A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 144

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 144

144. entry (2)

“My name is Sanderson Ricardo! The second son of the Ricardo family! Say your name too!”


“What? The last name is… .”

“There is no last name to tell them.”

Cain lowered a decorative sword hanging from the wall and looked at the condition indifferently.

“Are you kidding me now!”

“I’ll let you know when you beat me.”

Sanderson reluctantly honed it.

In a duel, it is customary to reveal each other’s family and names.

The opponent’s behavior now was clearly an act of ignoring himself.

‘Somewhere like San-nim who has never held a sword before… !’

Those who have wielded the sword for a long time tend to leave traces of calluses and scars on their hands.

But the other person’s hands were just as white and clean as their pretty appearance.

Maybe he was born and grew up without doing anything bad.

‘I saw the child of the house, but because of that pride, I’m going to get seriously hurt today.’

Judging from the position of holding the sword, it looks like something he saw somewhere.

But yes, let’s see.

This was the highest skill among the upper grades of Knights School.

‘You don’t even need to spend mana. There’s nothing good about being told that you’ve been sincere to the general public.’

In a matchup, it is common not to use mana even with the same knights.

In the case of a life-or-death duel, the story was different, but the opponent was an ordinary person to the end.

I will give you moderate shame and drive you away.

Seeing Cain swinging his sword in the air, Sanderson thought.

said Cain.

“Don’t change places. I don’t want the space I’m going to live in soon to be ruined.”

“This is my home. Thanks for your concern.”

The place of the duel was decided in front of the fountain outside the mansion.

Passers-by who stopped walking gathered in front of the gate one by one.

-Look over there. Let’s have a duel.

-Ricardo’s second son. But the other is the first face I see… .

─You look really cool. I’d like to see it from afar. Are you moving into this mansion?

Most of them were ladies, and I could see a few faces Sanderson knew.

People who would be embarrassed if it were the second to exchange rumors.

Sanderson grinned.

He took the sword and took a pose.

“I don’t know who you are, but there’s no point in regretting now. Rumors of trolling around on the floor are going to spread all over the town.”

“You have a long tongue. Don’t give up your advance.”

I was angry, but I desperately persevered.

He was going to be lying on the ground and begging for his life anyway.

“You cheeky child!”

Sanderson jumped out of his seat and stabbed Cain with his sword. The place was full of voids, and it was sloppy.


“… … ?”

And I didn’t realize what happened the next moment.

Obviously it’s the guy who should roll on the floor, so why is he putting his face on the floor?

“It’s worse than having a noisy mouth.”

At the sound of a voice from behind, he got up from his seat and took a stance again.

“Walking on the knight’s game? You are using a cowardly number.”

Sanderson tried to remain calm, but his blushing face showed embarrassment.

‘Damn it, people are watching.’

His entire face was hot.

The shame was greater than the pain.

If Sanderson had been a little more composure, he would have looked back at Cain’s move to avoid the attack.

And realizing that his skills are unusual, he must have taken a little more vigilance.


“Take it seriously!”

He was now engulfed in anger to escape his shame.

visor! visor! visor!

The sword and the sword collided, and the workshop went back and forth in an instant.

At first, Cain seemed to be pushed, but as time went on, the situation turned around.

‘Hey, what the hell is this guy? Are you a mana user?’

The circuit improves physical ability just by building it. Overwhelming himself was a testament to the fact that the opponent was also a mana user.

‘I can understand that. However.’


Obviously, it was not a movement that systematically learned swordsmanship. Rather, it was closer to wielding it at will depending on the situation.

‘But why… !’

Still, it gave the impression that it was sophisticated and flawless.

It’s like dealing with a machine that can see every move here.

I couldn’t possibly get out.

‘no more.’

I don’t know how many times I’ve already rolled on the floor. His hair was messy and his body was full of dirt.

The disgrace is already a situation of disgrace.

If the fact that you were defeated by an unknown guy spreads here, you can’t hold your head up in the social circles or even in the knights’ academy.

‘First, use mana to cut his sword.’

He wasn’t using mana because he looked down on this side.

If that’s the case, then it’s just a matter of hitting the player while aiming for a break.

It’s a little awkward, but if you only use it for a moment, the audience won’t notice it.

Sanderson activated the circuit in his body and raised his mana. And that moment.


Concentrating on the circuit, he could not prepare for the next attack, and he tripped over something and fell backwards.

with a plop!

It was a fountain with stagnant rainwater. A sword was hung around his neck just as he was about to get up quickly from the muddy water full of leaves.

“It looks like the match has been decided.”

In the sunlight, he was looking down here with a polite, expressionless face.

‘I lost?’

I looked around blankly.

Outside the gate, I could see the gossiping crowd, and at that moment, my mind seemed to go blank.


Sanderson jumped up from his seat, grabbed his sword, and ran towards the gate.

The crowd pushed their shoulders out of the way, got into the car, started it, and disappeared.

─Are you okay?

-Uh-huh, why are you talking like that? since he lost

─Is that the person with an anger control disorder? I hear a lot of kids these days.

There were long trails of dripping water where he passed.

“Don’t even proceed with the payment.”

“Oh, yes!”

The broker, who had been frozen in embarrassment, took a file and approached Cain.

Even after Cain disappeared into the mansion, passersby did not leave the gate and chattered.

Unable to hide the excitement and anticipation of the new owner of the mansion, all sorts of speculations and surprises.

* * *

“That’s not him! You have to fly this way!”

“Car number 3 is arriving soon. Please get out of the unloaded vehicle to free up space!”

Workers who got off the huge truck were busily carrying the load.

The household items were filled one after another in the mansion, which had been neatly redecorated by the janitors.

“ah! Put that table over here. Tableware is a very expensive item, so handle it with care.”

Estelle walked around, meticulously giving instructions as if she had become the hostess of the mansion.

Cain, who was looking around the scene, said.

“I’m coming to see you, so I’m finishing the cleanup.”

“I see. Is it okay if I don’t go as an escort?”

Cain nodded.

It is true that the walls were crowded with the strong, but it was not a lawless zone where fights took place for no reason.

And now he has reached a point of force that will not be easily defeated even in an emergency situation.

‘If I could afford it, I would have brought Silver Fang and the Gray Wolf.’

You need to draw attention, but you don’t have to be suspicious.

Silverfang and the Ashen Wolf remained in Area 47 without returning to Rustwood.

“I hand over all the seeds of life to you. How you use it is up to you.”

Silverfang pondered where to plant the seed of life, and Rustwood decided that the site was not suitable.

“If you allow me, I want to stay in Area 47. It takes time to think about where to plant the seeds.”

Cain’s contract with Silverfang was thus extended.

As before, by providing housing and other conveniences, receiving combat services, and so on.


As soon as I opened the door of the mansion, the crowds gathered and looked inside were startled.

“No, let’s talk. I’m sure you’ll be moving here.”

“Let him walk. I am very shy.”


All were high-ranking wives who lived here in a luxury residential complex.

Pushing and pushing each other to avoid getting too close to Cain.

Curious, but I hesitated because the impression Cain showed me yesterday was too strong.

“The invitation will be coming soon.”


Cain bowed to them and threw a word to them. I left them behind and got into the car.


Shortly after getting in the car, I arrived at the 3rd area. A towering spire could be seen between the buildings.


A research institute with the best intellects on the continent, and a top-level educational institution where future archmages are nurtured.

As I drove through the front door, a barricade came down and blocked my way. A guard came and asked.

“What business did you visit?”

“I visited because I had a meeting with Professor Raitino.”

“How is your name?”

“This is John.”

“It’s not on the list of visitors I received today… . Please wait. We’ll check it out in the lab.”

“You don’t have to.”

Cain turned and summoned him, who was about to head towards the guard room. A hand was presented there.

symbol of latium,

A plaque with a cog wheel on it.

It was an item received from Raitino in the past in the underground arena.

The guard squinted his eyes, then politely bowed his head and said,

“You were a guest. You are welcome to come in.”


Cain passed through the place where the barricade had disappeared and entered.

Affiliated facilities such as research institutes and student halls spread widely around the tower, forming a huge campus.

“Isn’t that the Mercadu S series?”

“Who is riding inside? None of the students have a car like that.”

They wandered around in robes of the color representing each grade level.

Cain stopped the car in the parking space next to the horse tower.

As I was about to get out of the car and head for the entrance, I heard a noise above my head.

bang! blah blah!

tall tower.

One wall of the place was collapsing, and smashed fragments were falling down.

“… … .”

The size and number were menacing.

It wasn’t difficult to avoid it, but there were students who were stiff in embarrassment around them.

‘There is nothing wrong with the variety of rumors.’

The mana inside the circuit quickly reached the 4th level of refinement and became transparent.

If you were careful when using magic, you wouldn’t have to worry about causing a fuss due to the color of your mana.


“Wow, it’s dangerous! Harm!”

Mana spread out from Cain’s outstretched palm, forming a large veil.

thud! Coogong!

Ice cubes falling on it.

Cain said to the students, who had their eyes wide open at the startling sight.

“Don’t stand still and move.”

“ah? yes!”

After all the students had left, Cain dispelled the magic. Blocks of ice fell to the bottom of the storm water.

“… … .”

It was ice with cold air gushing out from a distance. Crystals of high-purity water-based elements.

‘There is only one person who can use this kind of magic in the tower.’


The owner of this huge tower.

And a teacher who will be in deep trouble after losing a disciple with outstanding talent.

Cain walked towards the entrance of the tower, leaving behind the students who looked at him with surprised eyes.

* * *

After the lecture, Professor Ellen returned to the lab and collapsed onto the sofa.


Her eyes were blank, as if a soul had been lost.

It’s already been two months since ‘that incident’ happened in Clarkfield. The season was now passing through autumn and approaching winter.

A promising and promising owner of Matthew Tower,

Laxen, who was the chief disciple of Aitar.

His disappearance became a significant issue and spread throughout the district.

And it wasn’t long before a letter arrived.

‘I said that the place where my brother is staying is Area 43.’

Other than that, nothing was written about it, and the Prophet no longer appeared after that.

‘Since the oath has been lifted, it is not a false information.’

In my mind, I wanted to take a leave of absence immediately and run to District 43, but I couldn’t.

Because he has one more sign of the oath.

‘What the hell is that person?’

A man who knew everything about himself and his brother, and possessed overwhelming magical abilities.

Following his orders, he returned to the tower for once.

After that, an instruction to ‘wait’ came through a woman, and there was no contact since then.

‘I said I’d let you see my brother.’

Professor Ellen bit her nails.

How long do I have to wait?

Will the promise really be kept?


Then there was the sound of something breaking outside the window. Soon, fragments of the frozen wall were seen dripping down.

Professor Aitar.

He lost his disciple, and every day he poured out his anger in the arena.

And the facility, which could not withstand his anger, was destroyed and restored repeatedly.

Due to Laxen’s disappearance, the five professors who took the field trip were all severely punished.

Aitar investigated every alibi during the five professors’ field trip, and as a result, he was suspicious of Professor Ellen.


Professor Ellen trembled with fear.

It was a feeling I had unconsciously, even though I knew that I would never be caught because there was no conclusive evidence.

Beyond that, the guilt she felt for helping to kill an innocent student afflicted her.


Then I heard footsteps in the hallway.

rudder. rudder.

The sound of footsteps approached slowly at regular intervals.

‘There is no one to visit the lab today.’

rudder. rudder.

The moment when a possible person suddenly popped into my mind.

Her heart started pounding like crazy.

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