A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 105

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 105

105. raksen (1)

I drove and drove to Clarkfield in District 55.

The car of the hounds stuck in the middle, but they were all overthrown by the magic and fell out behind the landscape.


It didn’t take long to get to his destination, on the hill, in front of Freud’s house.

Leni, who came out after hearing the sound of the car, ran with a gun and hugged him to his waist.

Behind him was Freud with a surprised face.

“Come on. Did you even come in contact with me? Make sure you have a meal ready!”

He came over with a bright smile and grabbed my hand with a welcome gesture.

“Long time no see. Has nothing happened in the meantime?”

“Of course! Thanks to your care, I’m doing well. Next month, I can also receive Lenny’s cure.”

He let go of his hand and looked towards the car.

He looked to see if there was another party.

“Milcian did not come because of work. The treatment went well.”

“Oh, right! It’s my job to monitor the patient’s future progress. It’s a kind of occupational disease.”

He smiled cheerfully and led us into the house.

* * *

Brightly lit stand.

Below that I put my arm.

A scalpel made an incision in the skin of the wrist, revealing a small mechanical device between the blood vessels and tendons.

Click, click.

“The wear and tear is great. The lifespan of the original part is three years, but this should be enough to replace it with a new one in less than a year.”

“There were a lot of times when I used my body violently. With money, you can pay as much as you need.”

“No, no, I don’t mean that. You can’t get money from a benefactor. It’s not that hard to find a part either. The parts still have a little life left, so I think it will be enough for today to tighten the loose parts and reconnect the fallen tendons.”

“Do that.”

After the operation was completed, the incised area began to be sutured again.

─So you did the surgery alone?

─Yes. Simple things I can do myself!

-That’s great. Aren’t you talented?

—Hehe, Dad said that too.

The intermittent squeak seemed to be pushing the swing.

—But why do you call Cain uncle? I don’t call you brother.

-Uh… . It’s a bit embarrassing… .

─Are you just running and hugging me?

─It was so nice to have a moment… .

I asked Freud, listening to the voice fading in the wind.

“The students in the tower must have arrived.”

“That’s right. Even if it wasn’t, I got a call from the residents’ association. Cooperate as much as possible with the students’ field trips and try to avoid any conflicts as much as possible.”

“I will. Because most of them are children of the upper classes, there will be nothing good against their intentions.”

“So I told Lenny not to go out as much as possible for a few days. Ah, these days, the trauma has faded a lot, so I sometimes went out alone to a nearby place.”

I nodded my head as a sign of a good response.

When the suture was finished and the wrist was lifted, it was felt that the movement was noticeably smoother than before.

“Come back in the evening.”

“I see. I’ll prepare a meal for you. Lenny was begging to cook for you when you came.”

I went out and crossed the yard.

“I will go too.”

“No, it’s better to be alone now that I’m noticed by people. Let him rest.”

She looked confused for a moment and then nodded.

Recently, my magic level had risen significantly, and it was she who realized that enemies of any level could no longer harm me.

I went down the hill alone.

As we entered between the residential and commercial buildings that had been extended in all shapes and sizes, the bustling sounds of machinery such as ‘click,’ ‘click,’ and ‘ti-dick’ were heard from all over the place.

Hot steam rose from the plumbing that rose above the building, and residents with tools busily passed over the bridge.

“Isn’t there a magician who rains hands? Wizard! Mana runs out and needs to be infused!”

“This is the Magangite sample you ordered. Please pay the price here.”

The sound of people shouting and footsteps mixed through the sound of machines.

Among them, there was also a conversation about the students of Mato.

‘Because there are more than 50 people, I can’t help but stand out.’

Then something flew into my chest and crashed.

When I checked it on the palm of my hand, it was a small bird made of several mechanical parts.

The bird was trembling and could not fly because the mana it had been charged had run out.

“… … .”

When I felt the gaze, I looked up and saw children who looked to be around seven or eight years old, staring at me.

‘Is this the toy these children used to play with?’

I inflated the mechanical bird with an appropriate amount of mana and flew it towards the children.

The bird flew past the children with the flapping of its creaking wings and flew to the other side, and the children shouted ‘Wow’ and ran after the bird.

Looking around, I soon found that the source of the toy was a kiosk with miscellaneous magical items.

“how much?”

I walked up to him and looked at the mechanical birds stacked in the crate and said,

“uh? To give as a gift to your nephews? Three thousand shillings each. If you charge mana once, you can move freely for about 3 hours!”

I took out a mechanical bird and infused it with mana.

“Wait, if you want to try it, you have to pay first… .”


A large amount incomparable to that of children. A magic was engraved there.

When the bird’s head was turned upward and the hand was released, the bird was ‘fired’ into the sky.


The bird flew to a height that could not be seen properly.

The master opened his mouth at the strange sight, and I closed my eyes and unleashed the magic engraved on the bird.


A panoramic view of the city spread out in a black field of vision. It was a landscape reflected in a lens that acts as a mechanical bird’s eyeball.

‘Isn’t it in the building? I can’t see the group of students.’


Before scanning the whole view, the panoramic view of the city disappeared and the view turned black again.

It seemed that the mechanical bird that could not overcome the magic output had burst.

I took another bird out of the box and repeated the same thing.

So the birds dwindled one by one until I found a group of students passing by the street.

3,000 shillings each.

The price for one meal of a decent level of eating out.

It was not a penny, but it was not a bad amount for an auxiliary tool with magic stones that would convert mana into an efficient driving force called ‘flapping wings’.

In the first place, an amount below a certain unit has been meaningless to me for a long time.

I took out a fifty thousand shilling bill and placed it on the stand.

“I don’t need change.”

Leaving behind the owner, who still couldn’t keep his mouth shut, I took a step towards the location I saw.

The composition of the passersby rumbling on the streets varied.

Busy locals, merchants from overseas, mercenaries who came to buy magic supplies, tourists who came to visit the sights, etc.

Passing through the crowd, I found a group of students entering a building, guided by the professor.

He was wearing a white cloak that symbolized the freshman in the tower, so he could recognize it at a glance.

「Historia Aircraft Research Institute」

Although there was a signboard saying “R&D Center”, it was a five-story building that looked somewhat dated.

The appearance of the professors and students completely disappeared into the lab, and I approached the wall of the building and peered inside through the window.

‘It’s not a window that can be opened. Is it just for decoration?’

I put my palms against the wall.


As is usually the case with important facilities, a barrier to prevent intrusion from the outside was overlaid.

‘Is it a defense against physical attacks, and an interference with the movement magic of the coordinate change method?’

It is known that magic that has already been completed is difficult to break because the bonds between the elements have been completed.

However, if you fully understand the principles of magic and have the ability to handle elements comparable to that, it is not impossible at all.


I breathed my mana between the elements that made up the barrier.

Like water seeping through cracks in the cracked ground, mana spread throughout the barrier along the way.

‘This should be enough.’

When the output of the mana that was poured in was amplified for a moment, a gap between the elements forming the barrier was widened.

In the meantime, I used 「Blink」 to enter the interior and dispersed the mana I used.

The central space was open, and railings and stairs were installed along the wall.

No one noticed I had come in, and I used blinking in succession to climb the 5th floor railing and look down.

—Hello. My name is Tanya, the director of the Historia Aircraft Lab. It is an honor to introduce the research center to the students of Matop.

Magic tools related to flying magic, including drones, were displayed everywhere.

In the spacious space between them, a young woman who appeared to be the director was wearing a microphone and explaining in front of the students.

─The Historia Research Institute combines ‘flying’ and ‘gravity’ magic with mechanical engineering to produce engineering products that can be used in real life. Drone, the main product, is mainly supplied to police and security companies… .

Five professors were encamped around 50 students who had gathered like little birds.

They couldn’t see the faces of those who wore robes hoods, but they could guess who they were without looking at them.

As it is the timing of an important episode, I have set all the characters in detail.

To be precise, it was the beginning of the second episode of the original.

The main character possessed by Laxen.

Because episode 1 is the summary of half a year of not being aware of Hana.

‘And two days later, Laxen realizes that he is the possessor.’

His values are like a blank sheet of paper, and the standards for good and evil are not firmly established.

While on a field trip in Clarkfield, out of curiosity, he leaves the crowd and heads to a slum area, where he encounters a scene where a family is brutally murdered by robbers.

A scene similar to what he experienced in the real world.

At this time, the ‘awareness’ characteristic is activated, the synchronization that was fixed at 100% is released, and memories of the real world slowly flood in.

‘In the real world, he was originally a person full of hatred for the world.’

The victim and sole survivor of a family murder case.

The huge debt remaining in the family and the mass media who only think of themselves as broadcast material.

The sympathy that follows you wherever you go, or the look of displeasure.

A helping hand that has not been properly extended anywhere.

he used to think

If given the opportunity, I wish this heartless world would disappear.

‘Awareness’ is activated, and facing the murder scene, he immediately senses that this world is no different from the real world.

And there is a conflict as to whether he will be the one who saves this world or the one who destroys it.

There is one difference between good and evil.

From two children who are in danger of being killed by a robber, he overlaps his brothers who have already died, and in the end, his disposition is decided as ‘good’.

Receiving the task of ‘Saving the World’, he resigns from the horse tower and wanders the continent.

I was able to find Laxen among the students without difficulty.

Just like the color of his robes, he was a boy with gray hair and white eyes, and an expression full of emptiness.

The students moved around the room according to the guidance of the director.

Some students listened to the warden, while others chatted as if boredom.

Laxen was alone at the end of the group, but the scenery somehow gave the impression that he was ostracizing his whole classmates rather than being ostracized.

The director opened his mouth with a proud face in front of a fairly large installation.

─This is the current destination of the project that we have been promoting since the beginning of the institute.

The installation, the size of a large truck, had wings and wheels.

In the front glass window, there was a space that looked like a cockpit, and in the back there was a space that could accommodate dozens of passengers.

─This is ‘Project to the Sky’. If one day human beings can fly in the sky, I am sure that our Historia Research Center will be at the forefront of that.

In an atmosphere of admiration by all, a student raised his hand and asked.

─Flying magic consists of a combination of ‘lightening’ magic that reduces the weight of the target, and ‘transferring’ magic that moves its location. However, with the magic formulas discovered so far, I know that lifting and moving a few cars for a short time is the limit. No matter how talented an archmage is, it is impossible to move such a piece of metal floating for a long time.

─I understand what the student is saying. Of course we get some magic help in making our products. However, the role of magic is literally just ‘assistant’, so if you look at mechanical engineering itself… .

─So, how many people can this ‘mountain’ carry and how high can it go?

Everyone in the hall held their breath.

The professors seemed uncomfortable because they thought that a sudden question could be against etiquette, and the students were curious about the answer to the question.

The warden opened his mouth, hesitating with a bewildered look.

─The most recent record is that two pilots were on board and completed a flight of 5 minutes and 24 seconds at an altitude of 25 meters.

Laughter erupted from everywhere among the students, and the director’s face was dyed red.

It cannot be said that there was no achievement at all, but it was rather shabby for the fact that he had said that he would be at the forefront of the era of flying.

—Mechanical engineering is like that.

-After all, it is said that it is magic that changes the world.

In addition, the ridicule contained a disregard for the director, who was quite young compared to his position, in his late twenties.

The murmur gradually mixed with content that went beyond the limits, and the atmosphere became noisy.

The professors roared as to whether they could agree with the words of the students who attacked mechanical engineering, paying attention to the students, but showing no intention to set the tone.

As I moved my gaze to Laxen, I saw him slowly passing through the students and coming out, as expected.

‘Tis the timing of a commotion when he mentions the character of the students and the indifference of the professors.’

I watched his every move.

The reason I came here was clear.

If his inclination is determined to be ‘good’, there is nothing to worry about.

He will grow at a fast pace to clear the continent’s crimes, and it will be helpful for my task as well.

Although the butterfly effect caused by me was often observed, the main flow and setting of the story did not change.

Obviously, his inclination will be determined by ‘good’.

But at least one.

What if, after all, an unexpected variable occurs and his disposition is determined to be ‘evil’.

It was also clear what I had to do then.

‘I kill myself with my own hands. before it grows into a greater evil.’

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