A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 149

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 149

149. great cain (3)

“Cain… ?”

“… … .”

Cain confirmed that Zervia’s gaze turned to the file and came back to him.

“I will have to change my handwriting in the future. I didn’t know you enjoyed drinking more than that.”

His distinctive cold tone and expression.

Zerbia immediately recognized that the opponent was Cain.

‘Are you planning to work inside the wall from now on? What else are you up to… .’

“Even if I change my voice and face, I cannot fool my eyes. And this is what I wanted to drink… Whoops!”

To be honest, I drank to some extent arbitrarily.

After that day in the Clock Tower, I felt that the quality of my mana circuit had improved significantly.

They were supposed to test their improved physical abilities together, but their vulnerability to alcohol remained the same.


Cain turned Zervia’s body to the opposite side.

While she checked her lunch menu, Cain turned her head and pretended not to see her.

After snapping a finger to instruct the users to clean, I said to her, who was breathing heavily.

“Is it all over?”

“… … .”

Zervia felt the heat rising on her face.

couldn’t figure it out

Is it because of shame?

Maybe because of the hardship after vomiting.

I just wanted to bite my tongue and die.

* * *

The living room inside the mansion.

Cain handed Zervia a pill. It was one of the functional drugs to be announced through Hexamedical.

“It is a pill that contains ingredients that break down alcohol in the body. I think you should eat it.”

Zervia crossed her arms and stared at the pill that Cain had given her.

“Not required. Because I wasn’t drunk.”

Suddenly, she returned to the face of a cold investigator.

“I vomited a while ago… .”


“In the hallway.”

“It’s not true.”

“… … .”

“really… Hmm!”

Zervia hiccups from the aftereffects of vomiting and shakes her shoulders.

Thanks to clearing the stomach, the condition improved a lot, but the intoxication was not completely gone.

‘You are proud of yourself.’

Cain grinned.

And to speed up the conversation, I decided to keep her face a little.

“In addition to ingredients that break down alcohol, it contains a large amount of nutrients necessary for daily life. Especially for those who are very active… .”

“Thank you.”

As if waiting, Zervia reached out for the pill.

Outwardly, he maintained his composure, but in reality he was about to die from the remaining drunkenness.


The pill passed over the white nape. Soon, a sense of anger spread throughout his body, and his mind became clear.

“… … !”

The nausea was also gone.

Zervia’s eyes widened at the surprising effect.

As I was speechless, I woke up to Cain’s next word.

“You seem to be in good shape, so let’s get to the point. A month ago, I killed Laika.”

Zervia’s body hardened like a stone for a moment. She looked at Cain for a while and then nodded slowly.

“Then all that’s left is Bama and the Boss.”

The condition of the pact is to cooperate with each other for the collapse of the Blue Serpent.

So Cain could not lie about the Blue Serpent.

‘In the first place, he wouldn’t say such a thing as a lie due to his personality.’

Although he himself had dealt with it a few times, Laika was simply a monster among monsters lacking in strength.

Such a Leica fell.

By Cain’s hand in front of him.

Zervia held her hand under the table tightly.

‘Cain. How strong are you going to be?’

After that day at the clock tower, there was no chance to confirm Cain’s power.

But considering the growth rate of him after escaping from prison.


It was right to see him as a monster of a different dimension from that time.

‘I am also strong. However.’

I didn’t think I could surpass Cain. It felt like I was facing a huge wall.

“Information says that Bama is still running a smuggling business inside the wall. And they say he has clues about the boss’s current location.”

Cain wasn’t lying about the Blue Serpent.

He was just telling the truth, but not revealing all the information.

“The 20th division. I will go out with the crew immediately and start a search.”

“It would be a good idea to take the time to approach it. As he is a cautious guy, he will pull out his tail the moment he notices a hint.”

Zerbia had also faced Bama before, and knew that in some cases he could be a formidable foe no less than Laika.

“… Are you saying don’t move right now?”

“The choice is yours. However, there is a possibility that Bama will disappear if the investigation network is narrowed prematurely.”

Cain paused for a moment and then added:

“It’s different from Laika, so provocations are useless. It’s an enemy I can’t fight with the power I have. To catch him, at least the entire task force must move at once.”

“… The whole task force. The chief of the security bureau can only have such powers.”

The corners of Cain’s lips rose.

“Are you not confident?”


“I should have told you before. I will raise you to the position of Chief of Police. Aren’t you confident to step on the stairs I made for you?”

Zervia was furious.

“It’s not that I don’t have confidence. You can definitely climb to the top. But it is also true that it takes time.”

“There is a special event scheduled this time.”

Cain interrupted Zervia.

“The pace of promotion is going to get faster and faster. The information I will pass on will be about increasingly large organizations.”

At Cain’s beckoning, a map of the areas outside the wall of mana appeared in the air.

larger organizations.

Zervia unknowingly leaned towards Cain.

Again, in terms of the amount of information, he could not keep up with those who were working directly in the shade.

“Go to Area 35 first. According to the information obtained… .”

After hearing the names of the organizations to be wiped out in the future, Zervia suddenly felt a question.

By working together, you can achieve your goal of eradicating crime and benefit from rapid promotion.

‘You said that you would bring me down to the position of head of the Blue Serpent.’

Is that really the end of it?

Isn’t it too cumbersome and takes a lot of time and effort to simply be a goal?

Moments of feeling uncomfortable while chasing Cain flashed through my head.

Rescuing the residents of the coal mining village.

Maintaining policing in Area 47.

‘If you think about it, all the crimes committed before entering the prison were directed at government agencies or other criminal organizations.’


It felt like a puzzle was being put together in my head.

“Cain. There is one thing I want to ask you.”

The words that came out after biting his lips for a while.

Cain stopped explaining and stared at her.

“Is there something you don’t understand about the operation?”

“No, not like that.”

One more deep breath.

“What does crime mean to you?”

Zervia felt a moment of relief.

It was a question that remained in the core of her heart.

“It’s a crime.”

Cain’s reply came back after a short delay.

“My mother died in a war between organizations. He was a civilian who had nothing to do with war. Is this enough for you to answer?”

It was the first thing I knew.

When Zervia was at a loss for what to say, Cain added.

“If I had been born into a wealthy environment like you, I might have been a different person now.”

“… … .”

A bitter look crept across Cain’s face.

It was a word with many meanings.

It was the first time for Zervia to see Cain show his emotions.

Even if it’s a fleeting moment.

It will probably be the first and the last.

At the same time, she felt a tingling sensation in the corner of her chest, as if something had been pressed against her.

what the hell

The identity of the pain was unknown.

“Let’s end it here today. If you plan to go to a party, talk to the user separately.”

Kick- Tak-!

Cain, who returned to his original expression, closed the door and left.

Zervia, who looked blankly at the place where Cain had disappeared, put her hand on her chest.

The pain was still there.

I still didn’t know why.

A word with mixed emotions escaped from her lips.

“… I think I need some medicine.”

* * *

Rumors spread like wildfire.

“So, now we have to hand over the gold shards of the 18th district so that we can neither take it off nor put it on.”

It is said that the CEO of Hexa Medical and the manager of Dylan Medical waged a bet over farmland.

“Really. Did you see me stand up on two legs?”

Combat Auto’s chairman got up in a wheelchair and the efficacy of the treatment for petrification was proven.

What happened after that was a set sequence.

The stock price of Hexa Medical soared without knowing the end.

Luxurious parties were held in the mansion every day.

Somehow, people who wanted to acquaint with Cain flocked in.

At the heart of it, Cain gathered rumors, re-manufactured and distributed them.

There was no need to use an agent.

Because everyone in the party faithfully spread the rumors.

“It seems that the supply of TX-001 will be increased as soon as cultivation begins on the newly secured farmland. We are developing treatments for petrification as well as other incurable diseases.”

One of the rumors Cain intended was a treatment for insomnia and blind eyes.

at least half a year.

Rumor has it that development will be completed and commercialization will take place within a year at the latest.

Cain’s purpose was not simply to become a socialite.

The purpose is to enter the imperial palace.

To do that, rumors had to flow to the imperial family.

‘The third prince is suffering from insomnia.’

Sudden falling asleep during daily life is similar to narcolepsy.

However, the difference was that he gradually increased his sleep time and ended up in a vegetative state.

The emperor basically doesn’t have much affection for his children.

However, since I think that there are individual uses, if there was an opportunity for treatment, I would not miss it.

‘Access to the Imperial Family is possible only for those designated by the Emperor.’

Cain’s calculation was that if the rumors spread, the emperor might invite Johan Kirif to the Imperial Palace.

Of course, I was thinking of writing down another number before that.

For example, disguised as a bolt gear mechanic and passing through the main gate of the Imperial Palace, the same number as now.

“Volt Gear. Vector Klaham and 5 others. Visited for maintenance of mana tank. Confirmed.”

The gatekeeper lowered the mana detection rod he used to scan Cain and other mechanics’ bodies, and sent a radio to the control room inside.


The main gate of the imperial palace, which was not enough to say that it was huge, was pushed sideways, revealing the interior scenery little by little.

Dozens of old-fashioned buildings and surrounding gardens could be seen.

‘Now is the start.’

Cain caught his breath once. On the continent, there were a number of ‘walls’ that separated each area.

Between the 20th and 30th divisions.

Between the 10th and 20th divisions.

Between Zones 1-9 and Zone 10.

And between the Imperial Palace and Zones 1-9, which can be called ‘Zone 0’.

Since the palace was built on a vast site, it was not unreasonable to call it a ‘region’.

“Ben, don’t get lost like last time, just stick to me and follow me. Because if you go into a harsh place, your neck can escape.”

A mechanic who was walking ahead turned to Cain and said:

“I’ll be careful.”

Cain’s face had changed to that of a young man. Because it used transformation magic that went through five stages of refinement, it could not be detected.

It wasn’t difficult to disguise the maintenance team.

“You don’t have to worry about how you get through the front door. All you have to do is make a seat and put me in.”

Boltgear’s second son, Sanderson.

He too knew what it meant to commit an offense against the imperial family.

“You must be aware that Latium can change the contracting company with a single word of mine.”

What if his father’s hard-earned business collapses because of his stupid actions?

Conflicted, but Sanderson’s decision was fixed.

‘Ben’, who was originally on the team, took a sudden vacation to another area, and Cain took his place.

With the data handed over in advance, Ben’s facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and every little habit were perfectly mastered.

“then. Let’s see each other here in two hours after we finish our assignments. Take care of your actions so as not to disturb the eyes of the royal family.”

The maintenance team was divided into three groups of two people each and scattered toward the outer area in charge.

“You have to look closely and meticulously. Don’t think that if you do it every week, this will be enough.”

Its main task was to maintain and repair mana tanks above the ground.

It was a high-importance task, like a kind of power source that supplies mana to the entire imperial palace.

So when the 6th mana tank was maintained.

“This is the end of our area. We have a lot of time left, so let’s take a break and go to the assembly point.”

“All right.”

The gunner went with Cain to the blind spot between the outer wall and the mana tank.


The gunner groaned in pain, set down his heavy maintenance bag, and sat with his back to the mana tank.

“Since the land is so wide and it’s on the outskirts of the country, we hardly ever run into people, but it’s just in case you don’t know.”

Cain sat down next to the shooter and gently stretched his hand behind his neck.

Break up!


The shooter fell down with a shriek.

life won’t be affected.

But he won’t be conscious for a while.

Cain came out of the mana tank.

central palace.

The annex of the prince and princesses.

Several other office facilities could be seen in the distance.

‘You don’t know how long it will take to get inside the palace. Before that, it would be good to know everything that you can figure out.’

As the shooter said, no one was passing by.

It seemed that if we paid attention to our actions, it would be possible to explore the Imperial Palace without encountering enough people.

Even if you can’t get to the deep end, you can only go around the outside.

Cain wore a pressed work hat.

After fixing the maintenance bag, I slowly walked around the perimeter.

‘That’s the annex of the first prince. He said he was out on a mission outside the wall by order of the emperor. Behind it is the annex of the 2nd and 3rd princes.’

All the landscapes in his eyes were broken down into tiny pieces of information and engraved in Cain’s mind.

During the search, a presence was felt in the garden located in front.

It was surprising.

That someone would come to such a remote place.

Without panicking, Cain naturally turned around and went to a nearby mana tank to play the mechanic.

bruise. bruise.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer behind my back. And soon a voice was heard.

“long time no see?”

A cheerful, playful voice reminiscent of a breeze.

Cain, who recalled the settings of the characters in the imperial family, seemed to know who the opponent was.

‘… It might be a bit of a pain in the ass. No, if you use it well, you might be able to turn the situation into an advantage.’

Cain slowly turned his head towards her behind her back with an inner sigh.

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