A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 106

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 106

106. raksen (2)

As Laxen was about to step out, a woman passed him by and came forward.

A robe of a different color from the freshman.

He was a professor who couldn’t see his face because he was wearing a hood.

-If you don’t shut up, I’ll freeze all of your mouths.

As she took off her hood, her elegant appearance and pale green hair flowed down her sides.

The atmosphere in the hall froze for a moment at the cold voice.

So did I.

In a slightly different sense from the people below.

‘How did she get here? .’

A young genius professor at Matop.

Ellen Vaughan Carter.

Although he was a figure I had sculpted, he should have been teaching an introduction to elemental science on the 3rd floor of the tower, rather than a tour advisor.

Is the butterfly effect purely due to me?

Or did another variable play a role?

I couldn’t know for sure yet, so I watched the situation first.

─Most of the students here are upper-class children. You must have been educated about basic manners when dealing with people.

Among the students who only looked at each other, someone raised a hand and said:

─I wasn’t sarcastic, I was just stating the truth. It’s absurd for a machine to fly without much help from magic.

─Why doesn’t it make sense?

─Yes… .

There was an argument between Professor Ellen and the student.

─Machine eventually needs to be fueled by something else to be able to move. As a result, pollutants are constantly being emitted, which adversely affects the environment. I don’t think it’s because of the pollution caused by machinery that there aren’t many fertile areas of the land beyond the wall that can be used as farmland.

As if he was a student who had been recognized for his own way in the crowd, people around him responded by nodding his head.

It had its own logic and rationale, and the method of dissolving it into sentences was also of a high level for an undergraduate student.

─Environmental pollution caused by machinery. It certainly was in the past, but not now. The power that drives the machines is gradually shifting from fossil fuels to mana, and technologies to reduce pollution are constantly being developed. Machines and magic are not separate realms. There is no such thing as an object that is biased toward one side. It’s just a difference in the ratio. For example, a temperature sensor worn by a student would not have been able to be made without the help of mechanical engineering.

But it was not enough to defeat the professor.

The student was gradually pushed away by Professor Ellen’s systematic rebuttal and logic, and eventually kept her mouth shut with an angry face.

—We certainly live in an age of magic, but that doesn’t mean that we can ignore other disciplines. Unknowingly or not, all disciplines are connected.

Just as the situation was about to come to an end, a student who lost the discussion murmured:

—To a subject from outside the wall.

Everyone’s eyes were focused.

The student spit it out on his own as if what he was about to mumble a little came out loud, and he looked startled.

In an instant, Professor Ellen’s expression hardened coldly, and ice swelled and covered the student’s lips with a sound.

─Eup, Oops!

—Professor Ellen! what do you do now!

The professors tried to break the magic by sticking to the students, but it was not easy because the union between the elements had already ended.

─Whoa, whoops!

Just before fainting due to the pain of cold, the magic was dispelled, and the professors helped the blue-lipped student out of the lab.

There were only two professors left.

One of them looked at Professor Ellen and said in a trembling voice.

—Professor Ellen. No matter how prodigy you are with the two main elements, you have just gone too far. If you go back to the tower, you won’t be able to avoid punishment.

─It must have been the professors who were just ignoring their wrongdoings.

There seemed to be sparks in the air where their eyes met, and the students looked only at their eyes in the bloody atmosphere.

─After. Anyway, I’m on a field trip now, so I’ll talk about it later.

─Do it.

The director started guiding the research lab again, looking at him.

The students were as quiet as a flock of sheep, unlike before, and Raksen had a unique, insensitive face in the meantime.

After the tour, the professors and students rushed out.

Finally, the warden said to Professor Ellen, who was about to close the door and leave.

—Gah, thank you. Thanks for your help. But because of me, you’re in a difficult situation… .

─No. Rather than trying to help, I just went because I didn’t like the situation.

Professor Ellen said with a smile.

Act purely for yourself.

It wasn’t wrong at all, but the remarks showed an intention to ease the burden on the other party.

—Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Library in the Beginning” written by the director. It was about the existence of a library where all the history and knowledge of mankind were recorded on a small piece of land somewhere in the sky.

─Ah, ah, thank you.

Shameful that he met the reader of his book, the warden repeatedly raised his glasses with a frantic gesture.

Professor Ellen continued.

-I’m also very interested in history. He is developing an airship to uncover the lost history and what happened to the continent before the establishment of the empire. I thought it was pretty romantic. With the right investment, you will surely achieve your goals.

After a little more conversation with the code ‘history’, Professor Ellen greeted the director and went outside.

The director looked at the place where she had disappeared, and then headed to another place to work with an energetic gait as if he had been charged with energy.

“… … .”

Major Tanya also plays an important role in the second half of the story, but this is not the case at this time.

Rather, the unexpected appearance of Professor Ellen was more important.

‘There is one more person to keep an eye on while staying here.’

* * *

The tour itinerary was 5 days in total.

The tour group stayed at a hotel located in the city center and toured various production facilities and research institutes.

“Detective. The tour group is moving out of the hotel. I think I might have to go down from the roof and track it down.”

“… Stop talking about something that doesn’t suit you.”

Together with Estelle, who is obsessed with the role of assistant investigator.

Despite my bruises, she persisted in acting.

“Now there are only two suspects left.”

The notebook she was holding had the names of nearly 50 people written on it.

All but two of them, Professor Ellen and Laxen, had hatched lines.

One thing I have in mind.

Baek Jin-woo’s Possibility of Possession.

It cannot be said that the probability is high, but the slightest possibility cannot be ruled out.

Because the presence or absence of him can greatly change my future course of action.

‘If possessed, it is more likely that he possessed more than a supporting character rather than an extra outside the story.’

It can be seen that most of the tour groups correspond to that.

This is the reason for disguising as a passerby and making contact with the tour group and examining the aspects of each professor and student.

“Detective! I think I’m going to miss it!”

Before her excited palms slammed my shoulder, I grabbed her wrist and stopped her motion.

“Move slowly.”

“Yes. Inspector.”

When the pre-installed movement magic was activated, the landscape in front of him changed several times, and an alley with few people appeared.

When I went outside, I saw a group of tours moving in line.

The street was crowded with passers-by and stalls, so it was not difficult to follow him without being noticed.

We arrived at a shopping street built under a huge roof made of steel frames and plates.

If there was anything different from the usual shopping malls, the items placed on the kiosks were mechanical equipment used in battle.

Things like artificial legs to replace mutilated body parts, or portable mortars that inject a little mana into them.

When the professors’ permission was given, the students scattered around with their eyes shining.

The professors also seemed to be interested in the items sold in the stores, as they wandered around while monitoring the students, perhaps due to their academic curiosity.

“Let me wait nearby. As long as the conversation is audible.”

“I see.”

I slowly narrowed the distance towards the tour group.

Then he approached Professor Ellen, who was standing in front of the newsstand, and talked to him naturally.

“You put a magnetite on the tip of a wand made of a mixture of silver and copper. It has a high mana conductivity, so you can get some amplification.”

She looked at me in amazement.

In a reflexive gesture, he fastened the collar of the hood and raised his sleeves to cover the back of his hands.

‘It was an act that was shown unconsciously even when talking with the director.’

Dark makeup that did not match his appearance stood out.

It gave the impression that it was thickly covered to hide something rather than to decorate it.

Her clothes were also covered tightly without revealing her bare skin.

“You must have come from the tower.”

“Ah yes.”

Her gaze swept my body up and down once.

When she saw the smudged work clothes like the mechanics wandering around, the vigilance in her eyes loosened a little.

“It is an annual event for new students to visit around this time. It’s the first time we’ve seen each other, but since you played the lead role earlier, you’re probably not a student, but it seems like you’re a newly appointed professor.”

“yes. Right. This is the first time I’ve been out of the wall.”

She couldn’t concentrate on my conversation and kept glancing at the other side.

In that direction, there was Raksen, who was alone and was observing various objects with his eyes full of curiosity and stillness.

“I don’t think it will be easy to manage students. Don’t you know where children of this age are going?”

I glanced at Laxen.

“Especially in the case of that student, he is so far away from the group that he will not notice when he disappears. He seems to be a friend with a little sociability.”

she said furiously.

“no. That student is by no means inferior in sociability. They just don’t care about their frivolous motives. Who has a different desire to explore the world and magical talent… .”

She kept her mouth shut as if she had said too much to a stranger.

“You seem to be a dear student.”

“… … .”

She didn’t answer.

As she is a ‘good guy’ and is a character who will help the main character later, she must have felt repulsed by my previous words.

Laxen’s talent is so outstanding that it is said that he will stand shoulder to shoulder with professors within a few years.

However, due to all kinds of envy, jealousy, and checks, he is not receiving enough treatment at present.

Professor Ellen was one of the few who had a good impression on him.

“But now that you’ve come out, how about paying less attention to the students and looking around. They said it was their first visit to Clarkfield.”

I picked up the stick on the stand and slammed the top.

Then the blade protruded from the bottom and took the form of a weapon.

“How about a wand like this as a weapon? It helps with mana management and can be used for self-defense in case of an emergency.”

“… Not bad.”

“I understand that tomorrow is the last schedule. The faculty is very attentive and the students will all return safely to the tower.”

“… Yes. That’s the way it should be.”

She was handed a wand and tried to touch it and infuse it with mana.

I liked it so much, I paid the store owner to buy it.

“Thanks for the recommendation.”

The boundaries have softened even more.

More conversations followed.

“A wizard?”

“Yes. I don’t think it’s that high of a level, though.”

As an educator, she gave me some magical advice that might be useful for beginners.

Meanwhile, on the one hand, she continued to care about Laxen.

“thank you. I think it will be of great help.”

“You’re welcome. If you have a chance, read the book 「General Introduction to Elements」.”

She smiled and turned her gaze to Laxen again.

“Woah, it’s dangerous!”

And then, the building materials on the roof of the building where Larksen was standing fell.

At the urgent cry of the workers, the eyes of the people in the shopping district were focused on one thing.

The fall range was too wide to avoid, and there were many other students below Laxen.


In an instant, mana gushed out of the hands of several students, including Laxen.

‘Is it Yeomdong?’

The bonding between elements, which was thought to be too slow, was momentarily accelerated.

It meant that someone outside was controlling the mana of the discharged students.

Not far away, I could see professors concentrating on the field.

‘It’s still slow.’

Professor Ellen covered her mouth with both hands with a surprised expression on her face.

That figure seemed to me to be somewhat clumsy in acting.

‘I need to see a little reaction.’

I focused my mind and for a moment grabbed the mana that was being controlled by the professors.

And in an instant, I completed each of the ‘yeomdong’.


Pedestrians screamed.

Everyone closed their eyes in anticipation of the terrible sight.

But as time passed and there was no sound, I slowly opened my eyes one by one.

And I opened my mouth to see the scene unfolding before my eyes.

Building materials stopped right in front of the students.

It’s like being held in the hands of an invisible giant.

Raksen, with a slightly startled face, fled to a safe place, and the students followed after regaining consciousness.

cuckoo! gang!

At the same time as the telekinesis was released, construction materials were scattered on the floor along with the noise.

“It’s okay, are you okay? All the wounded places!”

“there! Call the medics!”

The professors ran towards the students.

Professor Ellen quickly approached the scene.

“Fortunately, no one seems to have been hurt.”

“You should blame the store manager. At the very least, a major accident would have occurred.”

“By the way, it was fortunate that the students were able to complete the magic before they got into trouble.”

“There was a distance, so I tried to use the students’ mana, but I wasn’t the one who completed the magic.”

“Isn’t it you, Professor Ellen? Yeom-dong is your main specialty, isn’t it?”

“… … .”

“It seems right. Professor Ellen is the only one of us who can complete the telegram in such a short time.”

She didn’t answer anything.

He just looked at the scene with a sullen face and then at Laxen again.

I glanced towards the roof.

It was a structure in which it was difficult for the piled up materials to fall off unless someone artificially manipulated them.

When I turned around and left the seat, Estelle, who was pretending to be a guest nearby, followed me.

“Were there any lies in her words?”

“There was. But not the question you asked me to listen carefully, I answered the other word falsely.”

Expected words flowed out of Estelle’s mouth.

“I falsely agreed with what the students said that they should all return safely to the tower.”

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