A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 117

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 117

117. Cure All (3)

When he heard of the plan to swallow Hexamedical, Niles expressed a bit of disappointment.

“If CureAll proves to be a failure, the stock price will definitely fall. will hit the floor However, even considering that, considering the acquisition of the facility, it is not a small amount… .”

I gently pulled out Ignis’s bankbook and unfolded it at an angle invisible to the observers.

[ C: 5,000,000,000 ]

5 billion shillings.

It was an amount matched by Pieta’s investment.

Seeing him shut his mouth, he put the bankbook in his pocket, and this time he took out his business card and pushed it onto the table.

After giving him enough time to check it, he retrieved it.

“In order to be trusted, I must first reveal my identity.”

“Supreme Security… . Are you the representative of the security company?”

“It’s like that. The funds are sufficient. Enough to buy stocks that have bottomed out. The number of stocks we have already accumulated is not small.”

He said quietly as he thoughtfully shook the bowl of salad with his fork.

“I haven’t completely cleared my doubts about you yet, but I know you’re at least a lot more convincing than anyone I’ve ever come across. I will give you the location of the material.”

“No, let’s go together and find it ourselves.”

“You don’t believe me? Are you afraid of telling a lie?”

As I raised the corners of his lips, he hardened his forehead.

Through the glass, even at the entrance of the street or alley, there was a watcher who was watching this way.

He must’ve been pushing his business card a while ago, but it didn’t matter because it was all calculated actions.

I continued eating.

“After acquiring Hexa Medical, we plan to launch a new pharmaceutical company based on it. And I plan to make him the head of the research lab.”

“… … .”

“If you want to cast off your weak past and be proud of yourself, wouldn’t it be better to find the data yourself and present it to the world?”

“As the head of the research lab, what are you talking about now? . Once things go right, I’m not sure I’ll accept the offer.”

“No, I will eventually accept it. that one.”

The intention of using him as an executive was sincere.

I had a lot of work to do in the future, so I thought I’d help him get over the past.

“If you move right now, you will be followed by Hexa Medical. Searching for materials is on the day of the business presentation. So that they don’t have time to deal with it.”

“… … .”

I thought about it, but in the end, the answer was decided.


The desire to achieve something and the driving force that keeps humans running.

People without dreams die.

Whether it’s in a physical sense.

either in a psychological sense.

A person without desire is just an empty shell without a soul.

And Niles is the kind of person who can set his soul on fire again if he has a chance.

He said in a trembling voice.

The voice sounded like it was repeating itself, not to me.

“… let’s hit it Whether I break or Hexa Medical breaks down, let’s go to the end.”

I got up with a secret smile and picked up the tray. And whispered quietly.

“It is a wise choice. Waiting at home on the day of the presentation. I’ll go get it.”

As I turned my back and headed to the counter in the cafe, I pretended to be a mistake and spilled a business card.

It wasn’t from Supreme Security, it was a business card from someone else from a pharmaceutical company.

* * *

Early afternoon the next day.

Belfort looked for the hotel I was staying at with an urgent look.

“You haven’t left yet. Fortunately, the.”

I briefly explained to him.

I’ve made agreements with some of the companies here, and I have something to talk to about the dispatch of the guards.

As he put his coat on a hanger in the hotel room, he said with a smile.

“Oh, guard, guard. By the way, what I want to tell you is a story related to that.”

He looked out the window and walked around the wall once to make sure there were no people around, then he returned to the table.

“From now on, what I am telling you is a top secret. Well, it’s not really surprising, but it’s not a good thing because there are so many people I know.”

“Keep a secret.”

He took a business card from his pocket and placed it on the table.

“Healing Stars. Sales Manager Rupel.”

“This is the business card we found yesterday at the entrance to the forest near the fence of our lab.”

“Pharmaceutical companies. The stock price is rising recently due to business expansion.”

“you’re right. They are also our competitors.”

Yesterday I dropped it at the cafe, and he was lying.

“To be honest, there have been quite a few attempts so far to steal information from our competitors. Besides planting spies, there have been times when I tried to break into the lab.”

But this won’t be a lie.

“I mean, Healing Stars is also spying.”

“Yes. The business presentation is just around the corner, so it seems like they are trying to find a flaw somehow.”

When I nodded my head in sympathy, he looked me in the eye and said cautiously.

“Evan, did you say you would send a guard here a while ago?”

“right. I will have to meet and discuss the specific schedule with the other company.”

“Then may I ask for the security of our facility?”

What he commissioned was not only the farm, but also all facilities such as research institutes, office buildings, and factories.

“There is a company that I originally signed a contract with, but I am a little dissatisfied. In particular, the day of the business presentation is the most important, and if Evan-sama takes care of the security, I think I will be relieved.”

As I pretended to be thoughtful, he made a nervous face.

“Do that.”

“thank you! Thanks to you, I think I can save an hour.”

He moved as intended more easily than he expected, so the other moves he had arranged didn’t seem to need to be used.

As I was drawing up my next plan in my head, I heard a roar from the street outside.

Belfort looked out the window and spoke in a voice that was brighter than before.

“It seems that our representative is passing through the streets with reporters. Would you like to go out and say hello?”

“Don’t do that. We will have to see each other more often in the future anyway.”

As I put on my coats and walked out of the hotel door, I saw a group of people approaching this way.

Reporters with notebooks, pens, and cameras, centered on a mature man in a suit with some flesh, were moving slowly.

The shopkeeper, customers, and passersby stopped what they were doing and looked at the scene.

“I heard that the development of CureAll took a very long time. There must have been a lot of hardships, but what was the reason for not giving up?”

“When I was young, my dream was to be a doctor. However, seeing horse disease patients dying without any treatment, I changed the direction of my dreams. There were certainly difficult moments during the development of CureAll… .”

Despite the constantly flashing camera shutters and the pouring of questions, he did not lose his kind smile and continued the conversation calmly.

Without an introduction, I knew who he was.

Representative of Hexa Medical.

Former head of the Chevy Institute.

Ruud Felix.

The group surrounding Felix passed in front of the hotel and moved away to the other side of the street. Seeing that, Belfort said.

“You seem to be busy right now. There will be a break in the middle, so I think it’s time to say hello.”

“Do that.”

We walked behind Felix and a group of reporters.

Everywhere they went, passersby stopped and looked at them, and some put their palms together as if praying to Felix and bowed their heads.

“It’s like being treated like a saint.”

“It must also be proof that there are so many horse disease patients. In fact, CEO Felix is also a devout believer.”

I nodded as I looked at the octagonal necklace on Felix’s neck.

The crowd reached the park.

One of the reporters said, pointing to several benches.

“You suffered. CEO. Let’s take a break and continue the interview.”

“Yes. Let’s do that.”

“Chairman, please sit down first.”

Felix sat on the center bench, and the reporters along the surrounding benches.

After that, they exchanged stories with each other, organizing interviews and photos.

As we approached Felix, someone appeared first.

“I, there… .”

It was a woman in her 20s with a shabby appearance.

Felix smiled and said to her as she stuttered.

“If you have something to say, feel free to do so.”

The woman said with a slightly brighter face as if she had gained courage by those words.

“Oh, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for developing a cure. Actually, I’m a horseman… . I have hope to live again… .”

The woman couldn’t finish her words and started to cry, and Felix got up and hugged her and patted her shoulder.

“thank you. Thank you for persevering and not dying. Soon there will be a world where people suffering from horse disease will disappear.”

Felix looked at the reporters with a gentle face, and only then did the reporters who understood the situation start taking pictures.

“Never give up. The light will come.”

When the woman had calmed down a bit, Felix pulled her away and encouraged her with a few more hopeful words.

After she nodded her head and went back, she looked at the reporters and said:

“It hasn’t been released yet, but the price of the drug isn’t very low. Because the amount of medicines that go into it is not that great.”

Naturally, the interview resumed.

“We tried to cut costs as much as possible and exclude benefits for us, but we had no choice but to set a price that could be burdensome for some. That’s unfortunate and it’s just a shame.”

Reporters shook their heads as they listened to Felix’s story, some with a deeply impressed face.

After the interview, the reporters bowed deeply to Felix and then dispersed.

We approached him and talked to him as he headed for the vehicle that was waiting nearby.

“You have worked hard, sir. Also, it seems that you are innate. I have to emulate myself.”

Felix turned around and smiled politely.

“It was you. I didn’t know it was nearby. But this one… ?”

“This is Evan, the CEO of Supreme Security, as I mentioned earlier.”

“Ah, I’ve heard a lot about it. nice to meet you My name is Ruud Felix, who is the CEO of Hexa Medical.”

I said as I grabbed his outstretched hand.

“It is an honor to meet you. My name is Evan.”

“The issue I posted has been well-resolved. Evan-sama agreed to take care of the security on the day of the business presentation.”

“Oh oh. Is that so. Take good care of me. We are doing business with good intentions, but it seems that there are people who see it badly. It’s an important position, so I think there’s nothing wrong with being careful.”

I also responded with a smile to his gentle smile.

“Goodwill is not always appreciated by everyone. Nevertheless, it is not the will of the Goddess to persevere and try to exert a good influence in the world.”

“Hey, it was your brother.”

Felix’s gaze was on the octagonal necklace hanging from my neck.

Belfort, who followed the gaze, said in a surprised voice.

“Are you also a member of the church, Evan?”

It was a relic that concealed the circuit when mana was used, which was obtained from Estelle in prison.

It’s something I usually wear only when I need it, and I just took it out of my arms and put it on before talking to Felix.

“I have been preaching the doctrine for a few years, but I am proud of my faith more than anyone else.”

“It seems to be the will of the Goddess. To be able to do great things together with you again like this.”

Felix let out a pleasant laugh.

While we were talking a little more about the business and the denomination, Belfort said.

“I think you should go slowly now. Do you have any upcoming schedules?”

“That’s right. I have a lot of work to do these days, so it feels like time is going by so fast.”

“I’ll tell the driver to start the engine.”

“Thank you.”

Belfort vanished towards the black limousine that was waiting nearby.

“I think today’s story should end here. The important day is fast approaching, so I have a lot of work to do… .”

“It was a short but informative time.”

As Felix was about to turn and head for the limousine, I said another word to stop him.

“Is the CEO also running a business to purchase ‘admission tickets’ for the ark?”

He looked at me with surprised eyes.

The emotions in those gazes went through boundaries and doubts, as well as persuasion and stability, and in the end, they turned into gazes at the conspirators or co-workers.

“CEO Evan was also there. Come on, if you’re a devout believer in a big business, chances are great.”

“I guess my guess was right.”

I smiled and handed him a business card with the title of Chief Security Officer.

“I think we have more stories to share. In a secret place, alone.”

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