A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 8

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 8

EP 2 – Red Han River Superman (4)

Through the open car door, a girl’s flurry could be heard. It was after we had already given up too much to be sad about it. Exhausted, I barely opened my mouth.

“And the others?”

“…There is my apartment near here. This is the way to drop off at the entrance.”

The reason was too obvious to ask why they left it. He owed his life to be reprimanded. Still, I’m too emotionally exhausted to mention it.

“Do you have anything to eat at home?”

* * *

He seems to have fallen asleep.

When I opened my eyes, I was on the bed. There are signs that someone was next to him. It smells like Yeodoyeon

Chimi staggered in a headache and barely sat down. The startled muscles are throbbing as if they have loosened, and it is difficult to keep up with the tiredness and aches and pains.

He staggered slightly and got up from his seat. He leaned against the wall and hurried his steps.

I just went out into the living room.




Everyone stood up and watched something.

“What are you doing? Everyone.”

“Ah, that, hyung, this, uh, uh.”

Yang Il-ho sweated and pointed to something.

Gam Ji-yoon. I have a cold, my daughter.

The guy is grooming in the air.

And a spoon floats in front of it.

in the void.


“What was that just now?”

We sat around the living room, grabbing our beakers. Ga Ji-yoon is cradled in her mother’s arms on the sofa.

“Didn’t I say I picked up something from a monster’s corpse yesterday?”

“Is that blue?”


Yang Pan-seok pointed to Ga Ji-yoon with his hand.

“The child just touched it, and the jewel went into the child.”


“……Ha. The blue light, how to explain this.”

“Anyway, that’s the key point.”

“The purple thing flashed, and it slipped into my body.”

The world is going crazy.

“And you floated the spoon in the air?”

Yang Pan-seok nodded with a tired face.

Yeo Do-yeon didn’t move like a human either. I also did a circus in front of the crocodile snout, and the cold person is fine after a car accident at 120 km.

Even Gam Ji-yoon now floats the spoon.

“Isn’t it just monsters that appeared…?”

I popped a cuqdas and muttered and shut my mouth, but everyone seemed to agree.

“Jiyoon-ah, did you say that you can see blue?”


“How did you make the spoon float?”

“That, in blue, just…”

It was a very concise explanation.



“Just come back as a martial artist. I’m going to win the world champion.”

“……driving me crazy.”

Yang Pan-seok cleared the situation.

“Whether it’s Yeo Do-yeon or Ga Ga-yoon, there is definitely something there. But what can we know now that we wrap our heads? It’s all just speculation. Please open the curtains.”

When Yang Pan-seok tapped the first number, he got up and opened the curtain. The burning 63 Building was clearly visible. The house faces south.

“Oriental medicine clinic, I just saw the National Army from afar.”

“Are you saying that the battle has already taken place in Gangnam?”

“Yeah. Gunshots can be heard from here too.”

At the right time, the gunshots were heard. It was much bigger and more frightening than what I had heard in the movie.

“It seems to me that we are already within the scope of the ROK Army. How about slowly finding a way to contact the ROK Army here?”

“…Does the water come out?”

Hwaran Cheon answered instead.

“I had a baby, so I lived with bottled water. In the warehouse, there should be about four boxes.”

“I have some beer that I hid secretly from my wife. Hwaran has a third child, so I have a lot of food to eat.”

Cheon Hwa-ran slapped the cold-jaw’s side with all his might. It looks like he’s been caught

Yang Pan-seok started managing people’s livelihoods. Sometimes it was a method used by local residents.

“Even though you’re not alone, you went through a lot of hardship. You also worked hard as the head of the household.”

“Oh, …I’m sorry. Yesterday, really.”

“I also have three children. I know how you feel. I wish you could come back and save me.

The cold left us. I did come back though. However, if you are in a bad mood, the situation will not get better.

“I’m alive thanks to you. I don’t have anything in mind.”

“Ah, members…”

I saved Ga Ga-yoon’s life, but the cold person has already abandoned me once. I just hope this uncle can engrave it well.


I also took the example of Yang Pan-seok and started managing people’s livelihoods. First of all, Yang Pan-seok himself.

“Sir, are you sure you are injured?”

“I’ll take good care of you.”

“Still, it’s not my job to take care of you.”

“Only the mouth is alive…”

It was a seemingly obvious act, but it seems like he was thankful for taking care of him first. Because my grandfather lives alone.

I approached Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jung, who exude a sweet atmosphere. are good male and female

“Hey. You guys kissed in the Han River earlier.”

“Oh, I didn’t!”

“…Are you ashamed of what you did with me?”

“Oh, no! Hojeong-ah, that’s not it…”

Gradually, they seem to have regained their original personality. Ho-jeong Lee’s rudeness started to come back to life. must not approach

I offered Yang Il-ho as a sacrifice and went to Gam-ja’s family.

“Which side did you work for?”

“Ah, I’m a reporter for the International Department.”

“Aren’t you planning on coming to the Ministry of Social Affairs? I know a lot of reporters because I used to be an aide.”

“Haha! I don’t know if my job will be okay.”

“I lost my job yesterday too. The National Assembly building collapsed.”


I stabbed the cheek while examining the persimmon that Cheonhwaran was holding. The chubby newborn struggled and swung his short arms.

“Baby. Do you like Mom or Dad?”


“Do you like your mother?”


“Do you like my sister?”

I stroked Ga Ji-yoon’s head and spoke to Cheon Hwa-ran.

“I didn’t know you weren’t alone. You worked hard yesterday.”

“Oh, no. You even saved our daughter’s life…”

“I threw away one prosthetic leg. By the way, if you have three children, you must have a lot of trouble raising them.”

I inquired about Hwaran Cheon’s job now.

“Oh, no. I work in a lab…”

“Oh, did you study science?”

“Yes, maybe it’s Cheonhwa Pharmaceutical…?”

I do not know.

“Ah, because I am a person who knows nothing but the happiness of the people…”

“Oh my, the words…”

Judging from the way he talks and behaves, he is a ‘educated’ person. It was not just a person with a high education, but a person from the same family. When I was chasing after Rep. Yang Pan-seok, I sometimes feel like the wives I see in hotels.

It’s a ‘cheonhwa’ constraint. What is ‘heaven’. Maybe it’s the house-wife. I remembered her name.

There was only one subject for the last livelihood management.

Yeo Do-yeon.

She watched the city crumbling with sad eyes from the veranda. To others, it was just a rough expression, but I was a person who could tell the subtle differences. For reference, the uncle can’t tell the expression on his daughter’s face.

She glanced at me as I approached, grinning, and smiled.

“Are you implying that you are a politician?”

“Again, another cool bottle.”

“Pak, sir…!”

She shrugged reflexively at her raised fist. I was beaten from a young age, and growing up, my body automatically shudders.

“Who will know that I raised you while beating you?”

“Do you have a conscience?”

“What is this bastard?”

She suddenly put a headlock on me. I quickly brushed my tongue.

“Ah! Ah! I think it’s wrong to express affection with violence whenever you’re not honest with your feelings! Wearing a headlock in this context is too unnatural-“

“Who leaves who and runs away?”

I closed my mouth.

“Do you think I’ll leave you and run away?”

“…No, if both of them die, at least one of them,”

“Shut up.”

I couldn’t see her expression, but, as usual, I knew roughly what it was like.

“I’m just doing this. Dude.”

Busan women’s affection is sometimes radical.

“…But can’t you loosen this up a bit?”



It was an evening without any problems. We took turns and watched through the window, and fortunately, the gunshots nearby were getting more and more frequent.

The army is close.

We got together and had dinner. Looking at the table set by Cheon Hwa-ran, Yang Pan-seok started lip service.

“Our cold-blooded man is a very blessed man. He is a nice person, he cooks well, he is smart, he is thrifty…”

“Child! Oh no!”

“Come on, get a drink. It seems like you’re being sarcastic with someone else’s alcohol, but…”

“No! I’ll take it!”

If it was originally, would the cold person in the international division be able to drink the alcohol that the 4th term member of the National Assembly pours? I don’t know.

I was sitting around with Ilho and Leeho, chatting over cookies and discussing.

“Isn’t that an alien?”

“Honestly, just looking at the visuals…”

“Why do you kill people is a problem. Besides, they don’t seem to use their heads at all, do they?”

“It’s a little bit too much to see them as the same race…”

“Different, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Biological weapons, teleportation, me, true. levitation, body strengthening…”

Yang Il-ho licked the crumbs in his mouth and said seriously.

“But, bro.”


“Why are you so cool?”


“Are you a calm man? Just limping, just. What is leadership…!”

big! Yang Il-ho made a fuss by sticking out a stick, but he quickly shut his mouth when Lee Ho-jeong slapped him in the back of the head.

“Well done.”

“What are you going to do now? Join the Armed Forces?”

“It’s a bit silly to say this, but it’s probably because we have a vested interest. I don’t think the future will be bad if we just join the social infrastructure.”

“I’m good at holding the line. Since the number of members of the National Assembly has decreased a lot, didn’t my brother become slightly more important politically? It’s changed from 1/300 to 1/n.”

“Are you saying that you want to become a political secretary now?”

“I’m driving? Do you know the law? In the constituency, you have to roll your head this way, when you’re going to do business.”

Lee Ho-jung smiled sullenly. Now that the emergency is over, everyone seems to be showing off their personalities.

Kang Seok-ho, who was always with me, was absent, but no one mentioned him. It just seems like the world has become like that.

Ding- Dong-

When the doorbell rang, the noisy house was enveloped in silence.

The cold person cautiously headed towards the door.

“……who are you?”

“…Ah! Ladies and gentlemen! Right now, everyone in the town is saying that we should get together and have a meeting, but I wanted to ask if you could have a seat!”

Don’t open it. Something doesn’t feel right.

I didn’t bother yelling because the colder knew how to open the door with me, but what I overlooked was that he was intoxicated.

The cold sore opened the front door.

– Fuwook

The knife of the assailant who had been waiting was stabbed into his body.

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