A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 82

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 82

EP 13 – International Hunter Perspective (8)

Noah Lumière does not force philanthropy on others.

For her, the road of relief was a mission she had to shoulder alone. This is because many people will die if they mistakenly believe in people through hasty judgment.

So I don’t know about other people, but she basically doesn’t trust people. There is no expectation that others will be as good as you.

It is also a human distrust that is close to half obsessive compulsive disorder. thanks still alive

“As you know, I am both an awakener and a politician. So I know. When a politician sneezes at saving people, it eventually becomes an election campaign. Political activity only asserts the interests of a particular group, and can never lead to philanthropy.”

The reason why she listens to Han Seung-moon is because

“Let me introduce you to the association. Although they are cooperating with the government, they are strictly independent organizations, and above all, they are willing to roll up their arms to save people. In fact, it was.”

It was because he had never once cried for an elixir.

* * *

To be honest, even though she was objectively good, she was not a bodhisattva, so there were many times when I cried in conversation with Han Seung-moon.

“You see stimulants as a tool for peace. Even if you take the stimulants like this, the conflict will never go away.”

Especially this conspiracy theory.

The unscrupulous idea that the EU would risk hundreds of thousands of deaths to capture PMC and attack PMC without saving people with stimulants itself was a huge denial of her life.

“As long as the EU has decided to seize local control, stimulants will inevitably be used as a leash rather than a support for PMCs. So I can’t pass it on.”

The more Noah Lumière heard the conspiracy theories, the more his resentment grew.

As I was shaking a little by myself, my anger soared even more.

She knew best how much the French acting authority was working hard for the country right now. Because she wasn’t the type to ignore the hard work of government officials.

Of course, not all politicians in Europe were good, but he didn’t want to be swayed by the cowardice of a stranger and doubt the people he was always with.

Nevertheless, listening to Han Seung-moon’s words raised suspicions that were not there, so he was really crazy and jumped.

“The moment the EU Joint Forces monopolize the supply of stimulants, the hunters’ power will grow and, instead of driving out the monster, the EU will intervene in earnest and fuel the conflict between the PMCs.”

She was definitely shaking. Trapped in a conspiracy theory, he doesn’t know what the truth is, and he is listening to Han Seung-moon’s opinion to collect information.

And it was slowly being persuaded.

Everything was as Han Seung-moon intended, and she was very annoyed that she was driven to the very end.

If a young boy flirts with him, he would say he would pick him up, but he keeps swearing at other people’s country. Because it was a country that had sacrificed many lives to save her, her anger was never just for her alone.

“That’s the original habit of politicians.”


However, every moment she was about to shoot, she suddenly realized one thing.

So she kept her mouth shut.


Is this the attitude of an end-of-life life?

Obviously, what she suggested to Han Seung-moon was a bait that would restore his lifespan. The persuasion strategy she had originally planned was also concentrated there.

Taking money, threatening, conciliating, or handing over a small portion of it.

It’s not that she’s being vicious, it’s actually worth it.



The highest level potion that the European Union can create at the moment.

A drug that can’t be put at a price, with two and half code A-class monsters refining black magic stones.

Considering that the blood of the dead was actually included in the process of exterminating the monster, this elixir was truly priceless.

A man with half of his brain was regenerated, and when the chaebol traded his fortune, cancer was cured and lifespan doubled.

It was all a miracle caused by just one drop.

I don’t know if this can cure Dr. Han Seung-moon because there are no experimental results, but at least there has been no better drug than this for mankind.


Han Seung-moon never mentioned him.

He pushed her to discuss justice and morality, but never about self-interest. At least it was, in her view.

“The political engineering in the EU is obviously selfish. So I can’t trust them. Stimulants should be distributed, but they will not go through their hands.”


“For more lives, the international dissemination of stimulants must be led by the Hunter Association. And I want you to add strength to it. Executor.”

I was ashamed.

Even I have come to think of doing business as an elixir, but isn’t it like a politician from another country is more concerned about their own country? And that’s because the limited life, with less than 10 years of life left, throws away his own life as well.

Noah Lumière doesn’t trust people. Because you don’t expect it to be good.

However, because I believe that good people should be rewarded. I carefully opened the lid of the Elixir. Originally, it was something that had to be looked at a little more.

She asked Han Seung-moon.

“…You mean, you mean that politics should be completely excluded? The EU Council or Korea.”

“The government should not be involved in the cooperation between hunters.”


“Politics should not be involved in saving people.”

It was really strange.

He said that he could never hand over stimulants, because he was naturally discussing cooperation.


“Cooperation between hunters is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible for the good of mankind, and I have a personal opinion that, regardless of national interests, the distribution of stimulants should be done as smoothly as possible.”

A member of the National Assembly of a country discussed the public interest, not the national interest,

“What is certain is that the process of deciding who to use the stimulant for should be fair, and therefore not allow excessive intervention by political forces such as the government.”

Politicians were saying that for the sake of justice, political forces should be excluded.

“……I am.”


“no. Keep talking.”

Noah Ann-Marie Lumiere.

Noah Anne-Marie Lumiere.

31 years old.

Former, emergency medicine specialist at the Operational Center Paris of Doctors Without Borders.

Incumbent, Chief Executive Officer of the European Union Joint Forces Special Operations Command Executive Committee

cum hero.

“Aren’t you worried about technology leaks?”

“There are, but those who are to be saved must be saved. And there is a way.”

“Good. Oh, would you like to try this?”

She acknowledged one person.

“…Yes. It tastes like strawberry. What is it?”



More details will be discussed after the election, and Lumière returned home. Up to this point, the procedure was similar to that of Lee Chung-bin’s listing, but there was another reason why she was able to return with a smile.

She picked up the blueprint of Seung-Moon Han.

1. Enter the country selected by the Korean Awakened Association.

2. Awaken them in Korea and then send them back abroad.

3. All courses are supervised by the Hunter Association led by Hong Seon-ah and Noah Lumière.

Of course, it was just a verbal contract without a contract, and it was only a promise to do so in the future, but Noah Lumière happily returned with a smile.

It is because he returned with a great gift to deliver to Europe along with the standing advisory position of the Korean Awakened Association.

How to close the gate.

To be precise, he returned with the original technology for the gate axis disruptor developed by the gambler. Of course, it was one of the things that we were going to reveal to the world sooner or later.

And Pi Chae-won said.

“……Why did you do that?”

She asked, knowing why Han Seung-moon did that. It was too reluctant to pass it on.

Conspiracy theories between the EU and the PMC.

Pressure and conciliation for Lumiere.

Overseas distribution of stimulants led by the association.

And the natural reduction in government influence.

This was all to check Wonokbun.

“Did the European government really promote the conflict between the PMCs…?”

“I don’t know.”

In the end, it was all just baseless speculation.

It was a very vague and nonsensical speculation, but only the results of that speculation were very clear.

The EU made excuses to reduce the influence of the two governments in the arousal system. In the end, Wonok-bun filled the hole where it could get in.

If you consider the intangible influence that Hwaran Cheon and GS Group have on the production of stimulants, and Seungmoon Han on the Hunter Association,

Han Seung-moon practically took control of the arousal system.

And for that, he took out conspiracy theories and sowed suspicions between Lumière and the EU.

Only three people knew of this obvious and obscure hoax.

Except for Han Seung-moon himself, there are two.

And although Komja was a man with a strong sense of justice, he was silent because of his deep friendship and trust in Han Seung-moon and the slightest fear.


“Even so, is it okay?”

The only person to object to is the petitioner.

“Is this really okay…?”

Of course, Chaewon did not have the ability to present alternatives as well. The girl was always sad because she knew it better.

It was because Pi Chae-won knew the thoughts of Han Seung-moon. I can fully understand why Han Seung-moon did that.

And since we couldn’t come up with a better alternative than this, we have no choice but to stand by. That’s the lesson the girl learned by protecting Han Seung-moon from the time she took Cha Jae-gyun’s back.

Han Seung-moon deduced several pieces of information from a short conversation.

EU’s suspicious move.

Signs of conflict within.

And the unidentified aggression towards the outside and obsession with stimulants.

Based on this, they speculated on the possible danger, and some were derived to press Lumière if necessary.

In that sense, Han Seung-moon’s arguments were all like Schrödinger’s cat.

It could be true or it could be false. These are things that cannot be known unless the NIS is scattered all over Europe.

So the information was paradoxical, in which facts and lies coexist at the same time.


Politics was to use it whenever necessary, to prepare thoroughly if it was dangerous, and to cleanly remove it if it was reluctant.

In the world of politics, facts don’t matter. What matters is how you take it and how you use it.

Only the result of life and death proves the essence.

Eventually, all philosophies become useless, and extreme pragmatism takes center stage.

In that sense, Han Seung-moon himself thought that he had taken the most effective action.

They did not miss the national interest, the private interest, and the public interest.

That’s why you can stand up in front of the chaewon.

Their relationship has always been like this. If you want to be proud in front of those who read your mind, you have to live boldly.

Han Seung-moon remained silent.


only the chaewon.

It was just a thought with deep regret.

‘…this, this is a little-‘


“This is it!”

Yang Pan-seok gave a rare compliment of primary colors. I think it’s because I’m drunk.

“Hey…! Won Ok-bun is going to get burned. While I was crazy, I took it off and ate it all.”

He chuckled and pulled out a photo of the electronic newspaper.

With me in between, Hong Seon-ah and Lumiere crossed and shook hands. This is a typical political concept shot with a banner behind it.

In the photo below, Hong Seon-ah was conferring a letter of appointment to Lumière. Lumière is now a permanent advisor to the internationally recognized Korea Hunter Association.

Of course, there may or may not be a principle of prohibition of concurrent positions in the French military, but who would bite a person more prominent than the president for such a trivial matter?

Whatever the process, it was clear that Lumière’s political position had risen considerably. It was because it seemed that he had acquired the skill of closing the gate through individual play.

“The picture was chosen beautifully, yes!”

Yang Pan-seok liked it as if it were his job. I quietly took the backbone out of the gamjatang and ate it with a glance.

“Why do you like me so much?”

“You are too big.”

Yang Pan-seok laughed out loud and threw the rice on the udon.

“Usually, the bigger you get, the harder it is to get around. When I was a kid, I did a bit of a mischievous watch. I am also a spokesperson. Wandering around inauguration ceremonies, making fun of the wrong tongue on the front line of the standing committee and almost going to the goal, demon, that’s how it should be. On the contrary, if the feeling of weight increases, there are cases where even the best won is not possible.”


“There is such a thing as an experience that can only be obtained in one’s own place. And what was a great achievement back then, growing up is not a big deal.

“Yes. I think I understand.”

“Did you know that the original multi-stakeholder enters the Foreign Affairs Committee? Overseas is the best place for big business to get business. Overseas. It’s puffy and it’s got flesh. By the way, you didn’t say anything particularly, but since you’re getting a foreign business on your own, what would it be if this wasn’t a choreographer?”

Yang Pan-seok poured his drink while smirking with a drunken face. A red octopus came to mind.

But I know that this yangban is the type that always takes only the outside and the inside is intact, so I took the drink as politely as I could.

“Well, that’s not really good news.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled like he was really happy.

“Congratulations. I look like I’m going to die of old age first.”

“……I am. What congratulations do you do that?”

I smiled softly and filled his soju glass.

We smiled and tilted our glasses.



I took an elixir.

I don’t know the result.

Once the rapid aging has stopped.

“The old years will not come back. Still, how happy it is to die in your 70s.”

“What kind of 70 is 70? Anyway, I didn’t want to see a guy who couldn’t even buy half of me gossiping with death, but that’s a good thing. Let me live well after I die.”

“Hey, Senator Yang…!”


This grandfather, I have a lot of laughter today. what’s going on Seeing the bottles pile up, it seems like I’m running too fast.

“Are the aides guys getting ready to run for office?”

“It’s not because they’re not beginners, and they’ve been around for years in Yeouido.”

“Stop swearing. Do you plan to play as a player in this general election?”

“I have set up all the election camps. I’m just going to take a look.”

“Hey… they can’t even eat half of them without you.”


“In this day and age, there should be no opposition party. I don’t know because no one has ever rolled a party…”

Yang Pan-seok hesitated and clouded his horse’s tail.

“Anyway, I don’t play as a player, isn’t it?”


“I’m sorry about this… I thought you’d like it.”


“Umm. No.”

At the time, I didn’t know what this was.

“Uh, umm. Isn’t the general election supposed to be fun to stab each other?”


“Anyway, they both said let’s fight.”


Joint Election D – 26.

– At around 6 pm today, at the National Party presidential candidate Chung Jung-yeop election camp, Acting Authority Won Ok-bun made a comment that he was a key collaborator of the Cha Jae-gyun military regime.

Sarajevo’s gunfire rang out.

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