A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 99

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 99

EP 17 – Minister is too strong (2)

There was no great story about what I was told to remain in front of others.

“No, do you remember our Uijeongbu era? As I came back alive at that time, the naughty one was in tears…”

Yang Pan-seok, who boasted about his granddaughter for about 18 minutes, reached out to Sujeong and a water bottle as if thirsty.

Whoops, as he moved the sujeonggwa to a distance his hands couldn’t close, his hand naturally turned and just grabbed the water bottle.


Yang Pan-seok, who had been drinking water, rolled his eyes.

“Hey, man, I’m not even a little top…”

“By the way, why did you tell me to stay?”

“Is it important?”

In response to his light question, I answered it with a lot of thought.


* * *

Not what he’s talking about. The fact that you left me was important in itself.

Because power is basically the power that moves people, and that power is a mysterious power that comes from ‘thinking that there are people’.

While I was in my thoughts for a moment, Yang Pan-seok quickly grabbed a sujeonggwa and drank it, and I decided to ask another question instead.

Yang Pan-seok was giving me strength as soon as I became president.

Why did he become president, and what does he want to do?

“Hey, didn’t you say that you were running for Jeonnam governor last time?”

“Um, it was.”

“……Why did you rush to run for office?”

“And it happened that evening.”


Seoul gate runaway.

He continued to speak ambiguously while looking at the luxurious ink paintings hanging on the wall of the restaurant.

“Well… maybe I or my granddaughter could die right now… maybe my acquaintance died that day… maybe he thought I was a little older… maybe Won Ok-bun was a politician When I saw that they were selling national defense, I may have wanted to destroy the country like this…”

There was no clear reason for either

“…But does it matter?”

“I don’t think so.”


nothing mattered

“Are there people who go into politics for a reason? I do it because I want to.”


“Whoever goes up has to go somehow. Everything else is just an excuse.”

What was important was the fact that Yang Pan-seok became president. There is no need for a reason in politics. Only results remain.

And we were the people who had to make something with the results.

I decided to ask a productive question.

“What am I going to do from now on?”

“Well, it’s my first time as president, and your first as a minister. What advice do I have for you?”

Perhaps it was the question he wanted, Yang Pan-seok’s words burst out.

“I’m thinking of rebuilding the country first.”


“My way.”

survival life.

It was the most important value for yangban-seok.

“And at the center of the reform, there will be the portrait management department. That’s why I dared to induce a coalition cabinet.”

“Is there no one to stop the Portrait Management Department?”

“The National Defense Party is for me. The Kuomintang is because of you. You can never be fooled by the actions of the Portrait Management Department.”

This next sentence was the most important.

“At least for now.”

After Yang Pan-seok finished speaking, I touched my chin for a moment and started tapping the calculator.

The portrait management department to be launched in the future was truly invincible. Because to receive the support of the ruling party, the opposition party, and the people literally means unlimited power in a democratic society.

in other words,

“…If you make one mistake, it will be over.”


That invincible power was the kind that ended the moment it showed a gap.

“The policy driving power of the Portrait Management Department comes from the fact that there is no justification to stop him. The National Defense Party and the Kuomintang, there is no such thing as sagging.”

“The moment you make a mistake, you have an excuse to be bitten.”

“right. Never show any gaps.”

Yang Pan-seok chuckled.

“You have bright ears, so it’s great. How tired it is to work with a deaf man…”

“Anyway, is that so?”

“You have to train superhumans to get magic stones, study those magic stones to develop society, use magic stones to revitalize the domestic economy and international trade, and use stimulants to lead international organizations.”

“Is that the 5th industrial revolution?”

“It’s also our last life I think.”


“All support will be focused on you. Whether it’s manpower or budget.”

“I can’t even handle Excel.”

“Who told you to work?”

Yang Pan-seok tapped the table in line with his words.

“Choose a person. and write That’s politics, and Won Ok-bun couldn’t do it, so it went bankrupt.”

“……Yes? What is the agent Won-”

“Anyway, do politics, not administration, I mean. And the outcome of that politics must be perfect. After all, it’s me who’s been in office for five years, and it’s enough to live while watching my grandchildren, but you’re not going to be a minister and beat politics for the next five years, are you?”

“I want to hit you-”

“Don’t even dream of resigning until you get sick. So, get me a handkerchief.”

I am so,

“I will give up my seat as the special chairperson of the special committee for the Changjun Special Committee of the Independent Commission, so please bring me a rough picture of the Portrait Management Department as soon as possible.”

Received a blank check from the president.

“It doesn’t matter how many deputy ministers or how many bureaucrats there are.”


“…doesn’t that mean that we should do everything our Seungmun wants to do?”

“The power of the government is crazy…”

It was Lee Ho-jung and Yang Il-ho’s reaction in turn.

“……What! So that’s it!”

“Well, I don’t like the expression that it’s natural because it’s just me.”

“How about seizing power if you twist?”

“Hyung, I asked you to reflect on your humanity last time-”


I sat cross-legged on the sofa in the constituency office, fiddling with my hiking sticks, and asked the two prospective MPs seated across from me.

“I think we need to get some people to build a single government department, do you know any lawyers?”

Ho-jung Lee pointed to Il-ho Yang with his finger.

“Not her.”


When Ho-jeong Lee slightly clicked his tongue and lowered the finger that was pointing to Il-ho Yang, Il-ho Yang looked at Lee Ho-jung and me in turn and wept.

“Wow, what is it? Do you feel bad about something?”

“It’s because a wild lawyer who doubles as an aide is useless.”

“It’s too real.”

“It’s a joke.”

I explained why I couldn’t write Yang Il-ho.

“Since you’re my left arm and my right arm, shouldn’t you do some daggers in the circle? How can I help you with the cabinet work?”

“A crackdown?”

“then. It’s a bit embarrassing because I’m speaking out of my mouth, but you guys have to manage all members of the Han Seung-moon family.”

Ho-jeong Lee immediately understood the explanation and nodded, but Il-ho Yang still had a slightly confused expression.

“Hey, you know there are about 100 MPs under me, right?”


“There are a lot of pages, but the loyalty is weak.”

I unfolded the paper and picked up a ballpoint pen.

Then, I drew a circle on a piece of paper and put the number ‘154’ in it.

“There are 154 members of the Kuomintang, first of all?”


“Among them, if you exclude the subordinates of the Chung Jung-yeop branch and the Shin Su-gwang’s gang officials, there are roughly 113 people, right?”

I was obviously the head of a faction with about 113 members within the Kuomintang, but the nature of my power was closer to that of a ‘coalition leader’ rather than a boss.

So I divided the circle into thirds and wrote down the words ‘hunter’, ‘extreme poor’, and ‘rich’.

“……what it this?”

“Our party vote.”


Ho-jung Lee, who could not see it, explained to Il-ho Yang, who kept getting cold.

“Does the National Defense Party get support from the Jeolla-do Democratic Party and the Gyeongsang-do Republican Party? Middle-class people with a place to live.”

“Uh, uh…”

“The Kuomintang is supported by the homeless refugees from the metropolitan area, the wealthy living on Jeju Island, and the leftists in Gangnam, who like democracy among the middle class in Yeonghonam.”

“…The National Defense Party is for the middle class, and the KMT for the low-income and the wealthy?”

I added a word there.

“There are even hunters.”

“The poor, the rich, and the hunters are the voters of the Kuomintang. OK?”

“Oh, okay…”

Yang Il-ho’s answer was not very clear, but I continued explaining.

“First of all, there are 15 retired hunters, Hong Seon-ah and Seol Jin-woon, for a total of 30 people.”

I knew this place, but I had to see it as belonging to the Apgujeong faction and the Dongdaemun faction.

The Apgujeong faction had a lot of ties with me, and I respected Kim Chun-sik rather than Hong Seon-ah, so it was okay, but the yangbans in Dongdaemun had an aspect of giving absolute loyalty to Seol Jin-woon, so I had to manage it even more carefully.

Still, this one has a lot of loyalty.

the problem is.

“13 constituencies near the Chungcheong Defense Line. 70 proportional representatives from the loss of the metropolitan area.”

What they had in common was that they were elected by the votes of refugees from the metropolitan area.

in other words,

“It’s easy to get out of Shin Soo-gwang, the refugee representative in the metropolitan area.”


“And, since it’s a proportional representative, we have to move to the constituency in the next election. Who has the strongest constituency in Korea? Isn’t that the audience? The population of Jeju Island is growing like crazy, so only ten members of the National Assembly are elected. Then will the proportional representatives go to the audience? Aren’t you going?”

The biggest problem was this.

“These yangbans, right now, I’m the most popular, so they stick to me. You’ll be gone sooner or later.”

Shin Su-gwang was a refugee from the metropolitan area, and Chung Jung-yeop was Jeju Island, but I did not have a particular base. At least about hunters? It is an allied force, not a standing army.

I asked Yang Il-ho.

“I’m going to be busy with my ministerial duties, so what are you going to do with it?”

“Uh, uh. Keep them from betraying them…?”

So, how do you do that, you saggy?

If I said that, I felt like I would be really pissed off, so I praised him for the first time.

“right. Then how are you going to use it?”

“Uh, uh…”

Yang Il-ho answered six seconds later.

“Bur, make a good law!”


“I think it would be good to lay a flower path for the Minister!”


“It seems that the yangbans are attached to suck on your popularity!”

I asked Lee Ho-jung.

“What do you think?”

“I’m a Shin Soo-gwang, I’m an audience member, I’m Nabal, and I have to break my bones so that I can’t get out.”


match. match. match.

I applauded and admired.

“The left arm and the right arm are very clever, so it feels good to see the minister.”

“Who is the right arm?”

“If I told you that, wouldn’t your left arm feel sad?”


“Help me by making good laws in the National Assembly. In my opinion, if you put on a coat of arms as the chairman of the policy committee and also serve as a portrait management committee and a special preliminary committee, you will be caught roughly.”

“I, me…?!”

“You are my defender and supporter.”

I gently persuaded Yang Il-ho and looked back at Lee Ho-jeong.

“Come on, Ronaldo.”

“You mean striker, right?”

“You should hit Gensei a little bit so that Shin Soo-kwang and the audience do not fool around. Even if Chung Joong-yeop dives for a while due to the aftermath of the presidential election, I don’t think it can prevent Shin Soo-gwang from becoming the bloated chairman, right?”

Emergency Response Committee.

The term of office of the party leader is two years, but the leadership of the Kuomintang resigned after being beaten by Won Ok-bun. In that case, the Emergency Response Committee is formed until the term of the remaining party leader is over.

It is roughly called a non-captain, and the chairman of the non-captain becomes the number one leader in the party. Unlike the party leader, who is usually a multi-election member, even a slightly fresher figure is appointed without hesitation.

So, it is perfect for Shin Soo-kwang to eat.

According to public opinion, the next non-commissioned chairman was half-confirmed as Shin Soo-kwang. In order to remove the color of Kim Jo-in and put the image of the representative refugee party in the metropolitan area, it had to be a Shin Soo-gwang.

The people wanted it.


“If Shin Soo-kwang eats the number one, shouldn’t we be number two?”

“…are you the floor leader?”

I nodded.

I resigned as the floor leader because of my standing, but Ho-jeong Lee had to take over my position.

However, Hojeong Lee shook her head at once.

“……No, this is a little-”

“I’d rather be a spokesperson than you.”

A beautiful 27-year-old female parliamentarian.

This is the perfect specification to become the party’s face-to-face while acting as the chief spokesperson. Occasionally, holding a panel in the National Assembly and playing some chess was an added bonus. In addition, he kept his attack power.

by the way.

“If you’re going to play as a striker anyway, wouldn’t the floor leader matter?”

“Oh, no. The floor leader is not just doing some kind of interview!”

“I don’t have enough negotiating power…”

There are two main roles for the floor leader.

First, attack.

Second, negotiation.

In fact, in order to pass some legislation and win the power game to win the standing committee, negotiating power was much more important than attack power.


“Well. Negotiation is me and Rep. Yang Pan-seok, no. I’d end up on the line, sir. There is no way you will run because of your original composition.”

The current situation was a situation where only an attack was possible.

Even the enemy within the same party.


“So why not do it?”

“I will.”



With a single applause, I refreshed the atmosphere and summarized the conclusion of the small meeting.

“In the National Assembly, Ho Jeong-i serves as the floor leader and plays the role of a striker, and Il-ho serves as the policy chairperson and goes around the standing committee, making some bills and supporting me.”


“Of course, the most important thing is what happens to the portrait management department. It is said that our politicians’ careers will also be resolved if the portrait management department is resolved well. Algan?”


“ruler! Then, you have to design the portrait management department step by step to use it. Lawyer Yang Il-ho, who passed the bar exam, the youngest person to pass the bar exam, beware of his classmates’ phone numbers.”

“No, wait a minute.”


Ho-jung Lee interrupted me with an awkward expression.

“Isn’t there one thing I should point out?”


“The Awakened Association. I know that the office has not been decided yet. If your work overlaps, you won’t be in trouble again for nothing.”

Ding – Dong –

“Did you make jjajangmyeon?”



I got up and headed for the front door. There must have been quite a few bodyguards on the first floor, but who came?

I open the door-




– Closed immediately.

Her soft voice came from beyond the front door.

“Please open the door, Minister…”

“Ah, ah…! that that…!”

The reason I was making a fuss like a debtor being chased by a debtor was no different.

It really was no different.

“The last money in the election is 18.6 billion won, but you can’t even open the door…?”

I was the real debtor.

It is a long-standing tradition in Korean politics to steal money from chaebols during the election season and pay them back if they win an election, but owing 18.6 billion won to one person was a bit excessive, even in my opinion.

Didn’t they even take him with him and hang him by the neck for violating the election law? It was then that he decided that the person in charge would move and collect tickets, but now it seems that the time has come to pay the price.


She whispered softly through the door.

“Election law violation is just plain innocent, so I bought a chicken pizza to commemorate…”

“Come in.”

“Hehe… Oh, it’s been a while, aides, isn’t it? No, are you now lawmakers?”

She entered the council room with both hands full of plastic rods that smelled fragrant. I quickly pulled out my phone.


“Oh, Chaewon. Would you like to come to the council room to eat chicken?”

[I don’t eat that chicken.]

“……There’s even pizza!”

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