A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 85

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 85

EP 14 – Asaripan is originally eaten by Torai (3)

Even if the opponent’s candidate is caught under the Political Fund Act, or a monster does not fall from the ceiling while taking the oath of a member of the House of Representatives, life can change on a minor day.

It rained a lot at that time.

* * *

Todok. tock.

Todd Dodok.

As soon as the small knock was over, the sound of heavy rain was heard. it’s spring rain It hits the ground like a wave.

In the office where Ho Jeong-i and Il-ho disappeared, I asked Pi Chae-won.

Actually, I didn’t have to ask since I thought of this, but it’s because people’s lives aren’t the only way to live efficiently.

“Chaewon-ah. Do you want to eat pajeon?”

Pi Chae-won, who is now barely accustomed to wearing a suit rather than a school uniform, smiled awkwardly while hugging a pile of papers.

“Oh, me. I made an appointment with a friend…”

Suddenly, I felt like an uncle who was flirting with a kid who couldn’t even take off his high school t-shirt. Her expression was fine, but inside she was gloomy, so Pi Chae-won waved her hand in surprise.

“ah…! No, I just got in touch with a friend who survived in Seoul…”

“……Yes. Did you? That’s good.”

“Ugh… Gee, it’s true. Not an excuse…”

“then. then.”

“Gee, that’s true… I decided to call you home today…”

He seemed a bit pitiful, doubting that he was going to see a friend as an excuse rather than a reason. And I was ashamed too.



In the raining office, only the sound of the keyboard echoes.

nothing to do I can only hear the pathetic knocks of politicians all day long.

“I’m Park Sang-min with pearl armor….! Senator Han Seung-moon…!”

“Isn’t Yecheon, Mungyeong, the forefront of national defense?”

“The construction is going to fail, but please come to Jeonju just once and say-”

It seems that I have become a political idol with a mysterious concept, so I thought that I wanted to avoid my sasaeng fans and leave work.


Pi Chae-won, who always had a shadow on his face, let’s hug him with his elbow! He posed and answered me immediately. And soon he bows his head in shame.

He and I were in the same situation every now and then, taking antidepressants, but it seems that leaving work is a panacea.


“Ko, Cole…!”



“Uh, go in carefully.”

With a bright smile, Pi Chae-won wore a black umbrella, nodded her head, and disappeared with frequent steps. I will go to the mansion I prepared for you.

I started to walk along the side of the road full of puddles, looking back.

cover your face with an umbrella Still, it was very rare to find a suit man limping with a climbing cane, and it was quickly discovered and surrounded by citizens.

He barely escapes in the car and catches his breath.

where should we go.

Cheon Hwa-ran’s childbirth is imminent, would you like to visit her? no. It’s better not to go to a bar where reporters go in for nothing.

Hojeong and Ilho are going to play, no. Why do I go to couples’ houses?

But Cheongpung Prison to see the gambling-loving place director, no. It was too cumbersome and far to go to the Cheongpung Research Institute.

So I ended up throwing my shoes on the front door of my aunt’s hometown, and starting to mutter melodic complaints.

“Hey, our lawyer So-jeong Byun beat the law firm. I came here to see if I could get a little sore, but seeing that the smell of steamed ribs is wafting, I wonder how it is worth living.”

“Ah, hello.”

“Oh, it’s been a while, Jinwoon. You said you turned down the position of vice president? Seon-ah was whining.”

“Ah yes…”

“But why are you here?”


Cut the wooden chopsticks and pick up the sashimi.

The moist flesh of the white fish felt squishy over the chopsticks, and when I put it in my mouth with the fresh green soy sauce, the emotion spreads through my mouth.

The scent of the sea flowed between the two molars. The tangy seasoning and the unique flavor of fish blended in my mouth and slowly escaped through my nose, and I loved it since I was a kid.

flounder sashimi.

I couldn’t stand the amazement that spontaneously burst out at the touching taste, so I had no choice but to spit it out through my mouth.

“Wow, Mr. Digi-nee…!”

“What do you mean by a boy who says you are a politician?”

Although my aunt craved bitterly, I handed some sashimi to Seol Jin-woon without hesitation.

“Try this. My aunt picked it up and wrote it myself, so it’s different from the supermarket. The original fish tastes better even after an hour has passed…”

“Thank you…”

“That’s right. That’s right.”

Seol Jinwoon shyly accepted the plate with a high school student shirtless face. It was a little awkward from the standpoint of watching them slaughter monsters while commanding a large number of people at the forefront of Seoul. But maybe this is his original personality.

If it was a normal world, I would have gotten a drink from the seniors at MT this time as a freshman in college. But now, he has become a benefactor of the Korean National Assembly and is being treated by me.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It’s sad in my opinion. However, I smiled broadly and put steamed ribs on Seol Jinwoon’s gobongbap.

“How did you come up with the idea? Did your aunt call you?”

“I heard that you and Do-yeon shared life and death while we passed out, wouldn’t it make sense to call and treat them?”

“It’s not a fainting, it’s an infection.”

“Don’t be mean and eat this.”

The atmosphere at the meal was very harmonious as there was nothing to be uncomfortable about.

However, the beginning of everything.

Yeo Do-yeon stayed away from alcohol because of her body care.

I have never drank alcohol, so I don’t know how much I drink.

So he was very weak to alcohol.

And we didn’t know that.


In fact, the story that will come out of this place is, of course, the Seoul life of Yeo Do-yeon and Seol Jin-woon. It was a natural place. And that long story flowed out of Seol Jinwoon’s mouth.

“…when the first gate opened.”

Seol Jin-woon, one of the first Awakened people, creates a force around the school.

“…well, I killed a lot of people back then.”

And by killing the ones to kill, in the end, many people are saved.

He kills a teacher who is greedy for a high school girl, kills a maniac whose hobby is murder, and travels around with like-minded people to save people.

In this way, Dongdaemun Camp is firmly established in the center of Seoul.


“It must have been difficult…”

“……yes. Fortunately, the gate was sinking.”

That was probably around the time of the death of Cha Jae-gyun and the stabilization period of about half a year until the Uijeongbu incident. It was a time when monsters did not pour out at random like when the gate first opened, and the Seoul siege was stably blocking the monsters.

It was also when Won Ok-bun called for the reserve force to be called in front of the defense minister in order to gain approval ratings, as he served as a disarmament officer who was wary of a military rebellion. In fact, it was so focused on artillery that there were some soldiers left behind. Most of the riflemen were sent to the North Korean front rather than the Seoul encirclement.

Of course, at the time of the Uijeongbu incident, the siege of Seoul broke through, and the situation began to turn like hell.

All gates are activated again, and the Seoul encirclement reaches to break through starting from the direction of Namyangju.

And Seol Jinwoon Camp was located in Dongdaemun, the center of Seoul.

“…Hundreds of people fled Seoul, and the number shrunk to dozens.”

At that time, the death toll was around 350. Seol Jinwoon gave everything he had to save them.

“Then we met in Namyangju. With Doyeon’s noona… and Cheoljin too.”

Seol Jin-woon and his party join forces with Yeo Do-yeon and the North Korean defectors. And in Namyangju, he fights a lot of blood and builds a huge power.

“At that time, I probably lived in a large concert hall with the entrance closed…”

“From my memory, there must have been over a thousand people, right?”

“The infection spread quickly.”

And that huge force is instantly destroyed by zombies that have come down from Uijeongbu, and only a dozen Awakened people survive and barely succeed in escaping to Mt. Cheonmasan, Gyeonggi-do.

When everyone is frustrated.

Seol Jin-woon remembers a fellow he met while running a camp in Dongdaemun.

“I remembered the gambler. I’ve seen people turn into monsters back to their original state. I hoped.”

Bio Experiments Core Researcher The gambler fled to Seoul at the time of Cha Jae-gyun’s death, and concentrated on magical sciences, including research on returning the subjects who escaped from the underground bunker of Yeoninsan into humans by repeating biological experiments with his own body.

And by the time Seol Jin-woon visited, he had reached the peak. Hearing that, he put a needle into his brain and boosted his intelligence. It’s like a crazy man.

“…Then, I found out that if the Seoul gates run rampant, the country will collapse. And that’s not too far away.”

After that, it was just like I knew.

The betrayal of Ri Cheol-jin, the struggle in Seoul, the joining of the Kim Chun-shik guild, and the addition of Ga Ga-yoon and Hong Seon-ah.

When all the stories are over, all that’s left is seven empty beer cans, and the atmosphere has become somber.


And it was a single tear that suddenly fell from Yeo Do-yeon’s eyes.



“I guess I was drunk. I will go in.”

Yeo Do-yeon mumbled with a tongue-in-cheek pronunciation, and staggered up to my room. On the way, he grabbed Kleenex from the table and rubbed it on his face.

My aunt opened her reddened eyes and listened to Seol Jin-woon’s story, and her aunt looked at the young man with her eyes colder than ever.

The young man, who was only four months old, was drunk for the first time in his life and nodded his head, continuing the story of the dead.

Seol Jin-woon couldn’t even tilt his head, and with a blank face, only his mouth moved mechanically.

As if those left behind have a responsibility to tell this story. The boy, who had become a young man, continued to chant.

And finally.

“…At first, I had a dream.”

The recollection of a boy who had gone through the bitter years came to me. Surprisingly, it was quite typical. On the one hand, it was so sympathetic that I didn’t want to hear it.

“Let’s do our best to save people. Like the heroes in the movie, if you have superpowers, it’s not your destiny to do anything. When I was still wearing a school uniform. I made that promise to my friends in class.”

Heroes have dreams.

“But what I was doing was killing in the end. A teacher who became a rapist. offender. harrier. pseudo. politician. Etc… When I go out to get food, I take people who deserve to die… I always risk my life for everyone.”

Dreams collide with reality.

“However, even if I worked so hard to survive, the gate was opened incorrectly once, and in the end, they all died. Dongdaemun or Namyangju. And finally, it was our turn from Seoul. what do you do If you don’t want to die, you have to fight.”

Dreams hold blood like that.

“This is the story before the gang went into the gate and, ah, before the Senator came.”

“yes. I know. There was one operation team that went in to install a sapper-”

“Our original members went in and they all died.”

The dream is getting heavier and heavier,

“… when I came to my senses. At the beginning, among the children in the classroom who promised to save people, I was the only one left.”

Dreams become responsibilities and weigh on your shoulders.

“…From Dongdaemun Camp to Seoul. He killed a few to save many. Even if I go higher, I don’t think I’m going to do a better job.”


“……yes. To put my pride down and be honest, I’m not confident, I’m scared, and I’m so tired that I don’t want to do it anymore.”

The boy’s flurry was short and blunt.

“It’s heavy.”

The boy just fell on the table, and I picked him up and limped up the stairs to my room.

It was heavy.


The heavy rain continued.

On a rainy night, I came out under the eaves and looked at the world.

Tonight’s air was wet and cold. Raindrops run down the roof, and my cigarette smoke hides in the smell of water.


The light of a bright yellow streetlight spreads softly in the puddle on the asphalt, and I coughed and shed tears at the cigarette smoke I was still not used to.

rumble. A husky cracked voice was heard along with the sound of the front door opening from behind.

“Hey, bastard.”

“…Div., you’re going to sleep, so why did you come out?”

Yeo Do-yeon raised her eyebrows and pointed at the cigarette I was biting.

“It’s been a moot. When did you learn?”

“Whoa… Don’t learn things like this when you’re older.”

“Clean up your runny nose and tell me.”


Yeo Do-yeon, who had her hands in her pockets and crawled out in a stooped position, looked very ferocious today.

He was drunk and his eyes were loose, and his tongue was loose, so his pronunciation was a bit gritty.



“Ugh. no. grandpa. Where did you put your gloves?”

Seeing him talking nonsense, he must have been very drunk.

Of course, even if I was talking nonsense, the way he put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall while staggering, looking down at me with sharp eyes and glaring at me was an absurd asshole. That, me, me, the form came out when I was in middle school.

As far as I know, I heard that the elder brother-in-law was a ‘fist’ when he was young, but I think it’s because he resembles that. He’s not a real gangster, he’s a Kim Doo-han-style fist in the drama. It’s a story I’ve heard, so I don’t know the details. My aunt must have hit a bit of msg.

In a good way, it’s a collaborator, and in a bad way, it’s a hanryang. Anyway, I heard that right after 6.25, when Korea was a developing country, he lived a life of his own accord. If it’s a romantic life, it’s romantic, if it’s a low life life, it’s roughly like that.

How can a person’s life be summed up in one word?

Maybe it was because I was drunk, or maybe it was because of the rain, it was a night where I had a lot of thoughts.

Anyway, Yeo Do-yeon took what I was biting and used it and sucked it.



The difference between an elder brother-in-law and Yeo Do-yeon was to pick up what fell into a puddle and throw it in the trash. The guy stumbled a bit and whined at me, as if he wasn’t drunk yet.

“…don’t smoke.”

“Is that how you like it?”

“Who did you learn from? Senator Yang?”

“Secretary Minister.”


Do-yeon Yeo did not dig deep, as if she knew now that my expression had hardened, but scratched her back and came to my side.

“Are you okay?”

“Speak nicely. My sister will be 30 next year.”

I got hit in the side by one.

“Whoa… just a kid.”

“…is it nine?”

One more hit

Yeo Do-yeon was smiling. Except for monsters, I was the only person on Earth I could hit with peace of mind.

Yeo Do-yeon approached me without hesitation. And he chuckled and stuck with it.

“Why are you so disgusting?”

“So you’re a f**king bastard.”



I thought for a moment, then nodded.


“Wouldn’t it be a little lighter if I said that?”


“You don’t like politics?”

“…how did you know? I have no interest in politics.”

“Do I not know that?”

Yeo Do-yeon laughed.

“When you’re f**ked, you lift your eyebrows to pretend you’re okay. Sacky.”

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