A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 98

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 98

EP 17 – Minister is too strong (1)

moon crack.

Place the spoon on the empty front plate. The sacramental feast, which is hard to find in the world these days, lasted about 40 minutes.

Of course, I didn’t eat properly.

“By the way, one of our ministers…”

“It feels like we lost our floor leader…”

It was because of two guys in their 50s.

“Haha…! I heard you are right. You stole a big person from the National Assembly!”

“There is a belief that arises even if I don’t see it… I think I will solve it wisely.”

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung and Governor Chung Jung-yeop stuck to me as if they were going to eat side dishes with chopsticks. The seating arrangement was also quite clever.

We finished our meal surrounded by the president of the senior seat, the deputy prime minister for economy across the street, and the governor of Jeju-do on the other side. I don’t know if it will be digested.

At that time, when I was worried about indigestion by pouring crystal fruit into the esophagus with a burning thirst.

“Come on, I think the meal is almost over…”

Yang Pan-seok brought up the main point.

“Well, let’s talk a little bit about the transition committee.”

* * *

When it comes to choosing the most powerful power in Korea, there are always things that are mentioned.

From the four major power agencies (Prosecutor’s Office, Police, National Tax Service, National Intelligence Service), to the Special Prosecutor’s Office that has reached an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, and from the Office of Government Policy Coordination Office’s ace hound combo, the Fair Trade Commission and the Financial Services Commission.

Of course, chaebols are included.

However, in the Republic of Korea, there was one organization that transcended all powers.

“Once we had a rough idea of the takeover policy.”

Presidential Transition Committee.

As the name suggests, it is a committee that prepares the elected candidates to take over the presidency smoothly.

However, the reality of the takeover committee was more like an occupation force rather than a ‘takeover’ committee. This was especially the case when the former and incumbent presidents had a bad relationship.

The main tasks of the transition committee are to overthrow the former president’s strategic business, consolidate and abolish all government ministries, kneel the prosecution, and beat the weightlifters in front of the camera. Anyone who earns a living in Yeouido knows how powerful the Insu Committee is.

In particular, it was even more terrifying for public officials.

This is because the main task of the transition committee is to consolidate and close government departments. In other words, the job he had been working for for decades could fall from husband to office, and even evaporate into the air.

And usually, most of the elected candidates showed off their power by beating everyone else’s heads from the takeover committee.


“From the takeover committee, I am thinking of taking measures to avoid such noises as much as possible, such as liquidation of corruption and old-fashioned judgment.”

Yang Pan-seok didn’t want to start his tenure with a sword dance.

“Now is the time to solve the current state affairs one by one, not the time to fight over a bowl of rice. Well, that’s the thought. So, I’m going to put the political affairs aside and start right away, but I think you’ll need a lot of help to do that. Yes. haha……”

I nodded reflexively.

The elected candidate said that if you get caught while fooling around, you’ll get lost, but what will everyone do? The admiration of the wise words came out one after another from here and there.

“That’s a wise word!”

“Well! Well! When the elected president says that, I feel at ease too.”

“I agree too!”

Yang Pan-seok chuckled.

I watched it from the side and admired it from the inside. Clearly, if you want to gain the upper hand in a conflict between the ruling and opposition parties, it’s better to take down the former president. However, this was not a Cold War situation in which the opposition and opposition parties faced each other.

Nominally, Won Ok-bun and Yang Pan-seok were both the National Defense Party, and since a coalition cabinet has now been established, the Kuomintang and the National Defense Party are not competing against each other.

Above all, Won Ok-bun is a politician who received overwhelming support from the Republican Party within the National Defense Party. There was a fear that the National Defense Party would be split again if Yang Pan-seok used Won-ok powder for nothing.

So this is a really smart choice. When I thought and shook my head,

“So that’s it.”

Yang Pan-seok placed the tomb.

“I would like to confer the Mugunghwa Order of Merit to former Acting Officer Won Ok-bun.”

The Order of the Mugunghwa Grand Order is the highest order of merit in Korea.

Yang Pan-seok smiled softly and told the story as if he was reading his surroundings.

“Originally, it is an award given to the president and his wife, but the purpose of this award is to give a medal to those who have contributed to national development and security. I think the agency Won is also fully qualified.”

The winner said he would give me a medal, but what will everyone do? The admiration of the wise words came out one after another from here and there.

“That’s a wise word!”

“Well! Well! When the elected president says that, I feel at ease too.”

“I agree too!”

Who dares to sow ashes when the elected president starts his term with a decoration show of reconciliation and cooperation? When everyone shook the rattle, Yang Pan-seok continued with a bright smile.

“In the same vein, we are trying to appoint Yoo Jae-kyung as Prime Minister and Seok Jae-bong, chief of staff for political affairs. What do you think?”




The most awkward silence in the world followed.




There was silence for about two and a half seconds, but the presence was very strong.

“Gee, that’s a sensible thing to say!”

“Oh, uhm. When the elected president says that, I feel at ease too.”

“……Ah yes. I agree.”

in a sudden greeting


got cheaper

That’s because the Prime Minister and Chief of Staff both held positions close to second-ranking officials in the country.

Why is there 2 people? Simply put, the prime minister is the second in light, and the chief of staff is the second in darkness.

First, the prime minister oversees the cabinet ministers. In addition, he was a person who could smash the chaebols through the Fair Trade Commission and the Financial Services Commission, directly under the Office of Government Policy Coordination.

For reference, the Fair Trade Commission is where a single official plays a role in mergers and acquisitions between large corporations, and the Financial Services Commission is where the infamous Financial Supervisory Service is directed.

Of course, this was all possible only if the president spared the prime minister a lot. Otherwise, you will become a scarecrow that only stamps documents. And most prime ministers did.

However, Jaekyung Yoo is different.

“Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung will be in charge of practical government affairs. In particular, I think that he is the most suitable person for the current task of revitalizing the economy.”

At the beginning of the crisis, all high-ranking officials were dead.

If there was Cha Jae-kyun in the military, there was Yoo Jae-kyung in the government.

He was also credited with the position of head of the budget office of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, which had an influence on all ministries before the incident and was able to grasp the situation of all ministries.

And the government complex in Sejong was originally 3.6 km long. It is safe to say that any village is a place for civil servants.

Considering that all government ministries were located in Sejong City and the person who led it was Yoo Jae-kyung, he was the prime minister from the beginning of the crisis.

He played a similar role in Won Ok-bun’s days, so his control of state affairs was close to 100%. So, unless Yang Pan-seok was outspoken, I had to think that Yoo Jae-kyung would never become a scarecrow.

And the second-in-command in the dark, chief of staff to the president, was also a key position boasting powerful authority.

If the prime minister is not loved by the president, he becomes a scarecrow, but the chief of staff is a position that only the president loves.

The chief of staff leads all kinds of chief secretaries in the dark. Mal, the chief of staff is at the ministerial level, and all the chief secretaries are at the level of vice ministers.

In particular, the chief civil affairs secretary could be said to be the Blue House swordsman who coordinates the five major agencies. And the direct superior of the strongest striker in Korea is the chief of staff.

So what did Yang Pan-seok say?

What does Yoo Jae-kyung’s ‘Prime Minister’ and Seok Jae-bong’s ‘Chief of Staff’ mean?

“I don’t think it is wise to make a big change in state affairs in a situation like this. I hope that Minister of Strategy and Finance Yoo Jae-kyung, who had previously led the cabinet, will act as Prime Minister, and Secretary of the Office of Secretary Seok Jae-bong, Senior Secretary for Political Affairs, will serve as the Chief of Staff, so that the existing personnel can be thoroughly read. They are very talented people, so I’m not really worried about them… heh heh.”

First of all, it was to unify the national opinion by writing publicly known former government figures.

In actuality, by showing the appearance of using the hangjangs under the Wonok tomb seriously, if you want to look good to me, isn’t it just saying that you should have a crush on your performance, not your friendship?

Thanks to this, the facial expressions of the Jeonnam Governor Ji Hoe-gap were rotten in real time, and the facial expressions of some officials did not look very bright either.

On the other hand,

“It is a heavy responsibility, but I will do my best.”

I bowed my head with a hardened expression on Yoo Jae-kyung, but I did not miss the slight twitching of the corners of his mouth. Seok Jae-bong, chief of political affairs, no. The same was true of Seok Jae-bong, chief of staff.

But other people’s faces are like chewing shit or sucking honey. Yang Pan-seok smiled at his own pace and suggested the direction of the government.

All of them were very bizarre.

1. National Defense Reform

“Gate is more of a disaster than an aggression, so I think improvisation is more important than strategy. Accordingly, by reviving the military district system, we will install three military districts that have delegated full power to easily respond immediately. The commanders of Chungcheong, Gangwon, Sudo, and military districts are considered to be General Kim Doo-sik, Lieutenant General Yoo Hyeon-jong, and Kang Yi-sik, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, respectively.”

A military and district commander with full authority for each region is appointed.

2. Government Reform

“The transition committee puts all its effort into the policy coordination subcommittee while minimizing other subcommittees. Due to the serious problems of human resources, budget, and efficiency, we will reduce the 18th part to 12 parts. Integration of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Unification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Recreation and the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Labor…”

All government officials are dead and there is no money, so the number of government ministries is reduced.

3. Four major strategic projects

“We are carrying out four strategic projects for people’s livelihood stability. National reconstruction project from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Food self-sufficiency business in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The territorial sea defense project from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and the national medical project from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.”

Guaranteed food, shelter and safety.

4. Portrait reform.

“We are promoting the 5th industrial revolution. I bet the life and death of the country on the portrait management department. Magical stone trade project, paranormal research project, superhuman nurturing project, and even the establishment of an international organization led by stimulants. All the remaining manpower generated in the process of consolidation and abolition of the aforementioned government ministries, among them only the elite, will be collected and sent to the portrait management department first.”

As the story progressed, Yang Pan-seok’s smiling face gradually turned into that of a faceless politician.

The leisure and laughter in his voice disappeared and all that was left was the charisma of the powerful man.

“You know?”



So, only Yang Pan-seok’s voice resounded clearly in this room. No one had a clean mouth.

In the chilly atmosphere, Yang Pan-seok gave a cold order.

“So, in addition to the official chairperson of the transition committee, we will have one more special chairperson of the special committee for the establishment of the portrait management department.”

At this point, it was a voice telling the disgruntled bastard to get ready to go back.

In silence, Yang Pan-seok reached out and picked up a water bottle with crystal fruit. Then, after pouring it into his cup, he drank it leisurely, slurping his throat.


Until he pulled out a tissue and wiped his mouth, no noise could be heard except for the noise from Yang Pan-seok’s actions.

At that time, when the dignitaries were killing even the sound of their breath,

“Chairman Han Seung-moon?”

Yang Pan-seok laughed softly.


“I’ll give you two weeks.”

The president’s order was issued.

“Create your own workplace, where you will work for the next five years.”


Minister for 5 years.

In the Republic of Korea, the minister is a meat shield that is like a consumable item, so I hear that he lived a long life after only two years.

Besides, I have a body to run for the next general election. I have to resign as Minister roughly 90 days before running for office, but Yang Pan-seok is not trying to ruin my career as a member of the National Assembly.

Wouldn’t that mean that after being re-elected, he would be summoned back to the Cabinet?

This is unprecedented.

Besides, the size of the portrait management department was larger than I had expected. Of course, it would be nice to have power, but unfortunately, I was already a person who realized just how disgusting the responsibility that comes with power was.

So wrapped in all kinds of expectations and worries, I was alone in thoughts for a long time.

“ruler. I’m doing this today. We will arrange another seat next week.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled brightly and left his seat.

“It’s not something we should discuss for a day or two, so I would like everyone to think through it and give their opinions.”

Today’s meeting was more like Yang Pan-seok’s state-of-the-art presentation than a meeting. All sorts of interests and political engineering calculators must have been spinning in people’s heads.

However, I grabbed my wand just to get up with a worried face. On the way in, I’ll buy some canned beer and pour it down my throat.


“Ah, Seungmoon.”

Today’s drinking seemed to have to be delayed a bit.

“You and I, bring some dessert.”

Some of the people leaving the room flinched slightly.

Either way, Yang Pan-seok smiled calmly and poured Sujeonggwa into the cup.

I stared blankly at him, and suddenly opened my mouth.

“…isn’t it a dangerous age for sugar now?”

“It doesn’t matter if it tastes good.”

Yang Pan-seok’s expression remained the same, but I did not miss his hand twitching.

“…if a person who likes alcohol and cigarettes likes sugar too, life is really going to end-”

“Take care of your health!”

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