A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 158

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 158

158. Wonderful New World (2)

Sergeant Dior, a member of the National Police Agency’s secretariat, burst into admiration as he saw the splendid interior of the mansion.

‘Oh My God. This is Golden Heart’s 「The Setting Sky」.’

Frames running along the wall.

Since he had a keen interest in art and knowledge, he was able to quickly recognize that it was genuine.

‘There is also the “Sleeping Ruins” of Malta. I know that all of them have been lost and their whereabouts are unknown… !’

I lost my mind and admired the painting.

The original mission of delivering correspondence from the National Police Agency was momentarily forgotten.

His steps stopped in front of a painting.

Between cliffs and cliffs.

A distance that you could cross if you ran big.

Behind the restless-looking people, a herd of animals was chasing after them.

On the other side, a man wearing an angel mask stretched out a long stick toward the air between the cliffs.

‘Are you going to jump and grab the stick?’

When I looked down the picture, I saw people who had been pierced by thorns and died.

An intense style of painting that makes you feel overwhelmed just by looking at it.

Dior’s feet did not fall easily in front of the painting.

‘Who’s work is this? As far as I know, no artist has this style of painting.’

I looked everywhere in the picture just in case, but there was nothing like the artist’s name written on it.

When Sergeant Dior frowned.

A voice came from behind.

“You seem to like the painting.”

Surprised, I turned around to see a black-haired man standing there.

Johann Kirif.

This was the first time I had actually seen it, but I could recognize it at a glance.

‘As rumored. The atmosphere is overwhelming just by being in front of it.’

Rumors about Johann had already spread among the police.

Especially among young cops who still have the aspiration to eradicate crime.

‘This guy smashed Club Cassargo.’

A drug club that the 2nd squadron of the special task force couldn’t even think of touching.

How excited I was with my classmates when I heard that such a hotbed of crime had been uprooted.

A person whose words ‘leader of the operation’ came out of the mouth of Inspector Javir, the object of admiration and envy.

Of course, I had to be interested.

Not just himself, but everyone in the police whose blood is still boiling.


Sergeant Dior, realizing that he had not yet answered the man’s words, hurriedly parted his lips.

“I like it! I have a lot of interest in art, but I have never seen a painting with such a strong impression.”

“I’ll give it to you as a present when you go.”

“Yes, yes?”

The other person’s words spit out with a smile.

His tone was so serious that I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious.

“I can’t get it. I don’t know who the artist is, but this expensive work… .”

It was undoubtedly the work of a master.

Perhaps the unknown and experimental colors remain.

“It is not expensive. It’s a picture I drew. I’ll bring it to you when you die.”


Cain smiled softly.

“Sergeant Dior. I was waiting. You came with a letter from the main office. There is a drawing room inside. Follow me.”

Sergeant Dior couldn’t contain his bewilderment as he looked at Cain’s back as he turned and walked.

Is it a picture you drew yourself?

How else do you know my name?

* * *

“Then I will see you at the main office of the National Police Agency on that date.”

in front of the entrance to the house.

Dior’s eyes lit up and he shook hands with Cain.

A well-packaged painting was caught between his armpits.


After the return of Sergeant Dior.

Estelle, who was standing behind Cain, said.


“What do you mean?”

“You, who used to be pursued by the police, are now respected.”

She narrowed the distance and trimmed Cain’s suit.

It wasn’t particularly disturbing, but it was her habitual behavior.

“A commendation given by the main office is an achievement that any police officer dreams of.”

“Well. Not all cops are like that. Because there are so many people who have given up on their dreams and have rotted away in their place.”

Cain shed a sneer.

Estelle took a step back from Cain, distanced herself from him, and inspected his outfit.

Then he came back one more step and put his clothes in order.

“… Why do you keep touching your clothes? It wasn’t particularly distracting.”

“It’s already perfect, but I want to make it even more perfect. It’s because I have to go inside the wall and come out in front of people more often. Oh, okay!”

She had a satisfied face with a proud voice.

And I connected the conversation that had been interrupted for a while.

“But, since the special task force is going to be reorganized in a big way, won’t anything change? Lieutenant Xavir is said to be given a few ranks and a position appropriate to it.”

Cain nodded.

“It can be expected to some extent.”

Zervia’s execution power was overflowing.

If given the proper authority, it would push out corruption and corruption like a bulldozer and create a wind of change.

‘Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau. Through this work, he will at least rise to that level.’

“Then I will be in the gym. Call me if you need it.”

Estelle disappeared behind the mansion.


Soon there was the sound of something long and blunt breaking the wind.

it was a stick

A 5-stage folding rod made of mithril by melting the original mace in the forge in Area 62.

“I think there will be many places where weapons are prohibited when guarding you in the future. It would be nice to have a weapon that can be hidden and carried in as much as possible.”

It wasn’t like he was avoiding the blade.

Because she had already overcome her fear of murder by shooting and killing Utahs.

The previously used mace cannot be used as it can be identified as a wanted person of the church.

The next familiar weapon is the stick.

It was a weapon chosen for practical reasons, that it could be stored in a reduced volume as much as possible.


Her fighting power was growing at a frightening rate.

I spent all my time in the gym.

Except when we go out of the mansion on Cain’s schedule.

He swung the rod, swung it and swung it again, like someone possessed by something.

Cain knew why.

‘The biggest reason is to fill the void after realizing the truth of the denomination.’

next reason.

It may be because of the desire to protect those who believe and follow.

“I will become stronger. So that I won’t hurt you again.”

It was a very odd word.

Cain, who was looking in the direction where Estelle had disappeared, turned and disappeared into the mansion.

But Cain didn’t know.

The desire for strength she currently has is that the second reason is incomparably greater than the first.

* * *

Police Headquarters.

hoisting poles waving flags.

The head of the department cast his gaze far away from the top of the four columns.

Police from all agencies, including the Security Bureau, the Intelligence Bureau, and the Secretariat, were lined up in a large square.

Behind the barricades surrounding them, citizens who had received permission to enter were gathered.

Flashing camera shutters will belong to journalists.

“Come up.”

With the words of the chief, a pair of men and women came up to the top of the four columns.

blue and black hair.

It was Zerbia and Cain.

‘Did all the police officers who can gather now gather? There will be hundreds.’

Zervia was a little nervous.

There was nervousness and trembling, anticipation and excitement.

I had no choice but to do so.

It was a moment that brought me one step closer to my goal of getting to the highest point in the police force and eradicating crime.

Moreover, the award ceremony must be broadcast live on the huge electronic board outside the main office.

She had been famous before, but it was the first time for her to show her face in front of so many people.

On the other hand, Cain’s face was calm.

It just looked like everything was going as planned.

Cain and the chief’s eyes met.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Both have dry eyes.

In the meantime, it felt like an unspoken conversation was going on.

The Commissioner double-checked the microphone to make sure his voice was heard, and handed Cain a letter of thanks.

“Johan Kirif. I present this letter of appreciation in recognition of the outstanding contribution to the implementation of Operation ‘Club Cassargo’.”

Cain took a step forward and received a letter of appreciation.

And he grabbed hold of the outstretched hand.

Clap clap clap clap-!!!

At the same time, thunderous applause erupted from behind.

A moment of clashing shoulders with a light hug for encouragement.

“Thank you for your convenience.”

“Do whatever you want. I am about to withdraw from the police organization.”

Their conversation was covered in applause and no one else could hear them.

After the hug, the two took a step back as if nothing had happened and returned to their place.

The director’s gaze then turned to Zervia.

Likewise, dry eyes.

I didn’t feel any affection towards my daughter or the sense of pride for my subordinates.

“Jabir Kalta. This commendation is given to us for setting an example for others by eradicating vicious crimes and contributing to the policing of the district by conducting the ‘Club Cassargo’ operation.”

Zervia took a step closer and received a citation.

We shook hands and shared a light hug.

“Good job.”

The chief’s official voice rang in his ear.


to be recognized by his father,

Even though I have longed to be praised,

It’s not as happy as you think.

“thank you.”

She took a step back and looked at Cain with a squint.

“… … .”

There was another person who wanted to hear that she did a really good job.

Thought deep in her subconscious mind, although she is not aware of it yet.

“And I have one more thing to say to all the citizens gathered here.”

The commotion of the crowd ceased as the chief of staff stepped forward.

“As you know, something unpleasant happened within our police force. The fact that there were people who were committing corruption by colluding with crime.”

In fact, it could be said to be the core of today’s meeting.

The official position of the Police Department.

Reporters, citizens, and even the lower-middle-class police who are unaware of the decisions of their superiors.

It was a topic that everyone was curious about and engaged in a lot of speculation and debate.

“A scrutiny is currently underway within the police force, and anyone found to have anything to do with the crime will be sentenced to imprisonment under Imperial law and sent to Kentrak Penitentiary.”

Everyone held their breath and listened to the chief’s words.

“And as a follow-up, we will reorganize the police organization. We will eradicate corruption and corruption hidden within, and renew it as a reliable people’s sword.”

Cain chuckled.

Things seemed pretty interesting.

If it is the hidden corruption and corruption, are you referring to yourself?

Also, from the mouth of the Blue Serpent Boss, there is a saying that punishes crimes.

“And at the forefront of the renewal, there will be young talented people who have made countless achievements and set an example for others.”

The chief turned to Zervia and said in a modest voice.

“Lieutenant Xavir. As of this time, the position of the commander of the 0th Division of the Special Task Force will be lifted.”

People were startled and started to shout.

The moment the chief’s next words came out, the murmur grew once more.

But this time, it was not a surprise, but a meaning of shock and surprise.

“Three-level special promotion gives the rank of superintendent, and as of the present time, he is appointed as the director of the Public Security Bureau.”

Because the chief’s remarks were such a radical remark.

Zervia was perplexed.

Cain was also a little surprised.

‘I expected it to be a second-class special promotion and a deputy director of the Public Security Bureau. Surprising.’

On the contrary, there was nothing to be afraid of because the plan was moving forward.

You have to think a little about what the variables that created the unexpected situation are.

There was a huge applause that was incomparable to the previous two times.

The names of Javir and Johan were constantly being chanted, so the citizens did not notice.

among the crowd.

A man in a thick coat broke through the police and barricades and ran in front of the four columns.

Cain’s eyes lit up.

Judging from the way he evaded the police and the speed he was approaching, he was a high-level mana user.

The man quickly climbed to the top of the four columns.

The emotions of hatred and anger were deeply revealed in the gaze staring straight at Zervia.

The police officers in charge of the security were coming up to the four columns after them.

“Don’t even think about moving!”

A man’s shrill voice resounded through the crowds.

He then unfolded his coat wide open.

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