A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 10

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 10

010 episode. Chief Cain (2)

On the night watch of prison building A, Petro walked down the dimly lit hallway.

As I put my hand in my pocket, I felt a few stiff bills.

‘It’s also pretty salty.’

It was a steady side income coming from prisoners.

With a satisfied smile, Petro headed to the room at the end of the hallway.

‘I thought you were going to educate that guy called Cain. It must be over by now.’

Igor was also famous among the guards.

The newcomer decides to get on his knees and make him obedient.

Thanks to this, Class A had fewer incidents than the other classes, and the guards seemed to be more considerate of Igor’s convenience.


Petro, who arrived at the front of the room, raised the lid of the watchtower and looked inside.

There were dim figures sleeping on the bed.

A regular breathing sound was heard.

‘Looks like it’s over.’

Newcomers tend to harbor a lot of vain ideas.

I want to become the class leader and spend my life in prison comfortably.

Either way, he’ll try to escape the jail by taking a chance.

But as time goes by, you realize the reality.

The poison is gone, and the rest of the sentence is at a loss to finish it safely.

‘A guy named Cain also flew a sling from the outside, but as long as he’s here, it’s no big deal. I can’t even use my limbs properly.’

Petro lowered the lid and turned to head to the watch room.

Before he went on patrol, he imagined Cain kneeling in front of Igor.

* * *

The guard’s footsteps fade away.

I got up and sat on the bed.

“All back to home.”

“Yes, yes!”

At my instructions, the prisoners move quickly.

I shove a wet towel into the gap in the door and turn on the light.

After that, it was heated by sticking close to the wall.

They all had confused faces.

“Your eye level isn’t right.”

Igor, trembling, came up to me and knelt on the floor.

He was trembling, clutching his crushed fingers.

‘You should avoid the guards’ eyes and go to the infirmary. It can be noisy for nothing.’

“Hey, may I ask why you were hiding your power, if it wasn’t rude to me? If it had been revealed from the beginning, I would have taken it on my own.”

The overbearing attitude was gone, and only politeness remained. He couldn’t even make eye contact with me.

“I don’t know.”

Hearing my cold voice, he hurriedly lowered his gaze as if he had made a huge mistake.

“Hey, I’ll give you a seat for the head of the bar. If you want, even a bar and class leader seat.”

“… … You’re talking natural.”

I blinked, and Morphine hurriedly went to Igor’s seat and brought the safe.

“Gee, what are you going to do now? … .”

“Open it.”



Instead of answering, I slapped my cheek.

Blood splattered on the floor, and his big body turned violently to the side.

I put my foot on the boy’s head and squeezed it tightly.


“Don’t make me say it twice.”

He tried to get up with his palms on the floor, but he couldn’t get out because I was using mana.

“Morphine, look at his pillow blood. There must be a key in the depths.”

“Bye, that, how-.”

It’s not difficult.

It is a question that can be answered quickly if you consider your usual behavior and habits.

“Tea, I found it.”

“Bring it and open the safe.”

“Oh, no! no! That’s my money—!”

Struggle becomes stronger, and gives more strength to the feet.

As if watching a wild beast just before escaping, Morphine opened the safe with an eye on it.


Bundles of bills that could cost a million shillings at least, and packs of cigarettes piled up in each other.

The screams of the prisoners were heard.

“My money! It’s my money! Don’t look into it!”

I laughed bitterly.

“After all, you must have stolen money from someone. Is it unfair to lose it again?”

“ 👑 👑 👑 my money! My, ugh, Don!”

I turned to the prisoners.

“Keep this guy quiet. Then I will reward you accordingly.”

The prisoners looked into each other’s eyes and whispered.

“Well, then, isn’t that the case later on?”

“I’m sleeping, I don’t know.”

I understand confused feelings.

It would have been a situation that I could not have even dreamed of just two hours ago.

Before long, morphine came first.

Kicking Igor on the side, he shouted.

“You f*cking bastard! I’ve never liked it! I followed you because of your strength, I know you followed me because I liked you!”

a sensible voice.

That’s not acting, it’s the truth.

The prisoners who noticed the morphine followed.

“Ashes, you poor bastard!”

“I, too, will slay! He usually slaps him on the cheek saying he doesn’t like him—!”

Igor crouched down in the same position where his head was pressed. Kicks immediately pour over it.

‘There must have been a lot of things that happened during that time.’

Taking advantage of human emotions is easy.

All you need to do is to grasp the desires that have been suppressed and put a small spark on the fuse.

“stop. done.”

The prisoners groaned and withdrew from Igor.

“You share this cigarette. And count this money from now on.”

“Hey, do you smoke? What do we mean?”

“okay. I’m sure I’ll be rewarded. And from now on, you will not have to pay taxes.”

The prisoners looked dumbfounded.

Soon after, he frantically stuck to the banknotes and started counting the money.

As if competing with each other to look good on me.


When his name was called, the body of the crouched hunk flinched.

“What do you think will happen to you in the future?”

“… … .”

“If there are rumors that you have lost your position as class leader, there will be a lot of people who will attack you. It will be difficult.”

“… … .”

“There is no place for stable money to come in the future, so the plan to go out with a reduced sentence has also been in vain.”

“… … .”

“Do not suggest. You will continue to take the position of the head of the class. I’ll take all the taxes, but I’ll give you 10 percent of that.”

The guy raised his head.

A suspicious light flashed in his eyes.

“I don’t want to stand out from the guards yet.”

In the meantime, he hid his power.

It might work for the prisoners.

But with the guards, it’s a different story.

Broken tendons and non-mana users.

The judgment has already been clearly received.

If the rumors spread that I can use my body, it is certain that I will be suspicious.

“I put one more condition on it. Let them know that I have your protection. No more annoying bastards.”

The boy’s eyes tremble incessantly.

you will be conflicted

But the answer has already been decided.

This is an offer he can’t refuse.

* * *

The next day, after the afternoon labor, exercise time.


Morphine looked at the gray smoke rising in front of her, with an ecstatic expression on her face.

I didn’t know how long he had been smoking.

“Mom, morphine. Where did you get your cigarettes?”

“Can’t I take just one sip?”

Besides, when the guys in the other room looked at me with envy, dying eyes, there was no taste of honey.

‘Of course, it would have been better if I could smoke comfortably in a place where no one was there.’

By default, prisoners cannot save fire.

He borrows a fire from the guards in the smoking area and has no choice but to make it under his supervision.

‘But where are you even smoking? After all, people should line up well.’

Morphine recalled a chattering conversation with the prisoners in the same room yesterday.

“Is it right to follow Cain-sama? It’s a situation that has no choice but to be.”

“We are not in a position to argue, but the conditions are much better. I’ll give you cigarettes, and you’ll be exempt from taxes.”

During that conversation, I felt a subtle superiority.

I started following Cain before you guys.

‘It was so funny that Igor was talking nonsense to Cain-nim at the workshop.’

Morphine giggled.

Cain’s condition itself was nothing.

Hide the fact that you hid your power.

Follow orders faithfully.

Do not enter the room during autonomous activity time.

‘It’s much better than the bastard Igor who used to blow his fists according to his mood.’

At first, I had no intention of staying in the room during the self-activation time.

Most prisoners did.

Whether we are exercising, going to the kiosk, or playing chess together.

‘You seem to like being alone. It should be unobtrusive.’

Morphine smoked to the very last part of the cigarette and left the smoking area.

Sad gazes and sighs followed.

* * *

A cell with no one.

I set the “alarm” magic on the door and sat down at the desk.

He pulled out a small piece of wood from his arms.

It was an ebony wood that boasted strength comparable to any other metal.

‘I already knew that there was someone in the chess-playing group who worked in a woodworking shop.’

Of course, it wasn’t easy to get.

He mentioned the kindness I had given him the other day, and put a satisfactory amount of money on it.

Because stealing materials from the workshop itself is a risky task.

It was money anyway.

The money stolen from Igor was 1.05 million shillings.

The amount that can be achieved by collecting almost 20 years without spending a single penny on prison wages.

It was only about 10 million won in Korean Won, but considering the prison price, which is several times cheaper than outside, it was by no means a small amount.


I blew the wind and made it into the shape of a blade.

The goal is a blueprint in the director’s office.

Recalling the internal structure of the lock entered in my head, I cut out the edges.

The work was not fast.

Mana consumption was also large, and very fine control was required.

Occasionally, an “alarm” magic sounded to stop work, and an actual prison guard came in and took the time.

“… … At this pace, a week should suffice. If I invest the time I spend in training here, it will be reduced.”

Near the end of autonomous activity time.

The shape of the key was caught.

Now it will take some time to cut the details here.


I took out the Bible that Estelle had given me and opened it.

After making a storage space with a square shape in the middle, I put the key there.

‘I memorized all the important things anyway.’


A desk full of wood dust and paper shards floated in the air, creating a spark and burning them all down.

* * *

“… … To give you a hint, you need to move the knight.”


The warden was tying his head in front of the mystery puzzle I gave.

“It looks like it will take some time.”

“Wait! Because I can solve it myself!”

I got up and walked slowly through the office. Then I stood in front of the window. The warden’s office was on a high place, so the scenery beyond the prison walls could be seen in the distance.

Endless wasteland.

An occasional mining village.

A sparsely located archaeological site.

As I pulled my gaze inward, I saw prisoners busy roaming the inside of the prison with their labor.

‘It only took five days.’

When I put my hand in my pocket, I felt the touch of the key.

As the work progressed, my skill level increased, and I was able to complete it earlier than I expected.

I remembered what Morphine said.

“The solitary guards say that Kiftel is banging on the wall and screaming every day. As soon as you leave, you will be quarantined in a psychiatric ward.”

The boy smiled and continued.

“Then, even those who could threaten Cain-sama’s position as class leader disappear completely!”

‘No, he comes back from solitary confinement.’

It is highly probable that no major psychological abnormalities have occurred.

Or get treatment and get better soon.

‘That way, I will be able to perform the role I have been given.’

The exact date is 4 years later.

The main character attacks the prison and occupies the facility.

To be precise, it is closer to terror than an attack.

Because it explodes everywhere with magic and holds the warden hostage.

The opening and closing mechanism of the prison’s front door is paralyzed and the inside of the wall panics.

‘It flows in the form of a three-way battle. The guard’s side, the prisoner’s side, and the main character.’

At that time, Kiftel leads the group of prisoners.

In the end, though, he was overcome by the protagonist.

“I’m going to get some fresh air. I was so focused, my head was spinning.”

When I turned my back, the warden stood up.

“I’ll be able to solve it soon after I go, so I’ll prepare the next problem.”

“Yes. All right.”

Kick- Tak.

The door closed and I was alone in the room.

The presence completely disappeared and I went straight to the front of the glass cabinet.

From now on, there is no time to waste time.

The small intestine smokes for at least 3 minutes.

Just in case, you have to finish the work within 2 minutes. count the seconds inside

[1 second]


Take out the key and align it with the lock hole.

After a few tries, the key is pushed in with a fricative sound.

The key turns and the lock falls into my hand.

[10 seconds]


Open the glass door and take out the file iron you were aiming for.

Turn the pages calmly, but quickly.

The date the building permit was issued.

The structure of all internal facilities.

The type of material used, its quantity and weight.

[18 seconds]

There is not enough time to select and memorize information.

Enter all the drawings and texts you see in your head.

[24 seconds]

‘The construction year was 72 years ago. In the meantime, no repairs were made except for the prison building.’

[32 seconds]

‘The outer wall is equipped with turrets to the east, west, north, and south. okay. Because the setting was nothing like a fortress.’

[39 seconds]

‘… … The amount ordered and the actual amount of adamantium used as an exterior wall material do not match.’

As the pages continue to turn, the acquired information is combined in real time.

[47 seconds]

‘After the exterior wall was completed, the general manager of the building changed. He resigned himself.’

And then, I turned my head towards the door.



footsteps were heard.

Towards this way, closer and closer.

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