A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 83

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 83

EP 14 – Asaripan is originally eaten by Torai (1)

Presidential Election D – 26

Won Ok Min. acting president’s authority. 53%

Han Seung-moon. Representative of the People’s Party. 13%

Doo-Sik Kim. Commander-in-chief of the Chungcheong Defense Line. 9%

audience lobe. Jeju-do Governor. 7%

Jaekyung Yoo. Minister of Strategy and Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Economy and Finance. 3%

* * *

A siren sounded. A scream is also heard. Hearing the screams of so many people in a group made my spine shiver for nothing.

“I…! I…! Dude, that’s an asari plate…!”

This place, Tongyeong Port, was in a situation where the term Asaripan really suited it.

What is Asaripan? There are stale explanations presumed from various grammatical etymologies and Buddhist usages, but to put it simply, the synonyms of the Asari version include the words chaos, chaos, and chaos.


It was a perfect fit for the sight of the silver hairfish crawling up the breakwater and crushing the whole live fish market. The silver haircut has five pairs of limbs attached to it with tentacles, so it’s a bonus.

There was no problem with the words “me, me, me, my sweetheart, that’s asari” itself. But it’s a problem because a guy who doesn’t even have an elementary school diploma writes those lines.

“Hey, who taught you those words!”

“Is the monster important now, why is that important!?”

When the little boy with half a year of working experience stinged at me, I licked my tongue while hugging Ga Ga-yoon.

Clearly, it wasn’t the time to gossip or chatter. I rolled my eyes and looked at the terrain. It was floating high in the sky, so I could see the surroundings at a glance.

This is Tongyeong Port, a port in Tongyeong, the southernmost tip of Gyeongsangnam-do. As in the southern coast, there are so many islands that the coastline is complicated, and the currents are so strong, everyone said that the sea is so f**king ugly. My great-grandfather must have died offshore here.

Because this was my hometown, and by the way, it was my constituency.

I know it well.

If this sea was so terrifying, it was the place where Admiral Yi Sun-sin used the reverse current to devour the Japanese army with the turtle ship Hakinjin. The Hansando Island, where the general hid the ambush, was seen in the distance.

Anyway. This sea was very complicated and the current was strong.


So, that monster must have entered Tongyeong Port through the navy, the coast guard, and even mines. Because there are so many islands, the navy does not seem to be able to cover them all. Thanks to this, the silverfish climbed up to the breakwater and rolled around, crushing the livelihoods of fishermen with all their might.

The monster has crushed a sushi restaurant.

“Oh, it was delicious over there…”

“You know?”

“If you go over the mountain, it will be my uncle’s house, and the elementary school will be my alma mater.”

“I will go!”

“Catch that one.”

We leisurely inspected the terrain and made angles. It was thanks to the efforts of the Coast Guard that the introduction of the residents ended immediately.

Here, you can see a few warships that have entered the bay, and a few ships that are getting caught up here and there. The building had to be demolished as little as possible, and the after-treatment had to be done neatly. Last time, officials who ripped up the monster without much thought and removed the corpse were crying and grabbed me by the neck. We angled carefully like a player aiming for a billiard ball.

I said to Ga Ji-yoon.

“Once you go to the island over there, Jiyoon, you rolled up your tentacles-”


As Gam Gam-yoon, who was held by me, struggled with her limbs, the monster’s head twisted 180 degrees.

Of course, it didn’t die, so I put it on a nearby rock island and crushed it for a while.

Vertebrates were common sense on Earth.


With 25 days left until the general election and the presidential election, the National Defense Party was in a situation where it was leisurely going backwards with Won Ok-bun. Until the audience put a knife in the back of his head.

The controversy over ‘Cha Jae-gyun’s assistant’ is heating up the Republic of Korea. This is a negative of the argument that Won Ok-bun was a scarecrow established by the Cha Jae-gyun military regime.

It was an attack that could not penetrate Wonokbun’s weakness. This is because Won Ok-bun was a case in which a former member of the parliamentary minister broke the custom, gave up his office, and succeeded in succeeding it by pouring it in. Of course, there was a secret agreement between Wonokbun and Cha Jaekyun in the process.

And, as far as I know, it was Yang Pan-seok who mediated the secret agreement.

Anyway. The country is turned upside down.

The waves were great from the back too. Right now, while Won Ok-bun’s right-hand man, Yoo Jae-kyung, was arguing with Cheon Geum-soon while holding his head, he moved the Financial Services Commission and began to pressure the members of the FKI.

Meanwhile, Chung Jung-yeop liberated the press, which had been oppressed by Won Ok-bun, and opened fire everywhere by releasing all kinds of data. The media also started beating Wonok-bun hard as there was a lot of piled up.

Of course, Chung Jung-yeop was not the presidential candidate of the Kuomintang, but was running for the presidential primary to be recognized as the presidential candidate of the Kuomintang, and Won Ok-bun was ostensibly independent, but it was clear that each was recognized as the presidential candidate of the National Defense Party.

In other words, the Kuomintang presidential candidate blew the ball ahead of the National Defense Party presidential candidate. In the aftermath, the media card held by Won Ok-bun turned into an enemy, and a full-fledged negative offensive from both parties began.

A sudden surprise, and the start of an all-out war.

This was the key to the election.

And to the extent that the general election coincides with the presidential election, the general election has also been greatly influenced by the presidential election.

In other words, they too were quickly embroiled in the controversy of ‘Cha Jae-gyun’s assistant’. Everyone’s interests were engulfed in this great controversy, and all the politicians entered the Colosseum in pajamas and carrying a dagger.

It’s like a huge tornado in the middle of a political board. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to get caught up in it.

But speaking of the controversy, to be honest, I see it as an experienced person at that time.

half fact

However, in the beginning, Cha Jae-gyun was not a power-oriented person in earnest, and at that time, I remembered that everyone was in the same place because he was so handsome because he was working with the National Assembly and the military over and over again.

We all worked together to make soup, and there was a riot in North Korea by detonating a nuclear bomb on Mt.


As everyone else thinks, it doesn’t matter what’s real in politics. What matters is what is considered real. that’s democracy

So it was. All the politicians were shouting their claims and arguing that this was real.

And I.

“Oh, it’s real!”


He smiled mischievously and was pushing a live octopus to Ga Ji-yoon.

“mind! Mubara! Didinda baby!”

“I’d rather kill you!”

I muttered my mouth wide open and exclaimed.


“Is it fun doing this to a kid?”

We had just stopped by a sushi restaurant for a dinner after successfully hunting a monster. Of course, I didn’t come to the live octopus with an elementary school student, I just happened to come out with Sukidashi and played around a bit.

Gam Ji-yoon picked up a Maguro and put it on the grass to see if she eats sashimi well. And with a pouty expression, he picked up the sashimi and ate it.



“I think I’m going to pretend…”

Ga Ji-yoon pointed to the outside of the sushi restaurant and whined. There were people clinging to the windows like zombies and taking pictures of us with cameras.

I smiled brightly and waved my hand, and Jiyoon muttered with cold eyes.

“Go to those people, can’t we…?”

“You’re the people who like you, aren’t you?”

“These are the people who came to see you!”

I glanced out the window. There was a picture of me on the picket. I smiled smartly and dipped the flounder in soy sauce.

“Oh, this is belly fat.”


Jiyoon pointed her finger at the TV in the corner of the store. In the urgently organized 100-minute discussion, politicians who knew just by looking at their faces were fighting.

“Aren’t you going out like that?”


“These days, politicians are very busy.”

Jiyoon asked me.

“Can you walk around like this with me?”

“Ji Yoon-ah.”

I laughed meaningfully.

“Your father is hiding this.”


The allegations that Chung Jung-yeop initially raised were mere suspicions. It was just an official announcement of a potential presidential candidate (who is still in the race), so the weight was put on it.

The problem came after Won Ok-bun’s spokesperson gave the first rebuttal.

I thought I was only cutting my teeth, but the evidence was starting to come out.

“What is your approval rating now?”

“About 45%.”

“Are you sure?”

“We averaged the three broadcasting companies. 45.3%.”

Hojeong Lee continued to report, turning over a yellow notebook with a straight face.

“The audience approval rate jumped to 20%.”

“Won Ok-bun has an anti. That’s not a very nutritious figure.”


Ho-jeong Lee continued to speak. It might sound sharp to some listeners, but I’m used to it and it didn’t sound uncomfortable.

“People who hate acting Won are usually people whose family has died. It is true that haters have no nutritional value, but I think this time it is a little special.”

“Do you have a deep grudge?”

Hojeong Lee nodded like a sword. He is an easygoing guy who is sure to assert himself. I asked him casually.

“Are you going to get Wonok-bun with this?”

“I can’t catch it. Instead, it will be a big variable.”

“That’s all you say.”

“In my opinion, there is still a long way to go before the bottom of the audience is gone.”

Lee Ho-jeong lightly twisted her hair and tilted her head. The guy chuckled. Just by looking at it, it was a smirk that seemed like a goofy plan. Whoa. It seems that the personality I saw these guys is slowly coming back.

“Everyone says that Governor Chung Jung-yeop was in a rush to win as Won, so he hit him first. What if this fails and Won is elected? That day is the end.”


“Then it means that Won Ok-bun pushed forward with the judgment that he would not be elected, so he drew his sword after he was ready to fight.”

Hojeong Lee was determined.

“The audience hasn’t even started yet.”


“Or it’s all a smoke screen.”

coincided with my thoughts. That’s why I was saving myself without being rash.

“How are your preparations going?”

“I am quiet. Number one.”

In a situation like this, even if your name is on the news, your approval rating will drop. This is all because of my size. These little guys couldn’t even campaign properly because of me.

I smiled lightly and exhorted them.

“okay. Thank you. Have you not received any contact?”

“It’s not about politics, it’s about office work, so I handled it on my own terms.”

“In the evening, I roughly organize it in a file and send it. For the time being, I go with Jiyoon holding a monster. Reporters cut off contact on your line. What’s wrong with the association?”

“Guild leader Seol Jin-woon said he refused the position of vice president.”


“We are looking into it.”

“I don’t have to do anything…”

“Aren’t you hiding too much?”

“If it were you, would you treat me in this situation?”


Hojeong Lee replied like a knife, and I immediately nodded. After he walked out, I half-laid on the office sofa and let out a deep sigh.


living in hiding Of course, every day Jiyoon goes out and catches monsters with style, but politically, she is thoroughly hiding.

because. Because it is better not to participate in the negative war. Even if you win, your image will be tarnished, and if you lose and make a mistake, you will retire from politics. Negative warfare often ends in a wounded crunch.

If other political issues usually tend to end peacefully with bilateral talks between the floor leaders, usually at a Chinese restaurant near the National Assembly, then negative wars inevitably bleed. That’s why people’s poison and evil are filled with it.

And that goes straight to the voters. Negative energy is overlaid with a negative image, and the winner wears a very dishonorable image.

In other words, everyone involved in this gust of wind was slowly receiving damage. The loser of a war is the one who is exhausted in the gust, but the victor of the gust is the one outside the gust.

And it was obvious who made the blast.

During the Cha Jae-gyun military administration, the mediator who freed lawmakers from detention through some kind of mediation and connected Won Ok-bun and Cha Jae-gyun. In my own words, a bat.

….a plate stone.


Presidential D-25

Won Ok Min. acting president’s authority. 45%

audience lobe. Jeju-do Governor. 20%

Han Seung-moon. Representative of the People’s Party. 18%

Doo-Sik Kim. Commander-in-chief of the Chungcheong Defense Line. 5%

Jaekyung Yoo. Minister of Strategy and Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Economy and Finance. 3%

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