A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 110

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 110

110. Rustwood (1)

“It’s human! human!”

The number of beasts around me grew more and more.

Roughly fifteen.

Some of them came up to me and sniffed and sniffed.

‘They’re not that strong.’

Although the entire district was backwards, there was a clear hierarchy according to the location of residence.

The guys on the outskirts were the weakest, and they could be said to be the ones who lacked rational thinking.

“Hey, would you like to eat this? I did that last time, and it was edible!”

“I am not hungry today!”

The guy with the mouse hair rolled his eyes and said.

Occasionally, there were guys who were cannibals.

Either he or he preys on his people.

‘This must be the reason why you must accompany armed forces when you visit here.’

Most beasts can’t handle mana, but they basically have physical abilities that are incomparable to humans.

If you went in without preparation, you could disappear without a word, leaving no bones in the world.

“Do you like roasting?”

I asked towards the head of the closest mouse.

A few guys were snooping around the car’s luggage compartment.

“Joe, I love you! Goo, when you bake, even the tough ones will become soft!”

“You have similar tastes. I also prefer to eat meats like steaks cooked to perfection.”

I put my palm on the boy’s head.

As the fire element was lifted up, I felt the whole arm heat up.

The auxiliary elements to be formulated are three types of amplification, maintenance, and continuity.


A fire broke out over the frizzy hair in an instant.

Before he realized the heat and struggled, the flames quickly spread throughout his body and engulfed him.


The tanned body of the man fell to the floor.

It happened in less than 5 seconds.

I glanced at it and opened my mouth.

“But this meat is so rotten that I can’t seem to put it in my mouth.”

Simultaneously with those words, the beasts who had lost their minds came to their senses and rushed towards me.

A speed that would not have been able to even react properly if it were a normal person.

I activated the magic by spreading the mana I had raised in a circle around my body.


A pillar of flame surrounded me and soared towards the sky.

The guys who were running towards me were swept away by the fierce current and disappeared without a trace.

“No, it’s a wizard!”

The flames subsided and the remaining ones fled in all directions.

The society of the beasts is strictly weak and strong.

In this situation, you would have realized who the predator was.


He pulled out his guns and aimed them at the backs of those running away.


The shooting was simple and quick.

The guys who had their hearts pierced by bullets fell down with a flurry.

One of the dogs, with the most normal eyes, deliberately put his legs together and stuck his breath.

“… … .”

When the magazine that had run out of bullets fell to the floor, there were bodies all over the place.

I grabbed my leg and walked over to the guy who was twisting his body.

Bend your knees and bring them to eye level.

“Do you know anything about Tirhorn?”

“T, Tyrhorn?”

“okay. He must be quite famous here.”

“Oh, I know. But, why is Tirhorn… .”

Instead of answering, he lit a flame on the palm of his hand, and his eyes were dyed with extreme fear.

“More, bigger! You carry a lot of wealth and subordinates. Ahh! Live downtown! Yeah, but I couldn’t go inside because the atmosphere is so bad these days!”

The guy desperately spit out the information he knew.

As the flames moved closer to and further away from right in front of your face, over and over again.

Thanks to that, I was able to get a good amount of information.

‘The forces that divide Rustwood are the groups led by Tirhorn and Silverfang respectively. That’s how it is at this point.’

Contrary to Tirhorn, Silverfang was a character I set myself.

It was originally supposed to play an important role in the later episodes involving Leica.

I straightened my bent knees and stood up.

As he extinguished the flame he was holding in his palm, the color of his face turned red.

“Ah, I answered everything I knew! I save-!”


He put the gun in his arms and lifted his head.

Between the scrap metal piles and the old houses, I looked at the road leading to the center.

‘The atmosphere is not serious.’

There are large and small forces in Rustwood.

Conflict and conflict, quarrel and struggle.

No one cares because it is a daily routine.

Even though I made such a fuss, there was no one around to confirm.

However, if the word ‘unusual’ came out of the mouths of residents who would have gotten used to such an atmosphere.

‘War, or something like that.’

I could feel the harsh wind of war.

It was an instinct-like sensation felt by Cain’s body, which had passed through numerous diagonal lines.

I looked around for a moment and cast the transformation magic.

When a thin and wide ice sheet was created and reflected, a beast with the head of a black leopard was standing there.

It was a sophisticated magic that could not be discerned unless you looked closely at it or touched it directly.

It’s not that humans don’t visit Rustwood at all, but there’s no need to wander around alone and draw attention.

‘Smell is also important. Just like the time.’

In general, beasts had their own body odor and had a sensitive sense of smell.

After putting on and taking off the vest of one of the dead beasts for a while, I mixed several combinations of special perfumes I had prepared and created the scent I wanted.

It was a refreshing and subtle scent that actually had the effect of lowering the boundaries of the person who smelled it.

I lifted the prisoners’ corpses with flame copper and piled them up one by one in the car’s luggage compartment.

It was a warning to prevent people with low skills from rushing in while dragging the vehicle to the center.


I started the engine, looked at the surrounding scenery, and slowly made my way towards the center.

It was a landscape that was not much different from the slums where humans live.

Except for the piles of scrap metal piled up everywhere.

‘Things must have been left behind by human garbage disposal vehicles.’

There were several small prisoners carrying shabby bags and rummaging through the scrap metal and garbage piles.

The livelihoods of the lower-class residents here were largely achieved in this way.

Finding things that could not be filtered out of the heap that could be used as money and selling them to merchants who have a connection with a human city.

“Oh, no! This is my collection!”

Or looting and eating.

Even within the lower classes, differences in power are bound to exist.


As we moved towards the center, the ratio of scrap metal and garbage piles decreased and the number of buildings worth looking at began to increase.

Buildings other than residential were also seen.

Although most were establishments such as pubs, gambling houses and drug stores.

Most of the beasts who wandered the streets were also big guys with carnivorous animals as their prototype.

Clear gazes were attached to wherever the vehicle moved, but it did not come easily because of the corpse in the luggage compartment.

‘Besides that, the atmosphere is definitely eerie.’

It’s a place where fights take place just by making eye contact, and it was an atmosphere where the prisoners looked at each other.

It was like trying to save someone’s eyes.


The car stopped in front of a building.

It was a three-story building of its own size, built with high-quality building materials, unlike other sloppy buildings.

Upon entering, a large space appeared, and large prisoners sitting in a row in a row with poor posture stood out.

Weasel-faced beasts dressed in suits were busy roaming between the waiting areas, carrying magical equipment with holograms on them.

“Dispatch to Area 74! It is a simple material transport request and takes 10 days! The pay is 200,000 shillings!”

“Support for the fight of humans in Area 107! You have to leave right away and go listen to the details! The pay is 500,000 shillings!”

Atmosphere like the labor market at dawn.

It was one of the branches of the Greenhorde spread throughout Rustwood.

‘It feels cramped. It’s only natural that there are all the guys who say they use their strength in the neighborhood.’

How do the beasts with a certain degree of intelligence and force make a living?

It was an external order.

Most of the time, gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc. will quickly squander the money and come out looking for work.

Of course, there were also prisoners who felt skeptical about life here and left for the human city.

However, the majority chose not to adapt to the local area or to return home sick.

Green Horde.

Longing for the forest engraved on instinct.

Animals dreaming of green.

A name given by humans outside in a sarcastic sense.

It did not simply refer to the group of weasel beasts who run the trading post, but to the entire group of beasts who went outside upon receiving a request.


A weasel, who was running dodo with pad-shaped equipment, slammed its face against my waist and curled up backwards.

The boy shook his head vigorously, regained consciousness, and looked up at me with round eyes.

I thought that if Estelle had seen it, she might have hugged her, saying she was cute.

“It’s a face I’ve never seen! Are you here to take a quest? What is your name? My name is Kunda!”

“It’s Jabbler. There is information I want to know rather than a request.”

Whether it was the boss’s direct subordinate or Leica’s subordinate, he couldn’t arrive earlier than me because he was departing from the 30th division.

Before they came, I was going to figure out the trends here and make a plan.

Since there were request offices all over the place, there was no one like them in terms of information in the area.

“uh… . What we provide is a request, not information.”

I took out a gold coin and flipped it into the air with my finger.

The guy widened his eyes and jumped up from his seat and grabbed the gold coin with his front paws.

He gnawed at it with his teeth to see if it was real, then slipped it into a small bag he was carrying across his chest.

“But there’s nothing I can’t do! It’s business time! It doesn’t matter! Follow me!”

The guy ran towards the inside of the commissioning station with a gun-shot.

He guided me to the place that was written as the staff break room and locked the door.


The innate tendencies of the beasts were determined by the species of the original animal.

In the case of these guys, a greedy greed for money.

‘Maybe that’s why there is no manager.’

A system in which a portion of the commission is received as an incentive.

It was kind of a sales job.

They earned as much money as they worked, so they did not laze unless there was a special reason like now.

“So what kind of information are you curious about! If I speak well, will you give me more gold coins!”

He took out another gold coin and stretched it out in the air on the table.

The guy went back and forth following the gold coin with his short arms moving left and right.

“The current location of Tirhon. And about the atmosphere in the area.”

“Looks like you’ve been back to Rustwood after a long time! Tirhorn and his men are active on Street 3 inside the zone! It’s a fact that everyone knows! They seem to be wandering around the bases lately because of preparations for war!”

“Did you say war?”

“Yes. Against Silverfang and his men! Everyone is expecting a war! There is a big difference between ideologies! Few know the exact details!”

A gold coin was dropped into Kunda’s hand, and a new one was pulled out and slowly shook from side to side.

‘It’s an ideological fight.’

Silverfang’s beliefs and values.

Considering that, it was expected what kind of outcome the conflict would have.

“You have big hands! Wealthy! Wealthy!”

I asked a few more questions and put the plan in my head.

After some outline of the plan was drawn up, I posed the question that was the main reason I came here.

“I want to read information about requests that have come in within the last month.”

“Yes? Order?”

“There were three prisoners who went out on a request. It is believed to be a subspecies of the family Mole. He was wearing an eye patch and wearing claws in both hands. The content of the quest is the assassination of a specific target.”

Kunda had an expression on her face that was pointing out something.

But it didn’t matter if he didn’t know.

After all, all the contents of the request were processed and stored as data, so all he had to do was read it.

“I have one question. Who is the client?”

“no! no! We can’t tell you that! As a rule-.”


He took out a bunch of bills and put them on the table, and he stopped talking for a moment.

chin. chin.

The more bundles piled up on top of it, the more his mouth widened.

chin. chin. chin.

“Tell me again.”

someone did

“I want to view the information of the request.”

If there’s something that money can’t solve, ask yourself whether the amount is too small.

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