A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 137

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 137

137. Faith and delusion (2)

“Eternal torment for heretics.”

A huge mace fell violently towards Estelle’s head.

She lifted the mace handed to Cain straight up.


The Inquisitor’s body was pushed back sharply, and a bullet fired by Cain passed by the side of Estelle’s face.


The bullet hit the heart exactly.

However, it was blocked by thick armor and fell to the floor.

For a brief moment Cain could clearly see.

The engraved “Wind of Blades” was sucked into the armor and disappeared as soon as it was activated.

‘Absorbing magic is a nonsense thing.’

There was no other reason why they were called ‘the wizard’s end’.

A strong body and mind that will not back down under any circumstances.

Equipment optimized for hunting wizards worn all over the body.

They were the hunters who were rigorously trained to catch the warlock.


The huge mace was raised again.

Fortunately, the movement was not that fast due to the weight of the equipment.


At Cain’s cry, Estelle slammed the Inquisitor with her shield.

The powerful tackle made after receiving the enhancement magic pushed the Inquisitor’s huge body backwards.

The direction of the pitch turned to Cain.


The Inquisitor did not miss the moment when the black mana drenched in Estelle’s body.

“And the priest.”

Even the pure white mana that covered Estelle’s shield.

“Apostates will be punished.”

As the Inquisitor was about to move again, a strong gust of wind rushed through his chest.

The armor was hollowed out, and the Inquisitor was pinned to the edge of the wall.

“Branch. There is no room to waste time against these guys.”

“I see.”

The two went through the fallen inquisitor and headed to the top floor where the headmaster’s room was.

There was definitely a limit to the magic that armor could absorb.

It’s not difficult to defeat if you’re sincere.

However, it was Cain’s judgment that it would be a waste of time and resources.

“Have you heard from Utahs about the number of interrogators who came out for assistance?”

“I said at least three squads.”

Cain nodded.

It was as expected.

‘At least 60 people.’

Being surrounded by such a number of wizard hunters was not very pleasing to Cain.

The superiority between superiors is to exist before a simple difference in force.

He didn’t even know if he had to fight and take the damage.

By damaging the body that had been restored to its full state at best through the Blue Fountain.

“… … .”

Behind the back of the two disappearing in the hallway, the Inquisitor staggered and stood up.

Like a machine that doesn’t feel pain.


Returning the returned helmet to its original position, the two began to walk rapidly in the direction in which they disappeared.

* * *

It was a mess.

“Sa, please save me!”

“I, I don’t want to die!”


The fire broke out and blood splattered.

“Death to heresy.”

The mace was swung under the thick smoke. The walls collapsed and the prisoners’ heads exploded.

Estelle followed Cain, pretending not to see the scenery.

Avoiding the interrogators, he reached the top floor and opened the door of the headmaster.

“I’ll look for the drawer first.”

“no. I think this one will be faster.”

The black mana that came out of Cain’s hand wrapped around the objects in the room.

salt dong.

Beds, tables, and drawers floated in the air and overturned.

All the things inside fell down.

“I can’t see the necklace. Oh, here’s the safe!”

Cain aimed his gun at the lock on the safe that Estelle was pointing at.


The lock shattered and fell to the floor.

When I opened the door of the safe, I saw the necklace of the church with books piled up.

“More than twenty. They’re all the same old and worn out, so I can’t tell them apart… They could all be baits.”

Estelle said with a nervous face.

screams and footsteps.

The incredulous murmurs of the Inquisitors.

Several sounds were coming closer and closer this way from the hallway.

Cain walked over to Estelle.

After pouring out all the necklaces in the safe, he took one of them without hesitation and put it in his arms.

“Bait. I don’t think the teacher is that thorough. go out.”

How did you differentiate the real thing?

Estelle tried to part her lips, realized the reason for herself, and swallowed the question.

His memory of never forgetting what he saw once.

You must have distinguished the real thing by looking at the fine scratches on the necklace and the degree of wear.


At that moment, Cain and Estelle instinctively bowed down at the sound they heard from behind the door.

Quad Duck!

A horizontally swung mace appeared, crushing walls and doors.

He drew a large circle, barely passing over their heads.

Objects and walls in the path of the mace were ripped apart without mercy.

“It must have seemed like we were quite fond of it.”

He said looking at the Inquisitor spinning his chained mace over his head.

“Apostate. punish them.”

“That’s the only thing I know how to say.”

At Cain’s glance, Estelle left her seat. As the black mana settled in his body, he felt his energy fill up.

visor! Chachaeng! visor!

Mace cut through the air without hesitation. He deflected the mace and pounded the inquisitor’s armor.

While the armor was dented by the mace made of mithril, the mace never touched Estelle’s body.

But no matter how much he beat him, the Inquisitor didn’t think he would fall.

“Stand out.”

Cain’s voice came from behind.

It meant the magic was ready.

As Estelle escaped, a ghastly black flame was shot at the Inquisitor.


Black flames engulfed the Inquisitor’s entire body in an instant.

Due to the magic of power beyond the limit that it could absorb, the armor could not function properly and began to melt.

‘indeed. Is it good enough to endure? Long-lasting damage rather than one-off.’

Cain stored the minimum mana value to destroy the armor in his head.

“Heresy. Apostate.”

Even though the flesh was melting inside the armor, the Inquisitor swung his mace casually.

The walls and columns that touched the fire melted and the ceiling began to shake.

Cain escaped the inquisitor’s attack and turned back.

The magic was completed by fusion of the refined wind element with a number of auxiliary elements.

The moment Cain put his palm on the back of the Inquisitor.


The densely compressed air exploded and the Inquisitor’s body ricocheted violently.

It collapsed and fell down the wall it had collided with.

The impact ripped the helmet off, revealing a hideous face full of scars, burns and stitches.


The Inquisitor, who fell to the floor, tried to get his body on fire again and again and collapsed repeatedly.

At some point, it was completely devoured by the fire and did not move any more.

“… … .”

Estelle looked down at the black corpse and had a shocked face.

“Are you surprised to see your face? They receive special training from an early age so that they do not feel pain.”

Cain came up to her side and looked down at the ground and said.

“no. I can’t. One of the things Elder Utahs said was… .”

“Elder Utahs’ activity as an Inquisitor is quite a thing of the past.”

The current method of the denomination was to bring a child with no connection and raise him as a heretic inquisitor.

A kind of transformation and brainwashing.

Castration of emotion and nociception.

It was the training of combat weapons.

But Cain did not bring up the story until that point.

She was already shocked.

And there were still a lot of shocks to be received.

—God, if you’re looking at us, please… .


─Sa, save me!

audible screams.

Estelle slowly shook her head.

And he couldn’t say anything to the map of hell that unfolded before his eyes.

* * *

The two made their way to the statue of the Goddess, through the inquisitors and the cultists.

─Secure the key first! Don’t leave a single one alive!

In the distance, I could see Elder Utahs leading the inquisitors.

With her pounding chest, Estelle put on a mask and pressed the hood deeper.

The Inquisitor’s notoriety is well known, but it was the first time I’ve seen them fight in action.

─ Please save me. please… .

The prison guard, holding the child, pleaded with the inquisitor.

But the mace had no ears.

After smashing the heads of women and children, they slashed their bodies for confirmation.

A terrible sight I never expected to see in my lifetime. Estelle bit her lip.

I’ve never seen a landscape like this.

A ‘wall’ that exists from the outskirts of the 20th Division A mural carved there.

A battle between the apostles of God and the devil.

There, the devil ravages humans.

But now, Estelle couldn’t figure out which side of the devil was.

Although they were cultists, the inquisitors were brutally slaughtering them without any resistance.


My head was dizzy and my breathing was short.

A huge shadow cast over my head.

Estelle looked up at the goddess.

As usual, the goddess looked down on everything on earth with a benevolent smile.

Scream, blood, flames, collapse and slaughter.

Guts and fear, all of that.

Estelle had goosebumps all over her body when she saw the goddess statue for the first time in her life.

Her smile was no longer benevolent.

‘The country has to help. Innocent people are dying.’

While Estelle was hesitating, Cain, who arrived in front of the statue, shouted in a loud voice.


An incomparable coldness appeared on Cain’s face.

As Estelle floundered, Cain walked up to her and pressed her cheek.


His eyes lit up and his cheeks burned.

It felt like the spirit that had gone to another world was slowly returning to reality.

Cain’s growl was heard in front of him.

“If you can’t even manage your own life properly, who are you going to sympathize with and help whom?”

“I… .”

“Other than now, there is no second chance to cure your horse disease.”

“I think these people… .”

Cain grabbed Estelle’s shoulder tightly.

“Estelle. Be selfish. In any situation, you come first. The one you have to sympathize with is yourself. You are the one who needs help.”

He spit out each letter as if smashing it into his ear.

“Serving and devoting yourself to the condition of not getting your life right is not a good thing. It’s stupid and stupid.”

“I… .”

Estelle’s eyes slowly began to focus.

“I’ve been wanting to get out of the horsemanship for a long time. But with that kind of spirit, you won’t be able to live your life even after you cure the demon.”

Cain lifted his hand from Estelle’s shoulder and turned around. Again, he strode away towards the feet of the goddess.


The necklace that Cain had pulled out shone. The foot of the goddess resonated with the same color of light.

Soon, the toes split and a stairway to the basement appeared.

After one last look at Estelle, Cain disappeared down the stairs.

The entrance slowly began to close.

After hesitating for a moment, Estelle bit her lip and ran towards the stairs.

* * *

Under the stairs it led to a deep, deep underground.

The high-quality light fixtures lined up on the walls and well-manicured staircases gave the impression of a high-tech space from the near future.

“Where the hell are you? A space like this under the statue… .”

Estelle was terrified and frightened.

I felt it at the same time.

At the end of this staircase, there must be a truth you don’t want to face.

“… … .”

Cain didn’t answer.

Instead, he put his hand behind his back.

Estelle took her hand and felt her mind calm down a little.

Suddenly, a verse from the Bible flashed through her mind.

“Yes, you are trembling. When I reach out my hand for you, you take it and have no fear.”

In silence, the two went down the stairs for a while.

And seeing the scenery unfolding in front of her eyes, Estelle couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“What the hell… ?”

The forest was open.

A vast expanse of deep green forest.

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