A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 79

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 79

EP 13 – International Hunter Perspective (5)

Thank you for reaching out, but it is currently impossible to implement practical policies. Let’s meet again after the election and talk.

So, I returned the listing for Lee Chung-bin. great. Once the time is earned.

Think of Gam Ji-yoon as a biological weapon we made. That’s a pretty reasonable guess. Considering that we are the only country in the world that succeeded in artificial awakening.

Arousal stimulants.

A drug that promotes mutations by spreading magical powers through the human body. The amount of telomeres consumed varies according to the type of awakening ability.

That is, the lifespan is reduced randomly.

Nevertheless, millions of people have injected stimulants.

I want to catch the monster, because now I have nothing but my body, I want to live somehow, I want to save my life, I want to earn money.

The reasons varied, but the results were clear.

Hunter’s society began.

The number of state-registered PMCs is growing exponentially, and there has been a case where a group of survivors in Incheon escaped to Chungcheong Province after being given a stimulant that was distributed in the air.

The awakening probability of the rear area where the gate is not open is less than 0.01%,

Considering that the awakening probability of Apgujeong Camp, which was just below the gate, was about 3%,

It is safe to say that Korea’s superhuman society has grown in size with the power of arousal stimulants.

However, now the international community is starting to pay attention to us because of the stimulant.

Let’s go over the basics first. Why were stimulants developed?

The predestination of the coming destruction in an endless war of attrition.

The sustainable war theory presented as the solution.

Defense means that do not consume ammunition and oil.


…Planner, Cha Jae-gyun.

and biological experiments.

Let’s go to meet that dark history.

* * *

Jinbo-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. An island on land surrounded by the cliffs of Mt. Gwangdeok and the Banbyeoncheon Stream of the Nakdong River.

Cheongsong Prison.

The place where the heinous criminals used in biological experiments were originally housed. So, now it’s an empty, gloomy prison in the valley.

There was a gambler.

“This is a bit ironic. I went into the cell where there were yangbans who caught me and put needles in. Of course I didn’t really catch it physically!”

He now greeted me in a rather strange form for a human being.

A face that looks like a smile. White skin like a drawing paper, and blood vessels that look blue. A large mouth that starts at the cheek and ends at the neck.

He chatted non-stop. According to his own words, the facial muscles press on the nerves, and if you do not play with your mouth for even a day, a thorn will appear on the central nervous system.

“Umm… If you ask about the development process of the stimulant, I can only describe it as a series of bursts of Gaeporok.”

The gambler in a white robe folded his arms and shook his head.

“Our research policy was to put it in first and then check the results. Although it may seem a little ignorant, this is the essence of the act of experimentation. The problem is that it’s a human, not a white rat.”


“Actually, all the people who were gathered at that time were people who took a step here. Even in my case, I was the person who made the neurotoxin and confession agent used by the NIS…”


“……Umm. In fact, I made something even more terrifying. South Korea is an international authority on chemical weapons. If you import uranium, you’ll be found out soon enough, so you can’t make a nuclear bomb. It’s a first-class secret…”

squeaky. I heard the door open from behind. The gambler grinned when the chief manor brought in plastic bags.

“Did the manager come?”

“For some reason, my skin seems a little whiter.”

“72. About 81% of them became monsters, so the hormone organ was harpooned and melanin disappeared. Have you ever heard of melanocyte stimulating hormones? Yes. The stick you are holding is more important than that. Ooh, why isn’t the scent unusual?”

The NIS agents and the secret researchers of the defense industry were reunited through me. It is said that the two knew each other. It is said that before the gate incident, there was a relationship between the manager and the subject.

And, on the other hand, Jang Won-jang was the general manager of the underground bunker of Mt. Yeon-san, who led the in-vivo experiment, and the gambler was one of the key researchers of the in-vivo experiment.

“Oh right. I had my tongue cut off yesterday, but did it grow back?”

“I didn’t ask.”

“Child. Manager, why are you doing this?”

“And I am no longer an exaggeration.”

Director Jang with a friendly smile, no. The head of the venue placed the white plastic bags he was holding on the table. It smelled like dumplings.

“Kongbap is here.”

He is now the director of Cheongsong Prison. The prisoner is a gambler. And the cell has state-of-the-art research facilities.

The prison in the dark valley had already been transformed into a research institute. So, it is safe to say that they both returned to the National Intelligence Service.

Of course, he was a black agent who immediately became a stranger if his identity was discovered, but-

“It was originally black. What.”

It seems like a normal thing to him. The head of the venue sat down at the table where the gambler and I were sitting. Then he laid down wooden chopsticks and tilted his head.

“It’s a biological experiment… Actually, I was in charge, but I don’t know much about research.”

The gambler intervened brightly.

“I was drinking and driving, but I wasn’t drunk driving?”

“Shut up.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s not, why do you say harsh things to people…”

The gambler moved only his lips and kept muttering a little something, and we chatted against the background of the chatter.

I let out a small sigh and spoke.

“Actually, if the stimulant had been developed through a biological experiment, China would have developed it right away. The same goes for the US and Russia. How the hell did we develop stimulants? I am completely ignorant, so I want…”

“Didn’t you also participate in research on improving stimulants with Dr. Hwaran Cheon?”

“How do mice know about research?”

“It is so. But what about Dr. Cheon Hwaran…?”

“It is all about reducing the side effects by changing the magic arrangement. He said that he didn’t know the principle, so he had to hit him with his senses. It’s not like you don’t know anything, but it’s like groping an elephant with your eyes closed.”

The chieftain smiled and nodded his head.

“So did we.”


The gambler answered instead.

“Once I put the needle in, I thought! Everyone was screaming that I was innocent, but I didn’t know that 1 in 50 people would be really innocent…”


“Actually it is. Because we also have a sense.”

The gambler laughed as if he was funny. He put his index finger in his mouth and drew it up to his neck. It’s a bit grotesque.

“I endured because I was jealous of my country and people, but as I lived my life, I became like this. The subjects barely survived the runaway. I was afraid of getting shot, so I ran to Seoul, a monster field. Dead people appear in my dreams, and I keep doing research on how to save people!”

The place manager gave me a pin cup.

“Isn’t that a sudden confession?”

“Stay still. Anyway, I got some regenerative ability after inserting the needle. So, did you do a lot of research? I’ve done research on regenerative abilities, body mutations, the mechanism by which superhumans absorb magic stones, the effects of magic stones on monsters, the world behind the gate, and stimulants…”

The gambler stuck out his tongue. The tongue went down to the collarbone, which was a little disgusting.

“speed. Really, I just couldn’t touch anything.”

“How did you make it…?”

“It’s called Professor. Right now, one of the yangban duojin called us while playing and running in the rap. Was it around 4 in the morning? Anyway, that bastard,

Ah, you bastards, don’t suck your fingers and come here. Somehow I just did this and it worked!”

The gambler deformed the vocal cords to accurately mimic the voice of a middle-aged man. It was a little creepy.

Whatever my sentiments, the gambler put his chin on one side and muttered mumbled.

“I went and saw that the professor was just talking about it, and then he did it right away. He must be the man who killed the most prisoners among us. I have a bit of a pervert…”

“No, what exactly was the principle that made it?”

“Originally, heredity or cellular mutation is unchilgi ginseng. It’s a mutation from the name. But how beggar would it be to promote a mutation unheard of in human history?”

“Only the conclusion.”

“Miraculous luck. That crude prototype broke through all the possibilities of the cell and showed the ideal shape. Otherwise, I would not have even thought of improving it around that.”

From then on, it was all I knew. I shook my head. The gambler’s next words were simple.

Turn the success of one of the two into the success of two out of three. Changed a very serious side effect to a less serious side effect.

“It’s complicated when you go into detail, but that’s it in the end. I just inserted the needle at random, and someone succeeded once, so I refined it a bit better.”

“…Isn’t there a special research method?”

“answer. I’m ashamed to say this, but the yangbans gathered are only scumbags. Actually-”

“What are the chances of developing stimulants in other countries?”

“We, no. When Professor Sue succeeded in the first place, the odds were one in a million. I figured it out later.”


“It would take hundreds of years and millennia to make it by smashing it without a recipe. It was a real kind of miracle-”

“What is the probability of developing it in another country?”

“There are hardly any. Oh wait. So. uhm. that. 2 million? no. 1.5 million… yes. Assuming 1.5 million replacements per year, it’s about 3%.”

Saying it can’t be done anytime soon.


I closed my eyes for a moment and tapped the desk with my fingers.

Just as the gambler just tapped the calculator to get the odds in his head, so I tap the political engineering calculator now.

If the world had an asari plate like this, some countries would have already done biological experiments. They probably built something like a monster that squirms into a human body and moves around.

But Korea is the only country that has succeeded. Even after the first development and the second improvement, it is being operated very stably.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Korea succeeded in defending the offensive while maintaining its social infrastructure and political system.


What would you think it was? Perhaps you think it’s because of the stimulant.


If you think we can defeat monsters with only stimulants.


If you use all sorts of methods to get the recipe for the stimulant.


I had no choice but to get close to Korea and accept it, or attack Korea and get it.


We need tightrope diplomacy.

It’s like giving me a stimulant. It seems like it will wake you up. It sounds like you’re going to tell me the recipe. Yet, he does not offend the other person.

I need a shovel like that.

Thanks to you, I was convinced.

I picked up the phone to go see a specialist.

– ……What’s going on, Senator Han?

“Ah, Acting Officer Won Ok-bun. I have something to tell you.”


“So how did you do it?”

“How about what? It is a situation in which the eyes of stimulants have been turned over in foreign countries, and it is a situation that cannot be followed.

“So what did you say?”

“Balanced diplomacy. They said that the picture would come out pretty.”

Yang Pan-seok clicked his tongue as if it was a waste.

“Ts. Did you do it?”

“Why is the legislative branch acting like the government? Not even a minister.”

“Still, a little… aren’t you good at forcing things in the first place?”

“Well, that’s right!”

smirked with laughter. I won’t be able to live long, do I need to be angry?

If the number of members of the National Assembly increases to 300 again, it is a thought that he will enjoy the rest of his life with his family. By helping Yang Pan-seok become president or something.

Although he did not have to say it, Yang Pan-seok sighed and expressed his regret.

“When the situation is urgent, it is quick, but when it becomes a little more peaceful, it is a secret hot water, you too.”

“It’s because people can’t live just by taking care of their own profits.”

“……Hmm. Maybe my personality has become a bit hasty.”

“It’s okay to live at your own pace.”

“Everyone pretending to be old…”

Outside the window, the spring flowers in full bloom swayed in the strong wind. The inside of the cafe was warm, and there was a pleasant smell of coffee.

Yang Pan-seok mumbled his life story with every sip of coffee, and I answered his words with a more relaxed smile.

“So, the reason marriage is crazy is that if only one of them is left, life becomes so meaningless-”

Yang Pan-seok’s cell phone rang.

“Oh, I’ll take a call. …awesome!”

Yang Pan-seok changed his voice to a solemn cough.

“okay. what’s going on, uh Turn on the TV…?”

I cleverly picked up the remote control and turned on the news.

– Breaking news! Noah Lumière, EU Joint Forces Executive Chairman, intends to visit Korea, no. Room, did you visit Korea?

The announcer could not speak properly, so he changed the channel.

– EU Allied Forces Supreme Executive Officer Noah Lumiere visited Korea secretly through Jeju International Airport. We will connect you on the spot.

The blonde woman, shining with magical power, uttered French with a stubborn attitude.

Read subtitles translated in real time.

I dropped the remote control.

‘Korea’s successful defense is a human example. The European Union is ready to accept Korea as a member of the Union, transcending continents and ethnicities, and I came here to help with the treatment of Senator Han Seung-moon to prove the cooperation between the hunters.’

The best healer in the world was holding a small vial in his hand.

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