A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 160

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 160

160. Imperial Palace (1)

Rebel forces, resistance.

Their goal is the abolition of poverty.

Breaking down walls to redistribute wealth.

When he was active in the organization, Cain had been secretly supporting the Resistance.

‘I thought there was a part where the final goal coincided.’


In the past, when I was active in the organization,

It was an item that had been developed by a subordinate who was a bomb expert.

After that, it was supplied to the Resistance through mass production.

They also released supplies on the black market with specific intentions, and they were often used in areas other than the 30th division where walls exist.

Knowing the structure, dismantling was not that difficult.

“Your workmanship is pretty good. It was impressive.”

“no. May I ask what your plan was?”

“It’s nothing. I was going to throw a bomb over there.”

The chief pointed his finger at the sky. Then Cain nodded as if in agreement.

“What a great way to do it.”

Zervia looked at the chief and Cain with a slightly bewildered gaze.

Humans like machines without emotion.

While the situation was occurring, I felt embarrassed for being so nervous.

She shook her head once and turned her gaze to the terrorist who had fallen to the floor.

My body trembled incessantly.

He bleed so much that he would die of shock if left alone.

‘It’s a crime.’


“Please stop the bleeding and call a doctor and a priest for treatment. We have to interrogate who the cheaters are.”

Those who really should pay the price for their sins are those who hide behind the mask of the police and corrode the world.

* * *

The terrorism that occurred during the award ceremony was over.

As fast-paced reporters spread the news, the names of ‘Jabir’ and ‘John’ once again came to the center of the topic.

And the chief’s office late that afternoon.

“It wasn’t a bad response.”

The chief was sitting at his desk with his back to the sun.

Looking at her work, she said to Zervia, who was standing in front of her.

“Even if you meet the requirements, there is no guarantee that the other person will keep their promise. You might have been asking for a bigger one, so that’s good. I think it was the best decision you could make.”

“… thank you.”

Zervia nodded her head.

Cheong-chan’s praise.

But I don’t feel very happy either. What is the reason?

“Now that you have given me the authority, as soon as I am ready, I will begin the reorganization of the Security Bureau.”

“If you need anything, let me know. It is time to drain the stagnant water.”

“thank you.”

Zervia nodded once more and turned to face the door.

Then the chief’s voice stopped her.

“Wait, take this and go.”

Zervia turned around.

The headmaster pulled out an envelope and held it out. approached and received

“This… ?”

The royal seal was engraved on the luxurious envelope.

“Your Majesty asked me to deliver it myself. They seem to be paying attention to you.”

I knew intuitively what the contents were.

A ball that only young talents in the eyes of the emperor can participate.

A place of success where you can enter the imperial family, deepen your social ties, and expand your personal connections.

“I believe you will.”

“… … .”

It was a moment of conflict, but in fact, the answer was decided.

entry into the imperial court.

It would be of great help to the goal of changing the police organization by becoming the head of the future.

Also, an invitation is a kind of command.

Who in the Empire dares to disobey the Emperor’s orders?

She moved her lips.

“of course.”

* * *

The news that Zerbia had received the invitation quickly spread through social circles.

“Actually, it’s strange that you only got it now.”

“You’re one of the two most famous people in the capital right now, aren’t you?”

Perhaps the rumor had somehow leaked out of the imperial family.

“Existing participants who were eliminated due to the Cassargo incident. Who will fill the void?”

The rapid spread of the news was also due to the fact that people were already having a heated discussion on the above topic.

Thanks to this, Zerbia had to suffer every time she attended.

“This is Petri from Low Management. It is an honor to have signed an agreement with the National Police Agency in this way. But if you haven’t decided on a partner to go to the prom yet… .”

“Lieutenant Xavir, no, Inspector General. If you come to the prom with me… .”

recurring churn.

Instead of answering, she quietly drew her sword and looked.

‘This has never happened before.’

In fact, there were many men who had been paying attention to Zervia before.

I just couldn’t approach her easily because of her fierce and cold image.

However, the opportunity to ‘attend the ball’ came and came to her despite fear.

As such, the ‘prom’ was a place where people could broaden their personal connections and get great help in their future careers.

Time has passed.

Now 3 days until the prom.

As she hadn’t decided on a partner yet, she was slowly getting impatient.

‘The entry itself is possible only if you have a partner.’

A partner was a must.

Even if I attend a ball and dance with other people.

“Chief. This is a document from the Security Team 1.”

“All right. We will notify you after processing.”

It was true that there was not enough time to take over the duties of the chief of public security.

However, it was an excuse to say that I couldn’t select a partner because of that.


“And these are the letters that arrived in front of the director at the Security Bureau.”

“… All right.”

Countless partner requests.

I felt like I knew the content even if I didn’t read it.


“There are more.”

“… … .”


“More here.”

“No, wait.”

No matter where she was, letters came from young men in politics and business.

tap. tap.

In the middle of the night after work.

She opened the letters, read them, and threw them one by one into the fireplace.

‘It’s just people who are only shiny on the outside.’

Among the letters, there were people who had seen their faces in other places, but no one liked them.

property or political influence.

Beyond that, it meant that there was no one attracted to human-to-human.

‘It would be better if I could go alone.’

I don’t care what people look at, so I would have done it if possible.

I feel like a child looking forward to the coming school year without completing all my assignments.

Her hand as she was flipping through the envelope stopped. Because there was one person that came to mind.

It’s humanly appealing.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

She immediately denied my idea.

However, once a thought had blossomed, it took root deeply in my mind and did not intend to disappear.

At least, isn’t it much better than these empty shells full of pretentiousness?

Is there any guarantee that he will accept the offer before then?

After a long struggle and self-rationalization, she came to a conclusion.

I have a place to go to tomorrow.

And I thought.

This is nothing more than using the opponent as a kind of tool to attend the prom.

* * *

“Do that.”

He didn’t expect Cain’s answer to come back so soon, so a slight embarrassment spread across Zervia’s chest.

“Are you sure you heard my explanation?”

“two days later. A ball held at the Imperial Palace. Aren’t you asking me to attend as a partner there?”

“… Yes.”

The exact reason Cain was active inside the wall was not known.

First of all, since he is active in the business and social circles, he may have decided that it would be helpful for him as well.

‘Once I got the consent, I can put my mind at ease. By the way… .’

Zervia’s gaze turned to Cain’s back.

A black-blonde woman was looking at me with her arms crossed.

“… … .”

Exactly, I was staring.

Unlike the slightly raised corners of his lips, his eyes were not smiling at all.

‘Estelle Priest.’

His appearance was different from before, but he could see it.

There was a unique ‘feel’ that only that person had.

‘Why are you staring at me? Is the sediment in the ossuary still not resolved?’

He also didn’t know why Estelle Priest went with Cain.

It was clear that she was now showing hostility to her.

Because he had been through numerous battlefields, he could detect the enemy’s hostility and lively with sensitivity.

‘It is different from the hostility I felt on the battlefield. Ho Seung-shim? No, this is… .’

I thought about it, but I couldn’t figure it out.

Then Estelle opened her mouth.

“Do you know how to dance?”

With a shaky look, he answered for once.

“When I was a cadet at the Knights School, I practiced sword dancing.”

“You have to practice.”

After that, Estelle did not speak.

Leaning against the wall in a crooked posture, he just stared at Zervia.

“The date and time have been confirmed. Then, let’s see it in front of the main palace of the Imperial Palace.”

Zervia, who became the target without knowing the English language, broke into a cold sweat.

Along with numerous question marks, he nodded at Cain’s words.

* * *

Late autumn with falling leaves.

The trees of the Imperial Palace still boasted colorful leaves.

It was because the color of the season was maintained by the magic of the professional gardeners.

“A magical autumn.”

It was a term used by the royal family to describe the autumn scenery of the imperial palace.


Under the arch made of droopy branches and leaves.

A luxury vehicle bearing the seals of various families entered.

All vehicles stopped in a parking space located in front of the main palace.

Those who got off were paired up in pairs, men and women, and climbed the long stairs leading to the main palace entrance.

“Frisia-sama, you have become more beautiful while I haven’t seen you.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Belling Shelford, the second son of the Shelford family.”

As they climbed the stairs, people’s emotions rose.

For the first participants, excitement, anticipation, and trembling.

Those who have participated in the event are proud to have been invited this time as well.

The sky was dyed with a scarlet sunset with their shimmering emotions.

The tailcoat and dress shimmered like grains of sand.

“Wait. there… .”

The eyes of those who climbed the stairs all turned to one place.

in front of the entrance.

A man with his hair neatly tucked back was looking down the stairs.

“I know who you are. This is Johann Kirif.”

“It looks like you were invited. Your Majesty must have been wondering too. But did you see who he was waiting for?”

People admired the man’s appearance and repeatedly passed by him and entered the main palace.

“… … .”

how long has it been

Cain lifted his wrist to check the time.

6:50 p.m.

There was 10 minutes of free time until the start of the ball, but everyone had already finished entering.

As much as he wanted to catch the eyes of the emperor, no one would have arrived on time.

Then a vehicle arrived.

The door hurriedly opened, and a woman appeared.

It was Zerbia.

Her blue hair, which had previously fallen to her waist, was pulled up tight.

The sapphire-colored dress that matched her hair and color seemed to capture the night sky and the Milky Way together.

And earrings that I don’t normally wear.

She herself has no talent for decorating, so it’s probably the work of secretaries.

“It’s late—.”

She screamed and ran up the stairs.

He looked uncomfortable because he wore high-heeled shoes.


Eventually, I stumbled in the middle of the stairs.

When she reflexively turned to prevent her from falling.


Working behind her back, the wind acted as a cushion, gently correcting her posture.

“… … .”

a familiar feeling.

familiar scene.

strange stability.

Zervia stopped on the spot without realizing it and looked up.

Cain was coming down.

I stopped two steps high.

“Sorry for being late—”

“The stairs are steep, so you better be careful.”

Contrary to expectations, there were no reprimands.

Instead, I saw a hand reaching out to grab me and climb up.

“… … .”

Zervia’s blue eyes stared intently at Cain’s hand.

I was a little dazed.

He looked at Cain’s face, then looked at his hands again.

Then he carefully grabbed it.

The two men went up the stairs and disappeared into the main palace.

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