A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 121

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 121

121. wolf and girl (1)

“You f*cking bastard! Get my money back!”

“I was just waiting for the medicine to come out, so what do we do?”

Felix was heading to the convoy, holding the police by their shoulders.

He put a coat over his head to cover his upper body, and his hands were handcuffed.

Stones and garbage flew at him with a bewildered face.


A stone hit Felix’s cheek.

He sat down, moaning in pain he had never felt in his life.

“Get up.”

One of the cops holding his shoulder urged Felix in a cold voice.

That was the attitude of everyone in the field.

Even the police, who put up barricades to stop angry citizens, didn’t seem very enthusiastic about their role.

Felix got into the car, followed by Hexa Medical executives, including Belfort.


It was only natural for him to be treated like Felix halfway through.

“The end of those who try to trade with hope as a bait is usually like that.”

Zervia turned her head to the side and looked at the owner of the voice.

It was Cain.

Even though I’m wearing the face of CEO Evan now.

Cain took a file iron from his pocket and handed it to Zervia.

“This is the missing research data of the Chevy Institute. It will be enough to prove that CureAll is fake.”

“… … .”

She recalled the communication she had with Cain before.

“Area 75. Abandoned industrial park on the 44th street. If you lurk there, there will be a good harvest.”

It was just as the guy said.

Because I was able to catch the bounty blockers as well as the Blue Serpent crew who came to recruit him at once.

And it was the same this time.

The guy was driving achievements so that he could be promoted at a fast pace.

Hexamedical and a cure for horse disease.

He was also keeping an eye on it, but he was the subject of an investigation that stopped his interest due to pressure from the superior.

Above all, we decided that there would be no problem because the Food and Drug Administration had already approved it.

‘But he found a crack that I couldn’t find and dug up the corruption.’

As a result, it was possible to prevent a fraudulent play that would have been a stain on history.

If not, it is certain that countless innocent people would have shed tears of blood.

“It doesn’t matter what Felix and the executives do. Please do not intervene in the handling of the remaining assets of Hexa Medical.”

It must have been an act for his own benefit, but in any case, he did something beneficial to the world as a result.

‘No, maybe he had all of that in mind.’

It’s a thought I’ve had recently.

He helped the coal mining village become self-reliant after dealing with the hunting dogs right after the escape.

All the crimes they have committed so far have only been directed against the same criminal organization or a business led by the imperial government.

“Are you not going to take it?”

At Cain’s voice, Zervia woke up from her thoughts.

“… … .”

I glanced at the file file and took it with a businesslike gesture and picked it up and put it in my arms.

get help from criminals

There was no rejection.

Because the thought of building such a personal pride no longer exists.

‘It is a priority to rise to the highest possible position.’

Immediately after returning from No. 47, he reported to the superiors.

The Red Skulls attacked and the three units that had been dispatched suffered heavy damage.

It was a suspicious look at the upper level, but since all of the crew members kissed and said the same story, they did not delve into it any further.

“There are many wounded. It is expected that the treatment will take a considerable period of time, so it is necessary to replenish the manpower.”

The superior’s reply came back to his claim.

“I know what you’re talking about, but it’s not something you can easily decide. Anyway, the final decision rests with the Commissioner… .”

“… … .”

The next day, I went to see the head of the department.

To bring up the story of manpower replenishment, along with a report on what happened in Area 47.

But the chief was not present.

Said the secretary who was watching the office.

“You have been away for several days. You said you were going outside the wall to inspect.”

Even if I had an interview anyway, the situation would not change.

I’ve asked for replenishment several times before, but it was not accepted.

This means that there is not enough room for manpower and funds.

‘What the hell is your father thinking?’

Anyway, the answer was fixed.

He had no choice but to rise to the position of chief executive himself.

To root out everything you don’t like and make a difference.

“As you said, the police will no longer intervene in this matter. It’s enough for the top team to catch them, and even if they don’t, there aren’t many special task forces that can work.”

After leaving those words, Zervia turned and headed towards the convoy where the suspects had boarded.


Even after the police left, the atmosphere at the scene did not subside easily.

Some sat down and cried, while others were holding things like poker at the front door of the Hexa Medical Complex.

After a while, people left the scene.

“Go in.”

Niles, staring blankly at the rubbish-strewn streets, was awakened by Cain’s voice.

Cain suddenly opened the front door and entered the complex. It was followed by Niles and members of Supreme Security.

Inside, there were several groups of people with anxious expressions on their faces.

They resided in the dormitory of the complex, and they had various positions, such as general clerks, researchers, and factory workers.

Looking around them, Cain said.

“Niles, I once asked you what to do next.”

“Ahh? He did.”

“You just have to do what you’ve been doing. Researching and making new drugs. My dream is to create a world where no one suffers from disease. You can dream that dream again.”

For a moment, Niles’ heart throbbed.

Obviously, the grand dream I had when I first set foot in this industry. But at the same time, it was also a dream that I lost someday.

“But it won’t be this place. We will keep the name of Hexa Medical as it is.”

Cain’s voice was clearly audible even though he did not use any special amplification magic.

Everyone in the seat kept their sense of touch high while maintaining their tension.

‘You want to keep the name of Hexa Medical? You said you bought more than 90 percent of the stock.’

In fact, Niles could not fully understand Cain’s behavior.

What do you mean by buying stocks of companies that are already dead?

It is said that the stock price plummeted close to a piece of paper and took an absolute stake in an absurd amount.

“In order to start the research again, we will need the appropriate manpower and equipment.”

At those words, people started to laugh. His eyes twinkled in anticipation of what he would say next.

“Choose those who look useful.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Niles at once.

These were the people who lost their jobs in an instant, unrelated to the conspiracy the executives were plotting.

It was clear that it would be difficult to re-employ elsewhere because of the stigma of Hexa Medical.

I don’t know if it’s a worker performing simple tasks, but especially if it’s a professional manpower like a researcher who has been working in the same industry for a long time.

Rumors were circulating among them that an unidentified man named Evan had bought most of the stock.

I wouldn’t have done it without thinking.

At least, there must be the ability to pay wages stably.

If they were to be hired all the time, they would have no loss at all, and it was close to being saved.

“My, am I?”

“okay. These are the people who will work under there, so it would be better to choose them by hand.”

Cain pulled out a wad of papers from his pocket and handed it to Niles. It was a list of resumes of Hexa Medical staff.

“Give me some time. I’ll be back with a transport vehicle in two hours. Take any equipment you can bring with you. Except for things that were confiscated by the bank.”

Cain left, leaving a few Supreme Security members as escorts.

As soon as Cain turned around, people started running at Niles.

“Please choose me, me!”

“no! me! No one has more practical experience than I do!”

* * *

Niles sat with Cain in the back seat of the luxury sedan.

In retrospect, Cain was no mere representative of a security company.

I thought he was hiding something more than that.

Because of this, I also felt a little bit of fear rather than awe.

“… … .”

It is true that it is very burdensome for the two of us to be in a small space, but at the same time, it is also true that we feel proud that we have been recognized for something.

Outside the window, a transport vehicle carrying Supreme Security’s crew and the hunted down Hexamedical staff was running like an escort.

After some time passed, we reached the outskirts of District 47 through the wasteland.

The scenery outside the window went through the low buildings of the slums and gradually changed into tall and colorful buildings.

Then, an abandoned corporate complex came into view.

‘If you change locations and run a pharmaceutical company, you will need not only manpower but also land. Some buildings… .’

“What you see outside the window right now is Hexa Medical’s corporate complex to be relocated.”

At the moment Cain’s voice heard, Niles felt his heart sink.

“I have all the necessary preparations ready, so there is no need to worry.”

“That, right? I haven’t really worried about it yet… .”

Does this person have a talent for reading the inner mind? Niles swallowed a gasp in a sense of embarrassment.

The sedan Cain and Niles rode separated from the transport vehicle and rushed towards the city center.


Before long, we arrived in front of a tall building.

When I got out of the car and entered the room, the employees passing by the hall and hallways nodded their heads toward Cain.

As soon as one of the dogs saw Cain, he trotted over and made a report.

“The guests are here. It is in the living room.”

Cain nodded and beckoned him to leave.

Then he looked around the inside of the building with wide eyes and said to Niles, who was following him.

“Niles. I have someone I need to meet. Anything about your home or your soon-to-be family should be done after the business is over.”

“Oh, I see.”

The two headed to the drawing room located at the end of the hallway on the first floor. When I opened the door, I saw several people sitting at a huge table.


The first person to react was a girl with brown hair. She got up and made a friendly face to Cain.

Cain greeted her with warm eyes in her own way and turned her gaze to the people sitting next to her.

“It must have been difficult to come. Freud.”

Freud replied with a smile.

“No. It’s me, the people you sent me to come comfortably in the car, so there was no trouble. It took me a while to pack up for the move, though.”

Cain’s gaze turned to Silver Fang this time. Since he hadn’t called today, his eyes were asking for an answer.

Silver Fang, who had her arms crossed, answered in a dry tone.

“The child was in a dangerous situation. near the dwelling. After looking for it, it seems that I know you.”

With those words, a man appeared from the corner of the drawing room.

It was the Supreme Security squad leader who was waiting with a restless face.

“sorry. While guiding you to your next destination, I made a mistake and couldn’t take Lenny-sama. He gave direct instructions that they were obviously important people, but whatever punishment you give me, I will accept it sweetly.”

Squad leader Tikal was nervous.

Rather than fear of punishment in the future, he felt that he had let down those he trusted and followed.

‘I can take a pay cut or anything. But please, get kicked out of this place… .’

The decision to quit the long mercenary life and settle in Supreme Security was not simply a matter of high salary or welfare.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“thank you. Thank you teacher.”

The words that people sent to them in tears when they rescued them from a crime at a dangerous moment.

It was quite a fresh and shocking experience.

Receiving a sincere thank you from someone.

It was an expression of pure emotion that could never be found in an employer’s expression of appreciation, whether in a simple contractual relationship.

Because of this, Tikal could not imagine leaving Supreme Security anymore.

I thought that I would not be able to find anything else where I could make use of my long experience of fighting the battlefield and at the same time feel the reward of life.

There will be many similar companies, but there will be no system like Supreme Security, and it will not include civilians as protection targets.

“… … .”

Cain looked down at Tikal. Then he put his hand on his shoulder and said.

“Tikal. The scars on your face are proof that you’ve been on the battlefield for a long time and have so much experience. I don’t think a veteran like you made such a rudimentary mistake. Is it a squad member’s mistake?”

At Cain’s harsh words, Tikal felt his heart sink.

Looking at the eyes that seemed to pierce the heart, I thought that any more lies would rather inflict anger on the other person.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I should have reported the truth… .”

“The attitude to cover up the mistakes of subordinates is not bad. Anyway, I’m glad Lenny wasn’t hurt.”

Cain’s palm patted Tikal’s shoulder a few times.

“I will give you a light pay cut. You can go back to work.”

“Go, thank you!”

Tikal bowed his back with a face full of emotion and left the drawing room.

Cain looked at the spot where his back had disappeared for a moment.

‘There is no need to lower morale.’

He’s a good enough person, so the same mistakes won’t happen in the future.

encouragement rather than punishment.

It was a strategic decision to instill confidence so that he could show his original ability more without adding or subtracting.

‘And Silver Top is saving humans. It’s a bit surprising though.’

Cain met Silverfang’s gaze. Soon Silverfang said.

“I won’t let you go back. It seems that the child has completely found stability.”

“No, sit down. Silverfang, it’s a story related to you too, so please stay there.”

Silverfang got up and sat down again.

Niles, too, nodded his head to Freud and Silverfang, gave a brief speech, and sat down.

“Doctors, pharmacists, and even patients. All the necessary people have been gathered. Freud and Niles, let me first explain what they are supposed to do.”

As Cain stretched out his finger, mana flowed out, writing letters and numbers in the air.

Silverfang tilted his head, but the other two understood their faces at once.

“haha. I also have some knowledge in the field of pharmacy. Is this combination possible?”

“No, Mr Freud. If you think carefully… .”

As the ceremony continued, the two’s faces gradually became colored with surprise.

Finally, the mana connected to the finger was cut off, and the expression of sparkling letters in the air was completed.

Cain said in a low voice.

It’s like making a point of expression.

“We are making and publishing a treatment for petrification. In the name of Hexa Medical.”

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