A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 146

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 146

146. horse tower (2)

Seeing Raitino, Sanderson had an intuition that something was wrong.

‘Hey, why is he here now?’

No, there was nothing strange about it.

It is very natural for a professor of Matop to appear on the campus of Matop.

But timing was an issue.

“yes? Who are these people? Are they your friends?”

In addition, he seemed to be friendly with the target he had come to for revenge.

‘It’s not too late. Even now, if I pretend not to know… .’

“He’s the second son of Boltgear. I’ve seen it a few times before when I received the item. Samderson? Was it Sanderson?”

“It’s Sanderson.”

Cain was right next to him, correcting his name.

Sanderson turned his feet cautiously, and he froze in the spot.

It was the worst.

‘It’s not too late. If you look around right now… .’

“what are you doing? What is that old man?”

“You said you had someone to take you and step on you. What are you hesitating about?”


Sanderson was stunned.

The motives of the Knights School were the children of wealthy families.

But all the children who gave up.

He was nothing short of an idiot who knew nothing about the world.

They were worse than themselves, who were treated as troublesome in the family.

‘It’s just like the horseman knights in the back alleys of the cadets.’

There was no way those people knew the faces of the magicians or tycoons.

“What do those chaffs say now?”

Seeing Raitino’s vicious expression on his face, Sanderson felt the sky tinge.

‘It’s not too late. If only that guy named John answered well… .’

“He is the one whom I had an argument with before. It seems that they have brought the crowd to get revenge.”

Also, no miracle could happen.

And the ignorant colleagues showed off their talent to drive the situation even further by jumping out with the sticks they had prepared.

“You’re an old man, grab that bastard and put him in the car!”

Sanderson let out a liberating laugh.

He stared blankly at the motives that were literally ‘baked’ by Lightino’s lightning magic.

“I tried to deal with it myself. You got your hands dirty because of me… .”

“If you use magic, the color of your mana… Hmm, isn’t it good that other people see it?”

“I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you for your consideration.”

“Well, even caring.”

Lightino smiled at Cain, as if he was angry.

Then he turned his head to Sanderson and said in a cold voice.

“That dude named Cinderson will make sure I don’t leave it alone. I don’t know where you learned the etiquette, but how dare you try to harm you.”

“It’s Sanderson.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Samderson or Samdason. When I get back, I’ll tell the secretary and get them to change the supplier right away.”

Sanderson’s face turned white.

“Oh, please, that’s all… ! If your father knows… !”

Just as he was about to run and grab Raitino’s crotch, Cain opened his mouth.

“If it’s okay with you, can you take care of it for me?”

“You mean?”

“Yes. Please go to Latium first, as I will finish the treatment.”

“Well, I see. You say that.”

Lightino’s car vanished, and Sanderson sighed in relief as he felt freed from the devil.

‘Maybe I can get out of the situation.’

Seeing that the car was gone, Sanderson said, turning to face the approaching Cain.

“Let’s talk a little… .”

“Conversation, the purpose is consistent.”

Cain narrowed the distance and put the earphones in Sanderson’s ear.

Sanderson was stunned by the sudden action and stood still.

“Latium is nothing! If we stop delivery, all of your production lines will also stop!”

“… … !”

And when he heard his own voice flowing out, he froze on the spot.

“I think we have a lot to talk about.”

The devil didn’t leave.

The real devil was here.


After a fruitful conversation with Sanderson, Cain arrived at Latium.

Research facilities and production complexes in the vast site stood out.

A place where the essence of magic engineering technology is gathered, and a place where the absolute majority of magic products distributed on the continent are produced.

That place was Latium.

It wasn’t difficult to present the plaque and get to the office building of the headquarters building, Lightino.

“Did you handle those chaffs well?”

“Yes. It was handled very well.”

Cain toured the facilities with Latino and toured Latium.

I put all the scenery in my head just like in the tower, and checked whether there was anything different from the knowledge I knew.

When the tour to some extent is over.

Lightino’s private laboratory.

Lightino picked up an object from the desk and handed it to Cain.

“It’s a watch. It doesn’t seem like it’s an ordinary thing since it’s in the lab.”

“That’s right. Would you like to wear it once and raise your mana?”

I put my watch on as instructed and stretched out my palms. Mana released was blue, not black.

“The color of mana has changed.”

“That’s right. By adjusting the internal sensor, you can change the color to the desired color. Don’t young people these days value individuality very much? The research is over and it’s a product to be released in about a year. I will give you a present in advance.”

Afterwards, Latino explained the principle of the watch.

In short, the principle of overlaying the color extracted from a specific ore on the mana expressed externally in real time.

‘Really, Latium. He deserves to be called the continent’s best in magic engineering.’

Cain was amazed as he operated the watch.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but it’s something I hadn’t thought of.

The biggest obstacle to future activities was black mana.

Mana becomes transparent through high-level refining, but it was not always possible.

But if you have this watch.

Even magic that has undergone no refining or only one or two refining steps can be used freely, out of the sight of others.

“thank you. You seem to have received the greatest consideration out of all the considerations you have given me today.”

“Huh huh. What do you have with this?”

Raitino, who smiled modestly, asked cautiously.

“I mean, can I ask you one favor?”

“Say it.”

Lightino’s request was simple.

Asking to accompany you as a disciple to the meeting you will have with old friends.

“I am not asking you to become a real disciple. Of course, that should be fine, but it’s okay to just pretend.”

In other words, he was asking for help to save face.

The time is 3 months later.

The meeting place is the ‘Sacred Land of Wizards’ that exists in the wasteland outside the wall.

It is an area where the capital of the wizarding kingdom was said to have existed, and the ruins that doubled compared to other places were gathered.

The concentration of mana was abnormally thick, and abnormal phenomena such as ‘mana storm’ or ‘black battle’ occurred.

Because of this, it was also a place where wizards sought to test their limits.

“I don’t think it would be that difficult.”

There was still quite a bit of time until the meeting anyway, and it wasn’t a difficult request.

Given the benefits of using Lightino in the future, it was right to accept it in order to maintain the relationship with him.

It was also an opportunity to build connections with the ‘big’ wizards based outside the wall.

“I, really! There is no turning back later!”

Lightino grabbed Cain’s hand and smiled. Thanks to you, it was a fight that saved an hour.

Afterwards, while chatting, Latino received a report from the staff and left for a while.

“… … .”

Cain took a small piece of his coat from his arms and headed towards the machine in the form of a two-arm scale on one side of the lab.

“I asked where he was, and he put it in his private lab.”

coat piece.

To be precise, it was Zervia’s ‘cloak’, and it was a fragment that was burned in the decisive battle of Laika.

A situation in which the subspace was used temporarily by attaching it to the inside pocket of the coat.

Since powerful locking magic was applied, special equipment was needed to change the coordinates of subspace.

Cain operated the machine a few times to learn how to use it, and then placed a piece of his coat on one side of the scale.

And he put his right hand on the other side. with your palms facing upwards.

Cain flipped the switch on the machine without hesitation.


The sun is setting and the sky is starting to get dark.

Luxury vehicles of all kinds entered the mansion through the wide open front door.

Through a slightly lowered vehicle window, the user dictated the identity of the visitors.

“Porters at Schellingford Winery. There are two people including my wife.”

“Thank you for your cooperation in writing the guestbook. Have a good time.”

Hundreds of round tables were installed in the front of the mansion, in the vast yard.

“Oh, Mrs. Yuheim is also here? Is your husband with you?”

“I’m the representative of Hexa Medical, so I have to be patient because I’m curious.”

“He said he was close with Raitino-sama in the tower.”

An indescribably large crowd.

The atmosphere was already high.

Pyuyuyu- Boom!

In the cheerful performance of the invited band,

Fireworks were launched.

The water of the fountain soaring into the sky shimmered under the flames and scattered in fragments.

Users were busy moving between tables and visitors to replenish their drinks and food.

“This painting looks like the work of Evian Tertt.”

“I heard that some of them were lost, but they are here.”

It was the same inside the mansion where the crowds gathered.

Visitors with wine and champagne glasses burst into exclamation and circled the inside of the mansion as if visiting a gallery.

Everyone seemed familiar with this kind of party. Naturally, I threw myself into the party and melted into the atmosphere.

Of course, not everyone visited the mansion for the sole purpose of having fun.

“Do you know where the owner of the mansion is? If the rumors that you are the developer of a new drug are true, you should open up.”

“I do not know. I’ve been looking for it since I got there, but I can’t find it. It’s a posting that users don’t even know.”

Persons in the business world also flocked to see the representative of Hexa Medical, which is rumored to be full of rumors.

‘You must make a kite. If the rumors are true, the game itself will change in the future.’

They all share the same thoughts, and implicitly check each other.

Then a tall, tall man appeared from the side of the stairs. I stepped slowly and went down the stairs.

sting. sting.

No one gave a signal.

One by one, they turned their heads, and at one moment, everyone held their breath and looked at the man.

“Oh my gosh… You were such a young friend.”

“I have never seen such a handsome man. Is it true that it is the son of a fallen aristocrat?”

People muttered and gulped their saliva. Among the young women, many lost their minds.

sting. widely.

The man who had completely descended the stairs stopped.

A woman who appeared to be an escort was seated in the back, and people burst into admiration for her equally elegant appearance.

With everyone’s attention focused, the man opened his mouth.

“My name is Johann Carif, the owner of this mansion.”

A low, resonant voice spread through the air.

“Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedule to shine. Please forget the hardships of this life for a while and enjoy.”

No one had an open mouth.

It was because of his body stiffened by the overwhelming aura that the man exuded.

soft smile.

But the strength revealed in his voice, expression, and gait.

For a moment, people could figure out what kind of person this man was.

Anyone who lives inside the wall could basically be called a predator.

But even within it, the class was bound to divide once again.

Those who rule rather than be ruled.

This man was a top predator.

“I have a question.”

Someone mustered up the courage and raised a hand.

“Is the rumor that you are the representative of Hexa Medical true?”

Everyone on the left nodded their heads in empathy. This was the most curious part of the rumor.

The man looked at the crowd without saying a word.

And when people’s tensions and expectations reached their peak, they opened their mouths.

“you’re right. I am the representative of Hexa Medical.”

Cheers erupted from everywhere.

As the man snapped his fingers, once again a huge firecracker lit up the night sky.

The party went on.

“My name is Judith from Might Pharmaceuticals. Here’s my business card… .”

“This is Vito, the head of sales at Fortuna Medical. If the supply of therapeutics is increased in the future, as a distributor… .”

Cain walked between the tables to see if the party was going well. At that time, people gathered and handed business cards and handshakes.

“I heard that you have excellent swordsmanship, is that true?”

“Have you ever met a young-ae? .”

“I heard that you are from a fallen aristocrat. Even if you came from outside the wall.”

Young women in fancy dresses, such as evening dresses, also flocked to Cain.

Estelle followed, checking to see if anyone was doing anything that could harm Cain.

‘Who would believe I’m from a slum?’

Cain was more noble than anyone in this position. Dignity and leisure were oozing out from every action and gesture.

From a gorgeous background to a beautiful appearance.

It would be natural for young women to be the subject of unparalleled interest.

‘When did you get to see me so close? That’s completely open-minded.’

Apart from that, it was true that I felt a little, or even a lot, uncomfortable feeling.

As the party atmosphere was ripening, someone shouted.

“You said you cured petrification! I do not believe it!”

A young man came out of the crowd and blocked Cain’s way. For a moment, the atmosphere subsided as if water had been poured on it.

“What did you say now?”

“I think the petrification treatment is fake.”

“He’s the head of research at Dylan Medical, that guy.”

People were chattering.

The head of the research department continued speaking confidently, regardless of the atmosphere.

“Rumors tend to be inflated and exaggerated. He cured petrification at once, which he had not been able to grasp for hundreds of years! Nonsense!”

The murmur grew louder.

The atmosphere was divided as those who had the same thoughts as the head of the research team agreed.

“Even so, I heard that there are people who have actually seen the effect. Isn’t it real?”

“It could be nonsense. I published a research paper and got approval from the Food and Drug Administration, but hexamedical is a company with a precedent, right?”

Cain stared intently at the head of the research department.

It’s like spit out everything you want to say now so you won’t regret it later.

The head of the research team flinched for a moment, but he continued to shout without hesitation.

“People are all talking! The research is fake and the treatment cases are all cheating! In any era, there are always traders who cheat people’s hopes by taking them hostage. But you have gone too far!”

As the atmosphere waned, the head of the research department grew more elated. Everyone waited for Cain’s answer.

In fact, everyone who knew it knew it.

“He speaks well.”

“Wasn’t he the one who took the land from the lower classes outside the wall to secure the land?”

“There are a lot of bad rumors. Some say it was that person that B.O Medical went missing.”

The research director’s actions are intentional to demean the opponent.

Hexa-Medical was a divine who had to make a connection.

But at the same time, it was also a stumbling block that had to be removed before it got stuck.

People watched the situation with a mixture of anticipation, worry and excitement.

Cain looked around the crowd with a glass of champagne in one hand.

And, like before, he opened his mouth only when people’s nervousness and nervousness reached their peak.

“I think a lot of people are wondering if the cure here is real.”

Everyone swallowed their saliva and looked at Cain.

“I will prove it. at this place.”

Fast-acting journalists have already filmed and photographed with magical devices.

“The fact that the cure is real.”

Cain turned to the head of research at Dylan Medical and said.

“What would you like for that one?”

“What, what?”

“If I can’t prove a cure, I lose everything. So, shouldn’t that one also hang something?”

The research director’s eyes fluttered.

“To bring down others, you must also be prepared to be brought down.”

People were chattering, agreeing with Cain’s words.

“I will ask you again. What would you like to bet on?”

Cain’s voice prompts for an answer.

The head of research felt a cold sweat running down the back of his back.

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