed with molten snow, and three cup noodles were waiting to be cooked on the old bench.

…… Originally there should be four.

“……Hyung, haven’t you heard of the lagoon yet?”

It seems that the guys suddenly thought the same thing. I shook my head.


“…… Whoa.”

“I think I was trying to find Shiho, but I found the CCTV heading to Uijeongbu, but because of one missing person, I can’t even send a search party to the middle of the monster in Uijeongbu…”

Kang Seok-ho, who should have been at the place to cook cup noodles, is now missing. To be precise, the contact was cut off around the time of the Uijeongbu incident.

“I think we got mixed up when we ran away from the gate in Uijeongbu…”

“…well, it seems like we run away leaving the lagoon every time.”

His only remaining younger brother, Kang Si-ho, was acquired by Il-ho and Ho-jeong. Lee Ho-jeong lightly twisted her hair and sighed.

“I’m worried because Shiho looks so depressed these days.”

“How are you…”

“It was our fault for not paying much attention, but…”

“It’s half my fault…”

Of course, these guys were also assistants, so they weren’t a proper parenting manpower. If you see me harassing them, it’s because the basics are to work overtime and on weekends.

“Usually a cold person takes care of us while we go to work, but in the past, we had friends our age, so we used to play a lot…”

“Are you close with Jiyoon?”

“yes. ok But Jiyoon doesn’t come in anymore. They’re just looking at the front door.”

“Main door…?”

“I’ll tell you when hyung is coming…”

It’s a bittersweet story. Waiting for a war orphan Death was unavoidable even for politicians, so I only sighed with compassion.

Ho-jeong Lee suddenly roared. He seems to be doing it to lighten the mood. In fact, I have a rather rough personality.

“Oh really! Why is the atmosphere so dead all of a sudden!”

“The atmosphere is dead because the world is a mess.”

“…Oppa said that was a joke-“

“Since the ramen is cooked, stop being hysterical and eat it deliciously. The guy who was just salty-“

That time when I snapped the wooden chopsticks that were placed on the lid of the cup noodles.

– !

The cell phone rang.

I dropped the wooden chopsticks.

because of the habit. A habit of changing the ringtone for each important person.

It was a habit I had made to crawl out to answer a phone call from Yang Pan-seok, but thanks to this, I immediately knew whose call it was from the moment it came.

It’s Wonok-bun’s phone.


– A member of parliament. Li Chongbin, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, wants a stand alone.

* * *

The situation in China was poor. To be precise, most countries were in poor condition.

Because there are no wires. In other words, it fights by mixing with monsters.

Because we were a peninsular country, a frontline called the Chungcheong Defense Line could be built, but most countries had to deal with monsters running rampant both inside and outside their borders.

Naturally, the strength of the army weakens.

The reason why the ROK military was unable to fight against monsters in the early days of the crisis was that they were mixed with civilians. This was the most serious problem in the war against monsters.

When civilians and monsters mix, the army is thrown into chaos.

If Cha Jae-gyun had taken over the military power and had not imprisoned the monsters in Seoul under his own discretion, we would have been in no different situation.

In any case, all countries were given a choice.

Should I shoot monsters mixed with civilians or not?

Democracy did not shoot, so material damage was increased, and in dictatorship countries, the shooting increased political damage.

China is the latter.

So they put propaganda against us. He told me to send Gam Yeong under the pretext of protecting the nuclear power plant, and waited for him to be rejected. For the stability of the country. At least we assumed so.

“I am sorry for the controversy surrounding the last request. I didn’t originally intend to cause trouble, but the situation was a bit urgent, so there seems to be a communication problem.”


The Communist Party that dominates China, and the Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission that controls the Communist Party, Le Songbiyan Zhang Liang, mentioned the previous incident with a light smile.

“It is not Chinese politics to intimidate him with other countries’ events.”

He smiled too politically to be a soldier, and had too many medals on his uniform to be a politician.

But what I can’t decide right now is that I was wearing a military uniform with a bunch of medals, but the smell of the suit was really bad. Especially in the sense that he was telling lies with a smile.

But in the end, what could not be reassured was that this old man, who was much smaller and skinny than me, could not relax his tension when he heard the news that at least a million people had blown his head.

Somewhere ambiguous between politicians and soldiers,

Li Choongbin’s listing was there.

He smiled softly, proving that he was a political officer.

“I hope that the instigation of the puppet state does not harm the harmony between the two countries.”

It meant blaming North Korea for everything in the past and crushing it. Whether it’s the propaganda that you committed, or the fact that we used North Korea as a puppet to attack China.

Of course I can’t say no here.

In an international society where the logic of power has become more important than ever, if you are stretched out for a cause and get hit, you are going to the goal. The means by which we made North Korea into a demigod was also not diplomacy, but fistfighting.

I brought an interpreter next to me, but I answered with a very good pronunciation.

“Ahead of a big event, what will you do by listening to the little boy?”

“As I was told, get angry, Han representative.”

The second foreign language was the knowledge of Korean University students.

Li Choong-bin, who didn’t know that fluent Chinese would come out of my mouth, quickly became aroused.

“I didn’t know you could speak Korean.”

“Because they are neighbors.”

“I really wish it were.”

Does this mean that it is still too early to call it a neighbor? It doesn’t look like it will be an easy conversation, seeing that it comes out strong from the beginning.

However, Li Choongbin smiled and tilted the teacup. The way he looked in his eyes and the way he spoke, he seemed accustomed to dealing with people. He was also a man who had no choice but to do so.

He shuddered slyly.

“When I lived in Beijing, I got pneumonia and wanted to quit my job. The fortress must have cleared the world.”

“It is definitely good that the fine dust is gone.”

“The wind is clear, but there is a bloody smell, which is a problem. Isn’t it?”


Frankly, it was quite predictable that China would make additional contacts. Rather, it is a little late.

However, considering that it was an election, it was very natural. I don’t know who the next president will be, but what can I do if I have to develop diplomatic relations with the acting authority?

Recently, Won Ok-bun’s succession of the presidency has become a known fact, and if it is considered that China is proposing diplomatic relations to the Republic of Korea under Won Ok-bun’s system, it is not so sudden.

Because it was originally a law not to conduct diplomacy during the election season.

the problem is,

“By the way, one of the representatives looks very emaciated.”

“It’s a little strange that politicians are healthy in this day and age.”

“You have heard of my circumstances before and after. I salute you for your dedication to the people.”

“I am ashamed.”

I mean, why did you ask me to meet you?

Li Choong-bin smiled kindly and flexibly tilted his wrinkled eyes.

“……Personally. I feel really grateful that CEO Han speaks Korean so fluently.”


“No, thank you very much.”

He beckoned lightly to one of the suitors standing behind him. The suitor suddenly flinched.

“An interpreter for a representative. On the way back to China, you killed this guy and tried to shut his mouth.”

For a moment, I thought I had misunderstood the words because I didn’t know Chinese well yet.

“Thanks to one representative’s consideration, a Chinese person was saved, how can I not say thank you?”

We were in a closed room carefully selected by the intelligence agencies of both countries. A calm drawing room where no wiretapping devices exist and no noise is heard.

So the silence was louder than ever.

Without moving my facial muscles, I rolled my eyes and looked at the interpreter’s expression. It didn’t look like it was squeezing the white stuff out.

I don’t really need to add anything. Because the one who asked to talk to me was over there.

I answered in silence and cautiously.

If you want to talk, don’t make a fuss and start with the basics.

Then Li Choongbin broke the silence with a light smile.

“Aren’t the only representatives and me and the interpreters on both sides aware of the conversation that will take place here?”

“Shall I take it out?”

“I want you to think of it as an old man’s greed and listen to it.”

There must have been a reason why China’s second-in-command came out like this. I beckoned my interpreter lightly.

“I’m waiting for you at the door.”

“Yes, Senator.”

When she calmly turned around and left the secret room, the interpreter for Li Choong-bin was also startled and fled from the room.


Probably. It seems that the red-haired person I met this time is also a stranger. Even though I didn’t do anything, I have a deep ties with red people.

I pondered on the rednecks that went through my life.

Ri Cheol-jin, the original red-headed general who stole the Baekdu bloodline beyond the Sampal Line.

Ri Yong-su, the new leader of a new gang who tried to cause a coup and kill 100,000 North Korean defectors.

And even Li Choong-bin, the commander of the gangster next door.

Anyway, I made a firm promise that I would never have business with the ‘Lee’ who live in the red country again, and I smiled hard.

“Is it now?”

“Ah, thank you.”

Li Choong-bin tilted his head and scratched his chin.

“Do I look cruel?”


“…I don’t know yet.”

“Be careful. Good attitude.”

The boss crossed his legs. Then he carefully put down the teacup and put his interlaced hands on his knees.

“There is a custom that we don’t bring up big things in a hurry, but I have to talk to a representative first.”

“You tell me.”

“Ultimately, we want to establish an East Asian Federation for the United States.”

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