A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 115

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 115

115. Cure All (1)

“CEO. This is Squad 6 Squad Leader Marco. We have the vehicle ready as instructed. We can leave at any time.”

The western outskirts of Rustwood.

Three transport vehicles with containers in the back were trembling.

“You must have been itching to stay in one place for two days.”

“no. If I had just given the instructions, I could have waited a month or two.”

“Good job.”


When Cain patted his shoulder as a sign of congratulations, a light expression of proud emotion appeared on his face.

“Then I will wait for you at your seat.”

He nodded and turned around the car.

Silver Fang, who was next to Cain, said with a smile.

“I guess you never thought of the possibility that I would turn down the offer in the first place. I was confident that I would make the offer accepted at any cost.”

“Let’s say you are thoroughly prepared. Wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t really have any remaining staff?”

“Okay. I don’t want to grow any more seedlings. I was just clinging to the past and not realizing that it had no meaning without the water of life.”

Silverfang turned and looked at the wolf prisoners lined up.

“All the gray wolves, including the wounded, are heading to Area 47.”

There was no disagreement with that statement.

As a leader who has been following him for a long time, he respected his choice, trusted him, and was with him.

Following the instructions of the crew, they lined up and boarded the seats provided inside the container.

“There won’t be a war with Leica right after we arrive. There are things I need to prepare ahead of time, and I may have to do other things according to my instructions.”

“… Know. If I can end Laika’s life with certainty and bring back the water of life, I will be satisfied with that.”

“And externally, it will be treated as if there is no contact between me and the Ashen Wolf. If rumors spread that I have something to do with the organization of the shadows, it may limit my ability to work in the shadows as well. I will use a face other than my real face when making contact.”

It was for this reason that Marco and other crew members were wearing plain clothes, not combat uniforms engraved with the Supreme Security logo.

The transfer will take place in secret, but there is no good news about it by any chance.


“It’s good to understand quickly. Then let’s go.”

* * *

Arriving at Area 47, I sent the cars with the ‘Ashen Wolf’ to Street 38 and headed towards the center of the city.

After changing his face to Evan’s, he returned to Supreme Security’s headquarters and received a report from Milsian.

“As directed, we continue to increase the number of available squads by posting job postings. Of course, only those with a certain identity are selected and recruited, and it seems that they will be able to put into practice as soon as the training is over.”

He listened to the report with his ears, and quickly scanned the documents he had given him with his eyes.

There were no special features regarding the operation of other facilities.

Indeed, it was a stable job as he had abundant knowledge and experience in various fields.

“Did you have staff on the 88th street to guide you to the building?”

“Yes. I made sure to go ahead and prepare it for the guests.”

The prisoners lived in a high-rise apartment on the outskirts of a slum.

The exterior was worn out due to its age, but the interior had been overhauled once and was in a state similar to that of a new residential facility.

“It would be better if it was in a remote place. Both me and my men have been mercenaries for a long time, so we are not very curious about the city, and rather prefer not to be seen by people.”

Although he would encounter nearby residents, there was no fear of an accident since all gray wolves were highly intelligent individuals.

“And I have secured up to two Mithril Ore.”

“Good job. Sooner or later, I’ll go to the forge in Area 62 and make a sword for you to use.”

“Go, thank you.”

“It’s a story that has been brought up once before. What are you so upset about?”

Milsian hesitated for a moment before answering.

“To be honest, it doesn’t feel real. Because every mana user dreams of a weapon made of mithril. It’s also a special weapon tailored to the individual like me… .”

I chuckled and joked.

“It means that there will be a lot of work that I have to do.”

“good. Somehow, I feel a little moved because I feel that I have been recognized by Cain-sama.”

After receiving a few more instructions, Milsian nodded and disappeared out of the office.

After reviewing the paperwork, I thought.

‘It’s a matter of efficiency, after all.’

After the circuit level rose and the burden of using magic was given, the efficiency of magic bullets had decreased compared to before.

There is a limit to the types of magic that can be engraved on bullets, and it is more efficient to directly cast magic with a large range when dealing with a large number of enemies.

There was already one revolver for one-man kills, so no more weapons were needed.

Rather, giving a weapon to someone you trust was more effective in increasing your power.

I rolled up my sleeves, checked the time on my watch, got up, opened the door and went out.

12 pm.

According to the schedule, the tour group of Matoap would arrive in the capital in the morning, and it was time to contact Estelle.

I went to the communication room on the lower floor and waited, and after a while, the light on the terminal of the communication device came on.

When the button was pressed, Estelle’s face and the appearance of her in the room appeared as a hologram.

“Long time no see.”

“It’s been a while. Almost three days?”

“right. Did you make it to the capital?”

“sure. Arrived in the morning and booked a lodging near the tower.”

The role she was immersed in this time seemed to be a spy.

Seeing her wearing black sunglasses and a long black coat as well.

“Did anything special happen while you were there?”

“Who is going to touch a group of five professor Matop? There was nothing special. After entering the inside of the wall, there was peace itself. There is no place where the police are not stationed everywhere.”

After that, I chatted with her, asked questions, and gave the following instructions.

“I will keep watching. That ‘Prophet’ will definitely come back to Professor Ellen to keep his oath.”


Communication was then terminated.

The Prophet’s Approach.

I couldn’t be 100% sure.

The information he had promised Professor Ellen was the approximate location of the area in which Bama currently lives.

There was no need to meet up and communicate information verbally, but it would have been possible to send a letter or something.

‘The moment the letter is received and opened, the oath will be lifted. Anyway, she contributed to Laxen’s death, and the promised information was delivered.’

It may not appear directly, but in the process of fulfilling the oath, there is no choice but to reveal traces.

That was my idea.

When I ended the communication and went outside, a staff member approached me with a bundle of newspapers.

“As you said, during your absence, we have collected all kinds of newspapers from the surrounding area.”

I went back to my office and went through all the articles.

What I particularly paid attention to were articles about ‘Hexamedical’.

─Initiation of mass production system for new drug ‘Cure All’. Prototype sales are expected to begin in the second half of next year.

─A business presentation is imminent. The stock price is rising day by day. Became number one in the industry by overtaking the starters.

business presentation.

The date was exactly ten days later.


At that moment, the light on the speaker on the desk came on, and when I pressed the button, I heard the voice of the desk staff on the first floor.

─A guest has arrived. I was supposed to meet the representative.

“Take it up.”

─Yes? However, identification… .


We have one planned visitor today.

The original appointment was two hours later, but it seemed that he had arrived earlier.

‘It must be a proposal that can only be pulled by the taste buds.’

Before leaving for Rustwood, I had sent an offer to her, who was now in the elevator, coming up.

“Let’s make a board together.”

We were supposed to explain only the rough plan, and discuss the details today.

Soon the door opened and a woman appeared.

black suit pants.

A jacket worn over a white tee.

Red hair that ran down the neckline.

“It’s been a while. Evan?”

Pieta waved her hand at me and smiled broadly.

“I think the last time I saw you was three months ago.”

“Right. Was that enough?”

She put her briefcase down on the table, looked around the office and said bluntly.

“The office is very luxurious. Did you change your identity again while we didn’t see each other? Chief of Supreme Security?”

“You could say it was the spoils of war.”

“Right. You fought a great war. To the extent that I have no choice but to not hear the rumors.”

She walked over to the desk and fiddled with the nameplate.

“CEO of Supreme Security, Evan. It’s wrong. The name should be Cain, not Evan.”

I said in a calm tone.

“You must have noticed.”

“It’s a question that can be answered right away if you put all the circumstances together. There were even direct rumors that ‘Cain, a former Blue Serpent executive, appeared’.”

Even if I had found out my true identity, she wouldn’t have leaked any information.

As a businessman, he must have been well aware that it would be more beneficial to maintain a relationship than to break it before the humane favours he had with me.

“Are you reluctant to work with criminals?”

“no. If I had, I wouldn’t have been here today. I don’t care what you did in the past. Thanks to Evan-nim, I became the chairman, and thanks to the connection with Bama, the operating profit of the ‘inside the wall’ business also increased significantly.”

She smiled and sat down on the sofa in front of the table.

“I expected that he would not be someone who works in Yangji. I never thought I would be a former executive of a big organization like the Blue Serpent.”

Her reaction was as expected.

“I will continue to call you Evan-sama. Everyone who knows Cain-sama’s true identity will know, but there’s no need to divulge information.”

“Do that.”


“Now, shall we talk about the business you mentioned earlier?”

She took out the papers from her bag and laid them out on the table.

Since the amount was quite large and sorting seemed to take some time, I used salt copper.


Papers wrapped in black mana flew like a bird and filled the air around me in line with heat.

I quickly glanced at the material that seemed useless for the plan, and dropped it on the floor, and only what I needed was picked out.

“It would be nice to see that. I feel it all the time, but every time I see magic, I am amazed.”

She came over and looked through the documents I had gathered.

“You said that the new drug developed by Hexa Medical was a failure.”

“okay. It blurs the horseman’s pattern engraved on the body, but that’s just a trick. Saying that it takes longer than 5 years to be effective is a great way to buy time to disappear.”

“It’s not that there weren’t people who thought the same way. Who would believe that a startup, founded less than a year ago, developed a cure for horse disease?”

“Competitors must have been stalking them to find out that the research results were rigged.”

“Right. I didn’t have any income. He has a heart attack, but he has not been able to say anything after getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration. everyone is cringing I try to find some gaps at business presentations.”

A bunch of selected papers flew into my hand.

It was data about the farms owned by Hexa Medical in the 40th division and the stock price fluctuations soaring day by day.


Then, the curtains were opened on both sides with flame copper.

Light came into the room for an instant, and the scenery of District 47 appeared over the glass wall.

“This is an opportunity to attract new investors, so Hexa Medical will be fully prepared and announce its future plans. How much land has been secured to grow medicinal crops, and what will be the annual production and price of new drugs?”

I said, looking at the conspicuous arable land everywhere.

Inside, employees were busy roaming the fields, and on the high outer wall, members of the Supreme Scurity stood vigilant.

‘For future plans, it is necessary to secure farmland.’

By the way, horse disease cannot be cured by normal methods.

However, other diseases caused by the lack of regular soil can be sufficiently treated with the development of new drugs.

In addition to treating Silverfang’s petrification, if a new drug is released and sold, it means securing an additional source of funding.

‘Occupying by force may be the last choice.’

Armed occupation is backfired.

Hexa Medical’s current external image is that it is the ‘saviour’ of those suffering from horse disease.

I also plan to start a pharmaceutical company, so securing farmland had to be done in a legal process.

“If we can prove that a new drug is a failure, it would be the biggest blow to Hexamedical when we publish that fact at a business presentation.”

“yes. And Evan said he could definitely prepare the bomb.”

“Of course.”

Episodes related to the cure for horse disease.

The settings related to it were already organized in my head.

Every single thing, such as the location of important people and top-secret materials.

I turned my back from the window and looked at Pieta and said.

“Let’s make a board once. A plate that will devour the money of clever merchants at once.”

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