A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 136

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 136

136. Faith and delusion (1)

The cultists bowed to Cain.

He shook his head with his face pressed against the floor.

“Ba, my lord Baal. Thank you for answering the call of such lowly ones as us.”

“We are ready to swear allegiance to Baal… .”

Of course, demons do not exist in this world, but they appear in ghost stories and legends.

If it was Baal, it was a known existence that belonged to the highest level among various demons.

Cain’s gaze turned to the goat, now suffocating and struggling.

‘Did you think you could summon a higher level demon with such a low quality sacrifice?’

They will also be lower class.

Ignorance was usually proportional to poverty, and Cain knew it all too well.

Had I known a little about mana and magic, I would not have mistaken myself for a demon.

“He said, “If you give me an order, I will do as you tell me.”

If there is a misunderstanding, it is correct to use it, but considering the type of mask, they were low-ranking believers.

His purpose is to create a situation where he can listen to the preacher’s sermon and be alone with him.

It can be done as long as it takes time, but the condition is that the work must be completed before the interrogators arrive.

‘There is no great use value for them.’

Instead, a better idea popped into Cain’s head.

“Raise your head.”

“Yes, yes.”

As soon as the cultists lifted their heads and raised their upper body, a sphere made of wind slammed into their souls.

The cultists fell to the floor with a ‘knock’ sound.

Cain exchanged paint-stained masks and tools for one of them.

And I went out into the hallway and cried.

“It’s an intruder!”

The iron stairs creaked and the guards rushed in.

“It’s an intruder! They are the cults!”

A sign that it is finally coming.

Cain pointed into the room and said in a urgency.

“During the ceremony, one of the disruptors broke through the roof. I killed all my brothers and ran over there!”

The guards were very nervous at Cain’s realistic acting.

Some went into the room, and the rest headed towards the end of the hallway Cain was pointing at.

Soon the atmosphere in the whole building became noisy, and Cain followed the sign in the hallway towards the auditorium.

‘… You’re lying.’

There were no checkpoints on the way to this place.

It was evident that the guards assigned to the Daejeon Hall also did not receive professional training.

Their religion seemed to be systematic, but on the other hand, it was quite lax.

Impression of increasing the scale without any substantiality in order to increase the number of believers.

‘But if you have gathered such a number of followers, the headmaster must be regarded as a person with excellent brains.’

Arrival of the Inquisitor.

Spy infiltration.

Either way, it is right to anticipate and prepare for it.

But that there is no defense like this.

‘Are believers a consumable item? It serves as a minimum shield until it achieves its own purpose.’

Cain thought.

If the purpose of the headmaster’s seizure of the necklace was ‘that’ he expected, then there was a high possibility that the followers were simply expendables.

As he circled the hallways and went down the stairs, the structure of the building entered Cain’s mind without exception.

“Soon the teacher’s sermon will begin! New members, please enter as soon as possible!”

There was a long line in front of the door leading to the auditorium.

Cain went to the back and stood in line.


Someone grabbed my hand and turned around, and there was Estelle. she whispered

“I couldn’t find the teacher’s residence. All the buildings look the same, and there are no clues to identify them.”

“At the end of the hallway on the fifth floor of this building. No need to worry.”

Rounded golden eyes beyond the eye sockets of the mask.

She nodded vigorously.

The line quickly decreased, and it was their turn to enter.

The gatekeeper’s gaze turned to the clean backs of Cain and Estelle’s hands.

“It seems that you are attending the teacher’s sermon for the first time. It will be a life-changing experience. Because I did.”

He put a special solution on the backs of their hands.

An X mark was drawn on the octagonal star of the denomination, and it was a seal pattern that showed obvious hostility.

“The more times you attend sermons and collect dojos, the higher your rank can be. There are subordinates who can give orders.”

He whispered as if revealing a great secret.


The door closed with the two of them last.

“Aren’t I the only one who thought of that now?”

embarrassment and embarrassment.

A voice somewhere in the middle.


Cain was no joke either. It was a moment that became more and more curious about the face of the teacher.

At the end of the dark passage, when another door was opened, a dazzling light poured in.

In the spacious auditorium, the funeral director was packed.

“Even if we can’t, we’ll have 200 people. Bishops gather like this for sermons.”

In a solemn and serene atmosphere.

Countless demon masks sat on chairs in reverent postures.

Cain and Estelle found an empty seat at the back and sat down.

Soon, the headmaster, wearing a bizarre mask of an octopus, came up to the stage, and at that moment thunderous applause and shouts erupted.


Estelle flinched at the loud sound and covered her ears with both hands.

The commotion subsided and the teacher opened his mouth.

—Brothers. It was time for the sermon. Life for those in need like us is only suffering, so how hard it was to endure another week.

His voice resounded throughout the auditorium through an amplification device.

Soft but thick and powerful,

At the same time, it was a voice that caught my ear.

─The stomach is hungry, the cold wind blows through the bones, and no matter how hard you work, money does not accumulate. Whereas some enjoy luxurious eating and sleeping simply because they were born into wealthy families.

As the speech continued, the guards nodded as if bewitched.

Some even shed tears or clenched their fists and trembled as if they were deeply moved by their emotions.

─No matter how much you pray, the goddess does not open her mouth.

The teacher’s tone of voice increased.

─Not responding.

Gradually, emotions mixed in.

-Even though we are suffering so much.

The enraged voice eventually turned into a cry full of anger.

─I don’t see any traces of you!


The teacher’s fist slammed down the podium violently. There was blood, but he didn’t care.

—Does Goddess really exist?

His voice became calm again in an instant.

And a momentary stillness.

Cain could feel it.

Minor tone changes.

Time to stop talking.

buried emotions.

All of them have been meticulously calculated.

-Judgment Day is coming soon. The day will come when the world will be destroyed under the devil’s spear and the redistribution of wealth will take place.

The sermon continued in the tight air.

The story of the devil’s invasion was basically based on the church’s Bible.

They cleverly twisted existing doctrines to interpret them in their own favor or to refute them outright.

In the process, strong feelings of hostility and criticism toward the denomination were felt.

The sermon drew near to the end.

When the priest’s last words were finished, the priests were chanting a sentence.

─Death to the Goddess and the Church!

─Death to the Goddess and the Church!

The atmosphere was madness itself.

If only he had a weapon in his hands, he was ready to go to war.

‘It’s more of a propaganda than a sermon.’

Cain acknowledged the narrator’s narration.

His ability to stimulate weak points deep in the unconscious to bring out choked emotions and finally transform them into anger was superb.

There is proper logic and persuasiveness.

Even taking into account the wind catchers scattered here and there, it can be said that the skill has reached the highest level.

‘It’s not that there weren’t any inexperienced parts.’

Cain, who looked at the headmaster’s head, which had nothing hanging on it, stood up and said.

“Go away slowly. We have to move before the guards.”

“Ah yes.”

Estelle woke up in shock.

The teacher’s words were still echoing in her mind.

“Even though we are suffering so much.”

“Does Goddess Really Exist?”

She followed Cain with a serious face.

As soon as Cain left the auditorium, he quickly turned around the hallway.

Explosion magic was engraved on the window sill when no one was passing by.

He did not stop walking, and several more were engraved on the wall.

“You said you wanted to play the role of a heroine who is threatened by terrorists.”

“Oh, I was just passing by. Remember that?”

Unknowingly, Estelle could feel the tension release as the laughter came out.

For a moment, my worries about God flew away.

‘It must have been said on purpose after reading my expression.’

He was a man who could read other people’s emotions well enough to get goosebumps without revealing his own emotions even when he died.

“Leave it to me.”

As soon as Cain secured a certain distance from the window, he activated the engraved magic.


After a while the window explodes.

Estelle let out a sharp scream.


And with a casual expression, he and Cain walked around the corner of the hallway.

In front of the headmaster’s waiting room, I saw two guards grabbing their weapons and preparing to run.

“Chi, it’s an intruder! You are wielding a sword against your brothers!”

At Cain’s words, they nodded and left their seats.

“Is it the intruder that I was sent to?”

“Hey, let’s go!”

After confirming that the guards had completely disappeared across the hallway, Cain grabbed the doorknob of the waiting room.

“Have you ever studied acting? I can be an actor.”

“You were not a bad actor either.”


When I opened the door and entered, I saw the teacher standing up from the chair with a look of bewilderment.

“Teacher. I don’t have time, so I’ll explain quickly.”


Cain reached back and locked the door. After that, soundproof magic was applied to the entire room.

“The Warlock… ! what now… !”

“I ask a question, and you answer. Every time you steam or lie, your fingers will be cut off one by one. First question. Where is Elder Utahs’ necklace?”

The headmaster picked up the staff that was lying next to him.

The black mana that flowed from the tip of the crystal covered the master’s body, forming a shield.

No, I was trying to form.

If only the mana hadn’t been scattered into the air by Cain’s ‘interference’.

“He was also a warlock.”

“Chi, it’s an intruder! There is no one out there!”

Seeing Cain approaching, the teacher hurriedly shouted, but no one answered.

He continued to try to use magic, but mana was only scattered in the air over and over again.

The arm that was swinging randomly was caught by Cain and twisted.



Cain did not stop there and pulled the teacher’s entire hand onto the desk.

He took out a knife and slammed the back of his hand with the handle. The shock spread the teacher’s fingers.

He fixed the knife, grabbed it, and lowered it straight down towards his finger.


The little finger rolled over the desk.


The teacher writhes, foaming at his mouth. He tried to get his hand out somehow, but Cain didn’t even move.

what happened in an instant.


Sah, save me-

Then, screams were heard from outside.

The sound of buildings collapsing and the sound of weapons continued.

One possibility came to mind.

Heresy Inquisitor.

‘I expected it to be in a hurry, but I didn’t expect to get here already.’

I felt like I had to speed up the work a bit more.

While Cain was holding the headmaster, Estelle searched his body.

But the necklace didn’t come out.

“Ask again. Where’s Elder Utahs’ necklace?”

“You, who are you? City, the interrogator? Was the information incorrect? Oh, it’s not time to arrive yet. Huh, how can a warlock do this for the cult… .”


“Aww-! Mi, you crazy bastard—!”

Another finger rolled over on the desk.

“Next is the middle finger.”

“Mo, the necklace, I can’t hand it over, Gye, I have a plan right in front of me, but how can I… .”

Even when the third and fourth fingers were cut off, the teacher did not give Cain the answer he wanted.

In the end, all five fingers were cut off and he fainted.

“… I have to admit one poison.”

Cain took off the headmaster’s mask.

A face younger than expected appeared.

At least early to mid 20’s.

It was the moment when I understood the laxity of this religious group that I had felt so far and the slight blow I felt during the sermon.

“Branch. We search the headmaster’s room.”

I was interested in how he knew about the destruction of the continent and the ark, and what the original status of the leader was, but now was not the time.

Because finding a necklace is a priority.

“Can I leave this person like this?”

“Do you want to show some sympathy to a cultist?”

“… That’s not it.”

Estelle pursed her lips and followed Cain.

And the moment I opened the waiting room door, our eyes met.

Similarly, with a person who opened the door and tried to come in.

thick iron helmet.

Chains wrapped around the body.

a mace at the end of it.

And something in the form of a huge coffin carried on its back.

She knew the other person’s identity all too well.

“Cultist. kill it.”

A dry, dry voice like sand came out of the heretic inquisitor’s mouth.

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