A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 123

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 123

123. slave market (1)

He said as he organized the gauze and disinfectant that Freud had used for treatment.

“The wound is deep, but it doesn’t affect your life. Rest in peace and you will recover soon.”

“Don’t apologize. I haven’t even cleaned the house yet, but I got a patient.”

“No. The necessary tools have already been taken out to be taken to the hospital. I am a patient who has already been treated before.”

Cain looked down indifferently at Bama, who was lying on the bed with an injury.

Despite the sudden appearance of Bama, there was no sign of surprise or bewilderment at all.

“It was like someone Lenny knew.”

Rather, the surprised side was closer to Silverfang, who took Bama and moved to Freud’s house.

He had a frozen expression for a moment when he said that the person on his shoulder was Bama.

Cain pulled up a nearby chair and sat down by the bed. And I thought as I looked at the huge nail marks left on Bama’s skin.

‘Is the possibility that Leica’s attack is high?’

There aren’t many people who can make Bama like that.

At least in the 30th and 40th divisions, where there are not many people who can be called ‘monsters’.

Moreover, having encountered Laika in Rustwood, he was expected to suspect the spy inside.

No, I was hoping for that.

‘Anyway, Bama must die someday.’

However, since they signed an oath, they cannot kill them with their own hands.

After defeating the Blue Serpent, Barmar must be reunited with Professor Ellen in order to fulfill the terms of the pact and kill him.

That moment was soon.

However, if he reunites with Bama, Professor Ellen is freed from the pact.

An oath made with Professor Ellen.

Because the condition of the oath was that he would unconditionally cooperate with this side until he was reunited with his own older brother.

The deadline is within 3 years.

Since it was an oath to be established only when the two sides sincerely agreed, it was a condition that she could accept.

But what if Bama dies?

The pact made with Bama is naturally canceled, so there is no need to keep it.

The pact made with Professor Ellen makes it impossible to fulfill the condition itself.

It was like talking about being able to serve her as a servant for three years.

‘The number is wrong in the middle, so the two of them will reunite, without worrying about breaking the contract.’

Although he would lose his life three years later as a price for not complying with the oath, by then, everything in this world would have ended anyway.

Even in the worst case scenario, he had already thought about how to prepare for it.


Cain got up and rolled the curtains by the window.

He spread mana to detect the surroundings once, but the tail did not stick.

It was said that Leica didn’t intentionally send Bama alive to write something, but that he really missed it.

He looked back and glanced at Bama.

Anyway, as the base was established in District 47, the value of Bama’s use was declining.

Since he was one of the subjects of revenge anyway, he had no intention of cherishing any kind of sympathy.

I was thinking of using it as a chess piece thoroughly and throwing it away when the time comes.

‘It’s a pity he didn’t die.’

didn’t really care

The death of Bama at the hands of Laika is one of the many possible cases.

If Bama was still alive, it would have been better to follow a different plan as long as he was alive.

Time has passed again.

Cain, who was working in the office, was told that Bama had regained consciousness and returned to Freud’s house.

Bama, who covered her skin with clothes, looked a little dazed.

“… It’s a familiar situation. Did the doctor treat me?”

“Don’t forget to say thank you when you leave.”

“I guess I should do that.”

Silence passed for a moment.

Even if no one spoke first, I knew what to say next.

Frowning at the pain coming from all over her body, Bama slowly opened her mouth.

“It was dawn. Laika appeared in the center of the hideout and ran rampant with her subordinates. Everything was messed up in an instant.”

The failure to respond properly was partly due to being attacked, but there were other reasons as well.

“Jaina was stuck. It must have been an intrusion using magic.”

Cain nodded.

Jaina’s organs were movement magic that used precise coordinate designation along with freezing magic.

Just like in the past battle with Parter, this side came close without noticing it.

“If Jaina intervened, it would mean that the boss authorized you to get rid of it.”

“right. But Leica knew that I communicated with you. Obviously they maintained security, but where did the information leak from?”

Considering Bama’s delicate personality, there was a high probability that no conclusive evidence had leaked out.

Rather, it was more persuasive to view it as Leica’s careful and bold decision based on speculation.

His nib was sharp enough to be called abnormal.

‘Are you sure you want to cut out the suspicious part and rearrange it?’

Bama’s recent lukewarm attitude within the organization may also have played a role in raising suspicions.

“… During the battle, Leica spoke like that. The person you will be recruiting next is in Area 104, so please try to interfere again this time.”

Cain couldn’t help but burst out laughing in the moment.

‘If you’re going to take a challenge, try it.’

I thought that maybe he had deliberately missed Bama to deliver the message.

It could be said that it was a tremendous amount of confidence and arrogance.

‘If there is a person with power in Area 104.’

Several candidates came to mind, and the most likely ones were selected.

Slave trader Berwick.

The owner of the black market, where humans and beasts are traded items.

“Are you planning to go? If Leica is alone, it may be a trap because Jaina is attached.”

“… … .”

Cain pondered as he recalled the setting about Berrick.

‘He’s a human, a beast, or even a mixed race, there’s nothing he doesn’t touch.’

When he went to Area 104, the situation that would happen was divided into several cases, and Cain’s mind began to picture it in an instant.

After thinking about it, Cain said.

“Start as soon as your body recovers.”

It was necessary to break the huge misunderstanding that the other party was making and correct the fact.

The fact that the challenge is not this side, but that side.

* * *

“It’s been a long time since I’ve come to a land located in such an outlying area.”

Cain put the old sign that read ‘Sector 104’ straight into the ground and looked ahead.

Roughly cracked black-brown earth.

The buildings that grew up on top of it were full of signs of the winds and waves and time.

Garbage was strewn on the street and rats roamed around. The river flowing under the bridge was blackened with living sewage.

Cain looked back and said.

“The bed might be a little uncomfortable. There is no such thing as luxury accommodation in a high-numbered area like this.”

“Know. It’s not that I haven’t been wallowing around in places like this when I was a mercenary.”

Silverfang, like Cain, was wearing a cloak.

The group of twenty gray wolves lined up behind them were also wearing the same outfit.

The number and appearance of people that would have attracted considerable attention if it had been elsewhere.

But no one on the street paid attention to Cain and the Ashen Wolf.

It was because all the passers-by were wearing similar attire that covered their face and body.

“I have been there before. They even served as escorts for nobles looking for slaves to attend.”

Strictly speaking, slavery is illegal.

However, because the police crackdown is not carried out properly, it is openly traded.

However, there was no need to show off your face and identity with confidence.

“It would be better to simply get someone to attend.”

I need a test subject to use.

To satisfy your s*xual orientation.

Or for gourmet.

Because in most cases, they were seeking slaves for less honorable purposes.

Cain’s gaze turned to Bama.

His eyes, which were exposed over the mask, did not have a very pleasant light.

It was easy to guess that he must have felt disgusted just by being here.

I can’t remember the exact location because it was from a very young age, but the senses in my body will remain the same.

Bama’s slender pupils looked down the street as if trying to capture the memories of the past, then headed towards the group of gray wolves.

“Is the escort enough with these guys? If Leica swings her arm, I think they’ll all fall out in one shot.”

At those words, Silverfang roared with its fangs exposed.

“You only see it once. If you speak insulting words to my subordinates again, I will rip you to pieces. So that not a single scale remains.”

When he moved to Freud’s house, Silverfang had seen Bama’s skin exposed through the hem of his robe.

Because of this, it was not difficult to recognize that Bama was a hybrid of a human and a beast.

Bama’s eyebrows twitched at the word scale.

“If you want to try it, do it. I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to rub the hem of my clothes because they’re so slow.”

Basically, it was a situation where they harbored hostility to each other.

Bama’s hostility was close to the evil feelings he had in the world itself because he grew up being discriminated against by both humans and beasts.

In the case of the Ashen Wolf, he felt hostile because Bama was an executive of the same organization as his enemy, Laika.


In an instant, the harsh atmosphere subsided with a single word from Cain.

Both Bama and Silverfang looked displeased, but they didn’t argue with each other anymore.

‘The escorts are enough. In a city like this, strategy is more important than numbers.’

Clearly, Leica was a formidable enemy.

He has a body that is far superior among beasts, and he even built a mana circuit that is extremely difficult for a beastman to have.

He is extremely reluctant to limit his mobility due to injuries, so he doesn’t often participate in fights himself, but it was clear that the battlefield would be devastated if he did his best without weighing himself.

‘But Barmana Silverfang is also a formidable force.’

I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to hold Laika’s breath, but if I fight under the right direction, I’m confident that I won’t be defeated.

If it wasn’t for myself, I would have accompanied Milsian, who is currently acting as an agent in Area 47.

There was also the thought that Laika and Jaina could raid the main base by taking advantage of the gap in the main force.

‘Aside from the defense of the base, Supreme Security is not a hand to use in such a dark place.’

They were the hand they would use when they were active in the sun as ‘Evan’.

So now he is using another face as his transformation magic.


Hearing the sound of the sewage flowing, Cain and his party walked into the area.

The auctioneer and his escorts. Everywhere I went, I saw a group of similar configurations.

The number of residents in the district was small, and most of them were running pubs or inns for outsiders.

‘The opponent is more likely to arrive earlier than this side.’

Perhaps he had already met the slave trader Berict and completed the recruitment. But even then, he wouldn’t have left the area yet.

‘Laika and Jaina, both of them are people with extraordinary brains.’

It is not difficult for them to guess where the fled Bama will be fleeing.

And guessing that the information that their next destination is Area 104 will be passed on to the other party.

Guessing will come naturally.

Cain said that in case of an enemy invasion, the main force would remain in Area 47, and only a small number would come to Area 104.

‘I can’t just pass up a good opportunity to get rid of me.’

Cain thought so.

If he was in the enemy’s position, he would surely dig a trap and wait.

Because that’s reasonable.

“I don’t feel any suspicious presence around me. till now.”

Silver Fang whispered to Cain.

“I guess the enemy hasn’t figured out where we are yet.”

Area 104 is an expansive place where there is no specific access road, and it was impossible to check that someone new entered the area.

“If you plant a watchdog, it will be around the auction house. There is only one building. Wait in a suitable place nearby. From now on, we will move together with Bama.”

“i get it.”

Silverfang, who received the communication device from Cain, disappeared to one side of the street along with the gray wolf.

Soon a gigantic auction house building appeared.

“The auction starts in 10 minutes. Please enter quickly.”

The auction house was basically open to anyone.

There was no need for identification, and there was no need to show that the amount of participation in the auction was large.

Because it was a building that was used as an arena, the number of seats was ample, and the auction atmosphere became hotter as there were more people.

Of course, there were not only ‘free seats’ where anyone could sit.

Next to the entrance was another entrance, where a small number of people had gathered.

Either way, as long as they showed their wealth, they could be assigned a better seat on a higher floor.

“The yellow card of Ignis. Certified. Please follow the instructions of the staff to go up to this floor.”

As we got closer, we heard a quarrel.

“Didn’t I say I was the first to line up?”

“under? You were the first to stand in the line, but I was the first to arrive at this entrance.”

In front of him, the staff was embarrassed.

It looked like they were arguing for the highest rank remaining in the conversation.

For Cain, a higher place meant it was easier to see the face of the auctioneers.

“Pass by.”

Cain approached the employee and pulled something out of his arms, and the two men who were arguing turned their heads.

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