A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 135

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 135

135. God, Religion, and Tricks (3)

Estelle, who narrowed the distance like lightning, swung her mace loudly. Enemies did not panic and dodged her attack.

For a brief moment, Estelle’s golden eyes scanned the enemies.

Mana on the hammer.

All dark colors.

And the unusual movement to avoid the attack.

‘Mercenaries? Why are these talented people in such a pseudo-religion? .’

In response to her will, the octagonal stars on the back of her hands shone.

At the same time, a pure white ring appeared around the mace and began to spin.


The mace with increased attack range relentlessly crushed the bones of heretics.

“Hey, this devil… !”

The cultists muttered involuntarily at the eerie sight.

“The devil is you, not me! What is he saying now!”

At Estelle’s feet, cultists began to roll around one by one.

However, her momentum did not last long as the pursued enemy joined.

“Take the necklace!”

The black mana that had been shot from somewhere settled in the body of the cultists. At that moment, their movements accelerated.

strengthening magic.

A warlock with a wand was standing by the window.

It looked like he was unable to use any other magic to maintain the enhancement magic.

‘Too many numbers.’

No matter how many enemies were defeated, there was no end.

Estelle’s body was pushed back little by little as those who received the help of magic drove wildly.

Cain’s vacancy was greatly felt.

Had I been with him, I would have put an end to this situation immediately.

Confusion in her head due to worries about faith also contributed to her inability to focus on battle.


A hammer flew in from behind her head, aiming for a hole in her.

I wanted to, but it was too late to avoid it.

She turned and swung her shoulders, swinging her mace towards her opponent.


At that time, a cog of light flew from somewhere and cut the enemy’s wrist.

“Elder Utahs!”

Utahs looked at the cultists with an angry look on his face.

In his hands, which had changed into a combat uniform, he held the equipment he had been using during his active duty.

The appearance of a complete heretical inquisitor.

he let out a roar

“Where do the wicked dare to be here! Are you saying you were doing something wrong in the Hall of the Goddess?”

All the enemies in the hall trembled.

Cogs of light emanating from Yutas’s hand flooded in all directions.


“Sa, save me!”

One-sided massacre rather than combat.

Enemies started running away.


The wrist of the warlock who was about to stop strengthening and use attack magic flew away.

The slingshot flew off and wrapped around his ankle.

The octagonal star pattern engraved on the catapult shone once.


The warlock clenched his teeth and tried to use movement magic.

However, mana gathered at the tip of the staff and scattered repeatedly.

“Don’t ask me to clean up the inside!”

Utahs jumped through the broken window. Like a seasoned hunter, he chased down wounded enemies and quickly stopped breathing.

“I’ll take this one.”

And he met Cain.

Had he not recognized the face revealed in the darkness, he would have attacked without knowing it.

Seeing the bloodstained sword in Cain’s hand and the cult fallen beneath it, Yutas nodded.


Utahs disappeared in the opposite direction of the cathedral. Cain looked down at the scene and looked down the hill.

The cultists rushing away.

One of them was holding the necklace of Utahs in his hand.

Dropped by Estelle during battle.

Cain didn’t even know that.

But I thought things would turn around not bad.

‘It would be easier to deal with a cult than to deal with Utahs directly.’

The reason for ordering Estelle to bring the necklace was also because it was difficult to deal directly with a former Inquisitor.

─All you have to do is take this to the headmaster! He will surely baptize you as a reward!

It’s a long way off, but if you use magic, you should be able to get the necklace now.

However, as Yutas could find out that he was a warlock, he promised the next opportunity.


I was even more curious.

who the hell he is

* * *

“Sorry. I lost my necklace. I’m too distracted while fighting… .”

Estelle was restless in front of Cain.

“Okay. I’m glad I wasn’t seriously hurt.”

On the contrary, I felt guilty.

The thought of not being able to do her job properly made her troubled.

“I forgot to say thank you because I was so busy. It has been a huge help.”

Utahs walked among the priests cleaning up the cathedral.

The contrast between the soft smile and the bloody combat uniform created a strange impression.

said Cain.

“I just did what I had to do. The thought of breaking into a cathedral, not anywhere else, trembles at the recklessness and disrespect.”

At that, Yutas nodded, expressing sympathy.

“They are the ones who will be punished. Perhaps the purpose was to destroy the statue and remove the worship space. They also took all the items that could be valuables or money.”

His gaze flickered toward Cain’s and Estelle’s hands.

“Have you not seen a necklace? This is an old necklace given by the denomination. It seems to have fallen in the midst of a commotion, but I can’t find it no matter how much I look for it.”

A stream of goosebumps ran down Estelle’s back.

For a brief moment, Yutas’s gaze was that of a heretic inquisitor, not a priest.

‘… You are suspicious of us both.’

By now, she could have guessed that Yutas’ necklace was not an ordinary thing.

not sure

However, he climbed the ranks of dragons.

If they were found to have tried to steal the necklace, it would not end with a simple punishment.

Even though they have a deep connection with the past, is such a thing really important to a heretical inquisitor?

“Estelle, have you not seen it?”

I could feel Yutas’ stern gaze.

Estelle swallowed dry saliva.

It felt like he was dealing with someone other than the person he had known before.

As she was about to part her lips, Cain interrupted.

“I didn’t see it. Estelle seems to do the same. Perhaps it was under the rubble.”

Silence passed for a moment.

“I think that’s the most likely. No one would have taken it. It is a necklace that anyone can receive as long as they attend the worship service. I think I’ll find it someday if I find it, but… .”

His gaze focused on the area in the pocket where the necklace could fit, and he stared at the two persistently.

“Please go home carefully. May God’s blessing be with you.”

Yutas nodded and disappeared toward the captured warlock.

─Go. You have a lot of stories to tell me in the basement.


—Heh heh, you don’t have to look like that. Because the night is long

Estelle trembled once as she watched Yutas disappear down the stairs leading to the warlock.


One of the skills that a Heretic Inquisitor must possess.

Had it not been for that, she would have accepted the offer of a former Inquisitor.

Cain also looked back at Utahs.

‘You look pretty impatient.’

Although he looked calm at first glance, Cain did not miss the anxiety and nervousness that was evident in his tone and small gestures.

* * *

At dawn, Cain and Estelle set out on the outskirts of District 33.

“You must have seen it over there. They say there are hundreds of people to estimate, but the number may be completely different.”

In the distance, a giant statue of the goddess and tents and buildings encamped around it were visible.

“Elder Utahs told the church when the Inquisitors would arrive. He didn’t say it, but he must have been very angry.”

I’d rather be anxious than angry.

‘I must have been convinced that the cultists took the necklace.’

Although Utahs is strong, it is impossible to face the entire cult with only a few combat priests deployed in the area.

However, it was possible that Utahs would move before the interrogators arrived.

If things go wrong, it literally blows your throat away.

‘The denomination’s tension has softened a lot. How can you manage the person with the key so poorly?’

It was to the point that it was ridiculous that it was comfy.

As we approached the entrance, one of the cultists nodded at Cain and Estelle.

“You seem to be on your way to the area.”

Cain and Estelle wore demon masks and black means.

There were a lot of cultists roaming the area, so it was not difficult to lure them away.

“The head teacher’s sermon to the lay people will start soon, so please take your seat as soon as possible.”

The tools were all the same, but the masks were different.

All of them had the faces of demons with animal prototypes, and the status of each type of animal was divided.

“The Daejeon Hall is over there.”

There was a temporary building in the direction the opponent was pointing.

It was shabby like other places, but it gave the impression that it was huge because it had many floors and was wide.

“May the wings of the devil spread before you.”

Cain and Estelle passed the entrance and headed inside.

“… I’m nervous. From their point of view, we are heretics, right?”

between buildings.

between the awning and the awning.

Numerous cultists were bustling around.

Now, with just a few steps, you would have completely infiltrated the enemy’s stronghold.

Cain extended his palm upwards to Estelle.

“… … ?”

Estelle reflexively grabbed her hand.

Like a cat that listens well.

The octagonal star pattern on the back of the hand disappeared with a small light.

A feeling of disappointment passed through Estelle’s head that the restaurant could have hidden the pattern with magic.


She nodded and followed Cain.

The cultists gathered among themselves, uttered unknown incantations, and burst into eerie laughter.

There were also many who debated the doctrine.

“It is similar to the doctrine of the denomination. It seems that only the core part was twisted to make it look like a different doctrine… .”

As we went inside, the tension on Estelle’s face increased.

At the same time, there was something to be concerned about.

Old, worn-out shoes exposed under the black means.

It was evidence that the majority of believers were poor people on the outskirts of the district.

‘Is it unavoidable?’

The more deprived they were, the more likely they were to find someone they could rely on, and it was easy for them to fall into social circles.

Cain said as if reading Estelle’s heart.

“No need to sympathize. In any case, they must have all come here by their own choice.”

“… … .”

She was startled and said nothing.

The more I walked, the closer I got to the Daejeon Hall.

“They said they broke into the church and ran away with the necklace.”

Cain nodded.

It was highly likely that he would have dedicated it directly to the teacher. Then the whereabouts of the necklace was one of them.

or hung around the teacher’s neck.

kept in his residence.

I definitely wanted to attend the sermon.

To check the whereabouts of the necklace and to figure out what kind of person the teacher is.

However, there was about thirty minutes left before the sermon began.

“We disperse and find the place of the headmaster. I will look at Daejeon Hall. Be careful not to reveal your identity and check the surrounding buildings first.”

Estelle nodded and disappeared in the other direction.

Cain looked up at the Daejeon Hall building again.

Workers wandered around the three-story roof to see if it had been completed yet.

If the headmaster’s residence existed within the Daejeon Hall, wouldn’t that position be the highest?

Decided to start looking at the most likely places, Cain turned behind the building.

After making sure that no one was watching, he stepped on the overhang of the building and quickly climbed onto the roof.

He picked up the paint cans and brushes that had fallen around him and walked naturally.

“Let’s hurry. The temple must be completed before the demons come.”

“If we stay in the temple, the demons won’t hurt us.”

Cain walked among the workers.

A portion of the roof that had not yet been covered could be seen inside through a hole.

Some gathered to open books and study doctrine, while others were conducting unknown rituals around the circle of magic.


Cain stopped walking.

I turned around and saw a gigantic goat mask glaring at me.

“Before, I didn’t work and just walked around. What are you doing?”

A hideous light flashed from the eye sockets of the mask. He held a bloody giant ax in his hand.

“I was looking to see if there were any areas on the roof that needed painting.”

“That’s right.”

A goat mask walked over the roof.

He stopped at a distance he could cling to in one leap, looked at Cain, and said.

“When the sky opens in pitch black and black rain begins to fall.”

‘Is it a doctrine?’

He seemed to be trying to confirm his identity with the following phrase.

It was similar to the denomination’s Bible verse.

It is enough to say that I plagiarized by changing only a few words.

Cain opened his mouth in anticipation of the next verse.

“The one who has the wings of the devil will come down to the earth with the sacrifice, and bring his servants as a shadow, that they may enjoy riches and riches.”


Goat Mask nodded with satisfaction and turned around.

‘Did you hit it?’

Just as Cain was about to relax, he turned and leapt wildly.

“Death to the disturber!”

A huge ax ripped through the air and fell towards Cain’s head.

Cain immediately accelerated his movement with the mana he had raised and ran backwards.


The roof collapsed and two people fell.


The moment it fell, the goat mask swung the ax once more.

A thick shield made of black mana surrounded Cain.


At the same time, an eerie black electric current rode the ax and engulfed its owner.

The goat mask trembled and drooped once with a groan.


The two fell to the floor downstairs, forming a cloud of dust.

Inside the dimly lit room, Cain stood up with one knee bent.

“… … .”

When I looked down as something wriggling under my feet, I saw a ‘real’ goat wriggling with a dagger in its neck.

Next to the goat mask, who is intermittently shivering from the shock of lightning magic.

And a magical circle of strange shapes drawn around him.

Burnt candles and flames on the floor.

Frozen cultists.

It didn’t take long for Cain to figure out the situation.


Paint that had been thrown into the air poured down like rain.

Blocked by Cain’s protection, it created a bizarre landscape with flowing black mana.

One of the cultists gulped and exclaimed.

“Ah, the devil has come!”

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