A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 93

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 93

EP 15 – Extras in Politics (6)

“Hey, if you look at the bottom of Seogwipo, there is Sonammeori Cliff next to Jeongbang Falls. It is a beautiful place where you can see large ships going in and out of Seogwipo Port and the blue southern coast.”

Chung Jung-yeop’s story begins with the old story of his grandfather on the cliff of Sonammeori, and ends with how much his grandfather loved Korea.

He fell in love with a communist communist party official but ran away to Korea after being pushed out of a political struggle. He fell in love with a simple rural woman from Jeju Island, started a family, and started a small canning company.

My grandfather’s favorite food during his lifetime was miso soup, and Chung Jung-yeop’s mindset to imitate him by running a company and helping the poor in Jeju Island. etc.

By the end of the whole story, Chung-Yeop was biting his lips with a handsome face, and he was pouring out hot tears of anger.

“My grandfather was an assistant to Won-ok. I was arrested by the prosecution because my grandfather was Chinese. My aide has been under investigation for 16 hours in the prosecution’s basement interrogation room. My wife is surrounded by reporters and is unable to get out of her home, and my children are being accused of being children of traitors and being pointed at.”

and thrown bombs.

“…I will step down from the KMT presidential primary. Acting Won Ok-bun, please stop now.”

South Korea was vaguely sensitive to political retaliation. There have been precedents for great headwinds. Moreover, that faction was the mainstream faction that created government twice.

Right now, former President Moon Jae-in or former President Yoo Jae-gwang were pro-Roh. This is Korean politics, no. It is a vice shared by about half of South Korean voters.

The audience, very cleverly, dug into that part.

He managed to escape.

The fact that Chung Joong-yeop’s grandfather was now a corrupt bureaucrat who had colluded with the Triad, and that Chung Jung-yeop inherited that network and used it in politics, would be buried in darkness.

* * *

Politics was indeed twofold.

That was the way the word was used.

authoritative distribution of social values;

take care of yourself,

coordination of interests and maintenance of order, etc.

After putting all possible meanings into the two letters of 政治, no one uses this word as its meaning. Usually, it is used to mean agitation or cutting the back of the head. Since the politicians themselves have done it right now, how can they deny this duality?

This is what Hojeong Lee thinks-

“This election is too political.”

“Of course, elections are political.”

In response to Han Seung-moon’s answer, who was lying halfway on the sofa and looking at his cell phone, Ho-jeong Lee sighed while stirring the barley tea with a spoon.

The audience is gone too, but how can they just roll around leisurely? Still, I did not frown because I was convinced that my brother would do something in my heart.

It’s just that I’m a little nervous and my pulse just goes down.

“…not that politics.”

“That’s what I meant too.”

👌👌👌👌👌 Han Seung-moon got up from the sofa.

“I’d rather not have money in this election.”

And then he laughed out loud.

“Can’t you imagine what happened to the Democratic Party during the last general election?”

He was an aide to the Democratic legislative council chairperson. At this, Lee Ho-jeong, who was an aide to the Progressive Party, laughed.

“It would be the same for us, only the amount was different.”

Yang Il-ho, who was packing kimbap and came into the office, murmured.

“Our senior was transported by truck and went into prison.”

For reference, Yang Il-ho was an aide to a Republican congressman. And now he was preparing to run for the Nationalist Party, and for him, he set kimbap and wooden chopsticks on the table.

Heo Guheon Day was ideological, but it was a political version without romance.

The National Party floor leader, who was lying around on the sofa in the district office, cut off only the tip of the silver foil and bit off the kimbap, and Yang Il-ho quietly split the wooden chopsticks after unfolding the gimbap.

and said to his lover.

“Ho Jeong-ah. kimbap.”




“Would you like me to take the pickled radish?”

Ignoring Yang Il-ho’s words, Ho-jeong Lee was looking at the iPad and cell phone at the same time with bloodshot eyes, jotting down several post-it notes on a piece of paper. The two men, who knew that she was like that sometimes when she fell in love with something, passed the time without saying a word, babbling over gimbap.

“Ah, Illho. Have you been to the prosecution?”

“yes. I was prosecuted for violating the election law, but I don’t know what the verdict will be.”

“Aww. What happened?”

“My brother ordered me to sprinkle chicken.”


“Are you kidding me now?”

“Now do you know?”

It was around the time that Il-ho Yang began to contemplate whether to stab Han Seung-mun with chopsticks when Lee Ho-jeong’s journey was over.

“Look at this.”

Ho-jeong Lee pushed the iPad to Seung-moon Han and Il-ho Yang. It was the result of her staying up all night analyzing the Internet.

“It became clear to the public that this election was too negative. The results have come.”


“All candidates have lost their approval ratings.”

Yang Il-ho began to pluck his nails with an anxious expression, and Han Seung-moon began to smile at the Buddha.

“What is this all about?”

It was a natural result.

In less than a week, numerous workshops have come and gone.

Chung Jung-yeop puts a ‘Cha Jae-gyun Scarecrow’ frame on Won Ok-bun and puts a knife in the back of his head. Taking advantage of the weakening of both sides, Han Seung-moon, who kept a distance from the central government, brought hunters and planted a flag in the midfield.

In that state, he built a defense Nongdan frame, built a fortress, threw a bomb at Won Ok-bun, and deployed the two-sided front between Chung Jung-yeop and Han Seung-mun.

At this point, Won Ok-bun lost his image as the ‘defense president’ and was put into a crisis with the image of ‘the number one person being attacked’, but when he sent Kim Jo-in away by swinging the prosecution, Han Seung-moon and Chung Jung-yeop were incapacitated like the generals who lost their supply bases. done.

However, when Chung Joong-yeop gave a tearful show of resignation, the problem of Won Ok-bun’s excessive exercise of public power came to the surface.

The main argument is,

“If you look at the National Defense Party, you probably won’t be able to do it, but why is the prosecution only the Kuomintang? Hasn’t he become the dog of Won-ok-bun? Is this the prosecution’s unfair election intervention or something?”

“It’s a good story for us.”

“It’s not a phenomenon to be liked.”

tick. The Monami ballpoint pen, which was spinning brilliantly on the white finger, stopped. Frowning, Hojeong Lee put the ballpoint pen to her mouth and chewed it.

“Because Yang Bi theory is starting to work…”

Yangbi theory

that guy is that guy

both are bad guys.

In a way, it was a good strategy, but it was a strategy that was never tolerated in the Korean political scene. This is evidenced by the failure of the ‘People’s Party’ in the 19th presidential election.

On the other hand, there are times when the yangbi theory works.

“…the public is now starting to think the same on both sides.”

“It’s not ‘the same’, it’s ‘the same as f**k’.”

This is also proven by the success of the ‘People’s Party’ in the 20th general election.

In other words, the fact that the Yangbi theory started to work was a red flag that alarmed the established politicians. And now, it meant that the Kuomintang was starting to look like an established party in the public eye.

It has lost its image as a new reform party.

Lee Ho-jung shook her head.

“The negative was too harsh…”

To Seung-Moon Han, who is dazed stroking his slightly beard-raised chin, and Il-Ho Yang, who is approaching with his round rimless glasses, Ho-Jeong Lee continued explaining with a frown.

“Basically, negatives do damage to both sides. It is a structure where there is never a winner. And it actually had a negative effect.”

Ho-Jeong Lee enlarged the mobile phone screen to show a downward graph.

“The approval ratings of all the candidates have dropped.”

“The audience went out, but Won Ok-bun’s approval rating dropped…?”

“At first, it was a majority, but now it’s in the late 30s. And the legislator also broke 15% of the concrete, so 12%.”

At Lee Ho-jung’s reckless remark, Yang Il-ho smiled kindly and commented.

“Um…, the people’s hatred for politics has grown a bit. 30% of people don’t know who to choose, so they’ll probably want a more moral candidate. If we hold out while pushing the retired hunters, it seems like we will see a way. My brother’s approval rating seems to have dropped for a while because he was tied to the Kim Jo-in-gye Nationalist Party-“


Ho-jeong Lee frowned and responded.

“There’s nothing more stupid than expecting voters to remember! There were too many political battles in such a short time, and the negative stimulus was over-injected, so no frame could firmly grasp the people. It must be said that almost all voters have turned to the middle class since the political reorganization has also taken place. It’s also the middle class, who have become very dignified by the provocative agitation.”

“Did the public become numb by the stimulus?”

“In the past, I wasn’t interested in politics and didn’t know if I was right, but now I can’t feel the pain even after being whipped. Either way, seeing a carrot instead of a whip will roll your eyes.”

And you shouldn’t expect moral sensitivity or judgment in a world like this in the first place.

‘ Lee Ho-jung added briefly.

“One in five is dead. Almost all people have lost at least one family member. The situation is very vulnerable to the politics of terror and hate, but it has become rather blunt because both sides are impulsive to the politics of terror and hate.”

“…and it will probably taste better soon.”

“Now is the time to forget what the National Defense Party and the Kuomintang have said. Would you just feel like, ‘We both did something wrong because we’re fighting each other’? Because the world is too complex for complicated things to come into your head. Besides, monsters come down with their mouths wide open in real time.”

Han Seung-moon slowly looked down at the iPad that Ho-jung Lee had handed him. Very neatly organized diagrams and graphs supported her opinion.

Hojeong Lee’s words were not the result of reasoning, but the result of numbers. Han Seung-moon clearly understood and asked her.

“Is it because of the Yang Bi theory that my approval rating has fallen?”

“To be precise, you’ve consumed too much of your image. The reason for this argument is that it is an excessive political battle, and whether you are right or not, getting involved in the political battle is itself entangled in the negative.”

There are no winners in a negative fight.

It was the same with Han Seung-moon.

“It has nothing to do with Kim Jo-in. The problem is that they attacked Wonokbun before that. The act of swearing at someone on TV itself caused the approval rating to drop.”


“From now on, I will do the negative with Ilho. You’ve grown too big.”

“This is fun…”

Hojeong Lee was thinking very similarly to ‘Someone’-

Thinking about it, Han Seung-moon could not hide his skeptical feelings.

At this, he listened to her opinion with a gentle smile all the time. I didn’t feel any tension at all.

Around this time, Ho-jeong Lee started to get hot. She has also been charged with violating the election law.

Of course, the probability that Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jung would wear the gold badge was very high. This is because it was imprinted on the public as an aide of Han Seung-moon. Especially in this case.

Perhaps Han Seung-moon was aiming for that, and took them to the Chungcheong Defense Line and entangled them in violating the election law. To give the image of Han Seung-moon’s left arm and right arm, who is with him even in crisis.

“…Come on, Senator. No, brother.”


“You know the situation is very dangerous right now, right?”


By the way, gold badges and nabals.

In the yard where Won Ok-bun’s election is likely,

After the change of government, if the court sentenced him to prison sentence for violating the election law, he would lose his seat as a member of the parliament.

Even if the judgment was delayed as much as possible due to Yang Pan-seok’s personal connections, the court will surely give a favorable judgment to the winner of the presidential election.

“Even if we win the general election, if we lose the election, we will lose our parliamentary seats.”


“Is there a way?”


And, in a situation where Han Seung-moon entrusted them with honey rice cake and bomb, Ho-jeong Lee was convinced that he had a way to dismantle the bomb.

Because he was very good at sucking honey.

It seemed that Yang Il-ho couldn’t control his anxiety when he saw that he was constantly biting his nails so that he bleed at home, but at least she was certain that she was Han Seung-moon.

Even though she hasn’t shaved her beard, she rolls around on the sofa in the district office and has seaweed in her mouth, what this nobleman has done was a feat that deserves to be included in Korean textbooks, and the character of Han Seung-moon that she witnessed is also not a very easy-going person. because it was

But, why is she rebuking Han Seung-moon now?

“Umm… I know you are a prudent person. But, what is that……”


“Whoa… I’m not that kind of person… I’m not that socially shy. But looking at the current situation, I’m a little worried. It seems to me that we lost this election unconditionally, right? Of course, I have faith that you will get over it, but in my opinion, this is a very dangerous situation.”

“No, what is it?”

“Please listen as calmly as possible. It’s not like I just hit my brother right now. It’s just a bit of a whimper.”

“What is it, scary…?”

it was sad

“Oppa, do you not believe us?”

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