A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 165

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 165

165. conspiracy (3)

Prince Asimov’s white eyes turned to Cain.

Then I looked at the escort.

It’s as if you’re looking for an answer to who this person is.

“He… .”

“It is an honor to meet you. My name is Johann Kirif, who will be monitoring the prince’s condition.”

Cain got up and introduced himself before the escort who was about to speak.

“Oh, you… .”

Asimov’s eyes widened.

Even though he knew the identity of the opponent, he had not yet erased his vigilance.


That was the impression of the 4th Prince Asimov.

“I heard about it. He is a famous person who developed a treatment for petrification.”

“Yes. you’re right.”

“… But I think it will be difficult to cure my disease. A lot of doctors have been there, but I can’t even get a clue of treatment.”

Even the petrification treatment alone was a miracle-like achievement.

Despite his hopes, Asimov immediately showed a negative attitude.

‘You’re pessimistic.’

His pessimism was also understood.

It must have been a more closed time than Julia.

I’ve never been outside the Imperial Palace, and because of sleeplessness, my life inside in the last few years wasn’t going to be very satisfactory.

“I think it is still too early to give up hope.”

“… I don’t know.”

“Is it okay if I see the doctor for now?”

Asimov nodded.

Cain grabbed his arm and looked at him closely.

“Insomnia doesn’t show any symptoms on the outside. “Even Hudson, who keeps an eye on his condition every time, could not find any clues.”

“… … .”

In fact, it was not necessary to examine Asimov’s condition in order to develop a treatment for insomnia.

The recipe was already known.

What I’m doing now is just a play.

A play to find a prophet by steadily entering the imperial family.

And I thought the other party was also doing a play.

‘The 4th Prince is the most influential person as a prophet.’

Prophets are also real-world figures.

I know to some extent the process of the work.

And Johann Kirif is a character who does not appear in the original work.

Even if we assume that the flow of the story is distorted by the death of the main character, Laxen, the ripples caused by the character Johann Kirif are beyond what we can imagine.

‘But I don’t see any reaction. At least not yet.’

Cain touched Asimov’s pulse and looked at his expression.

When a person in the ‘real world’ met ‘Johan Kirif’, there was no reaction that would appear.

I’m just looking at this with cautious eyes.

But it didn’t matter.

You’ll have to use a different method.

“I heard that you have never been outside the Imperial Palace due to insomnia. You must be very bored.”

“… Yes. I don’t know if His Majesty would allow it even if he was in good shape.”

Cain’s heart beat faster.

It was because his white eyes were telling him that Asimov’s words were a lie.

‘The 4th Prince has gone out of the Imperial Palace.’

If he were a prophet, it would have been the day he visited Professor Ellen and instigated Laxen’s death.

But it can’t be decided yet.

There is a good chance that he went out of the Imperial Palace for other unexpected reasons.

Cain immediately grabbed Asimov’s neck and suppressed the urge to stop breathing.

‘Not yet. We have to go through a few more checks.’

Slowly ask the following questions:

And when Prince Asimov turns out to be a prophet, it’s not too late to rip off his head at that moment.

Cain said to the escort in the back.

“Could you please call me Hudson? I have something to tell you about the condition.”

The fact that he is protecting the 4 princes alone.

And the atmosphere that comes out.

He must be an extraordinary talent.

It is not impossible to suppress them if they use force, but it was right to put unnecessary variables away as much as possible.

“… … .”

The escort looked at my master.

It meant that I could be away for a while.

“Oh, Schellingford. It’s okay to go.”

After getting permission, he nodded and left the room.

Kick- Tak.

The sound of footsteps passed through the door.

Mana refinement in the circuit has already reached stage 5.

Even if he writes a few numbers here, the prince’s existence will be erased from this world.

Cain raised the nerves of his body and asked the next question.

“Prince. Do you know the name of Laxen?”

Asimov’s eyes lit up with astonishment.

“Hey, how did you get that name… !”

It was a moment.

The mana that spurted out of Cain’s body was reconciled with the wind and imprisoned Asimov’s body.

“Wow, huh, huh.”

A painful moan escaped Asimov’s mouth, strangled by the wind.

He was quick to judge the situation, and his speed of action was no less than that.

A friend who has been with you for a long time.

However, the author who tried to steal the novel.

How happy he was to find out that he had also entered this world.

And how long have you longed for this moment of revenge?

Cain’s lips twisted.

In the meantime, the name of the Prophet’s real world emptied out.

“A long time. Baek Jin-woo.”

Cain lowered the strength of the wind that choked Asimov’s neck.

“Bae, Baekjin, that, that, who, huh—”

Cain’s eyes fluttered.

Prince Asimov did not know the name Baek Jin-woo.

“I left the Imperial Palace and instigated Professor Ellen to kill Laxen. Am I right?”

“No, that’s right. That’s why he’s doing this now—”

But it is true that he is a ‘prophet’.

How did it happen?

Cain’s accident quickly turned around.

‘The Prophet knew of Professor Ellen’s relationship with Bama. It is information that cannot be known unless it is a person in the real world.’

It must have been because he thought that killing Laxen would also get in the way of his path.

Two hypotheses were derived.

first hypothesis.

The possibility that Asimov is a ‘prophet’ but not a real-world figure.

‘If there is another person that Baek Jin-woo possessed, and he acted according to his instructions.’

Cain asked in a sharp voice.

“From now on, the moment you do not answer the question straight away, you die. Why did you instigate Laxen’s death?”

Asimov groped his neck to catch his breath, but he couldn’t help the shapeless wind.

“Mom, I don’t know! Whoops, me, me too, why did I do that to me, whoops!”

A few more questions followed, and a surprising conclusion was reached.

Asimov didn’t move under anyone’s orders.

He acted of his own will, but he did not understand why he had acted that way.

As if some of the memories of that time were cut off.

‘If someone gave instructions to Asimov and then erased his memory.’

He immediately shook his head.

There is no magic or device that erases someone’s memory in this world.

Of course, the possibility cannot be denied.

But the probability is extremely low.

“Well, you were wrong! Please, whoops!”

Cain ignored Asimov’s plea and continued the accident.

second hypothesis.

If the memory is not ‘erased’, but sinks deep into the unconscious.

If Baek Jin-woo possessed a person from this world, he would be going through a ‘synchronization’ process like himself.

Or something that has already been ‘goed through’ by reaching 100 percent.

Cain checked his current synchronization rate.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[ Current Synchronization Rate – 99.5% ]

It has been a long time since we reached the critical level beyond 99%.

Still, the ego did not waver.

It was speculated that it was thanks to the characteristics of ‘fortitude’ and ‘memory’ that does not lose memory, which makes it immune to all kinds of mental interference.

But what if there is no such characteristic?

If the original memory is lost as synchronization progresses.

‘And if his synchronization rate reached 100%.’

Cain hypothesized.

When memories of the real world remained, he instigated Laxen’s death.

And as soon as the synchronization rate reached 100%, the ego was eaten and became the character ‘Asimov’ itself.

“All right, do you know something? About a man named Laksen. Oh, let me know. What happened to me?”

The memories of the real world sank deep into the unconscious, and the reason for wishing for Laxen’s death was also forgotten.

Can explain the current situation.

It’s just a hypothesis though.

‘Possibility exists for both hypotheses.’

Then it was clear what action he had to take now.

“Asimov. You make an oath with me from now on.”

As Cain waved his hand, a magic circle began to be drawn in the air.

You can’t kill Asimov right now.

It may not be a target for revenge, and if you kill him, it may become difficult to enter the Imperial Palace in the future.

“The moment the pact is signed, you obey everything I say and know that you can die at my hands at any time.”

Lowered the strength of the wind by one level.

I can raise my voice comfortably, but not loud enough.

“What are you, me? To be a slave with no complaints at any time. My, I can’t accept such a ridiculous contract.”

Two pairs of footsteps were heard from outside.

Hudson and Schellingford.

Things weren’t very comfortable.

“I cannot tell you about forgotten memories. I can’t even confirm the date I’m going to kill you. It could be tomorrow, or it could be years from now. Maybe he won’t kill him for the rest of his life.”

Asimov was confused.

I had no idea what the man in front of me was talking about.

‘Are you an assassin sent by your brothers? What happened all of a sudden… .’

And the moment you hear the next line.

My heart couldn’t help but sink.

“But until I die, I will do my best to support you so that you can ascend to the throne.”

“What, what?”

“Do you have any ambitions to become an emperor? Along with the urgency to somehow cure the disease.”

Cain’s gaze turned to the pile of books piled up on the table.

Books in various fields, regardless of politics, religion, or history.

Among them, cesarean studies and pharmaceutical books accounted for the largest proportion.

“He must have been the one who tried to poison the third prince. Were you planning to kill them one by one so that the succession would return?”

“… … !”

Asimov said nothing.

However, his constant convulsive face clearly revealed his emotional agitation.

“Take the oath. Otherwise, you will die right here by my hands.”

“Oh, do you think it makes sense? Oh, it’s an all-out pact without explaining the circumstances. With such threats, I… .”

“Didn’t you say I will give you the strength to become an emperor. It also cures insomnia.”

Cain promised Asimov the throne and a cure for two reasons.

The point is that the oath responds to the true desire of the contractor, so the contract cannot be concluded by simple intimidation.

And the fact that increasing Asimov’s power comes back to his own benefit.

‘Create a faction of 4 princes to increase their power.’

Asimov is monitored and the moment he turns out to be ‘Baek Jin-woo’, he can end his life at any time.

In case this is not the case, we continue to investigate other people in the Imperial Palace who may be ‘Baek Jin-woo’.

‘To do that, it is necessary to continuously expand the radius of activity within the Imperial Palace.’

Currently, the only place allowed inside the Imperial Palace is the annex of the 4th Prince Asimov.

And if you become a teacher for the 2nd Princess Julia, even her annex.

But that’s not enough.

For a complete investigation, it was necessary to enter and exit the entire Imperial Palace.

That was the intention to empower the 4th Prince.

As the 4th Prince’s position increases, his influence and range of activities behind it will also increase.

“Are you going to cure insomnia?”

“I don’t need any treatment. The development has already been completed and all we have to do is start production.”

tak- tak-

The sound of footsteps was getting closer.

“Oh, I can’t believe it.”

“You are free to believe or not. Only if you do not accept the oath.”

Cain took a breath and said.

“You die.”

In an instant, a huge amount of life filled the room.

The footsteps were getting closer.

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