A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 120

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 120

120. Cure All (6)

“Representative Evan! What the hell is going on now!”

It won’t be.

It really won’t be.

It didn’t take long to figure out the situation, given the experience he had accumulated so far.

Evan’s betrayal.

No, maybe he approached himself to dig a trap from the beginning.

‘Nonsense. This is absolutely ridiculous.’

In my head, I understood the situation.

But at the same time, the head was refusing to accept the situation.

“President Felix. That’s what it looks like.”

“Did you plan on doing this from the beginning? Belfort and Belfort must not be in the same team!”

“He is not worthy of attracting anyone. I did it alone.”

Felix’s face was red.

It felt like it was going to explode at any moment.

“How can we do this with people in the same boat, or even the same church members!”

Cain shrugged.

“Aren’t stupid and powerless people going to be taken advantage of by smart and powerful people?”

“this person… !”

The words he said at the drinking party.

At that moment, I could intuit that the other party had no will to compromise.


Felix’s wizard, who had been attached as a personal escort, spread protection around him.

After judging that at least the bullets wouldn’t turn him into a hive, Felix immediately shouted at the mercenaries at the entrance.

“Take down the authors! You can kill it! hurry! I will reward those who beheaded!”

The mercenaries came to their senses and kicked the floor.

“I said Milcian! I don’t know how much he works for him, but I can give him at least double that! Behead him right now! Weapons are also not cheap, but I can give you a decent one!”

Felix thought that if he had wealth, he would have an edge over his opponent.

Not only the personal assets he had accumulated so far, but also the amount of investment he had accumulated in the company was enormous.

It will be retrieved when the contract is over, but the mercenaries were also given weapons made of Orharkon alloy.

“… … .”

Milsian looked at Felix without saying a word and then turned his gaze to the mercenaries.


he took his seat

And it was a moment.

A brilliant light was emitted from his old scabbard and drew several lines in the air.


“… … !”

The swords of the mercenaries, neatly cut in half, rolled on the floor with a loud noise.

Mana users without weapons to wear mana were nothing more than ordinary people with excellent physical abilities.

Milsian, who received Cain’s strengthening magic, quickly moved among the mercenaries, and subdued them one by one by slashing the sword with the lower part of the sword handle.

Milsian, standing alone among the fallen mercenaries, clutching his chest, said.

“At first, I had no intention of following anyone other than Evan-sama, but even if I change my affiliation, I don’t think they will be able to provide better equipment than they do now.”

A sword made of 100% pure mithril was emitting a brilliant light under the light.

Passing by Niles, who had a bewildered face, Cain walked towards Felix.

Despite approaching them bare-handed without any weapons, Felix and his escorts could not help but feel the supreme fear.

Winners and losers have been decided.

They couldn’t do anything until Cain, who approached right in front of them, pulled out a pistol and pressed it against Felix’s neck.

“Go up. The presentation will start soon.”

* * *

Belfort took a deep breath and then stood on the podium.

Reporters, shareholders, and industry-related people all focused on him. He was in a state of high concentration, not to miss a single word.

He smiled with a mixture of tension and excitement.

It was going to be a historic moment.

After a long time passes and the lies are uncovered, it will be recorded as the worst fraudulent play, but it will definitely remain as a big highlight in the history of the industry anyway.

“From now on, we will start the business presentation for the third quarter of this year!”

Simultaneously with the shouting, thunderous applause poured in. It was deafening to my ears.

“First, let’s talk about the supply and demand of new drug CureAll… .”

Full of excitement and anticipation, Belfort began to speak.

‘But where is the representative? .’

I looked around the auditorium, but I couldn’t see Felix, who was supposed to go up on the podium and say hello at the beginning of the presentation.

Then the door behind the auditorium opened and someone appeared.

The first thing he saw was Felix.

It felt good for a moment, but when he saw the face that followed, Belfort was internally astonished.

‘Niles? How the hell did that guy get here? .’

He continued his presentation calmly, but his head had already sensed that something was going wrong and sounded a warning signal.

Felix’s expression was also strange.

It was as if President Evan, who was standing close behind him, had a gun or a knife pointed at his back, his expression was terrified.

‘Stand, please.’

A bundle of materials in Niles’ hands.

An ominous feeling took over his body.

Representative Evan nodded towards Niles.

The guy clenched his fists as if he had gained courage by that appearance and strode towards him.

Belfort instinctively exclaimed.

“Stop the author!”

In an instant, silence entered the hall.

And the silence had the effect of making Niles’ footsteps louder.

People’s eyes followed Belfort’s fingers. Seeing Niles at the end of it, he murmured.

“Who is it?”

“It’s like a face I’ve seen somewhere… .”

There was no time for Belport to worry about people’s reactions.

They looked at the guards who were stationed in the hall, sweating profusely, but they did not move from their place as if they had received any instructions beforehand.

In an instant, realization came.

The fact that the guards assigned to the office building are all members of Supreme Security.

“He is an intruder. kick them out! hurry!”

Still, the guards did not respond.

“Isn’t that a dangerous situation?”

“Let’s see for a moment.”

Felix groaned. It felt like the whole world was tilting and pouring on him.

“Where is this!”

puck! puck!

They kicked Niles to stop Niles from coming up the podium.

However, for some reason, the guy grabbed his feet and pushed them back up the podium.


Thanks to you, I slapped my buttocks in trouble.

It was tremendous power.

Due to the confusion of the situation, I couldn’t even think of the fact that CEO Evan gave me strength-enhancing magic.


Niles took the microphone from the bewildered Belfort.

Then, looking back at the crowd, he said politely.

“hello. My name is Niles, a former researcher at the Chevy Institute. Maybe some of you remember.”

People started to fuss.

However, the sound was not loud, and only Niles’s voice resounded clearly in the hall.

“I am here today to reveal the truth.”

The noise began to grow gradually.

People’s eyes were full of curiosity or anxiety.

Among them, some reporters were preparing to go outside after changing their posture as if they had a foreboding of a scoop.

Belfort looked at Felix with bewildered eyes.

But there was nothing but a mature man with a face of a loser with his lips trembling.

Niles said after taking a deep breath.

“Cureall is fake.”

A short, succinct word.

The moment that single word resonated in the air, dense confusion and commotion overtook the hall.

“What did he say now?”

“CureAll is fake?”

People began to agitate and the murmur only grew louder.

“The drug is fake! Don’t be silly! Cheater!”

Someone got up and threw the drink cans they had been given and shouted.

It was not difficult to guess that he was an investor who spent a lot of money on Hexa Medical.

“… … .”

Niles, who looked at the can that had fallen at his feet, calmly continued his conversation without panicking.

“I will tell you. About the explosion at the Chevy Institute a year ago and everything that happened after that.”

He opened the material Niles was holding to the crowd.

Belfort rushed to steal it, but it fell out with one movement of Niles’ arm.

“The research being conducted at that time was about the treatment of horse disease, and the subjects… .”

As Niles’ story continued, the commotion in the hall subsided.

All of a sudden, everyone was focused on the logical and persuasive story.

“My story ends here. I couldn’t stand still, the scammers trying to extort the blood and sweat of the desperate for their own benefit.”

The hall was quiet.

Clearly, he understood the situation in his head.

But no one was able to react immediately to what had happened so suddenly.

Only a few reporters left the auditorium, while others whispered to each other and looked at each other.

“It’s fake! All the material is fake! Shareholders! Journalists!”

Belfort’s evil voice came from behind him.

Niles looked behind the auditorium.

Evan nodded again.


He took the recorder out of his pocket, held it high above his head, and pressed the button.

“The public are animals like dogs and pigs, aren’t they? It’s kind of like waiting for a cure to try to live like a deungbae somehow.”

A voice familiar to everyone in the hall came out.

“A miserable life is still boring even if the number of lives increases, isn’t it funny?”

However, his voice was arrogant and cynical, not his usual gentle and elegant tone.

There was the sound of a chair being pushed.

Reporters, convinced of the situation, were leaving the auditorium to spread the scoop.

“The drug is fake!”

“Contact the exchange! Sell all of Hexa Medical’s stock right now! hurry! hurry!”

After that, shareholders who lost their temper hurriedly switched communications and fought to get out of their seats first.

“President Felix! What the hell is this—!”

“이 개새끼가!”

Cain shoved Felix’s back, which he was holding, toward the running stockholders.

Felix was grabbed by the stockholders and pushed towards the wall.

The hall was a melting pot of complete chaos.

In it, Cain and Niles were still looking at each other.

It’s like a separate landscape away from the surroundings.

Niles felt his stomach churn. Suddenly, tears welled up in my eyes.

I thought in my mind.

This time, it seems that someone you can really trust and follow has appeared.

Cain looked at Niles for a moment, then picked up the portable communication device and pressed the button.

Soon Pieta’s voice came out.

“The stock price of Hexa Medical is plummeting. Are you afraid of how far you will fall?”

Cain answered.

“Do not proceed as planned. Hexamedical is swallowed up by us.”

* * *

Silverfang put his arms on the railing of the mansion’s upper floors and took a deep breath.

Beyond the hazy cigarette smoke, the scenery of the slum was overlooked.

‘Is it already ten days?’

It had been since we left Rustwood and arrived in District 47.

They stayed in the abode that Cain had provided for them, and nothing special happened.

Because Cain provided daily necessities, necessities such as cigarettes and alcohol, there was not much to go out.

The fact that he and his subordinates were both active as mercenaries for a long time in the past probably contributed to the fact that he went out less.

Because life in a city built by humans has a lot of bones, and there is nothing new to wonder about anymore.

“… … .”

In hindsight, the human world was not much different from Rustwood.

Even in human society, there is a class distinction between the strong and the weak, and those at the bottom of the food chain are likely to be exploited and plundered by predators.

In Silver Fang’s gaze, three men were moving in pairs.

guns and hazmat suits.

And a helmet with a deep press.

Members of a security company called Supreme Security, run by Cain.

If I had to pick out the special thing about Area 47, it would seem that they existed.

In Silverfang’s eyes, Cain was a clear predator.

A predator among predators, who can’t even raise their heads properly in front of them.

How could such an existence protect its prey at their own expense?

It was quite strange and fresh.

In any case, it was true that I was able to live a more comfortable life thanks to it.

If they do not suppress the frequent disturbances around them, they will not be able to properly rest from the screams and shouts that are heard day and night.


At the same time as I thought, I heard a scream from the alley below my gaze.

A girl who appeared to be in her mid-teens was surrounded by three men in sloppy clothes.

Silverfang nodded and smoked a cigarette again.

It was because the guards passing by anyway would react immediately.

“… … ?”

However, perhaps they did not hear the scream, contrary to expectations, the guards passed the alley where the girl was and were moving away in the opposite direction.

“… … .”

Silverfang was in trouble.

It was clear what the girl would be like if she left it like this.

I was going to shout and tell the guards the girl’s location, but I wanted to avoid unnecessary mingling with people other than Cain.

In the midst of contemplation, the situation was becoming more dire.


After making up his mind, Silver Fang threw his cigarette off the railing. And at the same time, I flew off the railing.


His flexible and strong legs touched the ground before the cigarette.

Recalling the location of the alley in his head, he kicked off the ground and ran.

Around the alley, round, round again.

I saw a girl sitting in front of me shivering and three men drooling.

“What, what?”

Before the three men could react, Silver Fang’s body moved like lightning.

Two of the dogs were stunned by punching them with their elbows, and then carried them over their shoulders.

Then he threw it into the air with all his might so that the guards would fall into the alley passing by.

There is only one left.

The moment he tried to subdue it, his left leg did not move.


A disease that starts in a specific area and causes the entire body’s muscles to harden like a stone.

It was a disease that had been afflicted for a long time, and the extent of the petrification was below the knee of the left leg.

It was not severe enough for daily life, but when I took a vigorous movement like now, the symptoms got worse temporarily.


Seeing the flying knife, Silverfang reflexively twisted his body.

A knife with murderous intent brushed his shoulder, and silver hair flew in the air along with drops of blood.

‘To a human in a back alley like this… .’

Silver top frowned.

If it was originally, it would have been right for someone like this to not be able to brush even a single hair of his own.

And if he had been in good shape, he wouldn’t have been pushed so unilaterally in the battle with Laika.

Seeing Silverfang’s expression become harsher, I flinched.

At the next moment, the petrified Silver Fang rushed to the enemy and grabbed him by the neck.

“Big, big, big!”

“… … .”

For a moment, I was overcome with the urge to twist my neck, but Cain’s request rang once again.

Silver Fang picked up the enemy with all his might and threw it over the alley.

I calmly calmed my excitement and turned around to see a girl with her eyes closed.

The body of the brown-haired girl seemed too small compared to Silver Fang.

After not hearing anything for a while, the girl carefully opened her eyes.

And when he met Silver Fang’s eyes, he started hiccups in surprise.

“… … .”

Silver Fang, who looked at him, thought that he had done his job and turned around.

‘If I tried to comfort him, he would be more scared and cry.’

Fear or disgust between humans and beasts for each other.

Silverfang knew that all too well.

After all, the gangsters would follow the direction they came from, and the guards would soon arrive.

When Silver Top was just about to take a step.

A girl’s voice came from behind her.

“Go, don’t go. Help me get out of the alley. Hey, my name is Lenny.”

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