A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 155

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 155

155. Club Cassargo (4)

“Don’t worry about your back. I will take charge of this enemy.”

Zervia nodded her head with an understandable expression and entered the battle again.

‘The front hallway is enough for Zerbia and one crew member. However.’

In an instant, a sword flew towards Cain. He had returned to the other hallway.


Cain turned to avoid the sword.

The enemy smiled a converted smile and reached for his briefcase.

“You idiot! caught… !”

The bag disappeared into subspace, and the enemy’s hand grabbed the air in vain.

An enemy whose posture collapses and falls.

Cain’s knee, which he raised hard, hit the enemy’s face.


The enemy rolled on the floor with the sound of bones being shattered.

Cain looked around and analyzed the war situation.

A narrow hallway that stretches out in all directions.

In addition to the special task force, more than a dozen or more people were pouring in, mixed with security forces on the ground.

‘The number is about 50. The moment you are surrounded, you become at an outrageous disadvantage.’

A narrow hallway is good for dealing with a large number of people with a small number of people.

However, it can be a double-edged sword as it can be surrounded back and forth.

‘Due to space constraints, even large-scale magic is impossible. We can’t hope for a guard to buy time for refining because each of us is busy surviving.’

Relatively to the special task force, it’s not as good as not using magic at an intermediate level of refinement.

And if you are the enemy commander.

‘We will try to secure the remaining data first. In the worst case, the tail could be cut off.’

What should be taken is additional evidence to prove the corruption.

What should be done is to spread the troops and fight each other to avoid the siege.

Cain’s gaze reached the number of CCTV cameras on the ceiling. After making his decision, he exclaimed.

“Lieutenant Xavir! Give me the command of Division 0!”

“From now on, Squad 0 follows John’s command!”

Zervia immediately took an in-ear radio from her arms and threw it at Cain.

Then I took out an extra one and put it on my ear.

‘Cain. What number seems to come to mind? I will trust you.’

The situation in which proper instructions could not be given due to the confusion in the battle.

Also, there was belief.

The belief that he has a trick to overcome the situation.

when facing each other.

It was because he was the one who got out of the situation even worse than this.

“Command, confirmed!”

With a momentary shout, the 0 squad members took out their walkie-talkies and put them on.

Cain’s voice pierced their ears.

“I believe that everyone was familiar with the structure of the 3rd basement floor with the drawings we gave them in advance. The manager’s office is central. Hold room 318 at 12 o’clock.”

Cain spread Zerbia and the members of the 0 squad in various directions.

The enemy’s pursuit continued along the narrow corridor.

Cain also began to run away from the attacking enemy.

“It’s over there! Catch the wizard!”

Enemies flocked in a line through the hallway.

The special task force did not appear because it was judged that it was easy to catch a wizard without a guard.

‘About these low-level mana users.’

The wind swirled in Cain’s hand.

Two-step purification reached in an instant.

Increases the use of mana to increase the power.


A gust of wind ripped through the air and pierced everything in its path.

At the end of the hallway, the gust of wind dissipated, and no one was standing in the hallway.

Absorbing mana from the corpse, Cain continued to run.


When I opened the door to the office, the guards who were already searching turned their heads.

Cain’s revolver quickly spewed fire, and their foreheads were pierced and they collapsed into corpses.

Cain closed the door and placed a shield over it.

bang! bang! bang!

Enemies arriving outside soon.

They smashed the door and started slamming the shield.

Because mana was saved, the output of the protection was not very high.

It was only to reinforce the durability by pouring mana every time it was about to break.

‘CCTV. Here, the situation of the war can be grasped at once.’

CCTV screen full of walls.

Cain continued to give orders to Zerbia and Squad 0.

Which direction to turn to avoid the enemy.

And where the next enemy will appear and when to start the battle.

“Harold, right shoulder. Lower your posture.”

Even during battle, he gave instructions to avoid enemy attacks.

All four people, including Zerbia, one by one, in real time.

The arousal component had already spread throughout the body, and their reaction speed was comparable to that of Suin.

Cain continued to give instructions and searched the office to find materials related to the operation of the facility and put it in the subspace.

Real-time instructions and maintenance of protection.

And a search of the entire office.

As he handled each task at the same time, the mental power that went into it was enormous.

As the war situation changed, dozens of cases were deleted and reappeared in the mind, and at the same time, the calculation and concentration of formulas for magic were being made at the same time.


Meanwhile, Cain felt the enemy’s movements were strangely inconsistent.

And the number of CCTVs and the number of screens that he remembered were different.

The thought quickly reached one conclusion.

‘The commander is outside. You can’t just look at the situation here.’

There wasn’t much of a difference.

If you could predict the equator’s movement, you could just use it again.

─The 1 o’clock corridor has all been processed.

─The same goes for the 3rd attempt. I’ll go to 8 o’clock as instructed.

Under Cain’s command, Squad 0 thoroughly mistreated the enemy.

Basic skill difference and enhancement magic.

It was a natural result as the local war was waged without creating a situation to be surrounded.

‘This is enough data.’

Cain removed the shield and went out into the hallway.

The thick scent of blood mixed with the scent of incense candles, giving off a foul odor.

“Is everyone okay?”

Zervia and Unit 0 appeared from the hallway. They passed through the broken corpses and gathered at Cain.

“I thought it was over when the enemy came in.”

“But the 1st squad really betrayed us… .”

The 0 squad members showed no signs of abating.

He couldn’t speak openly because he was in front of the original commander, Zervia, but his eyes were shining as he looked at Cain.


That’s what they accomplished.

There was no longer an enemy living and breathing on the third basement floor.

Except for the non-combat personnel who were shivering without even taking a step out of the manufacturing room and warehouse.

“I’ll go around the room to see if there are any leftovers.”

“You don’t have to. Because I counted.”

At Cain’s words, Zervia stopped.

She stared at Cain.

‘Cain. How can you be so calm after making a miracle happen?’

Something that was impossible for me.

She clenched her fist.

feeling right now.

Clear jealousy and longing.

I was ashamed.

Even himself who couldn’t play the role of a commander.

He also had feelings of jealousy.

But I couldn’t reveal it.

I knew how ugly jealousy was.

That feeling was probably the reason the 1st squad leader betrayed him.

“What do you have to say?”

“Thank you. It is thanks to you that we are able to win this battle now.”

Cain didn’t say anything.

Looking at Zervia with curious eyes, he turned around and said to the crew.

“There is no time to delay, so go up. There must be enemies upstairs.”

“All right.”

The group went upstairs through the stairs.

2nd basement floor.

It was also dark here.

“It seems that all the guests have been evacuated.”

“It must have been a situation that the enemy wanted to avoid as much as possible.”


Likewise, no sound could be heard from the hallways and rooms.

And at the end of the hallway leading to the elevator and stairs to the ground.

A group of people were standing.

When Harold saw one of them, he immediately narrowed the distance and slashed his sword.

“Fran! This motherf*cker!”


Harold’s sword was blocked by a thick glass wall and bounced off.

Special glass made by Latium.

Cain quickly recognized that it was the same object he had seen in Parter’s underground arena.

The difference was that, unlike back then, Lightino would not have been involved in the production of this facility.

‘There must be a risk when the tail is stepped on inside the wall. No matter how much money he makes with drugs, it would be just a penny for him.’

Cain slowly closed the distance with the glass wall.

There were a total of five people on the other side.

1st Squad Captain Malice.

Captain of the 2nd Squad, Lieutenant Fran.

Dylan Medical’s head of research, Nylon.

And two 0 squadrons taken hostage.

Inspector Fran looked at Zervia through the glass wall and said.

“Lieutenant Xavir, I was shocked when I got the report that you appeared in Sector 17. It’s not just a visit, it’s an investigation. Don’t you think it’s a clear violation of the investigative powers?”

Zervia couldn’t help but smile.

The glass wall was cut with a sword covered in mana, but only shallow scratches were left.

He probably didn’t show up on the battlefield because he lowered this glass wall and set up countermeasures.

“It’s no use. Special tempered glass made by Latium, it has the same properties as the outer walls of the imperial family. It has mana resistance. Didn’t you learn it in knight school?”

“Lieutenant Fran, do you know what they are doing now?”

Lieutenant Fran chuckled.

Unlike Inspector Nylon or Malice, who had a tense face, he was relaxed.

“of course. And I know very well what to do next.”

He took a breath and said.

“I want Inspector Xavir to hand over the papers and keep quiet about this.”


“Honestly, it was unexpected. Annihilation was our goal, but we didn’t know it would be on our side. That wizard acted as a variable. Could you please identify me?”

Cain shrugged and dispelled the transformation magic of everyone, including himself.

There was no need to spend a lot of mana as long as the enemy was already confronting the enemy.

“I, the author… !”

“I guess we are in a bad relationship.”

Seeing ‘John’, Nylon trembled.

His face was red from intense anger and he could not spit out the next words properly.

Zervia felt the same anger.

‘Did you dare tell me to join the crime?’

The subject was Lieutenant Fran.

she said like a spit.

“If you want the paperwork, come over here and take it yourself. If you have the courage to do that.”

“Lieutenant Xavir, I am showing mercy. There is a way to take your life without going over the wall.”

He shook his head and said.

“The Commissioner is not as interested in running the police organization as he was before. It’s like losing interest. It’s not impossible to get things done right away. But there will be a little bit of noise. I’m trying to get rid of that, too.”

In order to completely cover up the incident, it was said that one more mouth of the commander of the task force was needed.


“Would you do it even if the lives of your subordinates depend on it?”

Inspector Fran looked away.

Inspector Malice, with an anxious expression on his face, was holding a sword around the necks of the 0 squadrons.

“Hey, Zervia. Listen to Lieutenant Fran.”

“Do not call my name with that filthy mouth.”

Inspector Malice flinched at the life Zervia exuded.

“She did nothing wrong. I was just a little persuaded. There is a way to get promoted, but there is also a way to make bad things happen to the person in the top priority.”

Zervia ignored Lieutenant Fran’s words. Instead, he said, staring straight at Inspector Malice.

“Why did you betray me?”

“I, I… .”

Inspector Malice was unable to speak.

It is said that the latent envy and inferiority complex from the days of knights school made me make a wrong decision in an instant.

“Anyway, you have to make a decision. Are you on the same boat as us? Do you give up the lives of your subordinates and keep your faith until the end?”

“Chief! We don’t care! You must not give in to threats!”

Zervia looked around.

Everyone was waiting for their choice.

“It is your choice.”

Cain’s eyes met.

His eyes were the same as usual, but it felt as if they were conveying a message.

she took a breath

In fact, it was something I had decided on the right answer from the beginning.

“If you want to kill me, kill me. My subordinates will want that as well as those who know the honor.”

In an instant, silence came.

A look of disappointment appeared on Lieutenant Fran’s face.

“I can’t help it. Chief Nylon. Activate the switch.”

“Oh, I see. Wait a minute before that… .”

Nylon stood on the glass wall in front of Cain.

He pulled out a vial from his pocket, held it, and said with a smile on his face.

“Long time no see. To meet again in a place like this, isn’t it so ironic that we have a relationship with people?”

“I know you have set a date to meet in order to officially take over the farmland.”

“her! farmland! Farmland in District 18! You’re still a farmer in a situation where your neck will run away!”

Nylon grabbed her stomach and smiled.

It was clearly meant to be a mockery of the idea of having the upper hand.

“Even from this point of view, I am a pretty humane person. I’ll give you one chance to survive. Keep it simple. I’ll roll this medicine through the slit below, so you just have to drink it.”

“Listen to the name of the drug.”

“I don’t have a name! Because it’s a drug specially formulated just for you! A poison with a fatality rate of 99%! There is a 1% chance of survival, so why not walk there! Your favorite bet!”

Nylon’s smile had turned to madness.

colorless and odorless.

A poison that leaves no trace.

The original plan was to go to John’s party every day and secretly pour the medicine into his glass.

It would be a real shame if the painstakingly manufactured drug could not be used to ridicule the opponent like this.

“Well. It’s a drug from a company that doesn’t have a good medicine like petrification, so I don’t know if anyone would want to take it.”

Nylon’s smile was cut off.

The opponent was not being ridiculed, but rather scratching his nerves.

“Let’s see how long we can have such a calm face.”

Nylon pulled out several switches from his arms and pressed them at the same time.


At the same time, a gas mixed with white powder spurted out from the ceiling vent inside the glass wall.

Drugs prepared during the battle below.

Soon the interior was covered by the aircraft, making it impossible to see anything.

“As a human being, we have no choice but to breathe. no matter how patient Even if the wind around it blocks the gas, someday the oxygen inside will run out.”

“Hey, it’s a waste of drugs, but I don’t think it’s bad if we can alleviate the situation like this.”

Lieutenant Fran and Nylon exchanged conversations with triumphant smiles.

If he inhaled this amount of drugs in a short period of time, no matter how much raw meat and crawling mana users were, he would have no choice but to lose consciousness.


5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.

The drugs were sprayed unstoppably.

“Damn, boss… .”

The members of the 0th squad, held hostage, watched the scene with contemplation.

When the drug finally stopped spraying, Nylon activated the switch and raised the glass wall.

“Let’s start with the captivity. The restraints are here.”

Inspector Fran and Nylon went inside wearing masks to avoid inhaling the gas.

And the moment Nylon did not take a few steps.


An arm protruded out from among the white aircraft and grabbed Nylon’s wrist.

The wrist was twisted by the force of the grip.



A voice came from beyond the aircraft.

“To be able to make only this amount of medicine with such a good amount of medicine, I am not very good at it.”


Everyone in the hall felt their spines freeze.

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