A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 16

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 16

016 episode. piece (2)

The main gate of Kendrock Prison.

The prisoner escort vehicle stopped.


The door next to the driver’s seat opened, and the occupant stepped on the ground.


The guards who were waiting saluted.

“It’s done. Get off.”

Blue hair that reaches to the waist.

A long sword on a belt.

Beautiful looking mid-twenties.

Following her hand gestures, the guards straightened their posture.

The guard in front approached me and said,

“Congratulations on your appointment. Lieutenant Xavir.”

“The order was made two months ago, and I am sorry for being late. I’m late because I have support work elsewhere.”

“no. We are honored to be working with the Inspector.”

All the other guards had the same face.

It wasn’t just because she was the daughter of the Chief of the Imperial Police.

‘I started at the end and I’ve been coming up with my own skills, but the atmosphere is really different.’

She disappeared into the front door with the senior guard, and the remaining guards chatted with lingering faces.

“You originally belonged to the Public Security Bureau, right? How did you cut down criminals with that intelligent appearance?”

“You deal with mana. He said that he was also ordained a knight, so he must be sure of his skills.”

“You’ve been talked about as the next chief of public security, so you haven’t said everything.”

“But why did such a person apply for assignment in such a remote area?”

“I know we’re just good After all, Warden Gehrig’s death and the atmosphere is chaotic, but I’m sure the prisoners will be disciplined.”

The guards nodded and approached the back of the vehicle.

To move the new inmates.

* * *

“It was hard to come. Zervia. It feels like I saw you yesterday when I was young, but it’s a new feeling that I’m already growing up like this. How are you, Chief?”


That was her real name.

Most of the activities in the security bureau are work in rough fields.

He changed his name to masculine so as not to look down on him.

It was a fact that not many people knew.

“Yes. You are doing well.”

She glanced around and answered.

Papers that seem to have been touched for a long time and a chessboard on the table.

I knew the warden wasn’t very enthusiastic about his work.

“Don’t interfere with what the warden is doing. I mean, you sent that friend to a place that inspections couldn’t reach to take care of old age.”

It was my father’s words.

The scope of ‘don’t interfere’ includes corruption or corruption that the warden may be committing.

It’s something you can figure out without thinking too deeply. There are very few police organizations that are not corrupt.

There are even rumors that there is a department openly colluding with a criminal organization.

‘I don’t like it, but I can’t help it. First of all, my father… .’

Let’s be patient.

Because once I get to the position of chief, everything will change.

She thought so.

And I remembered the main purpose of applying here.

“I heard that a prisoner named Cain is here.”

“Ah, that friend. Came in about two months ago. I may have met you on the spot.”

“Yes. you’re right. He is a person I have been following for a long time.”

“It’s a close relationship, but yes.”

“… … .”

If it was a relationship, it was a relationship.

A feud that lasts like a never-ending string.

‘Cain River.’

The guy was cautious.

Some traps escaped without being caught in the waves, and on the contrary, they dug a trap and ridiculed the public authorities.

“… When you chase him, it feels like you’re wandering through a maze hanging on a puppet’s rope. It feels like all of my actions are under control and I am headed to a dead end according to the design. there is such a thing I know it’s wrong in my head, but I have no choice but to move like that.”

Those were the words of the investigators in charge.

She also agreed with it.

It was different from criminals who were difficult to catch simply because of their personal force.

‘… And I’ve been caught in reverse.’

She fiddled with the long sword on the nape of her neck.

It was the spot where Cain’s dagger stopped digging.

“Your eyes are a little different. Do you mean anything?”

Then he said as if he was chewing on it.

I’m not afraid of death, so cut my throat.

It’s just that we can’t get rid of criminals like you and create a world where citizens can live in peace.

“… I lost interest.”

The guy who had been quietly listening to the story disappeared without leaving a single word.

Making a loud noise at the scene, making it possible to be rescued by the surrounding officers.

“… … .”

The boy’s behavior was still not understood.

Was it a simple sympathy?

Or was it that he wasn’t even worth killing himself?

It was confusing, and it was embarrassing.

After a few days and nights in panic, I decided.

As much as I can hold him with my own hands.

Only then would he be able to restore his honor.

‘I’m just a notorious criminal after all. It doesn’t change the fact that it corrodes the world.’

Of course, he couldn’t even step on his shadow after that.

The emotion turned into an obsession.

Then came the news that he had been arrested.

‘I should have caught you.’

grinded this

At the time, the scene was different, so I couldn’t check Cain’s appearance myself, and after hearing that he was transferred to the prison, I immediately applied for the appointment.

Although the appointment was delayed.

“I heard that all the tendons were cut when they were caught. Maybe it was because of it that other prisoners in this place… .”

It was a disappointment if he was dead or in a state equivalent to that.

“haha. what do you mean hit Rather, he is serving as the head of the class by defeating all the other prisoners. The tendon is a bit long to explain, but thanks to the miracle the Goddess gave me, I was able to use it fully.”


Zervia’s blue eyes widened.

“You must be cutting a piece in your studio by now. He’s very good at it.”

* * *

The work of the statue of the goddess has almost entered the final stage.

“… It will be over sooner than I thought.”

“If I have time, I would make something for you too. I’m sorry.”

In a word, it was thanks to the guarantee of freedom from waking up to the night roll call.

Even if the director is ignorant of art, he will have enough insight to recognize unusual works.

There was a period of enjoying culture as an upper-class person.

I stopped working for a while, sat down on a chair and tilted the car.

‘It’s peaceful.’

After entering the prison, I had been running all the time, so I felt a little rested.

It was only that Estelle coveted chocolate to be used as a catalyst, to say the least during the work.

“What do you mean by this? You know, it’s a very expensive brand. But who am I struggling with these days? I’m humiliated and I buy and eat with my own money!”

Long interview with the director.

Gerek’s transportation style.

Prisoners who are desperate for a miracle.

Kiftel showing symptoms of insanity.

Other than that, there were a few other things that helped me.

It was anger for a good reason.

Later, he brought the whole box of chocolates to ease his anger a little.

“Did you know that my head is in a mess these days because of you? Promise me one thing. Later, when things are all settled, I will tell you what you really are.”

He replied that he would just consider it.

‘By the way, I said today. The arrival of Zerbia.’

The police chief’s daughter.

Later, the main character’s party, to be exact, the person who follows Cain.

Later, it plays a specific role in revealing the darkness within the worldview.

‘Besides that, it’s worth using, so it’d be better to let it chase you than to completely remove it. After all, the behavior patterns are all in my hands.’

The front door was noisy earlier, so an interview with the warden must be in progress by now.

No, I don’t like long conversations, so it may have already ended.

Next, if she’s going… .

─This is Javir, who came in today. I have something to talk about with the prisoner inside.

─Ah, that, Chief Warden! Okay. Come in.

It was noisy outside.

The door opened, and she appeared.

Tension, excitement, and other emotions permeated her eyes.

I said in a cool voice.

“… Long time no see. Lieutenant Xavir. Since my status has changed, I have to write a respectful note.”

* * *

feel like vomiting.

I feel like the sword on the back of my neck is burning like a brand.

There was another question I wanted to ask the most.

“Why didn’t you kill me then?”

But what came out of his mouth was something else.

“Why were you caught?”

“It sounds like a complaint that I was caught. Inspector.”

At first, I thought absurdly that it might be the same person.

But that face, expression, voice.

Cain River is right.

“Cain. i know you well more than anyone else in the world. He was never going to be caught like this in vain.”


Soaring blue sword.

Zervia pointed the tip of her sword at Cain.

“Say it. What are you up to? Did you come into this prison for a purpose?”

The first condition for ordaining a knight is whether you can cut iron with a sword.

shimmering sword.

If it’s just a little longer, you’ll be decapitated and your blood will be pouring out.

But Cain’s attitude was only calm.

“To hear that you were caught on purpose, you can tell not only your skills but also a lot of jokes. There is no such thing as purpose. I swear to God.”

The last seven letters deliberately pronounced with force.

At that moment, Zervia wiggled her eyebrows.

“I have repented of the past and have become a devout believer now.”

the warden’s words.

The most incredible part.

Even tendon restoration can be understood.

In fact, the bishops of the capital also exercise divine powers.

But no one else, Cain, that Cain River believes in God.

‘It’s nonsense. They have a purpose, so they pretend to believe.’

“If you keep talking nonsense, I will decapitate you.”

“Then I will be able to go to the Goddess sooner.”

eyes meet

“… … .”

The eyes of a beast as if piercing through the viewer.

The guy hasn’t changed either.

The nature of a wolf is not hidden by wearing sheep’s clothing.

“What are you doing here? Get out of the spot.”

He may have been working on other craftsmanship with the pretext of carving.

With the support of the warden on his back.


Cain retreated, revealing the object behind him.

“… … !”

Zervia was in a moment of shock.

Arms outstretched as if embracing the world.

A warm and benevolent smile.

A dynamic feeling that seems to come alive at any moment.

If a goddess appeared in the world, what would it look like?

‘The words… no.’

A wide variety of education received from a young age.

She is well versed in art.

You can tell the subtle difference between a masterpiece and a masterpiece.

To be sure, I have never seen a work better than this out of all the sculptures I have ever seen.

‘How could a criminal do such a beautiful work… .’

The fact that you felt admiration soon turns to shame.

I can not admit it.

I want to destroy it right now, but it’s so beautiful that I can’t.

“I didn’t have enough skills to capture the wonders of the Goddess.”

“… … .”

The burning emotions subsided, and my head was dizzy.

First, I needed time to clear my mind.

‘… once you unpack. I have to take over the business.’

I excused myself for that.

Shreung, cringe.

“Let’s go back today. I don’t know how it’s been so far, but it’d be better not to think about doing silly things in the future. Because I’m watching you.”

Zervia left and the door closed.

“… … .”

Cain stared at the place for a moment and then started working again.

without any facial expression change.

* * *

That evening, I went to the psychiatric ward with Estelle.

“Hey, hee hee, hee, priest! I saw a bird the size of a house in the vacant lot yesterday!”

Her job is to check the condition of patients once a day.

I accompany you as an assistant.

“Are there any cases where the condition of the patients improves?”

“There are hardly any. Medication is not supported, and the guards are left in the hospital room except for once a day walks.”

A total of 10 private wards.

Even then, the patients died quickly, leaving many empty rooms.

“Would you mind freeing me up for a moment?”

“I see. I’ll wait outside the door.”

Kick- Tak.

The door closed, and I called out the name of the guy who was sitting blankly on the bed.


His head groaned and turned towards me. Eyes are completely out of focus.

The guy’s body was excellent.

Even after being struck by lightning magic, he was still intact.

But the mind didn’t.

“Do you recognize me?”

“… … !”

Her eyes, which slowly widened, quickly turned to fear.

The boy covered himself with a blanket and crouched down and began to tremble.

“Hey, hey! Well, I was wrong. Well, well, wrong! lily! My, I stole, after the bread. Sin, sorry!”

The memories seemed to be mixed up.

memories of me.

and childhood trauma.

The orphan was caught stealing and flogged.

It was abandoned in the back alley like a corpse, but it survived and grew with its unique vitality.

“I will forgive you for your sins.”

I put my hand on the boy’s head.

His frizzy head trembled.

“I, I, are you really? Is that true? lily?”


“Do you mean that I, I, killed that bastard?”

“I will forgive you.”

“Forgive me for raping that bitch, for that and for that—”

“I will forgive all your sins. He also killed a family in District 89. They stole the money and valuables of passersby and shoved it with a bridge. Selling the children of District 97 into slavery.”

“I, Na-ri, uh, how, how can all of that-”

“Believe in God. Then all can be forgiven.”


A halo of pure white light spreads throughout the room from the hands placed on his head.

The color of brilliance that appears only when divine magic is manifested.


An expression full of emotion and tears flowing down the corners of his eyes.

He knelt in front of me and clasped his hands together.

“Ah- forgive me, me, me-.”

No, you are not forgiven.

No matter how much you believe in God, the fact that you have sinned does not change.

There is only the atonement that is appropriate for that, and the work that must be done is given.

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