A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 126

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 126

126. slave market (4)


Cain quickly flew back.

A huge hole had been drilled in the place where I had stood a while ago, revealing the warehouse below.

“The reaction rate is pretty good.”

With a cracked voice, something jumped out of the hole and landed in the audience.


A rich mane and a huge body.

Haughty eyes that seem to look down on everything on earth.

“I thought it would be a little late. Did you find the seed of life well, Laika?”


Leica put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it.

As he looked around the chaos unfolding, he made a face that he understood.

“Did you spread the rumors? To create a situation like this? If that’s the case, that’s really great.”

match. match. match.

Leica showed a big applause with her hands interlocked.


At that moment, Silver Fang’s voice was heard from afar.

The way he shakes us with excitement.

In addition to the desire for revenge against Leica, he was also affected by the stimulant ingredients in the air.

“Where does the dog bark?”

Laika said as she dug her ear with her pinky finger.

Naturally, I looked down at the audience and looked at Bama.

“It’s okay, but there are hybrids here too. Last time I had to rip my neck off. However, seeing the speed of recovery is fast, does it mean that the blood of beasts was mixed?”


Bama’s pupils dilated in response to the word hybrid.


Leica let out a long puff of cigarette smoke.

“Cain. The boss must have liked you.”

For a moment, Jaina was startled.

It was because Leica seemed to have made some kind of contact with the boss without her knowledge.

“He told me to convince you again. He said that if he returns to the organization even now, he will close his eyes on what he has done so far.”

Cain, who was silent for a moment, opened his mouth.

“I already destroyed Jaina’s circuit.”

“Only about that? The boss won’t care at all. because… .”

“It’s probably because they see all members of the organization as tools.”

Leica laughed.

“I know you well.”

“So, it must have been that he couldn’t even keep the basics of negotiation. Sending a person who was the main axis of betrayal as a supreme person.”

“The past is just the past, Cain. There will be no more betrayal, right? You have become such a great wizard.”

Cain didn’t respond.

“Cain. The boss clearly sees us as tools. But that doesn’t mean that the many conveniences the boss offers are false. You also have goals you want to achieve. Similarly, you can just use the boss as a tool. There is no need to think deeply.”

The mana on Cain’s palm disappeared.

“There are conditions.”

“Tell me.”

Bama and Jaina looked at Cain and Laika with bewildered expressions.

I did not understand the sudden change of circumstances. In my mind, I hope.


Cain’s hand slowly descended. Then he pulled the gun out of his arms like lightning and pulled the trigger.


The bullet was smashed by Leica’s grip so easily that it was futile.

“It’s a shallow feat. Didn’t you do the same number when you met Jaina in Area 47?”

Cain thought.

After all, this monster cannot be killed in a normal way.

The next moment, Leica’s men poured out of a hole in the ceiling.

number is twenty.

Judging from the fact that they landed gently despite their considerable height, it was known that they were elite elites.

Cain used telekinesis to lift the remote control from Jaina’s pocket.

“… … !”

The button was pressed before Jaina could even react.


As we ascended with a mechanical sound, the gray wolves freed from bondage rushed towards Laika’s men.

“You will regret your choice. Cain.”

As soon as the cigarette that had been thrown out between her fingers hit the floor, there was a sound of slamming the floor and Leica vanished.

The moment Leica, who quickly narrowed the distance, was about to hit Cain with her nails.


Bama, who received Cain’s enhancement magic, collided with Laika and collided with the wall.


Leica attacked indiscriminately, but Bama was not pushed back either.

The stats raised by strengthening magic are proportional to the body’s strength.

Therefore, in the case of a strong person like Bama, it could be said that the effect was doubled than in the general case.

bang! bang! bang!

The inside of the auction house was shattered, with images of Laika and Bama flashing everywhere.

There were times when the Leica stopped working like a broken machine, but that time was extremely short.

“With such a remnant of talent—! me-! Do you think you can stop—!”

Bama’s reptilian eyes paralyze part of the viewer’s neural circuits.

My whole body was as hard as a stone and I couldn’t move.

Unless it’s forcibly relieving paralysis every moment with strong mental power.


Silver Fang jumped in and the fight intensified. Cain’s strengthening magic supported Silverfang and Bama.

The fight was a one-on-one battle, but Leica did not seem to be being pushed at all.

“We finish our work.”

As Cain approached, Jaina trembled as she grabbed her blackened arms.

“Hey, please save me. You can do whatever you want. Is the purpose of destroying the organization? right? I can help.”

Cain didn’t even listen.

It was because we already knew all the important settings about the organization.


Cold metal was pointed at Jaina’s forehead.

“You won’t be so lonely as the twins in the capital will follow soon.”

The moment her eyes widened, the trigger was pulled.


The gunfire was loud, but no one turned around, buried in the battle.

“… … .”

Cain wiped the blood from the gun with a cloth and put it in his arms. And he absorbed mana from Jaina, who stretched like a broken doll.

[circuit level: 3]

[Mana 1421 / 4376]

After the war with Parter, the mana he had accumulated was 3500 units.

Almost 800 mana has risen at once.

It could be said that it was a situation where Jaina gave the fight with the amount of mana rather advantageous.

If she had attempted to escape with enough energy, she would have escaped the auction house by using her chess, moving magic.

‘A life would be saved. Even if the original purpose of getting rid of me was not achieved.’

Cain turned his gaze to the side of the battle going on.

“Things like rats!”

Leica would have been directly involved in this fight, as they thought they had a chance.

But it was the same here, and it meant that there was only one winner in the fight.

‘And the loser will be you. Leica.’

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch his breath here. But he was confident that he would inflict at least fatal injuries.

Cain picked up a magic stone from the fallen pocket and chewed it.

[circuit level: 3]

[Mana 2865 / 4376]

Chewed one again.

[circuit level: 3]

[Mana 4376 / 4376]

It was confirmed that some level of magic did not work for Leica.

Because he survived the huge explosion that occurred on the train.

“Bama! I stuck with Cain to get something to eat!”

“Yes, you know! You monstrous bastard!”


In an instant, Silver Fang flew and crashed into the wall next to Cain.

He got up, wobbling among the rubble, and fell again.

“I think it’s better to deal with his men than Leica.”

Cain said while looking at Silverfang’s legs bent at a strange angle.

It must have been something he couldn’t stand between Leica and Bama.

Unlike them, Silverfang did not have a mana circuit.

It would have been much better had it not been for petrification at all.

“It could be… none.”

“Hold on a minute.”


Cain grabbed Silverfang’s leg and gave it strength to turn it forward. A small moan escaped Silver Fang’s mouth.


With healing magic, the wounds healed quickly.

“Divine power… ?”

During his long mercenary life, he had never seen anyone other than a priest use recovery magic.

Silverfang suddenly became confused.

“Cain, you are… .”

“It is only Ogi and Man-yong that you are going to face Laika.”

Cain interrupted Silverfang.

“Know when to step back. Go and help your men. If there is a chance later, I will allow you to build a mana circuit.”

Conceptually impossible.

But Silverfang had a feeling that those words would really come true.

The reason was unknown.

I just felt that for a moment.

“… Thank you. Thanks to that, the excitement has subsided.”

Silverfang disappeared towards the gray wolves who were having a brawl with Laika’s men.

Ashen Wolf was not pushed at all against Laika’s elite.

There is no mana circuit like Laika, but it could be said that it has the best combat power among normal beasts.


The battle between Laika and Bama continued.

Knock, cling, roll.

It was like watching two wild animals fighting.

Cain raised the mana on the palm of his hand and refined it.


Within seconds, Leica responded.

As I swept down the air with my fingernails, three streams of mana rushed towards Cain.

Cain blew himself away and checked his condition. The entire hem of the arm part had disappeared without a trace.

“… … .”

Even if it was a little late, the thing that disappeared would have been his arm.

Mana, which was being refined due to the broken concentration, was also scattered in the air.

‘After all, this is probably not too young.’

Laika was again absorbed in the battle with Bama.

Bama’s movements were gradually slowing down, while Leica was getting faster and faster.


The ceiling began to collapse in the aftermath of the battle between the two beasts.

‘Finish at once without wasting mana.’

Cain removed the shield and started refining mana inside the circuit.

As expected, Leica did not respond to this.

Verification work is complete.

Now all that was left was to go through the five-step refining process as planned.


A piece of concrete the size of a head skipped his collar and slammed into the floor.

Thanks to my concentration, I managed to keep the tablets.

‘It takes about 60 seconds to reach level 5.’

Cain escaped the falling debris of the ceiling with only pure physical ability.

All of them with a narrow gap.

“The target is Cain! Bama is facing Laika-sama, so aim for him!”

An enemy slashed his sword at Cain. Meanwhile, a silver new type intervened and deflected the sword.

“I don’t know what to prepare, but I will take care of the surroundings.”

The enemy was knocked out by Silver Fang’s subsequent blow.

“A moment please.”

Refining went through step 4 to step 5.

Gradually, the circuit was overloaded and I felt a burning pain all over my body.

The remaining time until step 5 is about 15 seconds.

After the circuit level was raised to 3, it was possible to operate without difficulty until the 4th stage of refinement, but again, the 5th stage had to pay a price.

12 seconds.

‘You must hit it.’

I was going to spend all my mana.

To use the most powerful magic you can do at your current level.

9 seconds.

However, the Leica has an excellent ability to detect mana.

Even if the detection is late, it is not difficult for him to avoid it after checking it with the naked eye.

6 seconds.

‘If it’s a problem for him to avoid, just create a situation that he can’t avoid.’

3 seconds.

Cain took out a seed wrapped in transparent plastic from his bosom. It was quite large and could be identified from a distance.

2 seconds.

Cain shouted, throwing it into the air above Laika’s head.

“Leica! The seed of life you have been looking for is here!”

Fewer than a hundred seeds of life remain throughout the continent. Some of them had been collected by subordinates.

“… … !”

Leica raised her head.

It was irresistible to him.

And I knew right away.

Seeds are real, not fake.

1 second.

state of extreme excitement.

In an instant, Leica’s whole body muscles swelled stiffly.

His arms swung wildly at a different speed than ever before, and Bama flew away.

Leica leapt hard towards the seed.

0 seconds.

At the same time, a huge ball of flame rose above Cain’s palm. It gradually swelled in size, exceeding the size of an adult male.

Just before the magic was completed, Cain used a little mana to put a shield around his body.

[circuit level: 3]

[Mana 0 / 4376]

5 steps of purification.

Spent all of your mana on it.

Dark red flames fluttered his tongue in all directions.

The floor of the auction house within a certain radius began to melt. Cain’s clothes were charred even though he was wearing a protective shield.

“what… !”

Silverfang instinctively distanced himself from Cain in the suffocating heat.

His silver fur was tanned just by being nearby.

Cain clenched his teeth and threw a fireball.

A few meters above the air, towards Leica, who is jumping to grab the seed of life.

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