A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 156

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 156

156. Club Caslargo (5)


Nylon fell to the floor, grabbing his shattered hand.

“To be able to make only this amount of medicine with such a good amount of medicine, I am not very good at it.”

As soon as he heard the voice, Nyron felt his mind dizzy.

Between the hazy gases.

The opponent was looking down at this side and his eyes were shining fiercely.

He did not appear to be addicted to drugs.

‘Am I standing there without losing my mind?’

It’s ridiculous.

It’s really absurd.

He poured so much drugs that the club had to stop running for a while.

black out.

The most potent psychedelic drug sold by Cassargo.

It relieves pain and promotes pleasure by stimulating endorphins in the brain, but it paralyzes the amygdala, which controls rational thinking, causing loss of memory and consciousness.

‘How the hell… ! Even a beast, no matter how big, can’t stand it for a few minutes and collapse… !’

It wasn’t like this.

If the other person had a conscience and common sense as a ‘living thing’, this shouldn’t be the case.

In addition, the body must be in a state where the drug is more quickly and sensitively received by exposure to the stimulant component of the scented candle.

close. close.

Nylon’s lips began to tremble.

I kept hitting my teeth even if I didn’t want to.

“Didn’t you tell me? If you want to bring others down, you have to be prepared to be brought down too.”

that day.

The nightmare at the party seemed to come back to life.

“Nylon! Avoid it yourself!”

As if to save Nylon, a single voice could be heard.

Lieutenants Fran and Malice, who had grasped the situation and became urgent, were suddenly closing the distance and slashing their swords at the silhouette.


Their swords were blocked by another sword and bounced off.

The next moment, without a moment to react, a blue electric current erupted from the silhouette.

Break up!

1st and 2nd gear.

The two inspectors rolled their eyes and fainted in their seats, unable to even utter a single word.

Inspector Javir wearing a gas mask could be seen in their last eyes, who were losing consciousness.

‘A gas mask must not be included in the basic equipment of the task force. Is that man’s work? Did you read our number? How many more were ahead? .’

Lieutenant Fran’s eyes were completely closed.

The glass wall opened and the gas leaked into the expanded space, and the figure of those inside was gradually revealed.

All members of the task force, including Zerbia, were wearing gas masks.

Only Cain was not wearing a gas mask inside.

‘It’s not a bad feeling.’

Cain clenched his palms and stretched them out.

The awakening ingredient spread and the body was overflowing with energy.

Thanks to the ‘body strengthening’ characteristic, the resistance to drugs was basically increased.

In addition, ‘Unbreakable Will’ grants immunity to all negative mental interference.

There was no loss of consciousness.

Unless you reach ‘physical limits’ rather than ‘mental limits’.

Cain bent his knees in front of Nylon and narrowed his gaze.

He pulled out poison from the trembling opponent’s arms and said.

“Nyron, you mentioned that you have humanity before. I think we have quite a lot in common. Because I am human too. It must be the basic knowledge as those who develop new drugs for those who suffer from disease.”

Hearing those words from behind, Zervia burst into laughter.

As for her, it was questionable how Cain survived without losing consciousness.

‘Cain. Did I use a magic that I don’t know about? Or maybe I could have survived it with just my mental strength.’

The latter is absurd, but given Cain’s past, the possibility cannot be ignored.

There are no monster-like abilities.

But how can the word “humanity” come out of such a person’s mouth?

“I’ll give you one chance to survive. I could kill you right now, but by showing a human side.”

Cain took a pill out of the bottle and showed it to him.

“If you take this medicine and you are safe, I will spare your life.”

“No, that’s absurd! He will surely die if he eats it… !”

Nylon did evil.

As it has already undergone dozens of clinical trials, he knew the drug’s performance better than anyone else.

“Why? Isn’t there a 1% chance of survival? I think the odds are good enough to bet on the odds.”

99% fatality rate.

1% survival rate.

‘Well, that’s the result of the experiment. But if you eat it, you die. mm, if you eat it you will die. It’s 1 percent, so there’s no way you can get caught with such a low probability.’

Nylon wanted to overcome the situation by selling his soul to the devil if he could.

But I couldn’t.

Because the devil was right in front of you right now.

‘Tea, it might be a better choice to die here now.’

Things to come after the situation was over were pictured in Nyron’s mind.

The downfall of Dylan Medical is predestined.

With the follow-up investigation by the police, the crimes committed so far will be revealed to the world.

And anyone deeply involved in the crime would be taken to prison and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Where drug offenders are escorted.

Kentrock Prison at the edge of the continent.

That notoriety was well known.

All property will be confiscated, so there is no means of protecting oneself after imprisonment.

‘rather… !’

After making up his mind, Nylon poured the pill into his mouth.

As I swallowed it somehow, bitterness scratched the inside of my throat.

“Ouch, squeaky.”

The effect was immediate.

Nylon rolled on the floor with blood foam in his mouth.

His whole body convulsed incessantly, and only the whites of his eyes remained.


a few minutes later.

The convulsions finally stopped.

The floor was filled with all sorts of secretions from his eyes, nose and mouth.

But the faint sound of his breathing signaled that he was not dead.

“… 1% chance to break through. Kang Woon.”

Cain sighed as he looked down at Nylon with a cold gaze.

In fact, it could have been bad luck.

Because of the drug, the pain was as painful as it was, and I was dragged to prison with a disgruntled body.

Zerbia and Unit 0 captured Lieutenant Fran and Nylon, who had lost consciousness.

They found the key in their arms and released the other two 0th Squadron members who had been held hostage.

When the situation was settled, Harold came up to Cain and said,

“I was really surprised at the last moment. I thought you had even prepared a gas mask… . Did you all expect this to happen?”

Cain nodded and replied.

“I didn’t expect exactly the same situation, but I thought something similar would happen. And I’m sorry for the subordinate while giving instructions. The situation was so urgent.”

At Cain’s apology, Harold waved his hand in embarrassment.

“no. None of us have any complaints. Since you are close friends with our captain, you can talk to us all the time… .”

As Harold said that, he turned to look at his superiors, thinking he had gone too far.

Zervia shook her head.

Message to do what you feel comfortable with.

She said.

“John. I have been exposed to drugs for quite a long time. Is there anything wrong with your body?”

“It’s okay. If you remove excessive energy from your body.”

The 0 squad members participated in the conversation.

“sorry. We should have worn a broken gas mask. No matter how much John said it was okay.”

“If you look at the fact that you haven’t used it at all, it must have been that you couldn’t do any of the functions. I’m ashamed. Because he looked more like a knight than us who came out of knight school.”

Cain responded with a soft smile.

“I just made the most effective choice for the situation. There are many times when we test new drugs directly on our body, so it can be said that we have more tolerance to psychoactive substances than others.”

Cain added.

“Of course, with some magic help.”

“What kind of magic?”

“It doesn’t seem like it would be fun if I told you easily. If you attend my lecture, which will be held in the tower from this winter, you may be able to hear it.”

“Yes? lectures? Then the rumor that you are taking on the professorship is true… .”

Cain nodded in affirmation. It was in the state of being confirmed by asking Raitino.

“You want me to reserve a professor’s seat? Of course! I’ll make useless things by kicking your ass.”

It was arranged to become a magic teacher for the 2nd Princess Julia and to enter the Imperial Family steadily.

“John, then we will go up first. We are calling for reinforcements and controlling ground floor personnel.”

Zervia led the two crew and disappeared up the stairs.

“We will clean up the remaining personnel in the basement.”

Conversely, Harold and the other two crew members disappeared down the stairs.

Silence came into the hallway.

Cain took out his gas mask from his arms and pressed the button to operate it.


A small green lamp lit up, indicating that the gas mask was functioning normally.

“Well, Zervia might have noticed.”

Contrary to what I said to Squad 0, the gas mask was not broken.

We prepare for all possible cases, but we cannot forget to check the gas mask.

It was simply smoke.

Acting to win the favor and trust of the 0 squad members.

‘Zervia, as she ascends, the crew will also take their seats one by one.’

The crew would also be useful limbs that could be used in the future.


The Club Cassargo incident was widely reported across the continent.

“President Mackers! The name of Campbell McCuss, Sales Manager, is on the Casslargo Club’s investor list. What do you think about this?”

“I’m Jennale, a reporter for Motion Daily. Or, in the story that the investment was made under the direction of the chairman… .”

“I don’t know! Everyone shut up! Because I don’t know! what one! Get them all out!”

Spriggan and Mackers Sword.

The presidents of two giants and several other mid-sized companies have seen their children’s names on investor lists.

They tried to cover up the case somehow, but for that, there were too many people involved, including the 2nd and 3rd squads of the special task force.

People were divided into two main groups.

“Drugs were circulating inside the walls?”

Those who didn’t know about the drug club.

“It’s a drug. Anything that adversely affects society should be put in prison.”

Or those who pretend they don’t know.

Most are the latter.

They were more angry than others.

As if he was afraid that someone would find out about the fact that he had neglected the crime.

“A sentence of 98 years in prison in accordance with Article 17, Paragraph 2 of the Imperial Law.”

Imperial law was strict.

Those involved in the case were escorted to the prison under the fingerings of people with different sentences.

Since the association system did not apply, the presidents of each company were not punished.

However, it was self-evident that his position in the political and business circles would drastically decrease.

The most immediate response was the stock market.

Shares of companies engulfed in scandals, including Spriggan and Mackers Sword, plummeted.

As a result, many companies have benefited from this.

Cain’s Hexamedical.

Pieta’s Low Tactics.

Chairman Vulcan’s Auto Combat was a typical example.

“Lieutenant Xavir. How did you get the start of the case?”

“I heard that the police were involved in the incident, and there was a fight between the task force. Is that correct?”

press conference room.

Reporters tried to get information from Zervia.

“I will answer them one by one.”

And she had no intention of hiding the incident.

“First, it is true that the police intervened in corruption. The 1st and 2nd Squadrons of the Special Forces aided in the operation of the drug club and are currently being tried under imperial law.”

A reporter raised his hand and asked.

“With a true police officer like Inspector Xavir, citizens can safely walk through the streets. Can we expect that Inspector-nim’s unstoppable actions will continue in the future?”

The meaning of the question was clear.

‘Can you handle the enemies that arise in the future?’

The crime inside the wall is a rarity and cannot be limited to one.

Everyone had only cloudy eyes, and there must have been a lot of corruption and corruption.

By eradicating one of them, Zerbia declared a kind of war.

The check of the relevant powers was obviously strong. Regardless of inside or outside the police organization.

Zervia answered the question without any hesitation.

“yes. My steps will not stop until the moment when all the crime that exists on the continent is gone.”

Several other questions arose.

Things like the official position of the police on internal corruption or the investigation process in the basement of the club.

“The official position of the police is not yet something I can give an answer to. But I can tell you one thing.”

Zervia took a breath.

“What was able to successfully complete this operation.”

Even the camera shutter stops.

The moment everyone is watching only this side.

“All of them are Duck Johan Kirif, the representative of Hexa Medical.”

She moved her lips and said.

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