A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 80

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 80

EP 13 – International Hunter Perspective (6)

– Chief Executive Noah Lumière said that he would restore the lifespan of Senator Han Seung-moon, that is, he would actively cooperate in eliminating the side effects of arousal stimulants. A high-ranking official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about this, a unilateral claim that has not yet been confirmed…

– Will Korea enter the European Union? It is safe to say that this proposal itself is, in effect, a challenge for the European Union to the UN and NATO. In other words, you want to pretend to be with the United States. Ambitious to expand into a global international organization rather than a regional federation…

– There are also rumors that a high-ranking Chinese official visited Korea in secret in Busan. Considering this, it is not very strange to speculate that Won Ok-bun’s acting system is finally consolidating through some kind of international cooperation ahead of the presidential election on the 27th…

– EU Joint Forces Chief Executive Lumière is currently staying at Lotte Hotel Busan and is known to have entered into a long-term meeting with the Korean government. Amid public expectations and concerns, Han Seung-moon, floor leader of the National Party, is paying attention. This was KBC reporter Jeong Seon-young.

* * *

The visit of Vice-President Ri Choong-bin of the Central Military Commission has not been revealed in the media. He came without a sound and disappeared like the wind.

In fact, about half of international cooperation was like this. Before you openly offer to collaborate, negotiate to collaborate. How uncomfortable would it be if one side held out a hand and the other side didn’t hold it?

Then what about the other half?

– Chief Executive Noah Lumiere revealed the existence of Elixir in an additional interview last night.

just like this

– Elixir is one of the crystals of EU magic medicine.

– Executive Officer Lumière even mentioned the word respect for floor leader Han Seung-moon…

– Le Monde, a influential French political theorist, said that Korea is the most needed for the European Union…

If you don’t accept it, you’ll reach out your hand to the point of being embarrassed.

If Lee Choong-bin went to Kakaotalk and returned because it was cold, Lumière is like handing out a bouquet of roses in the middle of Apgujeong.

Noah Lumière was injecting the soup in a lethal dose by all means. People all over the country stand up spontaneously, applauding, and calling for a date.

Sadly. State policies in democratic countries are often based on public opinion, not efficiency. Especially at the time before the election.

So, before the public opinion heated up any longer, Won Ok-bun asked me for a one-on-one interview with the Supreme Executive of Lumière, and I ran straight away.

to the cold.

“Cold man! Do you speak French!?”

“Oh, no…”

He replied with a puzzled expression.

“If a war correspondent traveling around Africa can’t speak French!”


Originally, it should have been with an interpreter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but I did not want to leak this conversation to the outside if possible.

After all, French was the second most spoken language in Africa after English, and the fluff was sitting next to me now.

While the car was heading to the Lotte Hotel, the cold person was restless and opened his mouth.

“Wow… I didn’t expect to see the Lumière Executive Chairman…”

“Do you know?”

“I know! Originally, when I was raising my children, I only watched dramas and news, but these days I don’t even watch dramas.”

It was said that he lived only by watching the news.

“These days, a lot of foreign stories are covered in the final episode. Are the ratings too high? My house’s Buddhist image only rots inside, but the one next door is fun, isn’t it? It’s comforting to say that we are better than them.”

He was not a journalist, so he smiled and put the venom in his mouth. His eyes are as bright as fish in water.

I asked him, adjusting my tie and dressing.

“I am very busy these days, so I do not know the situation abroad. By any chance, what kind of person a nobleman named Lumière is-”

“He’s a hero who has been active all over Europe! Operation North Liverpool, Defense of Dortmund, Retreat of St. Petersburg, and Defense of Paris! You’ve probably seen it from the top of the Eiffel Tower, sprinkling pure white light over the entire city!”

He went crazy like a fan of handmade idols.

“Lumière is a symbol! When NATO was destroyed because the U.S. Navy retreated to protect the mainland, it was the number one contribution to organizing the EU Joint Forces by gathering superhumans from all over the world. He is the one who glued together a fragmented army.”

“Uh, uh. Joan of Arc position?”

“In French media play, there are often mentions of that. It’s a bit childish, so I don’t use it often, but anyway, since he was a man who saved several cities by leading the hunter organizations from the beginning of the crisis, his status in Europe is more than that of any president.”

“An international celebrity…”

Even for such a person, stimulants are a desirable item. While he was immersed in thoughts, the cold-jaw continued to talk.

“It’s Europe that’s been saved like that, but looking at the recent trend, it’s heartbreaking. Perhaps you are in desperate need of your help.”

“……What’s the latest trend?”

“The atmosphere between the PMCs is very harsh. In Europe, there is no proper defense line, so each guild is surviving like a feudal lord, using each city as a base and building shelters.

“No, why?”


“Lack of Awoken.”

In general, people with excellent magical aptitude are revealed in their physical traits. Such a class could not use magic power in various ways, but in one field they would exert overwhelming power more than anyone else.

A typical example is Hong Seon-ah’s soft red hair.

Noah Lumière was also like that. Her platinum blonde hair was shining with a peculiarly soft light.

It was something radically different from sunlight or fluorescent light. At first glance, it looked like a halo, and it reminded me of a candle in the middle of a dark prayer room.

It is such a reverent and warm light.

“Europe is being divided due to a lack of Awoken. A lot of people will die, and we need stimulants to stop him.”

There was no veneer. She summed her up in one word. With that idyllic attitude, I calmly listened to her story through the windpipe.

“The PMCs protecting each city suffer from a manpower shortage. So they take the Awoken from other PMC’s cities, and those PMCs collapse and the city is taken over by monsters. After all, there is a recruitment war going on under the water at any cost.”

The well-groomed suit reminded me of a calm office worker, but one ear was red as if it had grown flesh. The cut surface is a tooth mark that looks like it has been bitten by someone.

Yeo Do-yeon was also bruised and recovered several times, so I was able to discern subtle differences in the color of the skin. In addition, minor clues clearly showed traces of the body being destroyed and then regenerated.

Maybe it wasn’t the first time I’ve had a mop on my body.

Perhaps even her mouth had been torn once, she muttered carefully with her slightly stiff facial muscles.

“Therefore, the current recruitment war is not a power conflict, but a survival conflict. The problem is that the biggest victims of that friction are civilians in the PMC Reserves. Conflicts between the PMCs are certain to rise to the surface sooner or later, and if a civil war breaks out, many cities will be occupied by monsters, and at least millions of people will be sacrificed.”

Dressed in a simple suit, she continued to speak with a hard expression, not being calm.

“So we need stimulants.”

It was the words she heard through a step-by-step interpretation, but there was something in her voice that drew people in.

Most of all, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. To be precise, from the moment I entered this room, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“The Commonwealth Central Command of the European Union does not have the power to mediate conflicts between local PMCs. If so, the cause of the situation must be eliminated. There is a need to quickly address the lack of the Awakened.”

Because of those blue eyes.

It calmed down, but

Because of those slightly savory eyes.

Because of that flame that is half-crazy and does not block fire.

all too familiar,

Because of those blue eyes.

I automatically thought of a westerner.

She wasn’t as hot as Kim Chun-sik, but she bowed her head proudly like Kim Chun-sik. Her soft, shiny hair ran down her cheeks.

“I apologize for being rude through public opinion. However, this is a matter of public interest, not national interest. That is why I ask for mercy from Rep. Han Seung-moon.”

After bowing her head for a while, she raised her head again and looked at me with blue eyes. I couldn’t avoid those eyes.

The eyes of the dead made me feel a questionable sense of debt. Chunshik Kim was talking to me.

“Help us save more people.”

I stood up, trying to hide my trembling voice.

“…for a moment, I will go out.”

I left the hotel room and asked Pi Chae-won if there were any lies in the woman’s words. I thought it would be nice to have lies mixed with it in my heart.

Pi Chae-won shook her head, and I sighed a little.

As an individual, I had the urge to hand over the stimulant, but as a member of the National Assembly, I had to thoroughly consider the national interest.

Whatever my heartache, it was clear that Noah Lumière overtook me with something that I didn’t know was narration or mood.

Helplessly, I took a cigarette out of my pocket and ran to the balcony of another room, coughing and smoking a cigarette for a long time.

And while Han Seung-moon ran to the balcony, Pi Chae-won thought with a mysterious expression.

Seungmoon Han and Noah Lumière.

The two had a close relationship with each other.


It was only about a week ago that Noah Lumière got to know a person named Seung-Moon Han. It was because she was too busy to be interested in foreign countries.

Specifically, the rest time per day was less than 6 hours. All day long, he had to exert his healing powers in a range of several kilometers to the point where the blood vessels in his head burst from the center of the battlefield. For reference, the 6-hour break included flight time, meals, and bedtime. If she hadn’t been a healer herself, she would have died of overwork five or six times on a daily basis.

He energizes a procession of millions of refugees, raises those isolated from the crowd of enemies and escapes them to the city, rises from the center of a fierce battle to shine a light.

That is why she headed to Korea without hesitation when she heard of the promised apocalypse from the Acting President of France, the Commander-in-Chief of the EU Joint Forces Operations, and the Chairman of the Allied Powers.

A dedication to more and more.

Since people move from a certain point onwards, not with a sense of justice, but with a sense of duty, she thought that things would be easily resolved when she heard about Rep. Han Seung-moon’s personal information and deeds.

Judging from their deeds, they were of the same race. It felt like a bond that transcends nationalities.

At the same time, I even thought that it was a little odd because I was the same age as my brother who is 4 years younger than her. Specifically, I wanted to be friends by sharing a little bit of wine from my hometown and confiding in each other’s hardships.

Although people were so dull, I didn’t show much on the outside. Above all, her hometown of Côte d’Or was wine and whatever it was after it was ruined.

Anyway, it was clear that she had a slight affinity for Han Seung-moon.

However, that expectation was shattered at the first meeting.

The lame man opened the hotel room door and entered. were wearing two A young girl and a simple-looking glasses-man. Both of them looked tired, but they had a very gentle impression.

On the other hand, as soon as she saw the figure of Seung-moon Han, she naturally thought of a person.

Russian dictator who is already dead.

A politician who saved hundreds of millions by killing millions without hesitation.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Владимир Владимирович Путин.

Shortly after rescuing millions of Russians from the St. Petersburg retreat, he was invited to Moscow to be served tea and thanked him only once.

She was often seen being ridiculed on the news and on the Internet, but she still remembered seeing him.

The real thing when she was alone in an underground bunker in Moscow, indeed, was deeply etched in her mind.

Considering that she has gone through all kinds of prenatal battles, this means that meeting with a human was more impressive than the battle with the monsters, and that the charisma of a single human made her more nervous than the blood battle with the giant monster. meant

In fact, at the time, she was frozen and drank the tea that he poured, and showed an unsightly appearance, answering the questions in a hard way.

Even after hearing the news of his sudden death, I did not believe his death for a while. The impression he left on her was truly remarkable.


“Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Lumiere.”

For the first time in a very long time, she felt the muscles all over her body contract.

The thought that he was the same age as his younger brother, and that he was a sickly and gentlemanly young man, disappeared in an instant.

The cane was only an industrial product for mountaineering, but the appearance of holding it was reminiscent of the authority of the mafia in the old black-and-white movies.

The gray hair reflected in the dim hotel room light reminded him of the madness of the man who abused himself as a biological experimenter, and made him forget that he was four years younger than her.

The prosthetic leg, which was slightly revealed between the shoes and the trousers, seemed to prove the numerous battlefields that the veteran 老兵 roughed out, and the low cracked voice evoked goosebumps.

The dark circles and thin, emaciated bones belonged to a tired office worker at first glance, but when he saw those eyes, he changed his mind.

those black eyes. The tenacious, black eyes that never left him.

It was familiar. I have had the experience of peering into an underground bunker in Moscow, but those eyes I will never get used to.

In his eyes, she peeked into the vicious poison.

It is the gaze of a person who does not choose any means and methods. I just instinctively felt that way.

Too old to be young, too early to die. Leading countless hunters to their final heyday,

old male lion.

She was hardened like a prey in front of a hunter, and without even thinking of giving any speech or greeting, she confided all the facts and weaknesses without adding or subtracting.

She let out a breath that she had been holding back only when Han Seung-moon and his companions were away and was left alone in the hotel room, sweeping her chest.

But the break was not long. After 5 minutes at most, Han Seung-moon came back with two attendants, and the faint smell of cigarettes from him made him tense again.

Did you come to check the facts? Come to think of it, I heard that there is an intelligence organization called the National Intelligence Service in Korea.

It is said that there is a French Foreign Security Agency with the infamous Special Forces ‘Service Axion’, but now, decades after the end of the Cold War, it has been ridiculed as a government inspectorate.

But what about Korea? Aren’t we facing decades of confrontation with the infamous communist nuclear warheads threatening the world?

Tens of thousands of years of tension, no. It was clear that the National Intelligence Service, the strongest intelligence organization that had fought a fierce battle in the shadows for decades, would have been closely aware of the EU’s circumstances.

Lumiere swallowed dry saliva.


The sentence fell from the politician’s mouth.

“Excuse me.”

She felt like someone was pushing her off a cliff.

“There are still some areas of caution in discussing cooperation.”

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