A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 100

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 100

100. Snake Creepers (3)

“It’s a piece of paper I found in a garbage dump near the Supreme Security office building. Would you like to know what is written on it?”

“… … .”

What Inspector Paula had placed on the table was a piece of paper with burn marks.

“September 16, 12th Street. It is written that way.”

Inspector Xavir, who picked up a piece of paper and looked at the writing, opened his eyes as if he realized something.

“This… .”

“yes that’s right. Cain’s handwriting. Possibility of counterfeiting, but I think this is real. What do you think, Lieutenant Xavir? No one in the Special Forces knows Cain as well as Inspector, right?”

“… … .”

Inspector Javir’s fingertips trembled as he grabbed the paper.

Soon the trembling stopped, she said.

“What Cain wrote is correct. It is difficult to completely imitate the thickness and tenth of each letter with such bad handwriting. No, he doesn’t leave traces of himself in the first place, so there aren’t many original writings in the world that can be counterfeited. Did you say you found it in the garbage dump near Supreme Security?”

“yes. It was leaking out of the garbage bag.”

Inspector Paula put a smile on her lips with an expression of ‘Of course’.

Then he turned his head to check the reaction of the other investigator.

“… Sergeant Vicious?”

Seeing him with a puzzled face looking at a piece of paper, she frowned involuntarily.

“Oh, yes.”

“What does the slope look like? Didn’t the sergeant follow Cain quite a bit?”

“I don’t know. It was also a clue that was discovered too suddenly, and I thought there was a possibility of forgery… .”

Inspector Paula snorted inwardly.

No matter who you see, you make a judgment that only speaks of the possibility of forgery based on solid evidence.

Again, this man only looked at the house a little bit, but he wasn’t very good at work.

‘Still, I’ll have to drag you in front to some extent. Because it’s a motive.’


It’s a little bit difficult to share the clues I found, but there was a reason.

In addition to the fact that the investigation period is long and the work must be progressed quickly, and that he received a request with money from his family.

Lieutenant Xavir said.

“It seems that the reasoning that CEO Jason was related to Cain was correct. Whether it is his agent, or simply a buyer-seller relationship.”

“What does date and place mean?”

“It could mean a tangent, or something that is going to happen on the 12th street that day.”

“I think we need to calm the excitement down a bit. I cannot guarantee that the writing is the real Cain, and it could be a trap that Jason dug to confuse the investigation.”

The two women raised their heads, looked closely at Sergeant Vicious, and said in succession.

“I guarantee that it is Cain’s handwriting. If it’s forged writing, I’ll quit my job as a police officer.”

“The possibility of a trap is of course in mind. We are not amateurs like Sergeant Vicious.”

Sergeant Vicious’s face heated up.

But now he was more concerned about something other than being dismissed.

‘Are the fragments left from the fire? That bastard, take care of things like this… !’

Of course it’s still fine.

Even if it was assumed that the writing on the paper was the place and date of the meeting, the two women did not know the exact place and time.

However, he could not stop the anxiety from creeping in.

The images of these women depriving themselves of their merits and laughing at themselves were constantly replayed in their minds.

Inspector Paula said.

“Do you think Jason should be at the center of the investigation again?”

“Yes. Once we found this piece of paper, it would be best to keep him from knowing.”

“It would be great if I could ask for an interview and have a solo session, but I have already completed the investigation into the office building, so I should think about other excuses.”

Sergeant Vicious, who had been listening to the conversation at that time, said:

“I will see you. I have an appointment with him in the afternoon. Let’s talk about the investigation.”

* * *


Sergeant Vicious strode through the hallway with an angry foot as soon as the elevator door opened.

“Tell the representative that the guest has arrived… .”

Ignoring the staff standing in front of me, I opened the office door.

Inside, Jason was sitting at his desk, working with that polite, carefree face.

“You have come. The original promise is tomorrow, but what’s wrong with suddenly pulling it to today?”


Sergeant Vicious closed the door and walked over to the desk.

I put the nameplate on it vertically and put it down on the paper Jason was looking at.


The middle of the document was torn and the desk was hollow.

It was a movement loaded with mana.

“Are you sure the letter to Cain was burned?”

“Yes, but is there any problem?”

“Jerbia and Lieutenant Paula have found the burnt bottom part of the letter. At the garbage dump near here.”

Sergeant Vicious clenched his teeth and pronounced each word with great force.

Jason frowned for a moment.

He said in a bewildered voice as if he understood the situation.

“I thought it was completely burned and then thrown away… . What was written about the content? How far did they get the information?”

“It’s about the date and the approximate location of the 12th street. How are you going to get the job done?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I have nothing to tell you.”

Jason got up and stood by the window, looking impatiently rare for him.

He said as if he had already thought about it.

“But do they not know the exact place and time? Anyway, the communication device is in Sergeant Vicious’s hands.”

“okay. It’s fortunate that But they’re smart girls. On the day Cain appears, he will be waiting for you without leaving Street 12. Set up a seat so that you can go anywhere in the shortest distance.”

“Anyway, I don’t think you need to worry too much. The exact place and time will not be known until the same day, even for us.”

Sergeant Vicious didn’t object because it wasn’t exactly wrong.

He knew it too.

The sense of inferiority he harbored is making him accept the situation more seriously and anxiously than it really is.

“Do not worry. Sergeant Vicious. Everything will go as planned. There is no change in the fact that the one who catches Cain will be the sergeant.”

“… … .”

Still, the uneasiness did not fade from Sergeant Vicious’s face, so Jason pulled something out of a desk drawer and handed it to him.

“It is a stimulant used by the Green Horde mercenaries to elevate the senses. Perhaps you know better than me.”

“This… .”

Inside the plastic bag was a fine gray powder.

It was a stimulant that he had seen several times while running in the field, and there was no problem when Suin took it, but it had the side effect of not being able to raise mana for a while when humans took it.

“On the day of the meeting, somehow arrange a meal with the other two investigators. So that all the crew can get together. It’s a higher concentration than what’s floating around in the market, so a small amount will suffice. It will be difficult for your opponent to notice.”

Sergeant Vicious pondered for a moment.

Jason’s mistakes are irreversible.

The other two inspectors have already obtained the clues and will investigate them.

However, it is impossible to find out the exact place and time of the tangent with just a piece of paper.

In any case, it is you who catches Cain.

“… … .”

If so, should it be arranged for harm to co-workers just in case?

Sergeant Vicious took the plastic bag with the stimulant and put it in his arms after thinking.

“Let me take it for now.”

It shouldn’t have been taken lightly.

Haven’t you been deprived of all the achievements you’ve made in your investigations with that mindset so far?

I don’t know if there will ever be a situation where I will actually use this drug, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep it just in case.

‘I am not a colleague. It’s just a stumbling block to my success.’

He continued to calm his excitement as much as possible.

“The other two investigators are suspicious of you again. You must have a connection with Cain. Be careful with your actions. You can think of it as a mistake once, but if the same thing happens twice, it’s nothing but watering me.”

“sorry. We will make sure this never happens again.”

Sergeant Vicious left the office with a slightly calmer gait.

* * *

A dimly lit private room on the top floor of the hotel.

Inspector Paula was sitting at the desk, looking at a piece of paper under the brightly lit magic stand.

“September 17th. Area 47. 12 Street.”

A simple and clear message containing only the necessary content.

Clear Cain’s handwriting.

Inspector Xavir guaranteed it.

‘A representative of Cain? A businessman who works while hiding his identity?’

There is no clear evidence yet, so the possibility is open to either direction.

It was clear that he was the man who would be the link to reach Hana Cain.


When I turned on the stretch once, the bones screamed.

I put down my notes and pens full of writing and went out into the hallway.

It was late at night, and in the hallway, only the green light indicating the emergency exit was dimly lit.

The hallway was full of silence because the entire floor was reserved for only the two commanders of the special task force.

All of the crew’s rooms were downstairs, and everyone would have been asleep, except for those who went out to explore the streets at dawn.

widely. widely.

I walked over and headed towards the window at the end of the hallway.

I was thinking of getting some fresh air to loosen my stiff hair.

“How would you like to stay at our hotel during your stay in the city?”

Accepting Jason’s offer wasn’t a bad choice.

He often visited the hotel in connection with the operation, and from time to time he was able to observe his behavior.

“… If that person is Cain’s agent, it’s like entering the enemy’s den.”

‘Even though Lieutenant Xavir said so, you can’t get ahead of others just by being careful and taking care of yourself.’

Anyway, there were not a lot of special task forces staying at this hotel.

You and the one you lead.

And Sergeant Vicious and the troop he led.

Although it was a temporary unit, its force was by no means small.

‘Even if a surprise comes in, you can stop it.’

It had never happened before, but she was confident.

“… … .”

As she walked down the hallway, she stopped for a moment.

There was something lurking at the far end of the hallway.

Something unidentified, radiating obvious malice towards this side.

In an instant, a cold sweat soaked into his palms and his mouth began to dry out.


The senses nurtured through countless scenes so far sounded a red flag.

He hurriedly put his hand on his waist, but nothing caught on.

I remembered that I had left my sword in the room, and I thought it was a pity.

‘You’ve come all the way up here and haven’t been caught by anyone?’

The entire upper floors of the hotel are being used by the special task force.

The elevator was partially in operation to prevent public access, and in fact, the only way to get to this place was through the stairs in the middle of the hallway.

And the stairs were guarded by crew members in turn.

It was one of the two.

Either they silently killed the crew guarding the entrance to the stairs, or they came in through a different route that they didn’t think of.

He bit his lip and gave strength to his feet.

Raising his mana, he turned like lightning and ran backwards.


‘Something’ flew away and I felt a burning pain in my shoulder.

Three stripes of abrasions.

Fingernail. Suin.

I knew intuitively.

A silhouette of the guy was revealed under the hazard lights, but it was so fast that I couldn’t see him properly.


Instinctively, he rolled his body to avoid the next attack.

He managed to avoid a fatal wound, but this time he still had a scar on his arm.

She remembered the eyes of the person she had met for a moment.

They were drug-drunken eyes, gleaming with madness.

‘Among the beasts, he is the highest-ranking individual. No matter how much stimulants you take, it’s this fast… .’

There was nothing else I could do now.

All he could do was run to his own room with a sword, hoping that the crew downstairs would hear his footsteps and come up.

After narrowly dodging a few more attacks, she reached the room.

He took the sword from the sword house, and immediately turned around and swung the sword toward the door of the room.

“Kiki kick! you, you! Look, purple hair!”


The opponent’s next attack was already rushing in.

It was an attack that ignored defense.


She could hit her opponents on target, but she knew that she would suffer minor injuries as well.

The moment before the sword and the claws crossed and each reached the opponent.


A gunshot rang out from the end of the hallway.

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