A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 14

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 14

014 episode. Reverse Dividend (2)

“Agile footwork”


“Tough skin”

The main elements of wind and gold and 14 kinds of auxiliary elements complete the fusion of three branches at the same time and breathe energy into the body.



The moment I dodged his fist, a loud shout rang out again.

I distanced myself from Kiftel and observed the reaction around me.

-Hey, did you see it? Did you see that bastard move now?

-Your legs are fine. You’ve been hiding it all this time, you bastard!

—You said you were a Blue Serpent executive. Have you ever painted a big picture?

Prisoners are no problem.

After all, they’ll just figure it out on their own, and raise the heat on the new topic of discussion.

He turned his gaze to the watchtower.

Gerek had a very confused face.

He was instructing his subordinates to do something.

‘I’m going to ask you to find a detector.’

A person who is greedy, but has an extraordinary brain.

In that brief moment, I thought of a possibility.

But it doesn’t matter.

The manifestation of reinforcement-type magic usually takes place inside the body.

And the necklace I’m wearing hides all the mana flowing through my body.

It cannot be detected even with specialized equipment.

‘It will take some time to find the equipment anyway, so you can use the planted 「Wind Vine」 before then.’

“Newbie! Where are you looking!”


Kiftel, who had suddenly narrowed the distance, threw a fist.

He calmly avoided it and continued the accident.

‘You still have to increase your stake.’

Neither the prisoners nor the guards had fully opened their pockets yet.

This means that you need to create a situation where you can’t get it without a bet.

Shoo! widely! widely! widely!

The sound of skin and skin, or bones and bones hitting each other, violently fills the gap between him and me.

—Kill it! push!

─Strike harder! more! more!

clench your fist

A few times it is deliberately allowed.

It can also be barely blocked.

The more it does, the more excited the prisoners become.


widely! widely! widely!

The forearm, which had blocked the punch, was painfully numb.

Although the output of 「Tough Skin」 might not be the maximum, it is a power that cannot be ignored.


In the gap he found during the fierce workshop, he inserts a heavy punch into the guy’s face.


dull bursting sound.

The guy went out in trouble.


brilliance. cry. cry. cry.

A wire mesh that rattled like it was about to collapse.

The guards shout to calm him down.

A tingling sensation from your fingertips.

When I turned my head, I saw prisoners holding bundles of bills at the ‘notebook’.


[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 70.6%]

Without realizing it, I raised the corners of my lips.

I was obviously enjoying this situation to some extent.

“Get up.”

“I was thinking for a moment. I knew he was hiding his power.”


The blood he spit out was clinging to the floor.

The boy’s face was cold.

“He said he was a Blue Serpent executive, so his name is worth it.”


The guy slams the ground and runs away.

‘It’s fun, though.’

I have no intention of being swept away by emotions.

As planned in advance, it moves according to thorough calculations.

During each exchange, the activation and release of 3 types of enhancement magic are continuously repeated to minimize mana consumption.

Attacks that are likely to consume a lot of mana activate “Wind Vine” and dodge them by twisting their steps.

“You stumble a lot. Are you pretending to be a leg cripple? Like me before?”

“Chew this-.”

The fight is getting longer, but he doesn’t show any signs of exhaustion.

Rather, it becomes faster, fiercer, and more violent.

This is because the more immersed in the fight, the more instinct takes the place of reason.

‘It must have taken all the money that would have taken me.’

Block the attack and look towards the morphine.

passing sight.

Guy nodding his head.

The guy moves his lips and speaks in a mouth shape.

「6 vs 4.」

mine is 4

Now it’s time to adjust the proportions again.

─ Newbie! what are you doing! Where is that momentum going?

─ The ground! Die at my hands! I bet two months’ worth of salary.”

There is not much time left for betting, so the spectators have no choice but to be impatient.

“pup! Fall down!”

Reduce the weight of attack and focus on defense.

Panting and directing it as if it was rushing into the defense.

Following me as I spread the distance, Kiftel clings to me like a hound without rest.

widely! thud!

And the next Kiftel tackle.

I just fell to the floor.

“… … .”

The guy didn’t say anything more.

He climbed on my body and kept slamming his fists with bloodshot eyes.

puck! puck! puck!

Raise the guard by bringing your arms together

It’s like a hammer hitting each blow with a hammer.

You have to endure it though.

No matter who you look at, you have to play complete inferiority and despair.

─3 minutes until the end of betting! 3 minutes left!

“This bastard has been looking the other way ever since. Do you still have time?”

The blow gets stronger

You can see the darkening sky behind him.

Also the dense clouds that are gathering.

And I see Gerek.

The guy was sending something to the ‘notebook’ through the prisoner.

‘As expected.’

Bet only when the situation is clear.

The lower odds are covered by the amount bet up to the limit.

That was the pattern Gerek had seen so far.

thump thump.

Raindrops began to fall from the sky.

It grew thicker and slapped all over the face and body.

Moisture filled his dry throat.

Kiftel said with a look of exhaustion from the beating.

“Huh, huh… . It’s raining. I don’t think the weather is bad on the day you die.”

─One minute until the end of betting!

—Kiftel! 10,000 shillings to Kiftel!

─Three thousand shillings!

Prisoners rush to the ‘notebook’.

A huge number that cannot be compared to anything before.

Not long after, a call is heard.

─Betting is over! I can’t walk anymore!

“… I don’t like rainy days.”


Without saying anything, increase the output of “Strengthening” to the maximum. I grab the arm of the guy who hits it.

When he raises his body using his other hand as a support, his posture is disturbed and his body leans to the other side.

“Uh, huh?”

With his feet on the ground, he knocked down the embarrassed guy with all his might and threw it away.


The boy’s body flew into the wire mesh and stuck. Then it fell to the floor.

The silence that came in an instant.


Soon a shout broke out.

It was covered in the sound of rain and I couldn’t understand any of its contents.

“Heh heh. Yep, now it’s working really well. I was waiting for you.”

The boy rolled his eyes and stood up.

My shoulders are shaking at what’s so fun.

‘From now on, it’s real.’

Raise the tension in your body.

Raise the remaining mana generously to increase the power of enhancement magic.


It starts to thunder in the rain.

The moment when violence and violence collide.

It was a completely different movement from before, a full-fledged throw.


Block, hit, dodge, roll.

As the workshop becomes more intense, it becomes closer to the fight of animals than humans.

Your body reacts first than you think, and your stamina and mana are rapidly depleted.


In the meantime, the world flickers several times.

The shouts of the prisoners are mixed with the sound of rain.

I felt that I was deeply immersed in the fight itself, regardless of whether the bet was won or lost.

“Hey heh!”

The dominance is always on my side, but Kiftel doesn’t think about going down.

In a situation where other people would have fainted several times, he jumped up and jumped up.

As energy is restored whenever the body touches the ground, with a more agile and violent movement.

‘… But it doesn’t matter.’

If you don’t fall, you just have to knock them down until they fall.

Every time he wakes up, his body shakes more and more.

It is evidence that his stamina is clearly being exhausted.

The brawl continues.

The distance is narrowed and spread apart, accumulating damage to each other.

It wouldn’t be strange if someone fainted and collapsed right away.

‘… Mana is still available. It’s okay to drag the time like this, but it wouldn’t hurt to use a variable.’

look at the watchtower

Gerek puts down the mana detector he’s been using over and over again.

With a face full of tension, he couldn’t take his eyes off this side.

look at the sky

Lightning strikes at regular intervals.

Look at the flow of mana contained in it.

After all, natural phenomena also occur when mana in the atmosphere gets tangled and the elements in it collide.

It is visible to me with the “Mana Sensitivity” trait.

movement of elements.

collision of elements.

chemical action of elements.

every single one of them.


Run towards Kiftel.

The guy also runs.


The timing of lightning strikes.

read the moment

2 seconds. 1.5 seconds. 1 second. 0.5 seconds

right now, right now.


At that moment, when the world was surrounded by light, the electric elements that were raised were instantly manifested by magic.


“Charged Bolt”

A blue light thunderbolt circling the tip of his fist reached the guy’s body.

The light disappears and the world regains its original color.

In reality, it was a very fleeting moment, but the scene before and after changed.

The number of people standing on the court decreased from two to one.

Kiftel was pushed far away and fell on the floor.

He does not wake up for a long time as if he has lost consciousness.

─I won! Cain wins!

Very excited prisoners.

It’s about to break the wire fence at any moment.

My name is chanted incessantly.


—Cain! Cain!

—Cain! Cain! Cain!

… head is ringing

I wish I had stopped

My body is throbbing and my speed is not good.

To declare a clear winner, he approaches Kiftel.

The guy who frowns with his flipped eyes.

Since I adjusted the output, I wouldn’t have suffered any major internal injuries.


Then a gunshot rang out.

There was a small hole cut right in front of my foot.

─Stop! It’s a break because of the weather!

Gerek with a megaphone.

It’s obvious.

You must have bet a large sum on Kiftel.

─This fight is void!

There was a little bit of noise in the rain, but it wasn’t unintelligible.

Soon the prisoners started booing.

─Whoa! Nonsense!

─If you were going to stop it because of the weather, you should have done it sooner!

Gerek did not succumb to the backlash.

Rather, he leaned closer to the railing and yelled at the whale whale.

─Noisy! Cain! If I move even one step on the spot, I will fire!

If you bend your back a little more, you are in a precarious position that you will fall as it is.


The prisoners started tossing stones and drink cans at the watchtower.

The rain and the wind were strong and most of the time it crashed into the railing and fell.

─These are!

Gerek flinched and hid behind the railing.

After confirming that the projectiles did not reach the distance, they shouted with more momentum.

─These are! Are you ignoring the guard’s instructions? Can’t stop right now! You are all a penalty point!

… A good idea came to mind.

Gerek is not currently using the mana goggles.

It means that you can use magic by looking at your eyes.

For magic that cannot be recognized with the naked eye, even if the manifestation point is outside the body.

The guards were not paying attention to me as they aimed their guns at the prisoners.

I picked up a stone, looked it over, and threw it as hard as I could.


The target is the empty space behind Gerek’s body.

The stone flew fiercely through the rain.

The moment the stone passed the target, I activated the magic engraved on the stone.

A strong wind pushed Gerek’s back.

Without any time for the other guards to catch him, he fell down the railing.

─ … … .

The place I fell was in a wire mesh, in the middle of a group of prisoners.

Prisoners cling like piranhas and trample Gerek.

─ Nope! Knock!

─ away! Get off!

The guards hurriedly aimed their guns, but failed to fire.

It’s because Gerek could have been hit because he shot it recklessly.

Especially when my vision is dark.

─ away! Get off!

All they can do is hurriedly get off the watchtower and enter the vacant lot.

─ If you don’t scatter, I’ll fire!

─ f*ck you! Where’s the fix on our bets!

– Hey, these bastards.

bang! bang!

Guns are shot down on the floor in succession, but the number of prisoners who withdraw is not many.

In the first place, the prisoners inside the pack probably couldn’t even hear the gunshots properly.

It’s a situation full of rain, shouts and noise.


─ Again, I warn you! Scatter!

Also no big effect.

The light of conflict is evident on the faces of the guards.


If there is no money to stab, the guards are the ones who openly discriminated against, so there is a lot of antipathy that has accumulated.

If you enter it recklessly, you’ll look like Gerek, but you can’t fire indiscriminately.

The fire, once kindled by the wrath of the prisoners, will not be extinguished easily.

‘… No matter how hard it rains now.’

I glanced at the unconscious Kiftel and headed towards the court wire mesh door.

Outside, the men unlocked the lock and waited.


“You suffered. Cain.”

When he ran to the prison building, Morphine had an umbrella in his hand.

I said looking at Igor.

The boy had a somewhat moved face.

“Did you bring your ‘notebook’?”

“Yes. Once he attached Zephyr, he made him go back to his room. I took all the money I got.”

“Good job.”

“Oh, no. Of course, I just did what I had to do.”

I glanced at the guards and the prisoners who were still facing each other, and walked towards the prison building.



The umbrella moved with me.

From tomorrow, no, maybe right now, I thought I would be very busy from tonight.

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