A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 127

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 127

127. slave market (5)

Inside Leica’s dilated pupil was a small seed.

his nose twitched.

The fresh scent of greenery stuck to the mucous membrane of the nose.


The seed of life was clear.

There was no way he couldn’t recognize anyone other than himself.

Leica’s heart was pounding.

Hot blood rushed through his veins.

Nostalgia for the hometown deep in the mind.

The task of rebuilding the forest.

There is no method that has not been explored, and there is no method that has not been tried.

In the meantime, he found the seeds of life in an old book and wandered the continent with the feeling of catching straw.

When I finally found the first seed of life in a cave somewhere, how much emotion and emotion was raging.

After that, the second and third seeds were also found, but that was the end of it. There have been no results in recent years.

But now the fourth seed has appeared. In the hands of no one else but the enemy.

I know it’s a trap.

But it is unavoidable.

Because he is a beast that has been chasing greenery all his life with his obsession with his hometown.

The seeds of life were dreams and hopes, wills and fantasies, and life itself.


Laika grabbed the seed in the air. A fireball struck him. Leaving him in flames, he flew to the other side without stopping.

Everyone held their breath and watched the scene.


Leica crashed.

Because he turned in mid-air, he managed to successfully set his feet on the ground.


A roar that shook the spine resounded through the auction house.

He was able to avoid the situation of turning his body for a brief moment and being completely consumed by the flames.

However, no matter how much he struggled and raised mana with his arm, he did not think that the flame would go out.

This is not ordinary fire magic.

It feels like the organs and bones of the body are melting.

Leica put the bag of seeds in her bosom. To avoid being affected by flames as much as possible.

Anger soared.

About Cain, who took advantage of this weakness so cleverly, and about himself who had no choice but to deal with it knowingly.


Everyone at the scene was frozen in place. It felt like every bone was frozen.

Leica was about to leap towards Cain. However, he couldn’t resist the heat of the flames and knelt down on one knee.

“I will kill you!”

“… However much.”

Cain took a rough breath and answered with difficulty.

5 steps of purification.

There, all the mana was exhausted at once, so he was in a state of being close to exhaustion.

The whole circuit felt like it had been burned, and my stomach felt nauseous.


The size and number of debris falling from the ceiling increased.

“… Oh My God.”

Silver Fang raised his head in surprise.

The ceiling of the auction house was tilted.

Below that, the pillars supporting the ceiling had disappeared without a trace.

Beyond that, there was a huge hole in the wall with its mouth open.

“Cain! We must get out of here! The building is collapsing!”

Cain answered, turning his head hard.

“Take your men and leave first. I will check the end of him and go.”


“It’s an order!”

Silverfang flinched.

It was the first time he had seen Cain screaming like that.

“… i get it.”


Judgment and action were swift.

Silverfang picked up the fallen bama and left the auction house with the gray wolf.

The very frightened members of the Blue Serpent followed them.


Leica roared once more.

The cry seemed to accelerate the collapse of the building.

Leica raised her unflameable left arm. and hit it


His right arm fell to the floor.

The cut surface was tattered. It was no longer protected by mana, so it melted away in an instant.


Blood spurted from the cut.

iron puck!

Leica leapt out of the pool of blood that had formed under her feet.

His gaze was directed at Cain.

Cain did not avert his gaze.

He chewed the manastone and prepared to meet his opponent.

The Beast, who has been wandering all his life with nostalgia for his lost hometown.

A colleague who met in the dark but respected each other’s wishes.

And a traitor that I will never forget even in my dreams.

Be prepared to hold the breath of all those characters.

The mana from Cain’s body collided with Laika.

At that moment, the auction house completely collapsed, covering the two figures.

* * *

Under the moonlight, the landscape shone vividly.

Few escaped, and all of them were overpowered by the gray wolf and lost their lives.

Silverfang and Bama stared blankly at the collapsed auction house.

No sign was felt in the wreckage. No matter how long you wait

“… … .”

Bama believed that Cain had captured him because he had been ambushed.

I thought that if I had a one-on-one fight in the right place, I would be able to decapitate Cain in an instant.

But it was the wrong idea.

Think of that fireball of absurd heat.

He endured it because he was a monster like Laika, and if it were him, he would have turned to ashes just by rubbing against the flames.

As he continued his thoughts, Bama muttered unknowingly.

“Cain is dead?”

Such a planned and meticulous guy?

It was a word that came naturally.

I felt contradictory feelings.

A sense of relief that the owner of the chain holding his neck died.

The emptiness that no one who knew the whereabouts of the younger sister disappeared.

Silverfang also felt complex emotions.

Laika is dead, so the revenge is over.

But at the same time, the only human he recognized died.

‘I didn’t do anything.’

So it was very embarrassing.

Silverfang thought it was as if Cain had avenged his revenge.

“Clean up the rubble. We need to find a body.”

Giving orders to the gray wolves, Silverfang was the first to set foot on the wreckage.

He began to clear the debris one by one. I was already exhausted, but I couldn’t stop my arm.

Although the work progressed for a long time, Cain’s body was not found, and there was not even a sense of presence.

“… Cain. Are you really dead?”

Then a voice came from behind.

“Who is dead?”

Among the rubble, Cain rose to his feet. Silver Fang ran and supported Cain, who was staggering.

“I thought you were dead.”

“You cannot die until you have finished your work.”

After supporting Cain out of the wreckage, Silverfang asked.

“What happened to Leica? Are you dead?”

Cain shook his head.

“The guy ran away. That was the purpose of running at the last minute. You didn’t mean to attack me.”

As Cain said, we searched the area and found bloodstains leading to the outside of the area.

[Task – Flames of Hatred]

Objective: Insert a sword into the heart of a traitor. (1/3) people.

It was obviously fatal enough to lead to death.

But Leica didn’t die.

At least until this moment, he was holding his breath.

Cain looked at Bama, Silverfang, and the Gray Wolf with haggard eyes.

“Follow him. I will set myself up and leave.”

* * *

Those with relatively severe injuries remained at the scene.

“This is the entrance to the basement.”

They rescued slaves who were going to be sold at auction, found safes, and seized cash and precious metals.

Cain sat on the rubble of the building and quickly gave orders.

“All slaves who wish to be sent to Area 47. Those who do not, release the handcuffs and shackles and set them free.”

It was Bama to tell the story to the slaves.

Bama approached the terrified slaves and said,

“On condition alone, it is far better than being sold somewhere. I will work and get paid accordingly.”

Among the slaves, there were not a few mixed races like Bama. Wherever they went, they were discriminated against and despised.

“I will follow.”

“Me too.”

Hearing the working conditions on the farm, they accepted the offer.

There was also weak trust in Bama, who was of the same race.

“Bama. Freud will be arriving soon. Wait here for treatment and return to Area 47. Slaves must also lead.”

Bama, who was directly attacked by Laika, was the worst injured of all personnel.

He was in a state of no wonder even if he collapsed right away, as it was not even a healing magic.

“i get it.”

Bama nodded with hazy eyes.

At the same time, I wondered how Cain was not losing his mind.

He must have run out of physical and mental strength like himself.

First aid for the wounded and brief mourning for the dead were also held.

Without a moment to catch his breath, Cain stood up.

At the right time, Silver Top showed up with a car.

“His bloodstains ran down the street. It seems that he hijacked the vehicle in the middle and fled. Judging from the ruts in front of the bloodstains.”

Cain nodded and boarded the seat next to Silverfang.

Behind Silverfang’s and Cain’s vehicles, two more cars with gray wolves followed.

Passing through the street and past the outskirts, a wasteland appeared under the dawn sky.

“Cain. Where do you think Leica is running?”

“If you think about it in general, it would be right to think that you are going to Area 33 where your hideout is. But the wheel marks are in the opposite direction to District 33.”

It was a long way to District 33.

It was clear that he was going to collapse before he even arrived. Leica must have been aware of that.

‘If I were a guy.’

The first priority is treatment of the injury. To do that, you need a safe place.

Wherever you can hide yourself nearby.

There was a place that came to mind.

There was no other place to hide in the vast wasteland.

The wheel marks also continued in that direction.

“It may be more difficult than you think.”


“No, nothing.”

About an hour had passed since I ran like that.

The car rattled and it was difficult to rest, and the pain in the circuit did not subside easily.

I haven’t slept there in the last few days.

Still, his mind was clear.

It may be because the achievement of the task is near.


Cain stopped the car.

“It sure seems like you’ve been following me well.”

Silverfang said as he looked at the abandoned vehicle in front of him.

The wheel tracks ended there, and footsteps continued out of the open door.

The bleeding had stopped and there were no traces of blood.

“Silver Fang. You said you worked as a mercenary for a long time. Have you ever been to the ruins?”

All kinds of geometric structures were revealed under the moonlight.

A remnant of the ancient magic kingdom era.

The exterior walls were worn by the winds and waves, but the grand and gloomy atmosphere gave the impression that it was built with technology superior to that of modern civilization.

“Not many. about twice. Even that was the ruins guarded by low-level guardians.”

A guardian means a mechanical soldier who protects the relics.

Leica’s footprints led to the entrance to one of the ruins’ buildings.

Ruins outside District 104.

It was definitely a place that Cain knew.

“I rest until dawn and then go in. After all, Leica has nowhere else to run.”

Because the conductor was Cain, there was no opposition. Everyone believed and followed Cain.

In case of a surprise attack by a new enemy, the gray wolf took turns to stand by the watchman.

“The inside of the ruins is more dangerous than I imagined. No matter how much Leica, it is not easy to survive without an arm. Wouldn’t it be better to keep the entrance without going in?”

Silver Fang approached Cain, leaning against the vehicle and looking at the entrance to the ruins.

Cain shook his head.

“no. You have to go in and make sure you catch your breath.”

The magic and science level of the wizarding kingdom far surpassed that of the present day.

It is like saying that relics with ridiculous functions exist in the ruins.

And according to his memory, there are definitely relics related to ‘recovery’ in these ruins.

‘Leica may have visited these ruins before. You may have entered here with the fact that the relic exists inside.’

The possibilities were sufficient.

There would be no place that did not travel all over the continent in search of the seeds of life.

And if Laika acquires the artifact and succeeds in activating it, the effort she put into catching him in Area 104 will go in vain.

Beyond that, this becomes dangerous.

I could never let it be like that.

When it was such a gloomy day

In the distance, a vehicle appeared toward Cain and the others.

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