A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 122

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 122

122. wolf and girl (2)

“It’s a treatment for petrification… .”

Niles was confused.

There are three infamous diseases, though not as many as horsemen.

Petrification in which the muscles of the body harden like stones and paralyze the whole body.

Sleep insomnia, which ends with prolonged sleep.

A cancer in which vision becomes blurred and invisible except in darkness.

A disease caused by being born in a land lacking in spirit, just like the horses.

Of course, Niles didn’t know that.

But what he knew for sure was that all three diseases were incurable.

‘But out of the blue, it’s a cure for petrification.’

It’s ridiculous.

If that could be done so easily, a cure would have been developed right away and spread across the continent.

For a moment I had that thought.

Is this another con artist like Felix? Did you try to attract me for that purpose?

‘Does this formula make sense?’

It was a formula that deviated far from the general principles of pharmaceuticals.

However, the more I looked closely, the more I thought that the development of a treatment might really be possible.

The combination of medicinal materials was woven in such a way that the side effects of the previous ingredients were removed and the original effect was maximized.

Each quantity in the formulation was so precise that it was like looking at a beautiful mathematical formula.


After swallowing dry saliva, Niles opened his mouth.

“How did you find out about this formula? I’ve heard that records from the ancient magic kingdom are sometimes found in places like the ruins of a wasteland… .”

“I devised it myself.”

“… … .”

It seemed that he did not intend to make it easy as well, but that was not what was important right now.

The formula in front of me seems more convincing than any formula I’ve ever seen.

And that he is itching all over with the desire to experiment with it now.

“There is not a place on the way that said it would be a research complex. Can I use it right now?”

Cain nodded.

He had brought all kinds of equipment and medicines from Hexa Medical’s lab and warehouse.

By now, the workers must have been setting up equipment and organizing the medicinals.

“Let’s go first, I’ll give you an employee. I’ll go when the story is over.”

Niles left the drawing room with an employee called by Cain. A look of excitement appeared on his face.

Cain turned his gaze and said.

“Freud. Coming here from Clackfield can be regarded as a decision to accept my offer.”

“Of course. I’m still shivering because I’ve had such a great opportunity.”

An employee who had gone to escort Freud to Clarkfield had already delivered Cain’s message.

“I would like you to be the director of the hospital to be built in Area 47, so I told you to deliver it.”

The next enemy was set.

Blue Serpent.

Leica and Boss.

Like Parter, it would be a battle between troops and troops, and there would be numerous casualties.

That’s why he called Freud.

In addition to having a mechanic on hand for artificial tendons, they needed a manpower to treat the wounded.

“Since I have a wide range of medical knowledge, it shouldn’t be too difficult to run a hospital. The building site is next to the Niles Research Complex. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will support you so that you can get a formal doctor’s license.”

Freud said, startled.

“Until the license… . nope The cost of issuance is exorbitant. Wouldn’t I be so sorry if I received so much help.”

Physician licensure is done by medical associations ‘inside the wall’.

The difficulty of the exam is simple, but the cost of issuance is astronomically high, so only the top class cannot afford it.

It could be seen as an act to protect the rice bowl by limiting the number of doctors.

Therefore, it was safe to say that all doctors working in the shade outside the wall were unlicensed.

“As the hospital grows, there will be people who will take issue with it later. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Oh, thank you. I have to work hard so that I am not ashamed of the help I received.”

Freud turned the topic as if he was thinking of something as he was making an excited face.

“By the way, it’s a treatment for petrification. I think the formula shown earlier is real or similar. ‘Cause you’re not the one to make unfounded rumors. Are you thinking of making a cure and selling it?”

Cain nodded.

The main purpose was to secure another source of funding.

Although the various facilities operated in District 47 made considerable profits, the cost was not too high.

The operating costs of the facility, including salaries to its employees, do not come from digging up the ground.

‘If it is a treatment for petrification, it can be urgently hidden.’

The success of the drug development is confirmed. It’s about using the knowledge you have about the settings you’ve made.

A farm to grow medicinal materials has been secured, and facilities necessary for mass production of therapeutics have also been transported from Hexa Medical’s corporate complex.

Soon, it will be able to enter mass production and commercialize it. no later than two months.

“If we just put it out there, it will surely make a huge difference. There will be a lot of people who will buy it even if the symptoms are slightly delayed rather than a cure. I can’t even imagine how much revenue it’s going to get.”

Cain did not deny that.

In addition to sales, it was also clear that Hexa Medical’s stock, which was purchased at a price close to a piece of paper, drew a steep upward curve.

“The size of the company is to be called as much as possible. The inside of the wall should also be used as an activity site.”

‘Entry into the wall.’

The asset condition would be easily met.

In the case of identity, it was a problem that could be resolved if Zervia helped him.

“Of course, it will be necessary to test the efficacy of the drug before launching a treatment.”

Cain turned his gaze to Silverfang.

“How is your illness?”

“… same. Periodically, the muscles are paralyzed and then released again and again. Thanks to that, I suffered unnecessary injuries.”

Silver Fang glanced at the sword on his shoulder.

“By the way, it’s a treatment for petrification.”

“It is possible.”

“Is it possible?”



Silverfang’s reaction was blunt.

He, too, had tried many methods to treat petrification.

Deep down in my bones than anyone else, I knew that treatment was not as easy as it sounds.

Don’t put your expectations too early.

It was a kind of defense mechanism.

The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

‘The distrust of humans will also play a part. They said they believed in me and followed me, but we haven’t been together for a long time yet.’

Cain fully understood Silverfang’s reaction.

Since then, there have been a few more conversations about the cure.

“Then I will go first. Guess I’ll have to look around my new house and pack my stuff.”

Lenny, who was looking out the window, feeling bored with the conversation, stalked Freud’s words.

“See you again! mister!”

Before leaving the drawing room, Lenny bowed his head to Kain with a bright smile and then walked up to Silverfang and said,

“See you again, Uncle Wolf. Thank you so much for saving me. I was able to calm my startled heart by being by your side all the way here.”

Lenny’s tiny hand gripped Silverfang’s, which was twice his size.

“Uncle Wolf is similar to the feeling that Uncle Evan gives.”

Silver Fang was startled for a moment, but otherwise did not withdraw his hand.

After a moment of silence, Lenny gave Silverfang a bright smile and then disappeared with Freud.


Only Cain and Silverfang remained in the room. It was Cain who spoke first.

“Unexpected. I thought you were reluctant to touch your body with human hands.”

“… … .”

Although he did not express it outwardly, Silver Fang himself was a little surprised.

There was a moment where he couldn’t react to Lenny’s hooking action, but there was enough time to shake his hand after that.

But why did he stay still? It was a dazed feeling.

And Cain was once again surprised by Lenny’s reckless behavior.

Lenny had been abducted by a wolf-type beast in the past, and was traumatized by it.


Cain looked alternately at the door where Silverfang and Lenny, who still had a blank face, disappeared.

Then he said quietly.

“Are you adjusting well to Area 47?”

“There is no such thing as adaptation. Because all of my subordinates, including myself, are not going out of the house. There was no battle, so my body was itchy.”

“There is still time until the match against Laika. You may have to stay here for quite some time, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look around the city.”

There was literally no time left.

White Beast King Laika.

Since it would be different from the previous enemy, I was planning to go to war after making all the preparations.

Rather, it must have been the other side, not this side.

Because the source of funds is decreasing, and all the members of the organization sent to expand the workforce are being blocked.

Cain threw his luck again to Silver Fang, who did not respond.

“Can I ask you a favor while I wait?”


“Can you show the city to the kid you saw a while ago? He is a child who has a hard time getting out of the house by himself because of the trauma he had with Suin. My condition has improved a lot lately.”

Silver Fang opened his mouth to see if there was something he wanted to say, and then closed it again.

Cain’s next words continued.

“Oddly enough, you don’t seem afraid, so I think spending time together will help you overcome the trauma.”

In addition, Silver Fang will also be able to reduce the rejection of humans.

There may come a time when we have to cooperate with humans according to the instructions, so it was a part that needed to be fixed.

That was Cain’s idea.

Silver Fang opened his mouth after not speaking for a long time.

“… Think about it. I’ll go back at once.”

Cain and Silverfang went out of the building.

“I’ll put an employee on you, so get in the car.”

“Okay. I will walk.”

Silverfang disappeared across the street with a blunt gait.

Pedestrians who saw him flinched and stopped, but there were no major clashes.

* * *

The next day Cain headed to the farm on the outskirts of the city.


When we arrived at the front gate of the farm and got out of the car, the members of Supreme Security, who were standing guard, saluted.

When Cain motioned, the guards lowered their hands in unison and veered out of the way on either side.

Most of the farms in District 47 were originally owned by Hexa Medical.

The crops planted and the employment of the workers were under their control, so it was necessary to review them and make adjustments to the production of new treatments.

As Cain was about to enter the farm, several villagers in shabby clothes came crawling towards him.

“Shoo, are you the CEO of Supreme Security? me, over there… .”

The folded envelope they held out contained dozens of bills.

“Go, thank you. I don’t even know when I’ve been able to walk the streets with peace of mind.”

It was probably the money collected by the local residents together.

I was reminded of a report I had heard in the past.

It is said that there are often locals who offer gifts or food to the patrolling crews as a token of their appreciation.

‘This is probably the part where basic courtesy as a human being can be found in the lower part of society.’

On the contrary, the percentage of those who expressed gratitude decreased as they moved into the city center and improved the standard of living on the streets.

Cain handed the envelope back to the villagers.

“Why, why?”

“The amount is so insignificant that I don’t feel like receiving it.”

The villagers tried to recommend the envelope again, but Cain winced at Cain’s cold gaze, bowed his head, and disappeared with the envelope.

“You seem to be the representative of the townspeople. Attach a few crews. The bugs that smell the money can be entangled.”

“All right.”

Cain, who was looking at the place where the villagers had disappeared, went into the farm with his back.

He looked at the land management status and crop harvest status one by one and pointed out incomplete matters, and each time the managers stooped in embarrassment.

“When this harvest is over, let everyone plant the crops I ordered on the empty land. No discrepancy between the type and quantity.”

“All right.”

So I continued to tour the farm owned by Hexa Medical along the outskirts.

And when I came out of the sixth farm, an employee who was waiting near the vehicle came up to me and posted a report.

It was a report that Silver Fang, who was walking around the city with Lenny, found someone who had fallen on the road.

“It was said that the representative’s name came out of the mouth of the fallen.”

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