A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 13

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 13

013 episode. Reverse Dividend (1)

“Igor. Have you collected your taxes well?”

Everyone in the room, except me, widened their eyes.

It was a face that even a ghost had seen.

Igor, who was wiping the dust under the bed, jumped up and said.

“Your boy. How did you get back? Obviously two months in solitary… .”

“Oh, there? I thought it was crazy It would have been better if I was really crazy, but because I wasn’t crazy, I’d be even more crazy.”

Kiftel said with a smirk.

Just by looking at them, they didn’t look good, so there was less tension on the faces of the prisoners.

‘I wrote the number just in case.’

Estelle is in charge of the mental evaluation of the prisoner who comes out of the cell.

told her

Ask ‘Kiftel’ to make a comeback decision.

Of course, there is a high probability that I would have returned even if I hadn’t used my hand, but it was just in case.

“Ahh-. It wasn’t good. All I can eat is soup and slices of bread. Have you survived eating mice? I thought as I chewed on the tail of a mouse. Oh, let’s get out, let’s get out of here, let’s go out into society, let’s get out of this prison.”


“So, money. Give me what you rolled up quickly. I will go to the store and buy a ticket.”

Kiftel held out one of his palms.

Igor stares at me for a moment.

It was a look that he would take care of himself.

Igor’s bearish palms rose and fell.


The two palms touched each other, and it sounded like leather was exploding.

Kiftel, who hastily retrieved his hand, blew his palm.

“Damn you, are you crazy?”

“That’s all I can give you. If you don’t want to be beaten, get out.”

“No, when you get home, what’s wrong with the dog? Don’t you remember being trampled on by me?”

“Not now. You slept in solitary confinement for two months, while I didn’t stop training. Who do you think will be stronger now?”

Originally, it was said that Kiftel had a slight advantage in their fighting skills.

‘It must be said that Kiftel has not yet awakened.’

“Of course I am stronger. I guess it has to be right? you?”

Kiftel growls in a low voice like a wolf.

No, he has wolf blood.

To be precise, the blood of the sub-race, Lycan Slope.

Since he was born in a back alley, it is a fact that he himself does not know.

“If you are going to jump, jump. I’m going to fall out of my fist like that.”

It is highly likely that it is Igor who falls out.

Sub-races that follow the form of animals such as wolves, lions and snakes are usually more governed by instinct than reason.


Kiftel’s hand flashed and Igor collapsed.

Igor made a face in disbelief, stroking his chin that had been punched.

“Bar, what just happened?”

“Mom, I don’t know. It looks like something flashed.”

As the mind becomes more exhausted, ‘instinct’ takes the place of ‘reason’, and the action of blood becomes stronger.

Of course, since his blood is very thin, no trace of a werewolf can be found anywhere on his body, but his physical abilities such as strength and agility are superior to those of ordinary people.

‘And it will get stronger. up to some limit.’

I slowly got up from my seat.

“A dog that doesn’t listen is a hawk.”

Kiftel tries to punch the fallen Igor again.


I grabbed the guy’s wrist.

“What are you? A face you haven’t seen? Newbie?”

The boy’s face, who was smiling and laughing, quickly turned to embarrassment.

it’s bound to be

No matter how much force you apply, your hand won’t move.

“Five? Five? Have you been working hard outside?”

The grasping hand and the hand holding it tremble like an earthquake.

He struggles, but the situation does not change.

… But it’s also a formidable force.

The output of “strengthening” magic continues to increase and controls him.

“Oh, I see. When you came in, did you see that you were sitting alone in bed while others were cleaning? And with this kind of power.”

The guy clenched his teeth and said.

“Did you eat the boss? right? Of course, he would have eaten half of it too.”

“Huh, bullshit! I am the class leader!”

Igor looked into my eyes and cried out loudly.

“I don’t think so. what do you think god… Oh yeah!”

The guy muttered and waved his arms wide.

The man’s wrist, which was released naturally, was left with bare handprints.

The guy’s lips twitch when he sees it.

I said.

“I think you think you are smart. I am not the head of the room, nor the head of the class.”

“… no matter what It doesn’t change the fact that there are more assholes to beat.”

I chuckled inside.

In a strict sense, ‘dog’ was closer to Kiftel.

Seeing my laughter, Kiftel roared once more.

“Come on. If you had stopped me, you would have been prepared for it.”

“Not now.”


“I said not now. It doesn’t matter if you want to cause trouble again and go to a solitary room.”

Hearing the word solitary, the boy’s face suddenly became pale.

“Not there. There, there… .”

“You think you are the class leader. I was only in solitary confinement for a while.”

“That’s right.”

“Then let’s take that place and fight properly. With the permission of the guards.”

The guy giggled like crazy and burst out laughing.

“Did Igor not educate you? The rookie has lost a very cowardly head?”

When I ordered Morphine to get the safe and open it, his laughter stopped.

“If you win, I will give you everything.”

The sound of his head spinning can be heard all the way here.

You must be thinking about the source of the money, the amount, and who I am.

The answer is fixed.

After a while the guy said.

“Well, okay. He doesn’t look like a liar. Even so, it’s a matter of force taking it away. When are you fighting?”

“A week later. So that you have no excuses for not feeling well. That should be enough time to recover.”

The boy burst out laughing once more and then smirked.

“He’s a really fun guy. See you in a week. The money is well kept.”

The guy disappeared out of the door.

“Kain! You are going to step on me in front of others!”

“That cheeky bastard doesn’t even know the subject.”

The prisoners were embarrassed by the sudden situation, but they didn’t seem worried.

Except for Igor, who was hit directly with a fist.

He still couldn’t stand up with a blank face.

* * *

—The newcomer has lost his fearful head.

—The returning class leader Kiftel and the newcomer decided to face off against each other.

Rumors spread through his subordinates.

A fight between the strongest and the weakest in prison.

Rumors quickly spread like wildfire, leaving no one in the prison unfamiliar.

Prisoners and guards alike.

“I’m surprised that Kiftel didn’t go to the psychiatric ward, but what do you think of the newcomer?”

“Well. Maybe it’s because I want to die. You’ve swallowed ore before and had a riot. The reason why Kiftel went solitary was that he made each of the class B members into vegetative humans.”

“How do you know what a madman is thinking? It’s okay if we bring something to see. 」

Wherever he went, his gaze and gossip were attached to him.

It was the ideal situation I was hoping for.

Moreover, Kiftel was taking advantage of the weakness in his body to knock down the challengers one after the other, raising the stock price.

Of course, there was also a need to raise expectations for me.

Because the stakes grow only when the ratio of money to both sides is to a certain extent.

“I will bet 1 million shillings on the newcomer.”

He had Igor speak directly, and the rumors ignited even more.

“Maybe the rookie is hiding something? You can’t burn a million just because you’re crazy. No matter how much money you have collected through taxes, it is the money that ordinary prisoners have to save for more than 15 years.”

“Isn’t it match-fixing? Something was going on between Kiftel and Igor.”

“Even so, the position of the class president is at stake. Oh, I don’t know.”

After hearing the rumors, Kiftel had come to visit.

He wondered if the money Igor mentioned was the money he wagered against him.

“I have no intention of actually doing it. to grow the board. Isn’t that better for you too?”

The guy, who had the momentum to run at any moment, heard the story and nodded as if in agreement.

“What. The more money you put on your side, the better. Because I’m going to bet all my money on me.”

and went back

With a warning that if you do your best, you will really kill me without worrying about solitary confinement.

Anyway, rumors grew in size amidst speculation and confusion, and wherever I went in prison, there was no place where Kiftel and I didn’t talk about my ‘fight for the position of chief’.

‘… Anyway, most of the stakes will go to Kiftel. The images I’ve shown you so far are markedly different.’


It was the ratio I expected and thought the most ideal.

I looked over the athletic court, which would be the fight site in two days.

wire mesh around it.

2 low goalposts.

It has been a while since it was used for an actual game, and stones were rolling all over the dirt floor.

‘Is that hardened blood the guy who was beaten by Kiftel yesterday?’

The guy was violent.

It was harsh, drastic, and cruel.

It was enough to say that the wild beast became angry.

It stopped only after the guards opened fire on the floor of the stadium.

Lycan slopes.

A sub-race is an out-of-standard existence.

mixed blood with a beast.

It can’t be compared to the real Lycan slope, but as the blood of wolves is flowing, you can’t be vigilant.

“What are you doing inside?”

“I see you are looking around the place where you will be seated.”

The sound of prisoners talking was heard outside the wire fence.

Without hesitation, he picked up a stone and clenched it into his fist.

And I started the circuit slowly.


The basic principle of any magic is the same.

Mana flows through the circuit, and mana contains 72 kinds of elements.

12 main elements including fire, water, electricity, and gold.

60 kinds of auxiliary elements that do not have distinct properties on their own, but are used as a magic compound.

The necessary elements are selected through mathematical calculations and sent to the body part that will be the starting point of expression.

Simultaneously with the fusion, the coordinates inside or outside the body are specified.


Wind (Wind), Earth (土), Gold (金), 3 main elements and 12 auxiliary elements are scattered on the palm of the hand and gathered at one point.

Most wizards only deal with one or two main elements in their lifetime.

However, there is no limit for me with “element affinity”.

The one I use is “Wind Vine”.

A magic that restricts the movement of the opponent with the wind with a certain amount of physical power.

‘In normal circumstances, magic will manifest immediately as soon as the elements complete fusion.’

I stuffed the elemental mass just before ‘fusion’ and ‘expression’ into the stone I held in my hand.

A soft light flew around the stone and disappeared.

It was an applied magic “engraving”.

The art of fixing magic expression coordinates to external objects and arbitrarily adjusting the time of activation.

At the current circuit level, a delay of a few days is the limit, but for now, that was enough.

I threw the finished stones randomly on the floor, picked up other stones, and repeated the same process over and over again.

* * *

“Hey, Cain. Shouldn’t you be leaving soon?”

As I sat cross-legged on the bed, Morphine looked at me and said.

I opened my eyes.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 250 / 250]


I left the room with my men.

The closer he got to the court, the louder the shouts grew.

The number of prisoners who had gathered, and the guards who climbed the watchtower, seemed more numerous than ever.

However, the guards are on the ‘outside’ watch tower, not the ‘in’ watch tower as usual.

‘You don’t know what the excited prisoners will do, so be prepared. It’s a good place to watch the game because it’s right next to the court.’

The wire mesh of the vacant lot and the wire mesh of the court were structured to share one side.

“You are lame!”

“I was waiting. Igor wasn’t betting money for nothing!”

There were some who looked forward to me, but most were busy making fun of me and booing me.

“If you look boring, you can die!”

“You bastard doesn’t even know the subject!”

All sorts of garbage is flying.

Things like drink cans, cookie boxes, and stones.

Igor, who had come first, looked at me, but I just gave him a glance to do as I was instructed.

“Hurry up and walk! The moment the player enters and the start bell rings! After that, bets will drop the odds!”

The ‘notebook’ was also busier than ever.

I called him and asked the percentage of the money on both sides and the total amount.

The ratio is about 8:2.

The total amount is 2423,000 shillings.

It’s not a small amount, but it’s far short of my goal.

I mean, there are still a lot of guys looking at the liver.

You need to inspire.

Crackle- Crackle.

As soon as they entered the wire mesh, the door closed and the lock was caught.

Inside, Kiftel, who arrived first, was relaxing by bending her neck.

The starting bell had not yet been struck.

“Are you here?”


I skimmed through the answer and looked around the watchtower.

I saw Gerek staring at this side.

‘After all, there’s no way he can smell money and just pass by.’

It’s clear what the prisoners want in the game.

A barn from which you can’t escape.

The fight of hungry beasts.

violence. blood. Stimulation. moaning.

A thrill that will blow away the old boredom.

The endless pounding of wire mesh and shouts proves him.

The fight is always fierce.

This kind of atmosphere tends to act like magic or drugs for the players.

If the fight crosses the line, the guards will stop you, but this time the line is likely to be much higher than usual.

Gerek has a bad feeling for me, and his opponent is Kiftel.

“Come on, I’ll ring the bell in a minute! Get your players ready!”

A beast with wolf blood.

The guy giggled and said.

Buried by the shouts around me, I could only hear his voice.

“I asked before, but the stakes weren’t that great. It’s an obvious match, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“You don’t seem to like the stake.”

“Of course. The bigger the stake, the bigger my profits.”

“I can grow.”


“It is possible right now.”

The boy’s face is dyed with curiosity.


“Are you curious?”

“okay. If there is such a way, I should write it right away. What are you doing?”

I turned to Igor. And he blinked.

Igor lifted the safe on the floor and shouted in a loud voice.

“One million shillings! I’ll bet on Cain!”

a momentary silence.

Soon, a shout broke out.

“Wow! I really walked!”

“One million shillings! it’s crazy! Crazy!”

Knowing the situation, Kiftel’s face turned red.

“You—this, that money—!”

The boy’s words did not last long.

“Me too to Cain! Thirty thousand shillings!”

“I bet too! Twenty thousand shillings!”

“40,000 shillings!”

Because the shouts of my subordinates’ bets grew stronger in succession.

“They are all in the same room. There is something!”

“The total is 1.09 million shillings! I’ll go in too! note! Take my money!”

The noisy prisoners started shoving bills into the ‘notebook’.

“What do you think. Aren’t you sure about the effect?”

He laughed and started shaking his shoulders like a madman.

it’s bound to be

Even if he wins, he can’t monopolize that money.

Dividends will be distributed according to the bet amount.


“이 개새끼가!”

At that moment, the bell rang, and the guy rushed in.

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