A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 113

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 113

113. Rustwood (4)

“human? Wait, it’s Cain… .”

Silverfang muttered with a confused face.

“Have you heard the name?”

“The executives of Blue Serpent like Leica… . I heard that you were arrested and entered into prison.”

“The executive is a story in the past tense. It’s like being abandoned by the organization. Information is slower than that. Have you been away from outdoor activities for a long time? Otherwise, you would have heard rumors of Cain appearing in Area 47.”

Silver Fang didn’t say anything for a moment as he was trying to organize his thoughts.

“You say you really are Cain. What did you find me for? Even disguised as a beast?”

“I have come to make an offer.”


“This morning, Laika’s men made contact with Tirhorn. I offered him an executive position, and he accepted.”

“The report was received. Six humans entered through the west side of Rustwood.”

I chose to breathe.

The cold night air rushed into my chest.

“Two days later, war breaks out.”

I threw the recording of the wiretapping device into Silverfang’s hands.

Hearing the conversation between Blue Serpent and Tyrhorn, his face was only calm.

“War is going to happen. It was just a matter of when.”

“You can’t stop it, but you can avoid it.”

I suggested Silverfang withdraw from the basin.

What Tyrhorn wants is land.

Since they would not pursue them, a large-scale bloodshed could have been avoided.

Silverfang shook his head.

“If the land is taken away, there is no meaning. We have to plant trees.”

“Silverfang, your goal must also be to rebuild the Great Forest.”

“… Did Leica even talk about that?”

I reached out to Silverfang.

“Come out with me. There are many better lands if you look outside and not obsess over Rustwood. I will help you kill Laika and bring back the water of life.”

He looked down at my outstretched hand and looked back at me.

“Is your purpose revenge? It’s a common enemy. I’m sorry, but I can’t leave Rustwood. I know there’s better land out there, but it’s pointless to create a forest outside of this place.”

“Do you believe in the legend of the site of the Great Forest in the past?”

“It is not a legend. True. My blood from my ancestors says so.”

“You know the power difference is huge. An open basin there is not a good condition for the few to deal with the many. At the very least, it would be better to move the garrison and fight in the city.”

“The garrison does not move. I have no intention of getting the people involved in the war.”

“… … .”

I had a gut feeling that it would be impossible to convince me any more.

He was straight, he didn’t do any tricks, he didn’t know how to get around.

‘I expected it to some extent.’

It’s not that his intellect is declining.

Because Silver Fang has a head that is superior to any other human.

‘It must be a kind of belief.’

A belief that cannot be given up even though it is known to be ineffective and difficult to achieve.

He was a person who couldn’t be hated, although he had some frustrating moments.

After all, it is these people who make the world a better place.

“I am determined. Then I will help the war that is going on here.”

“Soo-in’s work is solved by Su-in. Thank you for the offer, but I will only accept your heart.”

Flexibility was lacking.

This kind of person would be far more efficient if he compromised a little with himself.

‘In the end, the conflict with Laika was due to straightness.’

If you could recruit him as a colleague and change your mindset a little, it could be a huge force.

“I can’t help it. Please contact me if you change your mind. I will stay here until the war is over.”

I handed him a piece of paper stating the location of my current building.

“Cain, even if you participate, I don’t think it will help much. Because the battles of beasts are different from those of humans. No matter how many men you bring.”

I replaced the answer with a smirk.

After changing his face to that of a black leopard again, he greeted him with his eyes and left the tent.

“Keep away.”

As I approached, the beasts still gathered outside were split in half.

In the meantime, I passed through Silverfang’s garrison.

And I thought.

There are no major changes to the plan anyway.

It’s the same with me who doesn’t break opinions easily.

* * *

noon two days later.

I was at the top of the hill.

“… … .”

His gaze passed through the basin and reached the top of the hill on the opposite side.

A huge number of beasts of various colors were descending toward the basin with a vicious force.

When he enlarged his field of view using a telescope, he saw the prisoners pouring something into their mouths, exchanging pockets.

‘A stimulant.’

The direction of the lens was turned to the center of the basin.

The wolf beasts led by Silverfang only showed their fangs towards the approaching enemy, and they did not do any special doping.

‘A stimulant, no matter how weak, is bound to cause sequelae.’

There were not a few cases where they became crippled by overusing the body with medicinal effects on their backs.

Tirhorn and Silverfang.

This was the part where the difference in attitudes of the two leaders toward their subordinates was revealed.

The distance between the two sides gradually narrowed.

Even the cool autumn wind could not cool the heat radiating from the bodies of hundreds of beasts.

tension about to explode.

At some point, both camps rushed towards each other as if they were exchanging signals.


The earth rumbled, shouts and screams filled the basin.

Some were holding weapons with a twist, while others were using their own nails or teeth.

Scratch, bite, tear, cut.

There were no complicated tactics or strategies where blood and flesh were splashed.

There was only a clash of pure power.

“… … .”

Turn the telescope to find the target.

Tyrhorn’s stature was not difficult to spot, and Laika’s men were also able to spot them as they approached from behind the battlefield.

‘Was there a wizard involved?’

A flame the size of a human head fluttered over one of them.

It was shot at a high speed to the place where the wolf beasts were clustered, and caused an explosion with a roar.

“… … .”

Judging from the amount of flesh bouncing around, there were at least three wolf beasts killed by that one shot.

Maybe they thought it was an honorable death as a warrior.


Or because he died protecting something precious.

‘It is an honorable death. It’s nonsense.’

I thought as I approached the car behind me.

There is no such thing as an honorable death in the world.

A death that does not produce a clear result is just a dog death.


As I got into the car, my view increased.

I started the engine and hurriedly stepped on the accelerator and headed for the battlefield.

The shaking of the car body was transmitted to the body, and the tension and combat sense of the body began to be awakened.

‘Remove from the wizard.’

Since it is the biggest variable in war, it was clear that continuous damage would occur if left unattended.

As they approached the battlefield, the appearance of the beasts gradually expanded.

The footsteps and shouts also grew piercingly louder, and my heart beat faster to match.

When I got close, I finished combining the elements I had pulled up and scattered them around the vehicle.


Auxiliary elements of expansion, maintenance, and repulsion, including electric elements.

A huge electric grid was formed around it and wrapped the vehicle like a shield, and as it was, I stepped on the accelerator toward Tyrhorn’s camp.

The sound of the electric current and the engine sound combined to create a terrifying roar.

A few guys turned their heads this way, but it was too late to avoid.



The large prisoners collided with the electric grid and fell to the floor with their bodies burned to the ground, and the small prisoners were thrown away with an electric shock.

I continued to press the accelerator without stopping.

Through the car window, Leica’s subordinates were seen with bewildered faces.

—No, use magic!

The fireball in the wizard’s hand flew towards the vehicle.

It collided with the electric grid and caused a big explosion, but no damage was done to the vehicle.

I changed gears to a higher gear and stepped on the accelerator to break through the hazy smoke.

-Blood, avoid it!

Right in front of the window, Leica’s men appeared.

The five, who were attached as escorts, flew sideways to avoid the vehicle, and the wizard disappeared for a moment, apparently using blinking.

‘Two and a half meters southeast.’

He read the movement of mana, and his body moved at the same time as his thoughts.

After fixing the handle and the accelerator, which were turned to the right, using salt copper, immediately opened the door and used flashing.

“… … !”

A wizard appeared right in front of him.

He pulled out the dagger with the reverse water, grabbed it, and stabbed it in the opponent’s neck.


The vehicle that was being controlled remotely returned in a semicircle just in time.

I released the telekinesis applied to the accelerator to slightly slow the speed, and at the same time grabbed the handle of the open door and got back into the car.


I closed the door and stepped on the accelerator again.

-Human! enemy! human!

The prisoners tried to stop the vehicle somehow, but they all just fell out like bugs hit by an electric flywheel.

The mana consumed by the electric grid was not easy, but thanks to the mana sucked in from the dead beasts, there was no problem in maintenance.

The next target was Leica’s men who were attached as escorts.

‘You must have thought of it as going out for a walk. They must have thought it was a war that had already been won.’

Mana was raised at the same time as driving.

It created a wind at the feet of the desperately fleeing guys, disturbed their posture, and slammed into the car as it was.


You could be electrocuted and killed, or you could break a bone and die instantly. It was one of the two.


When the steering wheel was turned large, the huge wheels rubbed against the floor and raised a cloud of dust.

I changed direction and stepped on the accelerator to the opposite camp.

Near the center where the seedlings were planted, a silver-haired wolf beast was seen surrounded by enemies.

And Tirhorn, who is running rampant from a distance, too.

“… … .”

It was the massacre itself.

The wolf beasts rushed at him without a break, but the wolf swung his arms wide and fell out in one shot.

After that, he was trampled on by his moving foot and died on the spot with a scream full of pain.

I stepped on the accelerator and sprinted towards Silverfang.

Break up! Tung! Tung!

The prisoners who hit the electric grid fell off and rubbed against the windows on either side.

‘Are you injured?’

Silver Fang kneeling on one knee.

The enemy who had jumped high towards him was falling with the tip of his spear down.

He grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and pulled out the revolver with the other, aimed at the windshield and closed one eye.


Along with the crack, the bullet pierced the spear.

It flew through the air and hit the spear in the middle of the guy’s forehead.

A corpse and a spear that fell helplessly.

In an instant, the eyes of all the beasts around were focused on this side.

“Human, enemy!”

The speed of the vehicle was faster than the speed of their response.

Tung! Tung!

He drew a circle around Silver Fang and pushed away all the beasts.

When the vehicle came to a stop, the surroundings were full of corpses burned or twisted at odd angles.

opened the door and said

“Do you still need my help?”

Silverfang’s face was blank.

“Did you come without men? How can you defeat so many enemies by yourself? .”

He immediately woke up to the sound of heavy footsteps coming from behind and got into the luggage compartment behind the car.

In line with that timing, I turned off the current grid for a while.

hey! thud!

The car accelerated to the limit, and Tyrhorn’s fist, which was running from a distance right behind him, slammed into him.

“Then that smell! You were really human!”

Tirhorn’s body was filled with blood and flesh that seemed to belong to another beast.

There were blood vessels in his eyes, and it looked like he was also taking a stimulant.

thud! thud!

The guy was chasing the car at terrifying speed.

While crushing enemies and allies at their feet without obscuring them.

Silverfang’s voice could be heard through the hole between the driver’s seat and the luggage compartment wall.

“Human help… . Thank you.”

“Let’s say thank you after the fight is over.”

Soon, a loud gunshot was heard from behind.

Judging by the appearance of the prisoners falling by bullets in the side mirror, it seemed that the machine gun attached to the luggage compartment was operating.

“Be careful not to fall.”

“… … .”

Actually, I had nothing to worry about.

Suin’s sense of balance was beyond human imagination.


The vehicle quickly turned and passed by Tirhorn’s bridge.

While barely dodging his fist, he opened the door and fired a gun at the guy’s leg.

bang! bang! bang!

Bullets with different properties of magic were stuck in the guy’s legs.

Ice and lightning magic were useless, and he trembled as if the fire magic had worked.

‘Compared to the mana entered, the effect is weak.’

“Like a mouse-!”

Tyrhorn’s fist once again slammed into the floor just behind the car.

The hard ground was dented as it was, leaving a mark.

In the meantime, some of the wolf beasts rushed at him and bit his skin, but they did not do much damage and were caught by both hands and crushed his back.

I said to Silverfang, who was about to run away with great excitement.

“Stop. If you don’t want to see your subordinates lose their leader and go back and forth.”

“… … .”

He turned again and ran towards Tirhorn and asked a question to the luggage compartment.

“Does he have any weaknesses?”

“I suffered a serious injury to my foot in a battle a few years ago.”

“instep of a foot. good night. Do you want to win the war?”

“… It’s a shame that the charter rate is being pushed back, but it’s natural.”

“Help me win. Can you follow my instructions from now on?”

Originally, he had a repulsion towards humans.

some kind of belief.

However, he must have felt a terrible sense of reality as his subordinates were dying in front of his eyes.

After a moment of silence, the answer came.

“i get it.”

“Jump out of the car and join the battlefield. Instruct your subordinates to fight each battle as much as possible. Leave the battlefield when I give you a signal. As far from Tirhorn as possible.”

“How far away do we have to be?”

“10 meters. No, more than 20 meters.”

“I’ll do that.”

At the same time, Silver Top kicked off the luggage compartment and jumped off.

With a cry, he gave instructions to his subordinates, leading the battle to take place in as many places as possible.

Thanks to this, the number of enemies rushing to the vehicle has been greatly reduced.

As soon as the electric current was removed, mana, which was rapidly decreasing, stopped.

‘This mana is used for other things.’

bang! bang!

Like a shooting star, it continued to shoot around Tirhorn.

All target points are instep.

A fire broke out, and every time an explosion occurred, his movements became sluggish.

“If caught, I will rip off my limbs to death!”

The guy’s hand barely passed, and sometimes the car body shook.

Ignoring it, I opened the car door and leaned outward with one hand on the steering wheel.


The mana that flowed out of the palm of the hand permeated the floor along the trajectory of the vehicle.

like sprinkling oil.

‘You can’t defeat him with small damage.’

It had to deal a lot of damage with one blow.

Damage enough to not even dare to counterattack.

There are generally three ways to increase the power of magic.

using catalysts.

Spent mana to increase output.

Or through the refinement of mana.

I am currently taking the second and third methods at the same time.

‘But after pouring out mana, you should also consider dealing with the remaining enemies.’

After defeating Tirhorn, you will have little mana left.

The answer was fixed.

Including Tyrhorn’s subordinates in the scope of the blow.

Because of this, I am now taking an additional method that is not usually used because of its complexity.

magic circle.

It is basically the same as an engraving in that it engraves mana in a specific place.

But there is a difference.

A method of engraving mana so that the elements necessary for the realization of magic constantly interlock with each other.

As a result, a huge picture drawn by Mana.

A single chain explosion caused by an element.

A skill that can significantly increase the range while preserving the power of magic.

“I will kill you!”

Tyrhorn was so excited that he didn’t seem to notice the lines of mana shining on the floor.

‘Now it is.’

After completing the central part of the magic circle, I shouted loudly as I sprinted outside.

“Silver Fang! Now!”


At the same time as his howling, the wolf beasts who were fighting began to leave the battlefield.

In the sudden situation, the enemies stopped bewildered or pursued in confusion.


It was confirmed that the wolf beasts had all escaped from the magic circle.

I also turned the car at the end of the range and looked in the direction of the center of the circle.

Running through his subordinates, he saw Tyrhorn running with seven packs of blood.

“I will kill you!”

When the guy came close.

I snapped my fingers.

Along the line forming the magic circle, black and red mana sprinted, causing a chain collision of elements.

The magic circle was completed, and the earth began to boil with intense heat.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen.”

Just before his fist hit me in the face.

A huge flame began to soar toward the sky.


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