A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 142

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 142

142. game (2)

“Do you love your daughter?”

For a moment, the chief’s nose twitched.

“What did you mean by that?”

“It means literally. The question is, do you love Inspector Zerbia?”

The chief’s hand that had grabbed the knight moved again.


“That is a trivial question. Are you going to miss out on a valuable questioning opportunity?”

Information related to the status of the Commissioner, etc., is also circulated to the general public.

Even if Cain knew about family relationships, it was not surprising.

“Yes, it is fine. It would be nice if you could answer me.”


Cain’s pawn moved forward and grabbed the chief’s knight.

“It’s a question that doesn’t even need an answer. There is no feeling like love for me. It just judges people by whether they are useful or not.”

The chief moved Bishop to grab Cain’s pawn.

“okay. Thank you for answer.”


The moment he saw Cain’s next move, the chief opened his eyes.


Blocked by the opponent’s rook and knight path, there was no way for his king to escape.


It was because he had not been paying attention to the number because his emotions were shaken for a moment.

“I think I won this time too. May I ask you the next question?”

“to do.”

“Did you love your wife? I’m talking about the second wife of the two deceased wives.”

The next moment, a wind blew in the room.


The curtain, which had been shaking wildly, regained its place, and the scene unfolded in front of it.

A sharp rapier grazed the side of Cain’s neck.

“You would have told me that there is no such thing as love. You keep crossing the line. What are you up to?”

Drops of blood flowed down the thinly cut wounds. This time, Cain also felt goosebumps all over his body.

‘Is this what it feels like to kill someone with just your eyes?’

If the chief’s first act of living was purely to suppress the spirit of the opponent, this one was based on real anger.

A situation in which the back is drenched in cold sweat. But Cain smiled inwardly.

‘As expected, the vice president is as I know it.’

It would be an important factor that could be used in the future relationship with the Commissioner.

Cain had a serious face.

“sorry. Unknowingly, you used a cowardly method to make up for your lack of skills. Disrupting your mind and ruining your numbers. I have nothing to say.”

The chief looked at Cain for a long time and then pulled out his sword.

“This is the last warning. If you don’t want a wind hole in your neck, be careful.”

“I’ll be careful.”

The next match was the victory of the chief.

“There was a time when the special task force that went out to Area 47 was caught by the Red Skull trap and came back with great damage. From what I saw, it was like that, but it must be yours, isn’t it?”

It was like an interrogator fight.

It is likely that he wants to reduce the realm of the unknown by estimating the causal relationship of what has happened so far.

“you’re right. I also met Inspector Zerbia.”

Cain spoke about what he had done with the task force.

What caused infighting among the task force.

And what captured Zervia.

It was impossible to completely deceive the chief. He, too, must have collected his own information.

Then, it was efficient to tell the truth, but to mix only the necessary parts with lies.

“… That’s how I got Lieutenant Zerbia to kneel before me at the last minute.”

The chief nodded his head.

It was somewhat of a guess.

Cain may not have told the whole truth. But there is nothing inconsistent with this information.

It was a fact that was clearly causing infighting.

I felt both admiration and regret at the same time.

‘At that time, I should have somehow brought in more extreme conditions.’

I feel like the gem I gave up on has turned out to be a gem of a much greater value.

It was heartbreaking, but it was unavoidable because he was already on an equal footing and was offering a deal.

“I didn’t cut my throat because I thought the police attack would intensify. It’s probably the chief’s daughter.”

On the other hand, children of their own blood.

The commander sat cross-legged and took a deep breath. and spit

“Didn’t you kill me?”

dry and dry voice.

It didn’t sound like a joke at all.

“I made an oath. I will put the old feelings aside after defeating the common enemy of the Blue Serpent.”

“I was expecting it. Every time I sent a member of the gang to recruit a new executive, I got a report that Inspector Zerbia had raised the ball.”

The reason why the task force was not stopped was so as not to leave even the slightest room for suspicion.

“The oath will end the moment you kill Bama.”

“… You know it pretty well. you’re right. In theory, yes.”

Completion of the agreement depends on the awareness of both parties.

The existence of the Blue Serpent boss is completely hidden. In the eyes of the police, only the officers were visible.

Cain abandoned the organization.

The only remaining executive is Bama.

From Zerbia’s point of view, if Bama died, the Blue Serpent would completely collapse.

In the case of Cain, he knows that the chief will abandon his obsolete boss status.

The annihilation of the Blue Serpent is completed when Bama, who is included in the revenge target, dies.

“Bama stuck to your side. Perhaps it was due to some kind of intimidation. It’s useless, so deal with it.”

Cain shook his head.

“Once the oath is completed, Inspector Zerbia will point the tip of the sword at me again. It will also interfere with activities inside the wall.”

“… That’s difficult.”

“Moreover, the income he was getting from smuggling was not small. It will not be difficult to reopen the business if the Commissioner gives his strength again.”

The Commissioner seemed to ponder for a moment and agreed with Cain’s opinion.

“It makes sense. It’s insignificant compared to the amount of money you’ll get from the treatment, but it’s not negligible either. Let’s keep him alive.”

“It is a wise decision.”

The two talked for a long time after that. Things like the number of shares to be transferred and the distribution of the proceeds from the smuggling business.

Standing up from his seat, the chief said.

“Then I will leave the work of Inspector Zerbia and Bama to you.”

“Yes. And is it really okay not to make an oath?”

The chief chuckled.

“Everything comes down to trust. Wouldn’t it be dreary to put shackles on each other’s ankles with that kind of magic?”

“That is correct.”

Cain bowed his head toward the head of the office as he left the office.

‘There’s one thing you don’t know, Commissioner.’

Even if he kills Bama, his pact with Zervia is not completed.

It was because he had already informed Zervia that the boss existed above the Blue Serpent executive.

‘That stiff neck will eventually become your daughter’s sword.’

Kick- Tak!

The sound of the chief’s footsteps completely disappeared, and Cain returned to his original expressionless face.

“Shackles. It’s probably because it’s not the desolateness of human relationships, but it’s going to get in the way of betraying later. Isn’t that right?”

Simultaneously with Cain’s question, there was the sound of something falling from the back of the display case.

As I turned around, I saw Estelle, half-exposed to the side of the display case, clutching her knees.

As if she had cramped her legs from hiding for a long time, she said as she put saliva in her nose.

“It’s the same as seeing an opportunity to betray each other. They are pretending to be allies because their interests are aligned.”

“… That doesn’t make the numbness go away quickly. There is no scientific basis for it. what more than that Can you deal with it?”

At Cain’s words, Estelle had a very shocked face. Then he came to his senses and answered.

“Sorry. To be honest, I was scared. No matter what angle I attacked, I could only see myself piercing my throat the moment I jumped in.”

Cain’s gaze turned to her clothes soaked in cold sweat. It must have been that he was keeping tension the whole time he was hiding.

At Cain’s gesture, a warm wind blew around Estelle, blowing away the moisture left on her clothes.

“I don’t mean to blame. Because no one can easily defeat him alone.”

“… I will become stronger.”

Cain approached her, who was dead grass.

“There is no rush. It will take quite a long time to neutralize the church and the police department before dealing with the imperial family.”

Cain could be sure that the Prophet was an imperial figure.

The first thing to do is to go into the imperial family, meet suspicious people, and search for the prophet.

and assassination.

But things may not go as planned. The imperial family is not such a happy group.

‘In the worst case, you will have to face an all-out war.’

It would not have been a bad decision to dismantle the church and the National Police Agency, which can be said to be the arms of the imperial family.

“As you must have heard during the conversation, I made a wish for you from the church. It’s a story that the current face can’t be used in the future.”

The black mana that came out of Cain’s hand circled around Estelle’s face.

“Do you have the hair color and face you want?”

“No. Color it with your color.”

Estelle closed her eyes and black mana dripped onto her face with a resonant sound.

A few seconds later, she slowly opened her eyes. His changing face was reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall.

Her lips moved involuntarily.

“The eyes are a little bigger… . Oh, and the nose.”

* * *

2 weeks later.

Initial production of a petrification treatment has been completed.

Looking at the pile of boxes, Niles said in a proud voice.

“All the quantities that could be made with the materials we had! The production line runs well without any malfunctions. Now that the test is over, if we have enough materials, we can extract as many quantities as we want.”

Niles’ dark circles were longer and darker.

He didn’t give any additional work orders, but he was working all night with his own passion.

Thinking it was worth the time and effort to choose, Cain smiled satisfied.

“Good job. There is no place to blame.”

Niles put on an emotional expression on Cain’s pat on the shoulder. The two then walked into the factory.

“Of course, we will need to secure additional materials. If not, we plan to secure more farmland in other areas. However.”

Cain stopped and turned to Niles.

“The production will be adjusted for the next year. Even if there are leftovers.”

“Hey, what does that mean?”

“How do you think the value of a drug is determined?”

“Of course, it depends on how rare a disease can be cured, isn’t it?”

Cain opened a packed box and took out a vial from there. A brightly colored liquid glistened in it.

“Of course, that is also true. But basically, it follows the principle of supply and demand.”

It was then that Niles realized Cain’s intentions and opened his mouth.

“I have no intention of supplying medicines at low prices. We are a business, not a charitable organization.”

After that, Cain distributed supplies to all walks of life regardless of status or class.


According to the intelligence guild’s work, the rumors spread quickly, and the media and luxuries chattered.

「Hexamedical announces new drug. Are you going to wash away the stigma of the past?”

“Treatment of petrification following horse disease. Once again, the KFDA has raised suspicions of lobbying.”

However, it did not take long for the number of people who actually witnessed the miracle to increase and for public opinion to turn around.

“Hexamedical, daily high price, analysis that the previous fraud was an operation.”

「The current representative of Hexa Medical, who is he?」

The continent shook.

Reporters flocked to the research complex in District 47 like bees to get an interview.

But none were successful.

“No outsiders are allowed in. We will fire if we approach any further.”

Because of the strict security, it was impossible to even take a step inside the front door.

“no! Why can’t you buy medicine when you have money?”

There was a flood of calls from those who offered to buy a treatment for billions of dollars.

However, only the reply that the stock was exhausted came back, and all I could do was move my feet.

all high-ranking.

People with petrification didn’t just exist ‘outside the wall’.

It was just a matter of probability, and even in a land with relatively abundant energy, there were bound to be children born with an unfortunate fate.

“Get the interview! I mean, even if you risk your life to infiltrate, get information! You scum!”

“Ha, but the reporter who got really shot while doing that… .”

“Did you hear me? There were rumors that the current CEO of Hexa Medical was a young man.”

“According to experts, the arrest of the former president may be a play for dramatic effect.”

“It’s clear that he’s at the center of the storm. These days, wherever I go, there is only the story of the New Testament.”

Amidst the unprecedented interest that attracted the attention of all continents, the curiosity about the new representative of Hexa Medical was amplified.

One day, about a month after the new drug was announced.


The wall separating Districts 33 and 23.

Huge immigration building.

Under the brightly dazzling sun.

Two young men and women, wearing sunglasses and pulling their suitcases, arrived in front of him.

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