A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 131

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 131

131. turbulence (1)

A small bud the size of a little finger.

The ground around the shoots had a darker brown color than elsewhere.

The moment when Leica threw the bag containing the seeds of life flashed through my mind.

“Did you grow rapidly thanks to the mana of the blue spring?”

No other possibility came to mind.

The water of life only had the effect of making the surrounding soil fertile, but the growth rate itself was not different from other trees.

“I will carry on your will.”

Cain created a wind by magic.

He made a potted plant by cutting a stone the size of a fist that was rolling around, and the shoots were transferred along with the soil there.

After that, Cain used his float to go up the underground space.


He climbed back on the scaffolding he had been fighting with Leica.

“If I don’t come back within two days, take my men and leave the ruins. If you can afford it.”

These were the words I had told Silverfang before entering the last room where Laika was.

When he took the watch out of his pocket and checked it, more than two days had already passed since he passed out.

They may have all died while fighting the mechanical dolls.

If he had survived, he would have returned out of the ruins according to the instructions.

The blue spring was depleted and the entire ruins stopped working, so it wouldn’t have been too difficult to get out.

Cain went through the room where he had fought Laika and opened the door to the previous room.


While drawing in my mind a landscape where only the corpse of a gray wolf would remain, it would be empty.

“… … .”

And I was a little surprised.

Silverfang and the gray wolves were leaning against the walls all over the room, looking haggard.

Their heads were raised, and Silver Top staggered up from their seats.

“I was waiting.”

There were seven gray wolves who first entered the ruins. Two of them failed. Another was a corpse in the center of this room.

“… Is Laika dead?”

Cain nodded. Various emotions flashed across everyone’s faces except for Cain.

“Right. The guy dies… .”

It’s been a while since I had enough time to calm my emotions.

Everyone in the room wanted to ask more about the end of the Leica.

And how Cain was able to return to such a normal appearance.

When Silver Fang was about to ask a question about him, Cain spoke first.

“Two days have passed. Why didn’t you leave the ruins?”

Silverfang hesitated for a moment before answering.

“… I thought you would need an escort when you return.”

He felt guilty and embarrassed at the same time.

He fell into Jaina’s trap due to his arbitrary behavior, and did not play a significant role in direct battle with Laika.

I decided to wait instead of returning because I thought I had to help Cain somehow.

“… … .”

Cain, too, was not unaware of Silverfang’s thoughts.

‘In the ruins, there is a warehouse that collects all kinds of ore.’

There was a possibility that the zirtonium that he used to build the mana circuit existed in the warehouse.

An ore that can only be obtained from mines owned by the imperial family with extremely limited mining areas.

Silverfang’s combat ability could be said to be the highest among normal beasts.

‘The potential is not overtaken by the Leica.’

There was a possibility that it could be more than that if only the circuit was equipped and practiced.

“Our contract was until we killed Laika and brought back the water of life. There is still work to be done. If you disobey my instructions one more time, I will terminate the contract. Because he obviously agreed to hand over the command to me.”

In fact, even after completing the contract, I was planning to use the Ashen Wolf and Silverfang as my combatants under appropriate conditions.

If we had carried out this plan together with Supreme Security, we would have never been able to break through the ruins.

That’s why I wanted to help build the circuit.

If you gain confidence in your own abilities, then little by little, breaking the instructions will disappear.

“… I’m sorry. i get it.”

Silver Fang said in a somewhat muffled voice.

Cain ordered Silverfang and the Ashenwolves to wait in the room.

There were many things to check and pack by visiting other rooms of the ruins.

Before moving into the room, Cain said looking back.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“… … !”

At those words, the complexity of Silverfang’s face was released to some extent.

Cain strengthened his muscles, opened the door and headed to the next room.

Soo-in’s unique, straight-forward and unhidden emotion.

I didn’t hate it very much.

It must have been that he had chosen such an action out of a desire to serve his colleagues.

‘Although there are certain parts that need to be fixed.’

If you go through corrections properly, you will be reborn as more reliable fighters than anyone else.

With that in mind, I continued to move around the room. At the end, a door that was much larger and more luxurious than the others appeared.


I took a deep breath and opened the door.


took a step

owner of the ruins.

Toward the bedroom of the royal family of the wizarding kingdom.

* * *

There were four capsules of the size that a person could fit in the cubic-shaped secret room.

Cain approached and looked inside. White powder was stuck in the shape of a human.

Following the first capsule, so did the second and third capsules.

‘This is the end of the royal family of the Demon Kingdom. Not only here, but other ruins as well.’

The ancients built ruins and bunkers to avoid ‘something’.

In the case of royalty and nobles, waiting for ‘something’ to disappear from the continent, they went into a state of housekeeping in a capsule.

They would have awakened from a long hibernation and recovered in the blue springs.

If only the capsules weren’t malfunctioning with the intention of someone who lived in that era.

jerk. jerk.

Cain approached the fourth and final capsule. Unlike other capsules, the lid was open, and no powder was seen inside.

Capsule size for women’s height rather than men’s.

It was not difficult to guess that someone had escaped the capsule.

Judging from the thick dust accumulated inside, the fact that that period was quite long ago.

Also the identity of the person who left the capsule.

‘Because there is only one survivor of the magic kingdom living on the continent.’

Cain turned and took the precious metals and trinkets from the shelves around him.


Black gloves made of silk cling to Cain’s hands.


He raised mana with his palm and created a flame.

It used the same amount of mana as usual, but the heat of the flame was clearly strong.

All of the artifacts Cain had gathered were like that.

or help mana management.

or amplify the output itself.

All high-ranking wizards were used by the royal family, so the performance was guaranteed.


Then the whole ruins shook and the lights began to flicker. It was because of the exhaustion of all the remaining mana remaining in the entire facility.

Cain chuckled.

“The uninvited guests will leave the room.”

Looking at the capsules with the lids closed, I left the room with indifferent footsteps.

* * *


As the ruins collapsed, a huge amount of dust rose in all directions.

The ruins, which would have taken years to build, were buried in the sand in less than a minute.

“A disappointing ending. These ruins and Laika too.”

Silver Fang’s expression was somewhat empty.

“Are you curious about his fate?”

“Can you tell me?”

Cain nodded.

“We will listen.”

The gray wolves approached and either leaned their backs against the rocks or sat down on the floor.

Seven gray wolves entered.

Four came out.

They fought while losing their comrades, so they deserved to hear their stories.

Cain leaned against the car and opened his mouth as he watched the sunset over the horizon.

Omit unnecessary parts and detail the parts they are curious about.

“A fountain made of mana. I understand why the dolls kept appearing restored.”

One gray wolf made an opinion.

“Then, if you absorb all the blue springs that are being used as power sources while traveling around the ruins, wouldn’t it be possible for Cain-sama to quickly increase his power?”

Cain shook his head.

“This is only a special case, but most of the ruins are small. The same goes for the size of the spring that is the power source. The rewards that can be obtained are not large compared to the time and effort spent on the attack.”

The gray wolf who questioned the clear explanation immediately understood.

Cain spoke again.

“How dare you fight like that even if you lost one arm. And it fell into the red spring and perished.”

Silverfang envisioned a scene in which Leica ran wild until the end and then met a fierce end.

It must have been possible thanks to the mana circuit.

Unknowingly he had to grind his teeth out of resentment, and Cain did not miss the appearance.

“The next destination is Leica’s residence in District 33. There must be some things to go and retrieve.”

The water of life stolen by Leica.

The seeds he had ever gathered.

Everyone in the room understood Cain’s words at once.

“And I have something to give you.”

Everyone’s eyes widened the moment they saw the flowerpot that Cain took out.

“That, that!”

Cain floated a flowerpot with salt copper and sent it to Silver Fang.

There was no way I couldn’t recognize it.

Because it’s something I’ve been looking for and longing for more than anyone else.

A single tear fell from Silver Fang’s eyes.

“And one more thing.”

Silverfang and the gray wolves, who were soaked in deep emotions, turned their heads.

In Cain’s hand was an unfamiliar looking ore. In an instant, a question mark appeared above the wolves’ heads.

* * *

“This… I feel like I have Cain-sama’s magic on my body.”

The gray wolves looked at the gray mana that was floating around their bodies with bewildered faces.

Surprisingly, Cain was the same.

‘Silver Fang predicted. However, I don’t think the other four will succeed in building the circuit… .’

It was yesterday that I explained that circuits could be built using zirtonium.

“It’s the first ore I’ve ever heard of. To pierce the hardened blood vessels so that they can receive mana… .”

Silverfang made a face that was denied the common sense he had ever known.

For Cain, the principle was simple.

In the case of humans, the growth of blood vessels stops at the age of adulthood.

Wastes accumulate and begin to harden, and mana cannot flow.

“In the case of beasts, physical growth occurs much more rapidly than humans. It is extremely difficult to get the timing to build a circuit because the blood vessels harden early.”

In the first place, there was also the fact that it was not suitable for accommodating mana due to the different properties of the blood vessels.

However, if you use zirtonium to push waste accumulated in blood vessels and make it look like a newborn baby.

“The mana in the air will pour into the blood vessels and it will be in a state similar to a ‘runaway’. It’s very painful, and it can be life-threatening. I’ll be there to help, but I can’t guarantee.”

Silverfang said nothing.

“I am not forced to make a choice. It is up to you to make the decision.”

to be foolish

But since it was from Cain’s mouth, he couldn’t hear it.

The petrification treatment was initially distrustful, but it was eventually proven to be true.

A person who is already like a benefactor.

Silverfang organized his thoughts and said.

“would. If it wasn’t for you anyway, I would have died cherishing vain dreams for the rest of my life in Rustwood.”

The decisive reason for making this choice was the desire to be strong.

“Me too, please.”

“Please, Cain-sama.”

It was no different for the gray wolves.

“Get plenty of rest and proceed tomorrow when the sun is bright.”

So Silverfang and the Ashen Wolf swallowed zirtonium the next day.

“… … !」

The waste material in the blood vessels melted and disappeared, and a burning sensation spread throughout the body.

That was just the beginning.

Soon the mana in the air rushed into the veins.


Blood gushed out of his mouth.

I wanted to let go of the pain as if a small blade was tearing apart a blood vessel.

His body was covered in cold sweat and his vision was blurred.

“Be patient. The moment you miss the flow of mana, the blood vessels in your body will burst and you will die.”

Silverfang clenched his teeth and barely spit it out.

“know… have… .”

A few hours passed like hell.

As the sun rose into the sky, Silverfang and the Ashen Wolf fell to the floor in complete exhaustion.

“Good job.”

My head was spinning and I couldn’t lift a finger. Everyone lost their minds with Cain’s words.

As time passed, he regained his energy and recovered.

“I thought at least one of them would die of unbearable pain.”

Cain had to admit.

They underestimated their longing and will for power.

“Once you gain new strength, you should try it.”

“A test?”


Instead of answering, Cain lifted a nearby rock with a telekinesis. The gray wolves opened their mouths at the sight.

The moment the magic was dispelled, the rock made a huge roar and landed on the floor.


The experienced Silverfang knew what Cain’s actions meant.

“Now what… !”

On the other hand, the four gray wolves had bewildered faces as they could not understand the situation.

“Cain, why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

The answer to the question came from beneath my feet. Something was approaching at high speed from afar.


Cain thought.

I gave you a reward that others can’t easily get, so now is the time to roll endlessly.

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