A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 118

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 118

118. Cure All (4)

“ruler! Have a drink!”


A luxurious atmosphere in a dimly lit room.

Felix clashed the glass with Cain with a happy face. After emptying the glass at once, he exclaimed with a ‘big’ admiration.

“As expected, whiskey made from barley grown in the golden land of the capital is different. Isn’t that right, Mr. Evan?”

“Since it is made from a variety grown in fertile land managed directly by the church, the scent must be unique.”

Seeing Cain tilting her glass with a beautiful movement, Felix burst out with a cheerful smile.

“As the name suggests, it is truly a blessing from the Goddess. haha!”

The name ‘Goddess’ Blessing’ written on the label of the bottle in luxurious handwriting.

It was a luxury item that cost 5 million shillings per bottle.

“I hope you will meet the same ‘person who prepares for salvation’ in a place like this! These must all be the great will of the Goddess!”

Have you ever felt this good lately, Felix thought.

Obviously, he was wary of Cain at first.

However, the other party knew exactly what they would not know unless they were ‘who prepares for salvation’.

For example, the price of a ‘ticket’ to board the ark, or the contents of a ‘revelation’ issued by the ark’s builder.

“I made Supreme Security and got my hands dirty here and there. Out of necessity, they even killed pitiful civilians. But who cares? After all, the general public are the ones who deserve to be sacrificed for the real thing like us.”

Moreover, the other party disclosed information about himself first, and also confided in his secrets.

Although the color of the face was normal, it was considered that he was quite drunk as he sometimes stopped moving.

‘It’s already the third bottle.’

Felix thought that Cain’s reckless behavior was due to a sense of solidarity among ‘those who were preparing for salvation’, who were very few in the whole continent.

“I bought two tickets. One for me and one for my lover. We will have to collect more tickets in the future because we don’t know what will happen next.”

And as I listened to Cain’s story, I felt my mouth tingle.

I wanted to say two things.

When the sale of the new drug starts, he will sit on a cushion and plan to purchase dozens of tickets instead of one or two.

Also, I deeply sympathize with the saying that the general public is only a foundation for the upper class.

Either way, both of them were in a position to run a company, or they wanted to show that they had a much higher edge.

‘I said that the company has not yet been properly listed.’

However, he was naturally pressed by the aura of his opponent and could not treat him recklessly.

“The public, aren’t they animals like dogs and pigs? It’s like waiting for a cure to try to live like a deungbae somehow.”

In the end, the words spit out were a mixture of both show-off and empathy.

Not openly, but in a subtle way.

He bit his tongue and continued.

“A miserable life is still boring even if you increase your life, isn’t it funny?”

No matter how drunk he was, the fact that the treatment was a fake could not be said because it was a top secret.

After all, it was a fact that everyone would naturally come to know.

By then, the time of destruction would already be imminent.

“you’re right. You are very good at talking.”

“Aren’t stupid and powerless people going to be taken advantage of by smart and powerful people?”

When Cain agreed, Felix grinned and filled the glass.

“Hey, you’ve run out of alcohol.”

Realizing that the bottle was empty, he rang the bell to call the waiter.

“A bottle of the same here, no. I’m going to get drunk today, so bring me three bottles. Evan, don’t worry, I’ll pay for this seat today.”

It was a kind of show.

When it comes to wealth, it is a subtle show that he is superior.

“Thank you for your consideration. Then we will enjoy it without any worries.”

The waitress who had left the room soon came in with a tray of new drinks and ice bowls.

Just as the waiter put the tray down on the table, Felix, who was passionate about the story, inadvertently made a large hand gesture.

A bottle of wine and a bowl of ice crashed into the arm and fell onto the table.


The bottle broke and the bowl tipped over.

Alcohol and ice were scattered everywhere, and some of the dogs splashed on Cain’s clothes and face.

“You know how much alcohol this is now!”

Felix jumped up from his seat and started to point at the employee.

Strictly speaking, it happened due to his own fault, but he appeared to be drunk and unaware.

Or, I didn’t even know if I was being swayed by my emotions and pushing others.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. My, I made a mistake.”

The employee also knew that it was not his fault, but how could he not respond to the status of the other person who looked high?

“What a humble thing! That means you can’t buy alcohol even if you work for a year!”

Felix grabbed an empty bottle and poked the employee in the chest.

Each time, the table was pushed and pressed against Cain’s stomach, but Felix, over-excited, did not notice it.

“… … .”

Cain watched the situation for a moment, then wiped his face and body with a cloth for a nearby wine bottle and said.

“Calm down. It’s not like the employees did it on purpose.”

“But this expensive drink—!”

“Isn’t that a burden for people like us? Whatever it is, I don’t care what the cost of this seat is.”

Felix stopped at Cain’s soft voice.

burdensome amount.

it was hot

Haha, about 5 million shillings from now on, isn’t it going to be a penny?

“Big, no. I pay the cost. But that’s what Evan said… . Turn it off right now!”

The bewildered employee bowed his head, said sorry and left the room.

“I was a little excited. Alright then, let’s raise the glass again.”


The glass clashed and the drink spilled over.

‘Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with maintaining a relationship. It’s not as good as mine, but you seem to have quite a bit of business acumen and discipline.’

Felix felt that everything was going well.

I form a new relationship with the person on the same boat, and most of all, Niles, who has been a troublemaker, has been living like a dead mouse in the last few months without any disturbance.

In the end, someday, it will compromise with reality and blow the position of the data.

The lives of family members in other districts are also in their hands.

“ruler! Let’s drink! drink!”

The drinking party went on happily.

After some time passed, Felix, who was drunk, got up and left the room to go to the bathroom.

“I will go for a while. It’s still a long way off! far away! It’s the first time in my life I’ve met someone who can communicate so well!”


As he closed the door and left, Cain’s face, which had been smiling before, turned cold and returned to his original expressionless expression.

His body, which had been shaking slightly from side to side while drunk, also returned to normal.

“… … .”

Cain, who was looking down at the alcohol marks left on his clothes, took out a tape recorder from his arms and checked it.

* * *

On the day of the business presentation.

I was in the car, watching a house on Route 66.

I could see Niles standing by the window with a tense face in the house over the fence.

I checked the time.

11:20 am.

There were 40 minutes left until the business presentation, and the members of Supreme Security would have arrived at Hexa Medical’s office in the morning and stood guard tight.

“I have a schedule in the morning, so I think I will arrive just in time for the start of the presentation.”

“All right. It’s a pity that you couldn’t come in advance, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

It was a conversation with Belfort.

When I looked around, it was not difficult to find the watchers lurking all over the place.

‘It would be most efficient to proceed with the task after removing them all.’

My goal is to win the favor of Niles and use him as an executive.

There was nothing good about showing blood in front of him who was aiming to save lives.

It was also necessary to maintain a certain level of tension during the movement to awaken the original figure sleeping inside.

Not the cowardly Niles who succumbed to circumstances, but Niles full of achievement and adventure.


The vehicle I rode had a plain design that can be seen anywhere on the street, and had a little feeling of use.

In the end, what I was going to direct was a play.

Starring me and Niles,

A well crafted play.


Roughly stepping on the accelerator, he dashed towards Niles’ house, avoiding the people on the street.

The images of the guards, who were panicked and unable to take immediate action, flashed through the window.


He broke down the brick wall and entered the yard. Without stopping, it just hit the wooden wall of the house.


The front part of the vehicle was placed inside the house.

I lowered the window and said to Niles, who was stunned.

“Taji. I have come to pick you up.”

“What, what?”

He opened the door next to him, and magically created a wind and pushed his back toward him.

He stretched out his arms toward him, who was about to fall, and then grabbed him and sat him down.

The wind blew up again and closed the door.


“Put the belt on. Because driving is going to be rough.”

I stepped on the accelerator again and spun the car loudly around the house.

The rough movement pushed Niles’ body, which was tying the belt, into the car door.

“for a moment! Gee, home! My home!”

Rather than the pain in his shoulder, Niles screamed as he saw the broken and tumbled objects.

“I don’t have any valuables anyway. Don’t worry, we’ll find a better place to live in Area 47 when you’re done. I’ll get you a spacious house so that your family can stay together.”

“Oh no!”

The car turned and sped out again through the hole it came in.

Surprised by the sudden situation, the guards gathered in the yard with their arms crossed, blocking their way.

“Person! I will hit someone!”

“If you don’t want to die, they will avoid it.”

I stepped on the accelerator harder, not paying attention.

“Blood, avoid!”

“f*ck, you crazy bastard! stop!”

Enemies flew sideways in fright, and the vehicle swerved past the street, turned quickly and entered the road.

I saw an enemy sending a radio somewhere in the rearview mirror, but I didn’t care because it was the situation I had assumed.

“Where is the data located?”

“The Great Library on the 24th and 24th Streets.”

Holding the ceiling handle and breathing heavily, he looked into the rearview mirror and said in a calming tone.

“Yeah, yes. Isn’t this kind of gamble necessary in life?”

I didn’t miss the fact that the corners of his lips were slightly curled up.

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a gamble.

Everything in the future will definitely happen.

“Three rows of bookshelves 21 in Reading Room D on the top floor! Between the thesis pages of ‘What Humans Live by!’

In the rearview mirror, several cars were catching up at high speed.

Seeing this, Niles gasped for breath and continued.

“I can assure you that it will be. It is a large library with few visitors. The entrepreneurs in this city are only interested in making money, not reading books and building their humanities knowledge!”

“I have a good memory.”

“Should I forget the location? What kind of material is that!”

There were not many cars of ordinary citizens on the two-lane road.

As they scrambled to and fro between them, Niles’ body wobbled to and fro as the body shook.

It was driven while barely avoiding collisions with other vehicles or guard rails.

“Wow, did you do any driving related work? He said he was the representative of a security company and his workmanship was very… .”

The enemy’s driving skills weren’t too bad either, but it wasn’t comparable to this side, who was running with little to no speed reduction.

The enemy’s vehicle reflected in the rearview mirror gradually grew further away from it and became smaller.

Before long, the traffic decreased and a clear section of the road appeared, and I pressed the accelerator to the end.

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