A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 78

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 78

EP 13 – International Hunter Perspective (4)

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a federation, a federation, a confederation, whatever form it takes. However, China’s firm position is that the US influence should be excluded from all parts of East Asia. China will disband USFK and US forces in Japan, and will do everything in its power to exclude the United States from this East Asia.”

The sword was drawn.

“It is safe to interpret it as planning an all-out ideological, economic, and diplomatic war. Of course, if things go seriously, it could turn into a real all-out war.”

China’s second-in-command laughed lightly and talked about war.

“The last sentence is half a joke, so don’t take it too seriously.”

It was half-serious, so at least it was a voice telling me to keep my mind on it.

* * *

After a long silence, I answered.

“……Umm. Is that so?”

“exactly. We plan to arrest all domestic spies soon, and the most elite troops from the Eastern Front will surround Diaoyu.”


“If necessary, I’m thinking of going to the front of the U.S. Forces Japan base in Okinawa.”

Wow, the hottest armed protesters.

He opened his mouth more and showed no sign of embarrassment. because I doubt All the words that came out of this place did not affect me.

He just calmly tilts his teacup and looks into the eyes of Li Chungbin. He’s looking at me like I’m having fun.

“CEO, can you guess how many people will die if this fact leaks out of this secret room?”

“The intelligence agency should hire some people next quarter.”

“Well, do you think that one death to prevent that great death is a great price?”

He was still discussing the death of an interpreter.

I didn’t answer.

“I am not one who despises life. Especially in this day and age.”


“Of course, a representative would know.”

Now that I understand this yangban to some extent, I feel a little sad. The reason I guessed immediately came out of his mouth.

“I am a person who knows the value of life better than most people and does what I cherish as a profession. either as a soldier or as a politician.


“Our job is ultimately to decide who to sacrifice. I’m sure even a representative will be able to guess.”

“I somewhat understand.”

“We know that every life is precious, but in the end we have to sacrifice one life for another. That is, after all, the essence of politics and strategy.”

exploiting the poor for the rich, and extorting the rich for the poor. To inflict more damage, advance units that will do less damage.

Indeed it was. The essence of politics and strategy was to sacrifice one life for another.

Ri Choongbin continued speaking in a quick tone, but it seemed as if the tone and each word were pierced through the eardrum and stuck in his brain.

I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I sympathized with him.

“What, then, is the duty of government officials in this blind spot of respect? Isn’t it to look at the forest, not the trees, and adjust the loss and gain to increase the total amount?”

“Are you talking about utilitarianism?”

“If the weight of life is the same, it is the number that can predict its value. We know that the utilitarianism of the rulers can have implications for an immoral society, but it is our responsibility to bear it.”

Li Choongbin held up his teacup for a moment and drank his throat.

Meanwhile, I looked at this possibly utilitarian man.

I don’t know if his words are true or false. I’m sorry, but politicians don’t trust people.

And, I understand, and I sympathize deeply,

I don’t think I’ll be persuaded.

It endured a typhoon that was too harsh to be shaken.

實利 and Public Liability.

You don’t even need to think about that.

I don’t know how many people will survive in a world created by a scoundrel who killed more than a million people, but at least it was clear that it wasn’t heaven.



I also grabbed a teacup and choked my throat. I don’t want to brag about my stupid philosophy by making fun of my mouth.

Also, I didn’t want to get discouraged by the sound of floating clouds.

Importantly, Ri Choongbin talked to me about ideology, but not policy. This was a place to discuss policy. I haven’t heard of his offer yet.

Therefore, all the stories so far have been only introductory.

So I asked him for the first time.

“Why are you folding?”

he replied

“The introduction was long. Daejeon, why is this old man coming all the way to the sea and arguing with a representative about his old political philosophy…”

Li Choong-bin, an official, smiled softly.

“Because I really respect one of my representatives from this point of view!”


“I know that the Japanese side contacted me in relation to the 200 nuclear warheads of the U.S. Commonwealth last day. What did you hear?”

I answered honestly.

I thought he already knew.

“It was a story that the Japanese Six Self-Defense Forces seized 200 nuclear warheads from the US forces in Japan, and 100 of them would be donated to Korea, so that we could stop the tyranny of China together. We believe in our hearts that Japan and the United States have joined hands.”

“Be wise. Doesn’t that sound quite favorable to the US? Since the stronghold of the 7th Fleet is in Japan, it must have rolled its tail…”

Li Choongbin clicked his tongue a few times, then shook his head as if it wasn’t.

“261. The number of strategic nuclear warheads possessed by China. It is a top-secret matter, so I hope you will pay attention to your remarks.”

“There is an aspect that is opposed to the 200 in the US.”

“Not 200, but 261. And, they were originally deployed on the Japanese mainland. Each time we secretly developed a nuclear warhead, they placed one in front of our territory. It was a very effective deterrent. It was because we were grasping the status of our nuclear development in real time. Thanks to that, we often stopped developing nuclear weapons.”

Lee Chung-bin’s listing has been unstoppable and has uncovered the underside of the international community.

“The 200 nuclear warheads deployed on the Japanese mainland are, of course, an act of ignoring the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the International Atomic Energy Agency. I wouldn’t even question the fact that it was a weapon that would destroy China in six hours. In particular, it would be absurd for us to discuss compliance.”


“The question is, why did you bring out that nuclear bomb?”

He smiled with bitter eyes.

“Is it to save people? Was it to prevent war? Or was it to kill the monster?”


“It was just for the benefit of the country. Did China insist on slaughtering Jews for world domination? When they insisted on unity in Dong-a, they pushed us with nuclear warheads. In fact, it doesn’t matter what happens if the peace in Dong-a is broken, they just use Korea and Japan as bullet holes to stop us. This is it.”

Choongbin Lee muttered quietly.

“Usually, this is referred to as a car robbery.”

And he added softly.

“The U.S. just used the evil means of nuclear weapons to stop China’s expansion. It is also a situation where he takes a step back and induces a form of kinship. It’s really ineffective, and it’s terrible.”

His tone gradually ceased to be that of a politician.

“Therefore, as a small individual, as an ambassador to the former Shenyang County District, and as the second father of the current 1 billion people in China, I have no intention of accepting this.”

He soon became a soldier.

“In the name of China, I will drive America back over the Pacific.”


back as a politician.

“For that, we need Korea’s help.”

He began to persuade me in a relaxed tone.

“You know what the scariest thing for a country is? People’s distrust I have already suppressed seven major revolts within China. It is also the same reason that Russia was divided into East and West. The Russian tsar abandoned the few to save the many, but died splitting the country in half.

But how about Korea? The people trust the state, didn’t a representative of the people go into the middle of Seoul and save 1,200 people?”

Escape operation from Shinbundang Line.

“The United States has lost 30 percent of its territory. It’s because of the city area. Politicians struggled over whether to kill the zombies or not, and eventually produced 20 million infected. By the way, how about Korea? As the disease spread, a cure was distributed, and in the meantime, did not succeed in rescuing millions of people in Uijeongbu?”

Uijeongbu situation.

“Noah Lumiere. I’m sure you’ve heard of it at least once. A European hero who leads many superhumans. However, she was not able to elicit the utmost cooperation of the superhumans. The conflict between the PMCs is getting sharper. But how about Korea? Guilds, associations, and even special forces. Didn’t the heroes of Seoul unite and close the gate?”

Seoul runaway.

“Korea has resolved the difficulties faced by the nations without hesitation. Do you know what these events have in common?”

He recites the modern history of Korea.

“That’s right, People’s Representative Han Seung-moon, that you were there.”

Li Choong-bin pointed at me with his dry and twisted fingers.

“There is no coincidence in the world. This should not be regarded as a mere coincidence. The Republic of Korea and Representative Han have the potential to overcome these difficulties. And in the current era, it is truly the first capability for peace and coexistence of Dong-A. ”

The finger pointing at me turned into a palm asking for a handshake.

“What do you think, President Han?”

Knowing that a handshake had no power, I happily grabbed it and waved it and smiled. Of course, it was too empty a veneer to be a laugh. And that was the expression I wanted to show Lee Choongbin.

ask him

So what do you say to me?

“What does the CEO want?”

“Chinese Chinese food!”

The answer was quick and unstoppable. So was my question.

“Hey, what is the neutralization of the CEO?”

His blueprints blew out without blockage. It was an eloquence that seemed to have waited only for this moment.

The tone, tone, pitch, and pitch of the Chinese language he uttered, the power to hold my hand, and the twinkling eyes between his wrinkled eyes, expressed his passion and joy.

“We will join forces with the three countries of China, Korea, Japan and China at a small scale and the Eastern Military District of Russia in the Binhaibonggang District (Primorsky Krai) to form the Northern Front to stop the numerous monsters moving south from all over Siberia!”

Northern defense line connecting China, Korea and Russia.

“We will revitalize emergency trade in East Asia. Wouldn’t this be beneficial if Chinese rice could solve Korea’s food shortage, Korean superpowers defend Japan, and Japanese technology was used in China?”

revitalization of trade.

“We must seek a solution to this peculiar phenomenon through exchanges and joint research in the superhuman society. If they are willing to lend a hand to stop each other, I think Dong-A has a real meaning.”

Superman Common Front.

“It means more than a thousand people. Only Dong-a has the power to change this miserable world. If so, it is your duty to be able to do it. So, after overcoming this ordeal, East Asia will become the center of the world.”

Choongbin Lee declared.

“This is my Chinese medicine!”

and asked me

“Would you like to join us?”


Li Choongbin got into the car. In the driver’s seat was an interpreter who had escaped earlier.

“Oh, are you okay? Ambassador?”

Lee Choong-bin sent a sharp gaze into the rearview mirror.


The interpreter swallowed dry saliva at the sharp gaze of the old man passing through the rearview mirror.

Although I have been serving for 26 years, I couldn’t get used to those eyes, those eyes that haven’t changed since I was young.

“……done. Let’s go home.”

“There is a dinner with the acting authority.”

“They say it’s regrettable that you have to return home in a hurry due to your chronic illness.”

“All right.”

It seems that the dirty old man is getting angry again. The interpreter and secretary carefully stepped on the accelerator so as not to offend the spirit of inspiration that had been nurtured for 26 years.

Today was George.

The secretary sighed lightly. Anyway, even if the rank of rank is raised, the things they do are the same as in the past. Aren’t you fat like that even if you don’t do your own thing a little bit?

“…so how did it go?”

“How is it, how is it? First of all, it’s a union and it’s Nabal, and they said that they would meet again after the election.”

When Lee Choongbin wiped his face with a 10-year-old expression, the secretary asked carefully.

“Well, didn’t you say you were making Kwansi today?”

“I wanted to eat dinner together, but it was black.”

“Such a cheap bread bastard…!”

For a long time, the secretary looked at Han Seung-moon to relieve Lee Chung-bin. Li Choong-bin, as always, smiled happily at the joke and waved his hand.

“done. This is all my fault.”

“Just give the order! I say goodbye right now…!”

“Just do verse one.”


The car went silent again.

The secretary noticed Lee Chung-bin’s number 18, Deung-ryeo-gun’s Mijoo, and turned on the boat.

Only then did Li Choongbin’s frown on his forehead loosen loosely as a clear and sad voice came out.

He looked like any other old man.

The secretary asked casually, as usual. Choongbin Lee replied.

“I heard that Korean Jajangmyeon is so delicious, shall we go eat it together?”

“Are not you hungry.”

“Am I doing this alone?”

“I’ll take one bite.”

“Then you will eat the whole bowl.”

“I can’t hear the song.”


The secretary asked casually, as usual. The commander in chief replied.

“Information came in from the Western District. The Panchen Lama took the superhumans to the Dalai Lama reincarnation-”

“Are you still alive?”


The secretary asked casually, as usual. The Vice-Chairman replied.

“The U.S. 7th Fleet stood still in front of Taiwan. A letter of protest was sent asking for the release of the President of the Republic of China.”

“What do you say to the tin?”

“They killed too many in Taiwan. Just release it.”

“After you release it, release the public security. It starts with the tail of the organization approaching the Führer.”

The secretary asked casually, as usual.

“You really didn’t mean to kill me, did you?”

“Hey. The young man keeps flailing, so did you have anything to do with the thing that scared you?”

“Then that’s it.”

When the secretary quietly shut her mouth, Li Choongbin laughed.

“The guy who scared me doesn’t even budge, but the guy next to me is shaking.”

“Isn’t Han Seung-moon scared?”

“Don’t even blink.”

The secretary was amazed. The one I’ve seen for so long is pecking too.

“He seems to be a character with a bit of a wall.”

“…it didn’t feel like that. It felt like talking to a wall.”


“You didn’t even listen to me.”

Li Choongbin leaned back on the seat without saying a word and turned his head to look out the window. I was very envious of the scenery of Busan, which seemed to be infinitely intact.

It is not desirable to have a decent building. The expressions on the faces of those walking down the street were amazing. As usual, don’t they lay down pedestals on the street to sell miscellaneous goods, or maybe there are lovers who come and go in and out of cosmetic stores?

The origin of the country is the people of the people, and the origin of the human being is Jeong (精). It is a country that holds the people’s thoughts so that they do not deviate from the fundamentals. In a time of turmoil like now, it was no different from paradise.

It was obvious who created this world.

“I mean, even a representative is very strange.”

“What do you mean?”


Li Choongbin put a cigarette in his mouth.


Because it was something vague to put into words, and clear enough to just pass it on in silence.

Because there are no words to be called enemies, and cold to be called friends.

The old man could only quench his complicated feelings with a cigarette.

…while feeling a strange sense of defeat.


Han Seung-moon spoke to the interpreter who was waiting outside the secret room.


Chaewon Pi replied.

“…I am guessing that Jiyoon is an artificially created human weapon. I think it’s more dangerous than American nuclear weapons. China is worried about Jiyoon’s mass production.

So he wants to get a recipe for a stimulant. That’s why we’re bringing our hunters to mainland China. I’m trying to get information, even a little bit of hair or blood. Also, if necessary, naturally…

Everything else is a smoke screen.”


While everyone is preparing the dagger in the smoke screen.

It was the next day that Noah Lumière visited Korea.

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