A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 102

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 102

102. Snake Creeper (5)

Dozens of people were gathered in a large dining hall that could be called a banquet hall.

The crew sat at a different table for each battalion, and the three captains sat facing each other at one table.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

With arms crossed looking tired.

Staring at the communication marble in the middle of the table.

‘Damn, how did this happen?’

Sergeant Vicious gritted his teeth and remembered what had happened on the street a few days ago.

“Sergeant Vicious, when are you planning to meet Cain?”

At those words, he was more embarrassed than necessary.

“Are you Cain?”

“You must already know something.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

She ran away at a quick pace and followed her.

Did you step on your tail?

Was there something I was wrong about?

What the hell do you know?

My heart was beating like crazy.

Her palpitations intensified at her attitude of pushing with certainty.

“Stop it! What the hell are you doing this for!”

She swung her arms wide, trying to shake her away.

I didn’t mean to cause harm in the first place, but seeing her avoiding the action so easily, I felt a sense of anger at the moment.

skill difference.

It was something I had been feeling since the days of knights school.

“her? Are you trying to hit me now?”

A lingering emotion burst out, and it seemed to her as well.

The fight that started with a tuk-tuk started to intensify, and at some point the things in the pockets of the coat fell.

A plastic bag containing an accelerator and a marble enchanted with communication.

I tried to pick it up quickly, but she moved faster.


She gathered her things, opened the distance in an instant, drew her sword, and aimed it at this side.

“I’m going to have to explain what this is.”

The chill and the chilled expression on his voice. It was like dealing with a living chunk of ice.

At the same time as the sudden goosebumps, a red signal echoed in my brain.

However, the thought of having to take the two objects again overshadowed the danger signal, and for a moment paralyzed reason.

“Give me my stuff!”

“Sergeant Vicious! What the hell were you trying to do with this stimulant!”

He also drew his sword, and the sword met several times.

Sparks started flying out in the air in an instant.


“It’s just that I still have the items confiscated during the last investigation!”

“under! Nonsense!”

My heart was beating so hard it was hard to breathe.

The stimulant side was able to turn around no matter how she took it.

Upon inspection of the one marble side, it would soon be confirmed that communication magic was on it, and if she had a head like her, it might be related to the time Cain appeared.

bit his lips.

You cannot defeat her by force.

How the hell was I supposed to get through this situation?

“I think it would be good for both of you to calm down.”

It was then that the voice was heard.

The tip of a black long umbrella appeared between the sword and the sword.

I looked up and saw Jason and a limousine not far away with the door open.

“Citizens are worried.”

I could see the carefully opened windows, the distant alleys, and the citizens looking at this with frightened faces.

tuk. fight.

It was only then that I woke up as cold raindrops fell on my cheeks.

His face was hot.

The sword that protects the people is actually giving me anxiety.

Besides, he didn’t even notice that these ordinary people were approaching, so he couldn’t tell how much he was engrossed in the fight.

Inspector Paula, too, didn’t seem to have much of a difference in her emotions from what she felt when looking at her embarrassed face.

“I think it would be better to move around and talk.”


A black umbrella was spread out.

The story continued in the hotel drawing room.

Inspector Paula was still vigilant, and only a heavy silence fell over the table.

Sergeant Vicious couldn’t speak first because the stimulant and the communication orb were still with her.

“Chief Jason. Please explain this note.”

Inspector Paula placed a piece of paper on the table.

Even though there was no explanation, everyone in the place recognized at a glance what it was.

Jason and Vicious, the two of them, with shivering faces, did not respond, she continued.

“I think this date is the date of meeting between CEO Jason and Cain. I think Sergeant Vicious knows the exact place and time. Whether there was some kind of deal in these two minutes or not.”

Sergeant Vicious’s heart sank.

As he was speechless and his lips twitched, Jason looked at him and said.

“I think it’s right to be honest here, sergeant.”

And Sergeant Vicious spoke to Lt. Paula without a moment to react.

“First of all, Inspector-sama’s reasoning is correct. On the 17th, I decided to meet with Cain to make a deal on buildings and land that had not yet been sold. And here Sergeant Vicious was the first to notice that.”

“What are you saying now… !」

“But it was at my request and strategic judgment that Sergeant Vicious hid that fact from the other two investigators.”

Lieutenant Paula pointed the tip of his sword and stopped Sergeant Vicious from getting up from his seat.


“Yes. In my case, I thought if all the investigators got involved, Cain could be caught before the deal was over. You’re missing out on an opportunity to make a huge profit in your business. I apologize for hiding this. And also in the case of Sergeant Vicious.”

Jason’s gaze turned to Sergeant Vicious.

“We decided that the more burrowers we had, the more likely Cain would be noticed. I wanted to proceed with the operation alone.”

Sergeant Vicious felt angry at Jason’s announcement of a meeting with Cain, but also felt a sense of relief in the corner of his heart.

Naturally, fortunately, there was no story that broke the back.

Since he’s Cain’s subordinate, things related to back deals, such as helping him with his identity laundry later.

I don’t know how Lieutenant Paula would take the story, but at least in logical terms, there was nothing to hold on to the book.

Perhaps revealing the truth now and drawing a line to prevent her from getting closer to the truth would be a better decision in the current situation.

“The representative will be punished by the relevant provisions later. And although Sergeant Vicious and the president asked for it first, it must be because of your inferiority complex that you hid the clue.”

Let’s be patient. have to be patient

“So you did that? Do you want to take the credit? As far as harming others?”

do you harm? what?

I’m not the only one who didn’t share the investigation, right?

“Once the investigation is over and you return to headquarters, you will not be able to avoid disciplinary action. Because I’ll report everything in detail. To use such a cowardly move, I was greatly disappointed by a human like you.”

Are you mad at me now?

It’s me who should be offended, not anyone else?

“Shut up!”

Sergeant Vicious pushed the sword towards him roughly and got up from his seat.

Blood dripped from the back of his hand, but he didn’t care, as if he felt no pain, and took out his sword and pointed it at Lieutenant Paula.

“It’s a feeling of inferiority. What do you, like you, know!”

Lieutenant Paula was just stunned.

The person who was about to give medicine to a colleague was shouting with a red flag without even knowing he was sorry.


A knock rang in the atmosphere that a fight was about to take place again.

A member of the squad led by Inspector Paula came in with a marble.

“The analysis is over. It has been confirmed that one-time communication magic has been engraved.”

He was startled by what was unfolding in the drawing room, and then he carefully set the bead wrapped around the cloth on the table and went away.

「One-time communication magic. This is the method Cain used often. The exact location and time will be announced through this marble on the same day.”

Sergeant Vicious grinned and grinded his teeth.

“Paula, it’s something I got. I have no intention of sharing information, so give it to me now.”

“Hey, no education. When did you graduate from knight school? Vicious Sergeant, please use your honorific title properly. This is a scene, and we are police officers with strict ranks.”

“Give it now. before I kill you.”

Inspector Paula’s eyebrows twitched.

I felt like I was reacting to the word killing.

“A rude and ignorant person. No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but make a mark. It must be a pity that I am alive and not dead now.”

The air was starting to get rough.

Suddenly, Jason said, amid the tension that seemed to explode at any moment.

“I don’t know if I can say this, but I think both of you need to narrow the difference a little bit. How would you like to do this?”

moon crack.

In the distance, Sergeant Vicious woke from his thoughts to the sound of a wagon loaded with food trays and cutlery.

‘Has it already been this much since midnight?’

The date of the meeting with Cain, the day of the 17th.

The clock on the wall indicated 11:50 am.

They gathered at midnight on the 16th and 17th, and had been staying up all night with open eyes.

“I think I am also responsible for this happening. I will give up my dealings with Cain.”

That was the compromise Jason came up with.

All of the task force gathered in one place and immediately dispatched immediately upon receiving Cain’s communication.

The meeting place was a high-end restaurant owned by him at the very center of 12th Street.

“I have no intention of sharing information.”

「Do you think that if you monopolize the information on the meeting place and time, that is the end? Do you think you can catch Cain by yourself?”

At first they resisted, but eventually accepted the offer.

Other than that, there was no compromise, and it was because I saw the eyes that Jason sent in the middle.

Use your medicine.

A surplus remains.

One day during a conversation he had something to say.

“The process is not important. People only remember the results.”

Sergeant Vicious thought it made sense.

Once the ball was set and climbed to a high position, all the rumors that followed could be put to an end by pressing it with force.

Inspector Paula also accepted the offer after calm deliberation.

I wanted to grab Sergeant Vicious by the collar and take him to the disciplinary committee right away, but it was urgent to catch Cain and end the investigation.

Anyway, the situation where Cain will appear is unknown.

Placing troops anywhere within easy reach of 12th Street was not a bad strategic choice.

For this reason, most of the members of the special task force are now gathered here.

Except for a few personnel stationed at a different street to avoid any suspicion of Cain, and to observe his approach.

moon crack.

Inspector Paula shook her head.

The food cart was approaching.

I couldn’t leave my seat, so I had already finished one meal here in the early morning.

“… … .”

She glanced at Sergeant Vicious.

With a pretty tired face, he was contemplating something.

She snorted inwardly, thinking it was a pretty stupid face.

‘If you give it a chance, you won’t be able to catch it.’

Sergeant Vicious has never stood out in any of the operations we’ve worked together so far.

Objectively, it wasn’t a lack of ability, but it was because there were too many other outstanding motives.

own powerlessness.

His ability as a commander to lead a squad.

Accepting Jason’s proposal was partly involved in his narration, but there was a reason for that.

Even if everyone started at the same time in one place, I am certain that it would be either Lieutenant Zervia or myself to catch Cain anyway.

‘I don’t care what kind of favor it is.’

Although his family’s prestige is not formidable, it is not to the extent that he cannot handle his position.

No, on the contrary, it is possible to inflict retaliation on your own as long as you do it secretly.

“When you run a business, enemies are inevitable. In my case, I tend to return the damage I received. It’s just the way the other person used it.”

It was Jason’s words.

I can’t remember exactly when I heard it, but the words stayed deep in my mind.

‘Perhaps because it is a word that matches the values I usually have.’


There was something special about him besides simply trusting his voice, tone, and behavior.

As if talking to another self, the story flowed well, and there were many corners where admiration came from.

The fact that he concealed his contact with Cain cannot be defended, but it was clear that he had a lot to learn from him, at least as a human being.

“Sometimes rough means are necessary for someone who doesn’t understand the language.”

She thought as she looked at the food cart approaching right in front of the table.

That statement is quite true.

With a slightly tired mind, I thought so.

* * *

moon crack.

Simple meat dishes and bread.

And soup and water.

It was a meal prepared as simply as possible so that the body did not become heavy because we did not know when to dispatch.

Inspector Paula asked.

“Lieutenant Xavir, don’t you eat?”

“… I am okay.”

Lieutenant Xavir grabbed a glass of water and choked him.

Fatigue was accumulated from the prolonged investigation, and the nerves between the two people in front of him were throbbing and he had no appetite.

‘Even if everyone cooperates in the investigation, it is impossible to guarantee whether Cain will be captured… .’

Gathering and waiting in the central location of 12th Street was clearly the right choice strategically.

However, she did not like the current competitive landscape.

Inspector Polar and Sergeant Vicious.

Although they had been charged with investigating the Blue Serpent, none of them had delved as deeply into Cain as they did.

There was no experience of meeting Cain directly on the spot.

Because of that, when she saw them, they were complacent about the current situation.

Taking Cain is a matter of course, simply as a matter of who gets the most credit.

‘Things can never be this easy.’

All explanations of the situation were heard, but many suspicious parts remained.

For example, why did Cain choose Area 47 as a meeting point, where the investigators were likely to gather?

If I forcefully search for the reason, I can’t find anything, but it wasn’t a part that I understood clearly.

she bit her lip.

I was anxious and anxious again.

Things were going on without even a second to point out the suspicious parts.

“A few days ago, I took the crew and emptied the entire hotel at dawn, Sergeant Vicious.”

“What do you mean by that? I have made concessions in a few steps, so why do I keep getting in trouble?”

Also, from the atmosphere, it was clear that something had happened between the two of them.

It was like a train that left without a proper seat.

But I couldn’t get off.

Knowing that the moment you get off, you won’t be able to get back on again.

Even knowing that the end may be a broken track.

moon crack.

The meal continued in silence.

Inspector Xavir, who once again had water in his mouth, felt something strange for a moment.

‘… approximately? speed?’

An unknown feeling of elevation awakened the blood vessels in his body, and at the same time, he felt the mana of the circuit hardening.

Perfect colorless and odorless.

I’ve taken all kinds of illegal drugs, but I’ve never had a stimulant of this kind.

“Stop eating right now… !”

The moment she raised her head, she was at a loss for words at the sight unfolding before her eyes.

“I’ve been in a bad mood since I was in knights school. Those rotten fish-eyed glances.”

“Paula, you’re talking about a hole in your mouth. Do you think you will come to your senses once your mouth is ripped?”

The two got up from their seats and placed their hands on the swords around their waists.

They were staring at each other as if to kill each other with blood-lined eyes.


In an instant, the two new figures disappeared, then appeared from the air above the table and their swords met.

The impact ripped the table in half and fell, and the communication ball in the middle flew into the air.

“… … !”

Inspector Xavir flew towards the marble.

At that moment when it felt like time was moving very slowly, the marble shone.

A voice came out with a little noise.

“Clock Tower. Wait until ten minutes.”

That voice so familiar and unforgettable even in my dreams.

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