A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 147

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 147

147. great cain (1)

“I will ask you again. What would you like to bet on?”

Dylan Medical’s head of research, Nylon.

He was bewildered.

‘Are you going to prove that the cure is real? In this place?’

He also heard the rumors about the new drug announced by Hexa Medical.

No matter where I went, I couldn’t know because I had to know only about the representative of Hexa Medical and the new drug.

When I first heard the rumor, I snorted.

“A treatment for petrification? It’s a nonsensical story. It’s a disease that the industry has not even been able to find a cure for, let alone research.”

Many years have been devoted to developing new drugs by immersing himself in the pharmaceutical industry.

could assert

It is impossible to cure petrosis.

People in the same industry, especially researchers with pharmaceutical knowledge, all expressed the same opinion.

“If there is a case of treatment, I would say that the muscle was temporarily relaxed and was able to move momentarily.”

Rumors are often exaggerated and inflated. Because of this, Nyron thought that John was a fraudster.

He predicted that his opponent would avoid the situation, saying that it would be difficult to prove a cure right away.

It was an act that calculated that it could damage the image to some extent.

“Well, what are you going to take? Are you talking to me?”

“Would there be anyone else? Nylon Panto, head of research at Dylan Medical.”

However, it was the situation that would take a hit to the image. I tried to stay calm, but the words came out stuttering.

‘Are you already aware of your position and name?’

Nylon bit her lip.

No, no need to panic.

The guy is just bluffing.

‘I guess he wants me to curl up and back out of fear. It’s shallow. The blue young boy. Do you think I’ll be beaten?’

After all, it is impossible to cure petrosis. I’m going to expose all the facts here.

Nylon fixed his bewildered expression and said with a smile.

“Are you going to prove a cure? Are you sure you can take responsibility for that? I can bet anything The problem is that you have to raise your stake as much as I bet.”

Contrary to Nylon’s expectations, Cain showed no sign of faltering.

Still looking back at people with a relaxed smile, he said.

“good. You’re talking about making a bet. I think it can enhance the party atmosphere that is ripening.”

Cain seemed to ponder for a moment and then continued.

“How is the stake in the land? All healthy pharmaceutical companies have agricultural land for medicinal purposes. If I can’t prove a cure here, I will hand over ownership of all of my farmland to District 47.”

“What, what?”

“I think Dylan Medical’s farmland in District 18 would be a good bet for Nyron-sama.”

Nylon felt the intoxication that had been circling her body for a little bit escaped.

‘Are you going to bet the land? Are you crazy?’

It’s pretentious. it’s meant to scare you

Do you want to be deceived?

Do not ignore the age of those who have survived the fierce battle in the industry.

“Ah, sorry. Unlike me, Nylon was not the CEO of a company. It must be difficult to bet on the land because you will have to ‘report’ and get ‘permission’ to the upper management.”

In addition, the opponent was scratching his pride, making it increasingly difficult to get out of the situation.

‘I have the right to stake the land.’

It is right to go through an internal meeting.

But there’s nothing that can’t make a bet right now.

The position of the head of the research department has all powers regarding land use.

‘It’s a bet you can’t lose.’

A farmland in District 47. It was a reward that was too great to be obtained as a reward for arguing over a few words.

“I accept the bet!”

“good. I thought you would have a big distribution.”

At that moment, people’s cheers and cheers erupted.

“Wow. I really made a bet!”

“If it’s farmland in District 18, it’s the yolk land that you can’t get even with money… .”

The air heated up, and the murmur of the people grew louder. Fireworks went off and music played.

Cain smiled.

‘The farmland of District 18. It’s an unexpected profit.’

The farmland inside the wall is incomparably fertile compared to the outside.

The quality of crops increases dramatically, and large quantities can be harvested in a much smaller area.

Cain thinks that the next new drug will be a treatment for blindness and insomnia.

I have already received a sample and tried it, but unlike the petrification treatment, it has no effect.

‘It was because the medicines grown in Area 47 were of low quality.’

It was much more difficult to manufacture than the petrification treatment. Not only the mixing ratio but also the quality of the medicine had a great influence.

If you can secure the best farmland in District 18 and harvest medicinal herbs there.

‘The highest level of farmland that cannot be obtained simply with money. Good job.’

It will be possible to start production of a treatment for blindness and insomnia in the near future.

Seeing Cain like that, Nylon’s heart pounded like crazy.

he thought to himself.

Okay. I’m the one who wins anyway.

Let’s see how long we can have such a relaxed face.

“Everyone watching is already a witness, but it would be nice to be certain that each company’s property is at stake.”

The servant under Cain’s instructions brought a pen and paper.

Cain quickly scribbled the contents of the bet there, then took a picture and handed it to Nylon.

“Take a picture.”

Nylon took a hit after thoroughly reviewing the contents. And he held up the paper.

“ruler! See everyone! A document that stipulates the content of the bet you just exchanged! There’s nowhere for this swindler to escape!”

After looking at the people once, Nylon looked back at Cain and said,

“ruler! Prove it now! The fact that the cure is real! Let me tell you, don’t even think about bringing in research materials. Because anything like that can be manipulated.”

Cain shook his head.

“Do you really need to use such a cumbersome method?”

Then he pulled out a vial with a clear liquid from his pocket. Above it was a label that read TX-001.

“If you have to prove that a cure is real, it’s as simple as trying it out for yourself.”

Once again the murmur spread.

“They said they were all sold out, but there are still some left!”

“It’s a new drug rumored to be impossible to get right away even if you give it that billion dollars.”

Cain then took out an empty syringe and said loudly.

“The new drugs needed for proof are ready. All we need is a patient suffering from petrification.”

Those who wanted to administer it meant to step forward.

The personal information of high-ranking officials living nearby had all been identified through the Information Guild.

Of course, it was impossible to delve into the in-depth parts, but it was possible to collect any number of publicly circulating rumors.

‘Looking at the guestbook, I have already confirmed that there are some petrified patients.’

Those who do not have any problems with their daily life due to the low progression of the disease.

In fact, some of them have approached Cain as he wandered the table and asked about the surplus remedies.

Nylon said with a snort.

“Are you saying that you are going to administer a drug that has not yet been properly tested? I also read the research material. You have to wait at least a few years after administration to say that the drug is safe!”

Those who were about to raise their hands flinched and stopped moving. Nylon’s voice became meaningful.

“In the case of TX-001, the longest period of observation was only 3 months.”

“… … .”

Cain did not dare to manipulate the findings of the study.

Because the effect of the drug has already been verified, it was to avoid making things that would be reproached later.

‘You’re pretty good at grabbing people’s moods.’

Cain looked around the noisy crowd and recalled the list of petrified patients.

‘I thought there was someone who could step out regardless of the atmosphere. Well, it doesn’t matter.’

Even without applicants, I was confident that I would bring the atmosphere back to this place.

Because it was his organ to attract the audience with his logical speaking skills.

“If you look at the research data… .”

When Cain was about to start a rebuttal.

“I’ll take the dose.”

The people split in half, and an old man in a wheelchair appeared between them.

There was a gun in his eyes and power in his voice.

“You’re the president of Combat Auto, Vulcan.”

“Isn’t it true that you haven’t appeared in public for the past few months, and petrification has spread all over your body and you can’t move?”

People couldn’t help but be amazed.

Combat Auto.

As the continent’s largest automobile manufacturing company, Chairman Vulcan was one of the largest in the business world.

‘Chairman Vulcan… !’

Nylon was equally surprised.

I feel like my heart is sinking.

In the past, it was commissioned by Combat Auto to develop a petrification treatment, but it had a history of failure.

“There is no need to return the investment. I had high expectations.”

There was no need to spit out the development costs, but the words hurt the researcher’s self-esteem.

President Vulcan said.

“I wanted to chat, but there were a lot of people waiting. Can I get a treatment?”

Cain gently raised the corners of his lips. Although the timing was late, the prediction was correct.

“of course. Thank you for standing up proudly in front of so many people.”

“It’s stupid to look out for others or miss an opportunity because of your pride. It doesn’t matter if there are side effects. If it stays like this anyway, even the lungs will harden and become a living corpse.”

President Vulcan was able to freely use only his arms, face, and part of his upper body.

“You don’t have to worry about side effects. As soon as the treatment is administered, you will be able to get out of the wheelchair and walk on two legs as before.”

“I don’t want such a dramatic effect. I can only hope for the condition to improve.”

“I promise. You will be able to get rid of petrification in no time.”

Nylon, who was listening to the conversation, shouted.

“President! That’s nonsense! Petrification is a disease that paralyzes muscle cells throughout the body, and returning it to normal at once is… .”

Even though I was certain that the drug was fake, I couldn’t figure out why I kept feeling anxious.

At Nylon’s urgent voice, President Vulkan’s shout fell.

“Do not interfere! Even at this moment, my body is hardening.”

Nylon flinched.

Cain smiled and said.

“Director of Nylon Research. If you’ve read our data, you’d already know. The principle of TX-001 is different from other new drugs that have been tried. President, could you give me your right arm?”

“I see.”

Cain injected the drug into the syringe and walked over to Vulcan’s right hand.

The injection needle that gets closer to the arm of the ileum.

Nylon’s heart started pounding like crazy.

The cure is obviously fake.

But at least one.

After all, what if the contents of the research data are not mere theories?

A red signal echoed in my brain, and my body moved faster than I thought.

“Stop it now!”

The anxiety that had grown in size engulfed the shallow hero’s mind, and his body was drenched in cold sweat.

Nylon ran towards Cain and President Vulcan. And the secretary crushed both shoulders and fell to the floor.

The world turned chaotic.

He shook his head desperately.

Cain’s smiling face and TX-001 injected into the vein of Vulcan’s forearm were seen.

The cylinder was pushed all the way out and the needle came out of the forearm.

in the suffocating silence.

Chairman Vulcan only looked at his forearm, but there was no reaction.

‘Yes, such a nonsensical theory is possible… .’

Just as she was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Nyron had no choice but to open her eyes.

A small tremor that started at President Vulcan’s toes went up his ankles and thighs and spread to his pelvis.

The president’s face was warm as if he was desperately giving him strength to move his body.

“Oh My God… !”

The moment the president’s toes twitched, all of a sudden burst of exclamation.

Soon the president’s body was bent forward, and his hip was removed from the wheelchair.

Surprised, the secretaries came to their senses and came to help, but the president waved a big hand to resist the help.

“Get away! I can do it myself!”

After relentless convulsions and attempts, he finally got up from his wheelchair.

without anyone’s help,

without relying on any tools,

purely in their own power.

President Vulcan looked down at his two legs, standing upright on the ground.

A look you can’t believe.

A groan escaped from his mouth involuntarily.

“… Am I dreaming right now?”

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