A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 154

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 154

154. Club Caslargo (3)

After receiving the report from a subordinate, Nylon had no choice but to be dazed for a moment.

“The police broke into Caslargo?”

“Yes. I’m not sure, but it seems so in the circumstances.”

In addition to his position as head of research at Dylan Medical, he also had business acumen.

Investments by powerful people from all walks of life.

The purchase of a special task force that has jurisdiction over the area.

and a stable supply of medicines.

It was a year ago that I started a proper business after years of steady under-the-ground work.

It was the perfect business model that nobody dared to touch.

But what about the police?

‘Did Inspector Fran betray you? No, obviously, a few days ago, we had a drink together and stabbed the management fee, so that’s not possible… .’

The respective jurisdictions of the task force are mutually inviolable.

If it’s not Fran, it’s a story that someone else has invaded the investigative powers and entered Area 18.

A cold sweat began to trickle down Nyron’s back as he recalled all the confidential documents stored in Cassargo’s basement.

“Stop the car!”

There was no point in worrying any more.

All you have to do is go to the site and bump into it.

The car in which Nylon was riding ignored the signal and proceeded frantically.

Good profit-!

The 2nd Squadron of the Special Task Force was waiting in front of the Cassargo building.

Wearing plain clothes, not the usual uniform.

Nylon ran to the man in his mid-30s who was receiving the report and asked about it.

“Lieutenant Fran, how did this happen? Is it true that the police investigation came in?”

Lieutenant Fran continued to listen to the reports of his subordinates, and spoke in a non-trivial tone.

“It seems that the police are hiding, but don’t worry. It’s just a small happening.”

Although he hadn’t heard the detailed explanation of the situation yet, Nylon seemed to be relieved a little by that word.

He said as he looked at the guests who were enjoying their tea time peacefully through the glass door.

“Why don’t we have to evacuate the guests inside first? We’re limiting access to keep other guests from coming in.”

Lieutenant Fran placed a hand on Nylon’s shoulder.

“Do you really need to make things bigger? The enemy has not yet escaped from the underground. If you do it right, it becomes something that never happened at all. There may be some internal avoidance.”

Nylon licked his lips, Inspector Fran added.

“You don’t have to worry about the documents below. That’s probably what the enemy is aiming for, but if you can’t bring it up, it’s of no use.”

reliable look.

Was it just a minor trouble?

“By the way, the enemy was the police, wasn’t it?”

“no. The enemy is right.”

Lieutenant Fran said firmly.

And he operated the video equipment handed to his subordinate.


A hologram was projected onto the disc.

It was a battlefield where personnel and guards who appeared to be intruders were intertwined.

“This is a video device that was recently installed in addition to CCTV. You can see what’s inside in real-time with no lag.”

Inspector Fran’s finger pointed to the sword-wielding woman in the center of the hologram.

Nylon asked.

“Could it be possible that he wasn’t a police officer? At least it doesn’t look like a face I know.”

“The police are right. They often use disguise magic or camouflage tools for investigation. Crucially, the sword is very familiar.”

“The person you are sticking with… ?”

“I think it’s Lieutenant Xavir.”

Nylon took in a gasp.

“I, you mean that Inspector Javir I know?”

“Yes. Lieutenant Xavir, the commander-in-chief’s daughter and commander of the 0th Division of the Special Task Force, is correct.”

Inspector Fran spoke in an uncomfortable voice.

“Her area of activity is mainly outside the walls. I don’t spend much time inside the wall, so I didn’t know I could smell it. They even start the investigation right away without saying anything to me as the district manager.”

“Well, then, isn’t that something that can’t be dealt with quietly? If it’s the chief’s daughter… .”

“It doesn’t matter. Everyone in the police organization knows that the chief has no interest in his daughter. Enough to cover the case.”

cover the case

Nylon, who knew Lieutenant Fran’s usual behavior, came to an idea.

no way.

He asked with a trembling voice to confirm that he was right.

“If you cover it, in what way… .”

“There is no surer way than to kill.”

Nylon’s face turned blue.

I wasn’t afraid to kill people.

It’s because I’ve always used all sorts of male and female brute force to get rid of my rivals.

However, I wondered if it would be possible to grow the job this big and move on without any problems.

“I, will I ever be able to… . Wouldn’t it be possible to persuade Inspector Xavir well?”

“There is no other person who is more single-minded than Inspector Xavir. If he had that flexibility, he would have contacted me first before proceeding with the investigation.”

Inspector Fran tilted his face and whispered into Nylon’s ear.

“And think of Cassargo’s ‘investors’. Even if the information leaks a little, it can be enough.”

“… I did. It seems that the wall has gotten a little smaller because I have been through some unfortunate things recently.”

Lieutenant Fran’s face darkened again.

“I heard that too. The farmland in District 18 has been handed over. Are there any disruptions in the supply of medicines?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. Everything is planned. There will be no landslides.”

Lieutenant Fran’s satisfied smile.

Following him, Nyron laughed too.

“Then let our 2nd squad move slowly. The opponent’s strength will be drained from the previous battle.”

At Lieutenant Fran’s beckoning, the members of the 2nd Squad entered Cassargo’s entrance.

While watching the scene, Nylon suddenly realized that the number of special task forces was greater than the number of gardens.

‘A car must have 10 people, right?’

Nylon turned his head around.

And I was able to spot some personnel standing in front of the other crew members with their backs on their backs.

A disappointing look.

The restraints on the wrists that were revealed at a glance.

They were the 0th squad members that Zervia had placed outside.

In front of them, Lieutenant Malice, the commander of the 1st Division, who had arrived after receiving a request for support from Zerbia, had a conflicted face.

Seeing Nylon’s puzzled expression, Inspector Fran smiled and said:

“There are more enemies than you think. Lieutenant Xavir.”

Xavir, whom Fran knew, was a person who weakened at the decisive moment.

Worst case.

You could threaten her with the lives of her subordinates.

* * *

“Where are you daring to get out of without my permission?”

Cain’s voice echoed through the hallway eerily.

Only one magic.

Only one overwhelming violence.

It turned the face of the battle upside down.

“I, I don’t want to die.”


One by one, the swords fell to the floor.

The ceiling was deeply dented by the wind.

The lower body that bleeds everywhere.

Those who convulse and bleed from their ears at the binge caused by the gust of wind.

There was no one who could maintain his courage in a scene like Abi Gyu-hwan.

‘It’s easier than outside the wall. I don’t know if my skills will be outstanding.’

If they had been mercenaries from the outside who had struggled through the battlefield, they would have rushed to the end.

It would have been a different story if the enemy had a commander to control the situation, but victory or defeat had already been decided.


Zervia and the special task force swung their swords as if they were using fallen leaves.

The crew pierced the tendons in their wrists and ankles to restrict the enemy’s movement.

On the other hand, Zervia cut off the enemy’s head with a cold gaze.

Even the crew members flinched at the relentless momentum.

‘… It’s definitely changed.’

A battlefield, not an everyday life.

I could feel the change in her behavior.

If it had been her in the past, she would have chosen to subdue the enemy without taking their lives as much as possible.


Cain’s hand grabbed Zervia’s wrist, who was about to swing the sword.

“… … .”

Zervia’s cold eyes stared at Cain.

Cain blinked at the CCTV.

It was a recorded video that would be used as valuable evidence in subsequent investigations.

In addition, there were regular employees with terrified faces outside the manufacturing room window.

“Afterwards, there may be talk of over-repression. It is enough to paralyze my limbs.”

sympathize with the enemy,

It wasn’t that she was worried that her humanity would fade.

It was because of the judgment that she could be caught in the foot when she was promoted later.

“… i get it.”

Zervia’s momentum softened.

She fixed her sword and pierced the enemy’s hands and feet with the crew.

Cain approached the manager trembling in front of the broken elevator.

When the special task force’s gaze turned elsewhere, he did not forget to absorb the mana of the dead.

“Is that the manager?”

“Yes, yes, yes! No, that’s right!”

Cain lifted the briefcase from the manager’s hand.

“What is the password for the lock?”

“I, I don’t know. I was only instructed to go to a designated place with my bag in case of an emergency… .”

The ‘Eye of Truth’ attribute has been activated.


Cain confirmed that this was a blind spot without CCTV.

“I’m sorry. If you could turn your head, you would know where to stand now.”

A blue electric current erupted from Cain’s hand.


The manager trembled once, fell to the floor and lost consciousness.

Cain then twisted the briefcase open.


He pulled out a bunch of papers and handed them over quickly.

All matters related to the operation of the drug club were written down.

In particular, Cain’s eyes caught on to some of the names that appeared on the investment and profit share.

‘You could say it’s a hobby of the wealthy masters.’

Ian Beldelov.

The second son of Spriggan, a military company that competes for market capitalization along with Low Tactic and Combat Auto.

Campbell McCuss.

The eldest son of Mackers Sword, a security company that has recently grown in size inside the wall.

Cain turned his head to look at the guards lying in the hallway.

‘You used the company’s expenses for the business you invested in.’

The presidents of Spriggan and Mackers Sword were nobles who received titles from the imperial family, and were famous for entering the political world and exerting considerable influence.

In addition, the names of the children of several prominent corporations were visible.

Names that appeared on the list of invitations to the ball selected by the emperor.

If this event is triggered, their names will be rewritten to those of others who were of lower rank.

Zerbia’s chances of getting on the roster once again increase.

Moreover, it is possible to aim for a drop in the share price of its competitors.

‘This is enough data. But if you want to tighten the enemy’s breath faster and more securely.’

Additional data were needed.

Perhaps the manager didn’t take care of it and left it in the office.

Just then, a sound echoed from the empty space beyond the broken elevator door.


The sound of something heavy scratching the walls in all directions and falling.


The elevator had broken chains and hit the floor. Two sharp swords from the roof rushed towards Cain.


The two swords collided in the spot where Cain’s new type using blink disappeared.

‘Living is not unusual. Is it a task force?’

As Cain expected, the ones who wielded the sword were the 2nd Squadron of the Special Task Force who came down under the orders of Inspector Fran.

Their swords pursued Cain without stopping.



Cain’s back.

New swords appeared and attacked.

“Capsel! Inspector Xavir’s story was true!”

“Berman, aren’t you ashamed to pay money to cover up your transgression?”

The same task force.

A fight broke out in an instant between those who had different thoughts and different numbers.

“I hear your voice, it’s Lieutenant Harold. You lied to your face.”

“Is it a crime, the trespassing that the sergeants are currently committing?”

Laughter continued.

However, the 0-squadron’s overwhelming attack did not last long.

‘Is the person behind the wizard a wizard? But no matter how much enhancement magic you receive… !’

A special task force is given a lower number the more they have excellent skills.

The difference between 0 and 2.

It was the result of Cain’s strengthening magic.

‘But yes. Because the battle is not done by force alone.’

Stairs at the end of the hallway.

Watching the pouring in of allies, the 2nd squad member smiled inwardly.

“Aim for the wizard first!”

“Get the data first! Priority is given to taking the bag the wizard is holding!”

The new intruders swung their swords at Zervia, who was blocking the way, and the other 0th squad member.


Zervia clenched her teeth and struck the sword.

I saw familiar faces.

A look with some hesitation and hesitation on his face.

In addition to the 2nd squad, members of the 1st squad were mixed in the enemy group.

They spread all over the labyrinthine hallway.


Or was it an enemy from the beginning?

The shock was great, but it didn’t last long.

It was replaced with anger, which only made her sword more rough and fierce.

“As one who wields the sword of the Emperor!”

Her sword blew out blue mana.

“Be ashamed!”


The sword of the enemy also had mana, but it was not an opponent. It was split in half and tossed on the floor.

Zervia’s sword aimed at the enemy’s neck and cut through the air.


Then, the swords of the 1st squad members who broke in.

After deflecting her sword, she worked backwards.

visor! visor!

The members of the 1st Squad didn’t respond to the shouts from Zerbia’s Ilgal a while ago.

It was just driving an attack.

It seems that the only way to cover their shame is to stop breathing.

Significantly superior to the 2nd generation.

Zervia calmly faced the multitude of enemies.

‘In the first place, the only person in the world I can trust is myself. You don’t need a colleague. Behind my back is myself-.’


In an instant, her sword was twisted.

The step was broken and the posture collapsed backwards.

He reflexively reached out to touch the floor.

“… … !”

However, as expected, the body did not fall backwards.

‘Something’ with a physical form was supporting his back.

instinctively knew.

that’s the wind

She used the wind as a cushion to change her posture. Then he swung his sword and slashed the enemy’s attack.

When I turned around, Cain had his palms stretched out toward him.

He said.

“Don’t worry about your back. I will take charge of this enemy.”

She felt her heart pound.

It’s definitely the uplifting feeling of battle.

And it was probably because of the arousal component that spread in the air.

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