A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 141

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 141

141. game (1)

The tip of the rapier stopped in front of Cain’s neck and trembled. At that tremendous speed, the curtain swayed relentlessly.

pierce the neck or

throat piercing or

Sutli knew what was going to happen in the moment, both Cain and the old man.

“If you kill me right now, you won’t be able to relieve the sadness you have in your heart.”

Still, Cain’s attitude was relaxed.

“… … .”

The old man also stared at Cain with unwavering eyes and obtained a rapier.


When Cain closed the door again using a telekinesis, there were only two people left in the room.

“It’s been a while since a guy who doesn’t know what he’s thinking. Do you know what this means?”

“I want to remove the variable right away, but that means there are a lot of awkward spots, boss.”

Cain got up from his seat and reached for the display case.

The cup and pot that fluttered over the table moved by themselves to brew coffee.

“No, I should call you the chief. Sit down and talk.”

The Commissioner also realized that he was right.

‘Did you know my true identity as well.’

There was no point in hiding his identity any more, just in case.

The chief stretched and pulled the skin of his face.

Then the skin was peeled off like a skin, revealing the real face inside.

Wounds and wrinkles carved like a decoration.

It was a strong impression that could infer that he lived a more intense life than others.

“It would have been much more convenient if you had used transformation magic. It’s not difficult to find a suitable wizard, is it?”

“Magic is definitely a mystical power. But you can’t be trusted deeply.”

The chief took off his overcoat, put it on the sofa, and sat down.

“And the wizard I had with me changed his name thanks to you. Isn’t it?”

“you’re right.”

Cain sat down at the table and grabbed a cup of coffee.

“Don’t ask.”

“You do.”

“How did you know my identity? Since when did you know?”

In an instant, the air changed.

The overwhelming death emanating from the chief constricted everything in the office.

If he was weak, he could not even breathe properly or fainted.

But Cain spoke bluntly, as if he was alone and freed from its influence.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to tell you that. It’s impossible to show off the cards you have.”

The chief looked carefully into Cain’s eyes.

Blue eyes that seem to swallow the viewer.

‘I can’t even see the slightest agitation.’

Any strong man would have seen the slightest tremor.

Even when he was in the organization, he had an impeccable impression, but it wasn’t to this extent.

‘It seems that has changed a bit. It’s a very subtle difference though. I don’t know if there was something I was missing.’

The chief was even more interested.

I took my life and raised my cup.

“What do you want? I wouldn’t have sent a message through the chief to share a cup of tea. We are both busy people, so let’s get right to the point.”

Cain nodded.

“I would like to ask you a favor. I hope you will put effort into helping me ‘enter’ the wall. It was thanks to the director that Bama was able to carry out smuggling activities against high-ranking officials.”

“What if you don’t like it?”

“I do not know. I don’t think I would. My identity will be revealed to all people.”

it’s a threat

Dare against yourself.

Cain’s boldness bothered the chief, but at the same time made him cherish a subtle expectation.

“I must have done several arrangements. Do it if you can. Working in the shadows, he left no traces. I wonder how they will prove that I am the boss of a criminal gang.”

The chief took a small machine out of his pocket and put it on the table. And the moment you press the button.


Break up!

small sparks.

The sound of internal circuit burning.

All electronic devices in the room stopped working.

It was the same with the miniature cameras and recorders hidden all over the bookshelves and shelves.

“There’s no point in using such remnants.”

“… As a courtesy, I installed it. You can’t fool the chieftain’s eyes either.”

Cain used magic to heat the glass instead of the pot that had become unusable.

“What I’m talking about is a deal. The Blue Serpent has lost much of the infrastructure and funds it has built up to me as loot. The chief of staff will also suffer a lot of damage.”

The coffee quickly steamed up.

“I will give you a profit that will make up for that loss. Depending on the circumstances, the gain will be several times the loss.”

The chief stifled a laugh.

“It’s a deal. Do you think you are in a position to offer me a deal now? It’s infrastructure. It will take some time and money though. It might be possible to grab your neck and shake it right now.”

“That is correct. If the Commissioner puts his mind to it, he can stab my heart right now.”

That was true.

Even if all the forces in Area 47 rushed to the chief, victory would not be guaranteed.

But Cain knew it well.

What type of person is the chief?

What drives him?

With a relaxed smile, Cain said.

“But you don’t think so. The Commissioner is a person who moves according to thorough plans and calculations. So do i. Silver won doesn’t matter. What is important is the practical benefit.”

“Are you saying that it wasn’t revenge that caused the other executives to be dealt with?”

“I can’t say there was no revenge, but the main purpose was to secure a source of funding and to gain a better position in future dealings with the Commissioner.”

“It’s a fun story.”

“At the time of the meeting, the Commissioner knew and stood by. The fact that other officers had plans to oust me.”

“I do not deny it.”

To the Commissioner, the Blue Serpent was nothing more than a money-printing machine.

The cog wheels that make up the machine.

If it is misaligned and broken.

All you have to do is wait for the machine to stop working, and then remove the pushed teeth from the mold and replace them with new ones.

If you put your hand in prematurely during a conflict between the teeth, you may get injured needlessly.

“I do not have any personal feelings about that fact. It’s all in the past.”

The chief patted his chin.

‘… Your speaking skills are pretty good.’

It is very regrettable that the tool I loved, called the Leica, was completely broken.

But it is irreversible.

If you are dealing with Cain, you will have to risk additional resource consumption.

And if it is several times the benefit, it would not be a story that was brought up without any basis.

The chief changed his posture, sat down, and pulled his body forward.

“I said that it was a benefit that would be several times the amount of damage. Let’s hear the story.”

“It is a wise decision.”

Cain grinned.

Following his gesture, the file folder on the desk flew over the table and unfolded.

Hexa Medical’s share price.

Total share value and list of shareholders.

There were other related materials.

“You know that the CEO of Hexa Medical was arrested for committing a fraud.”

“I got the report. Also information that someone bought all the stocks. That was you.”

The Commissioner did not know the former CEO of Hexa Medical, but he knew the full story of the case.

was a stupid person.

At the most, borrowing the power of the denomination and getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration, you are being caught in the back of your head.

“Yes. I am the mastermind. And I promise to give the Commissioner a certain share of this stock.”

“You said several times the profit. It’s not just a piece of trash like this stock.”

“It is not a piece of paper. Within three months, Hexa Medical’s stock will soar to the ceiling.”

“Joke with me now… .”

When the chief’s discomfort was revealed, Cain pulled out a vial from his pocket.

“It is a treatment for petrification. We have already completed clinical trials and are preparing for mass production.”


The chief doubted his ears.

He also knew that the cause of diseases such as horse disease and petrification was the lack of regularity in the soil.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible to treat it with modern medicine.

“Don’t say nonsense.”

“This page is a report on a clinical trial. I’ll give you a sample, so you might as well take it and try it out. The people all over the river are petrified patients.”

“… Are you serious?”

“I never joked with the former Commissioner. I’m not even the type of person who enjoys joking that much.”

The chief groaned.

‘Does he have any reason to lie? Are you going to lie to me as soon as it becomes clear?’

If the cure is real.

If you have developed an innovative treatment.

It would really be a rake of the world’s money.

No matter how many ways he thinks, telling lies now will not benefit him.

‘Should I watch it for a bit? If it’s true, it’s like the goose that lays golden eggs.’

“It’s pretty tempting. I don’t think it’s a lie. I’ll get a sample and try it out first.”

“Yes. And I hope you will do your best to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration when registering drugs.”

“It’s not a difficult request. I’m also writing the immigration office so you can work inside the wall. But you will have to use your fake identity.”

Cain’s face, which was covered by his palm, was replaced by someone else’s.

“You don’t have to worry. Because I have already prepared several identities.”

“… It’s like feeling.”

The chief was astonished inwardly.

No matter how high-level wizards used normal transformation magic, they tended to leave traces of mana.

However, there was no trace of mana on Cain’s face.

It also reached the pole to respond to mana, the self-confidence.

‘Is it better to get rid of it now?’

He immediately shook his head inwardly.

It’s not impossible, but the damage will be huge.

What’s more, it could now become a business partner that can bring huge profits.

“Is the reason you want to enter Korea because of activities related to treatment?”

“There is also the purpose of entering the social world with it. After all, the real rise in status is impossible with money alone. It’s only possible if you make connections and have the right qualifications.”

The boss could roughly estimate Cain’s desire.

‘Are you trying to wash away your past identity and live as an upper class? It’s easy to understand in this part.’

“If you could go out in the sun and live with the ashes, what would you do?”

Not many people will be able to turn down an offer when it comes to them.

No matter how splendid and luxurious life in the shadows may be, it will never achieve social prestige or fame.

‘The more intelligent a guy is, the greater his desire for things that money can’t buy. Besides, he’s from a slum, so he’s going to have a better career.’

One thought occurred to me.

The collapse of the giant goddess statue in Area 33.

‘The mana tank inside was completely destroyed and said it was empty inside.’

The Imperial Family, the Church, and the National Police Agency.

All organizations have an emergency.

“All of the heretical inquisitors who have been dispatched have lost contact. The light on the mark detection system in the church headquarters has gone out that much. Annihilation!”

“According to eyewitnesses, it was the work of a warlock and an apostate who was deceived by him.”

“Once announcing that it was the work of a xie jiao, it is forbidden to enter the surrounding area… .”

A warlock and a blonde priest.

And a pack of wolves.

As the director, who had already been collecting information about Cain, he could immediately recognize who the culprit was.

‘You must have heard the story of where you lived before you died from Laika.’

You may have guessed something by looking at the converter in the basement. But there was nothing to worry about.

The most important secret would never have been known.

For example, the fact that most of the mana stored in the tank is transferred to the imperial family and is gradually accumulating.

“Because it is impossible to raise your status with money alone.”

If I had known the secret, I wouldn’t have said anything like raising my status.

Because the world will soon perish, and the present class and status will lose all meaning.

And it was only ‘money’ that determined the class of the next world.

‘In the first place, it is a secret that cannot be detected only in the realm of conjecture and imagination.’

Cain never knows a secret.

The collapse of the goddess statue is just a kind of happening. The imperial family had already gathered enough mana.

It would be a fuss in the church, but he didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

‘Should I try to think about it for a moment? There’s nothing wrong with being careful.’

The chief asked a question.

“Ask me one more thing. Was it your intention to destroy the statue of the goddess in Area 33?”

“You have a lot of questions.”

Cain’s gaze turned to the showcase.

“It’s no fun to just answer, so why not do this? In chess, the loser answers the winners’ questions one by one?”

At the end of the line of sight was chess.

I laughed out loud at the absurd suggestion.

“You seem pretty confident.”

“I don’t think I can.”

What else are you up to?

The chief decided to try adjusting the rhythm.

He was quite knowledgeable at chess and was confident that he would not lose.

“Try it once.”

Second job!

The showcase door opened and a chessboard flew in and set on the table.

“I heard that you were in the tutoring of Warden Eichmann. I was caught up in the explosion you would have caused.”

“I heard that you are a close friend, but I’m sorry.”

“There is no one I can call my friend. There are only trade relations by money.”

It was a story about taking a bribe and assigning him a place of work he wanted.

“Don’t yield the good. You will catch black.”

“I will not give up.”

The black and white pieces quickly sprinted across the board.

widely. widely. widely.

They ate and ate each other, and the pieces on the board shrank at a rapid rate.

The way the two operate was markedly different.

The general manager was not afraid to sacrifice his own pieces if he could grab the opponent’s pieces.

On the other hand, Cain played a game in a way that narrowed down the opponent by using all the pieces as much as possible.


“I lost. You are doing well as expected.”

“My question is the same. What was the reason for the destruction of the statue of the goddess in Area 33?”

“I had no intention of destroying it, but in the process of searching for Laika’s residence, a battle with the Church broke out.”

“Did you mean to retrieve the seed of life?”

“Yes. You are correct. It’s natural for the winner to take the loser’s loot. If it’s okay with you, do it again.”


The match started again.

widely. widely.

The more the piece moved, the more the chief’s face hardened. could realize that Cain was looking after him.

“Looks like I won.”

“You were hiding your skills. put it back I take it seriously too.”

Having played chess all his life, losing to a young Cain for a long time was quite self-defeating.

“Before that, let me ask you a question.”

“Do that.”

The general manager countered by turning the missing pieces back onto the board.

And the moment Cain heard the next word, he had no choice but to stop the hand that was moving the piece.

“Do you love your daughter?”

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