A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 88

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 88

EP 15 – Extras in Politics (1)

Politician conversations are often complex and ambiguous.

There are several reasons. This is to avoid responsibility, and also to prevent the ‘transcript scandal’, which is the third leading cause of death of politicians.

So, isn’t there a law stating that the president’s orders must only be made in writing?

But. Another reason we like to use euphemisms is that

“I was really surprised when Governor Chung Jung-yeop talked about the relationship between Won and Cha Jae-gyun. As far as I know, you must have been very busy at the time…”

[Is there a placard behind you? Are you doing this after receiving a report from Yang Pan-seok?]

“I am very grateful that our Senator Han Seung-moon said so. Yes. Yes. you’re right. It’s for justice, how can I fight alone? Let’s fight together. we.”

[Pretend you don’t know.]

This is because the fact that each other talked about a certain topic should not exist.

* * *

While the war with Won Ok-bun was started by Chung Jung-yeop’s surprise, the fight between the two eventually spread to an all-out war between the Kuomintang and the National Defense Party.

The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are the red-hot heirs of the political history of the Republic of Korea, and a challenger to open a new political horizon in the world after the gates have been opened.

At first glance, it looked like a bloody bloody battle, but in reality, it wasn’t like that at all.

“It seems that the party has now found its place because our floor leader has given his hand to the party government.”

This is because the Kuomintang without Han Seung-moon was a steamed bun without red beans, a tiger without teeth, and a pizza without pineapple.

In a word, there is no such thing as the most important thing. The KMT’s party character itself was a limitation because it was a gathering of Han Seung-moon supporters.


That was the reason why CEO Jo-in Kim, who wouldn’t mind drinking me, held my hand tightly in front of the camera and smiled.

This is where the Kuomintang supreme council meeting held in Busan, eight leaders seated side by side, and numerous reporters focused on Kim Jo-in’s all remarks.

“Our floor leader delivered a painful message to the established politicians. Looking at the current state of Tanggeum, these words should have come out right away.”

Kim Jo-in pointed to the retired hunters I had brought with me with a polite gesture.

“At a time when a vision for the future was needed, there was an aspect that was too biased toward clearing up the past. Rather, the floor leader had been preparing for this from the beginning. As an older generation, I am very ashamed.”

It wasn’t just a compliment.

It was for this reason that Han Seung-moon stayed away from the Kuomintang, so it meant that everyone should not curse Han Seung-moon, and at the same time, I liked Han Seung-moon, and in the meantime, the negative audience members were garbage.

Is this a political economy?

An economic bureaucrat in his mid-70s smiled softly, and Chung Jung-yeop maintained a cautious attitude while keeping his expressionless expression on his handsome face.

The response of the Kuomintang leadership (actually, the Kim Jo-in faction) was very agile. As soon as I announced that I would run 30 retired hunters, Chairman Jo-in Kim neatly admitted that the party was not in line and immediately convened a supreme meeting.

He immediately fired the chairman of the mission and announced that he would form an emergency task force to deal with it.

It meant accepting all my requirements, and of course, for him, I had to cancel the 30 nominations that had already been put in place. In the end, it is the plowing of the field that he has cultivated.

However, this was not only a declaration of full support for me, but also a hard counter to the audience.

If Chung Jung-yeop is a general who charged into the enemy camp, Kim Jo-in is a supply officer. And in the present situation, the supply officer cut off supply to the general. And even taking me as an excuse for a terrific cause.

In addition, is another 30 people to be slaughtered in order to drive 30 retired hunters, is it Kim Jo-in’s lineage or Chung Jung-yeop’s lineage?

You may not know that, but considering the check-and-check relationship between Chung Joong-yeop and Kim Jo-in, the result was obvious.

It seemed that the civil war of the Kuomintang would end with Kim Jo-in’s decision victory.

[3rd opinion poll, National Defense Party 46% – Kuomintang 44%. Golden cross within the margin of error!]

[The National Defense Party defeated the Kuomintang for the first time since the unity of the two parties.]

[Infighting in the Kuomintang, and headwinds.]

[Won Ok-bun smiling, Han Seung-moon with a sword. Kim Jo-in watching?]

For the first time, a public opinion poll showed that the National Defense Party’s party approval rating was higher than that of the Kuomintang.


“A lost hater can’t win,”

Hater. the one who opposes.

“That’s the formula.”

The dimly lit district office, Ho-Jeong Lee, came out and analyzed this phenomenon in front of Il-Ho Yang. A large PPT appeared on the screen.

“The Kuomintang is a force that emerged from the outset by protesting against the closed-room politics of the Republicans and Democrats. That’s when my brother overturned everything at the press conference.”


“To be precise, at that time, a recording of 12 members of the National Assembly deliberately delayed the election was released. It was a kind of democratization movement that received unreasonable momentum. It was soon buried when the gate was opened in Uijeongbu, but anyway, the fundamental ideology of the Kuomintang is anti-authoritarian democracy, right?”

Ho-jung Lee, wearing medium-sized hair, tied her hair behind her back and wore glasses. Yang Il-ho’s face turned pale, but when I glanced at him, he quickly returned to a stone Buddha-like expression. Go home and have a date, guys.

Either way, when Lee Ho-jung turned over the PPT, a table of contents called the 3 reasons why the Kuomintang was screwed came up.

“first. The people are no longer interested in the spirit of free democracy. This is in line with the reason Acting Officer Won Ok-bun did not get knocked down by the attack on Governor Chung Jung-yeop, and now the people don’t care whether they are servants of the military regime or the Republicans and Democrats are working together, as long as they do their jobs well.”

this is right If the public had had a little more leeway, Won Ok-bun’s approval rating would have been on the decline. There are only three recordings of Cha Jae-gyun and Won Ok-bun, who burst out from the audience right now. They were even plausible things.

However, Won Ok-bun was consistent on the grounds that he had dealt with Cha Jae-gyun’s implicit threat, and from that moment on, this was a matter of value judgment, not fact. Politics was not about what was true, but what was felt as the truth was more important.

And the people were more enthusiastic about the fact that Won Ok-bun stole the North Korean nuclear bomb rather than talking about democratic legitimacy.

It was self-evident that the era of media control, the deliberate extension of martial law, and the closed-door politics with Cha Jae-gyun had become irrelevant.

In a word, nationalism rather than democracy, truth rather than cause.

It was just such a time.

“Second, the performance of Won Ok-bun’s tenure is surprisingly good. The Uijeongbu incident was blocked by the Chungcheong defense line, and the hunters in Seoul blocked it well. Roughly a few million people died, but the Minister of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made a hole for them to escape right away?”

This is also correct. Of course, these achievements did not originate from Won Ok-bun’s competence, but whether or not he or she made a mistake or made a mistake during his original tenure, this is the basic rule of thumb.

Also, the dead did not have the right to vote, and most of the survivors were those who survived thanks to the Chungcheong defense line.

And the most exciting thing was to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue. Stealing North Korean nuclear bombs with the Awakened Special Forces. Hasn’t it built up people’s self-esteem? I still don’t know how I did it, but it was very helpful.

“Finally, umm…”

Hojeong Lee raised the round horn-rimmed glasses on her rough eyes and asked me. The boy smiled confidently.

“Where did the Kuomintang target?”

“An established politician.”

“What is the starting point?”

“Everyone except me in the 12-member National Assembly.”

“How many of them are alive?”

There were originally 4 people, but the yangban who was politically upset because of the transcript is now missing, and the yangban, who was hospitalized with serious injuries, died in bed.

In fact, everyone died except for me and Yang Pan-seok.

“……Me and Senator Yang Pan-seok.”

“Then who should the Kuomintang to curse now?”


“Isn’t it?”

Hojeong Lee pricked the screen with a yellow finger-shaped sponge stick that she had picked up from somewhere. There was a campaign scene of the National Defense Party candidates. She read the words on the banner.

“Sorry, I will change. The National Defense Party took the concept as reflection and alternative proposals, but the Kuomintang is still holding back the National Defense Party on a daily basis, so can the approval rating be maintained?”


“Won Ok-bun stole the North Korean nuclear bomb, but we are only swearing at people who have already died, so we can’t even eat porridge.”

In fact, it must have been more influenced by my distance from the Kuomintang than that. However, Hojeong Lee must have skipped the story.

“…In conclusion, our party leadership doesn’t know how to sell the name Han Seung-moon, and I think it was destroyed by fighting with each other.”

Suddenly, at this point, Yang Pan-seok’s words came to mind.

– In this day and age, you shouldn’t have an opposition party. I don’t know, as no one has ever tried it…

It was the story I heard after seeing Noah Lumière off, but it was exactly in line with the current situation.

Kim Jo-in was an economic bureaucrat who had been in the Cabinet and the Blue House longer than the National Assembly, and Chung Jung-yeop never went outside of Jeju Island throughout his political career.

Both are far from central politics. To be precise, there were only such people gathered next to me. And Yang Pan-seok knew this.

To this I asked

“…Is the Kuomintang slightly inferior right now?”

“Since you joined with the Hunters, you may have a subtle advantage. That’s because it hasn’t been reflected in this poll.”


Yang Pan-seok always told me. This general election is 5:5. If there is a variable, the Kuomintang will end in a 6:4 advantage.

“Oh, my…”

And at this point, I had a feeling that some current was leading us.

In the midst of this mega-fight of various variables and lust for power, political engineering designed by someone was ticking like a clockwork.


“The devil will sing. I will sing…”

Suddenly, I was already on the board.

The game begins when you know that you are on the board.

That was the difference between the NPC and the player, and the difference between the equipment and the rider.

As I kept smiling and keeping quiet, Hojeong Lee cautiously offered my opinion first.

“…The main target of the Kuomintang is not refugees from the metropolitan area, but people from the south who are still able to speak like a democracy. Even if it’s a bit Gangnam-left, if you make a plausible voice and unplay the Won Ok-bun government in a way that makes you feel-”

“No, Ho Jeong-ah. I don’t think we can do anything.”


“The National Defense Party is way too big for us to be 5 to 5. So soon the GM will strike a balance.”

Ho-Jeong Lee and Il-Ho Yang tilted their heads as if asking what kind of bizarre sound it was.

“……Uh, umm. I don’t think there’s a coincidence in politics?”

my personality is like that

If a prophet comes out and the prophet’s prophecy comes true, I don’t think the prophet predicted the future,

“Isn’t Adari correct to believe that there is a prophet behind all events?”

“…I don’t quite understand.”

“I didn’t mean to ask you to understand, so it’s okay. Anyway, don’t make a hasty move and create a variable-“

The phone vibrated and flashed.

The name ‘Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’ came up on the screen.

I smiled bitterly.

“……Order or follow.”


“The demobilization of the reserve army was strictly an order from Won Ok-bun. It was to increase his approval rating. But who’s in jail after taking the blame? Aren’t you the Minister of Defense?”


“Acting Won is using the cabinet and the military for authority. If the cabinet and the military are shaken according to the needs of the political world in such a national crisis, state affairs can be paralyzed. And that’s what I’m worried about.”

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung continued the story very carefully. Commander Doo-Sik Kim, who was watching from the side, felt like his blood had dried up.

Because it was the perfect conversation to get f**ked when the transcript exploded. Han Seung-moon, who was sitting across from him, was fiddling with the handle of the climbing cane, making an ambiguous expression on his face.

When Han Seung-moon remained unanswered, Yoo Jae-kyung smiled modestly and continued. Although he looked fine on the outside, Kim Doo-sik saw Yoo Jae-kyung shaking his legs under the table.

“Ha ha… I’m a bit cautious, but we want the military and the cabinet to exercise independent powers. I am willing to spare no effort for him-”

“Minister Yu?”

As Han Seung-moon smiled softly, Yoo Jae-kyung stopped and froze.

“What does the old man make you do?”


Kim Du-sik could not follow the context of the conversation, but seeing Yoo Jae-kyung’s complexion turning white, he felt something was wrong.

“yes. Yeah? Oh, uh, I’m fine… No. uhm. Yes. Ah, uh…”

Yoo Jae-kyung momentarily tried too many judgments and got into buffering, Han Seung-moon watched it with a smile, and Kim Doo-sik didn’t know what it was, but thought he was f**ked, so he picked up a tteok-galbi from the table.


As Yoo Jae-kyung decided to ride the Han Seung-moon line, his speech stuttered.

“He said that we should make one extra.”

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