A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 167

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 167

167. conspiracy (5)

“What do you think? What if such a world comes to you?”

Shinsegae Project.

A mega project that the imperial family, the church, the National Police Agency, and Matop have been preparing for a long time in cooperation.

Implementation of the plan within a few years.

I don’t know the exact time.

After the huge statue of the goddess collapsed, there must have been a change in the plan.

However, it was clear that the moment the plan was executed, the world would surely be destroyed.

And in the world reconstructed after the destruction, the ark that floated high in the sky would land.

That was the meaning of the emperor’s words.

As a resident of the new world, I am watching you.

Cain continued, pretending not to know.

“It’s like a dream story. If the land itself becomes fertile, as you said, many problems will be solved.”

“That’s right. More than half of the social problems the Empire is currently facing will be solved. What a wonderful new world.”

“It really is.”

To be precise, it meant social problems ‘outside the wall’.

Because the people inside the wall didn’t have to suffer from food.

When Cain showed interest, the emperor smiled contentedly.

“But what if only a few could get to such a world?”

“If you are a minority, how many people do you mean?”

“Suppose there are about 200 people.”

“Are you rebuilding civilization?”

“It’s like that.”

Cain pretended to think for a moment and said.

“I think the number of people composed of experts and technicians in each field is not small. Rather, there may be a seat left.”

Depending on what kind of characters you fill in, the number may be more or less.

The emperor nodded his head.

The current capacity of the ark is 200 people.

However, once the ark is renovated, a capacity of 50 people will be added.

It was intended to fill the position with young talents who would serve as supremacists.

“If you could be included in the personnel heading to the New World, would you?”

It was a pretty straightforward question.

It was proof that the emperor was very fond of Cain.

“… … .”

In an instant, Cain’s thinking accelerated.

His goal is to get revenge and return to the real world.

The remaining target of revenge is ‘Baek Jin-woo.’

and bama.

Since he already has Bama’s leash, it can be said that revenge is over if he finds Baek Jin-woo.

‘Vengeance will end before the Emperor’s plan is executed. with high probability.’

After revenge, return to reality.

But the question remains.

“What will this world be like if I leave?”

I had a long time ago,

It was a question that could not be delayed any longer.

The world can come to a complete standstill.

Like a world in a game that stops functioning as soon as the player leaves.

It may go by without a hitch.

Like a completely separate world, unrelated to the real world.

‘The latter is more likely.’

The existence of another possessor besides himself.

This proves that the world was not created purely around you.

Cain concluded.

“If I leave, this world will perish.”

Unless someone stops the Emperor,

Because the Shinsegae Project will be implemented.

Cain recalled a few days ago when he briefly returned to Area 47.

“Why are you suddenly reading a book?”

“I’d rather do something else than wait for my job to finish.”

“it’s okay. I’ll protect you by my side. In order to travel with you, I also want to improve my culture.”

─ Analysis on the fashion patterns of aristocratic society using sandworm ecological distribution map.

She was reading a paper with a strange title from somewhere.

When I lifted up the thesis with a telekinesis, the book hidden in it appeared.

─ Dangerous master.


“You don’t need to be educated. By force, by force.”

Cain paused when he said that.

The end of revenge was imminent, and when everything was over, he thought that he would no longer have to stay in the aristocratic society.

But it’s over.

When revenge is over, is that really the end?

“I will be your new god. A god who will never betray the priests.”

What I said to Estelle in the past.

All she can do is return to reality, but she is left alone again.

“Cain. Where do you think it is best to plant seeds? I don’t think Area 47 where I’m currently living is not bad either.”

It’s not just Estelle.

In response to Silverfang’s question, planting seeds was temporarily suspended.

If the world is destroyed anyway, the water of life will have no meaning.

“Welcome back. This is the District 47 business report. We’ve put together a summary to save you time.”

There were many other characters.

Milsian. Pieta. Freud and Lenny.

Niles. The crew of Supreme Security.

Cain asked himself a question.

“Do I want to save them?”

There was no intention of getting caught up in returning to reality with clumsy sympathy or consideration.

But I got that feeling.


This was the world he had created.

The people they encountered during the long journey were also characters created by their own fingertips.

Can the Creator leave the world for his own safety?

Watching the world continue to exist would be like ending the story safely.

To that question, Cain had yet to come up with an answer.

“… … .”

The emperor was waiting for an answer.

After a momentary thought, he opened his mouth.

“I think the decision will be different depending on who you are with.”


The emperor nodded as if he understood.


The horse tower one week before the start of the semester.

Professor Ellen said, looking into the eyes of the man standing next to him.

“This is the laboratory that Professor Johan will be using.”

“… … .”

Cain didn’t respond as if he was thinking about something in front of the lab door.

Professor Ellen licked her lips involuntarily.

I was nervous.

Maybe there’s something you don’t like?

There was no calm day with the news I had heard recently.

When I found out that this man was operating in the capital under the name of Johan Kyrif.

When I found out I was going to be assigned to Matop this semester.

And when I found out that I had pointed myself out as a guide to the lab.

How much his heart was pounding down.

‘Did you mean that you will see your face often?’

Professor Ellen looked at Cain in the back of the head with an angry gaze.

An unidentified monster who made a pact with his older brother as bait.

behavior was unpredictable.

The purpose was also unknown.

Except for the fact that he’s just looking for the Prophet, and he seems to have a deep grudge against him.

‘When are you going to meet your brother?’

a swindler like a scammer.

It was a mistake to sign an oath without thinking deeply about the situation at the time.

I said I’d let you meet my brother,

Because I didn’t specify the time period.

Professor Ellen raised her palm behind the back of Cain’s head.

I wanted to hit one.

Even if we just make eye contact, I can’t help but tremble in fear.

Even though I can’t do any harm because of the oath.

Only one human being.

No, only one half-human-half-human.

“Can you say that it is the top floor of the labs used by professors?”

Cain looked back and said.

Professor Ellen was startled and quickly lowered her hand.

“uh? Yes? Right. The 41st floor is the highest floor available for a professor.”

The 42nd, 43rd, and 44th floors, the top of the tower, were used by elders such as Raitino and Aitar.

“I think there will be quite a few people who are dissatisfied with my use of this place.”

The floor of the professor’s laboratory was determined by considering three major factors.

Magical skills and research achievements.

and external fame.

In the case of Cain, it could actually be called a parachute.

Of course, I received a commendation from the police department.

However, it was difficult to see that his magic skills were verified by that alone.

research achievements and external reputation.

The two elements were not yet built as a ‘magic’.

Naturally, there were those who were dissatisfied with Cain’s appointment within the tower.

Professor Ellen was momentarily confused.

‘There are a lot of people who curse there.’

In addition to the parachute greeting, there were also voices of ridicule regarding origin.

“I heard you came from a slum.”

“It’s the first time I’ve taken such a personnel action, so I’m a little embarrassed. No matter how talented you are.”

“We haven’t seen that skill with our own eyes yet. The rumors may have been exaggerated.”

from the slum.

Professor Ellen thought it was most likely true.

The ferocity and violence he felt when fighting and making a pact with this man was something that a person who grew up inside a wall could never have.

She was also offended by the ridicule related to her origin.

early in office.

When your skills have not yet been recognized.

Because rumors spread that the blood of beasts was flowing, he was also looked down on with contempt.

“You can tell the truth. Are you really curious to ask?”

Cain said as if reading Professor Ellen’s thoughts.

She hesitated to answer.

“People who say bad things… There is none.”

“What are their names?”

A voice as cold as ice.

Professor Ellen got goosebumps.

‘No, I didn’t ask because I was just curious.’

it will harm

This man will kick all those who stand in his way.

Like kicking a ball.

Bump Bump.

‘Bump… No, you still can’t sell the names of fellow professors.’

Professor Ellen said after she had made up her mind.

“I’ve only heard rumors… .”

“You know.”

The decision was immediately shaken.

“I don’t know the name… .”

“No, you know.”

“really… .”

“Do you want to die?”

Facing Cain’s gaze, Professor Ellen felt his whole body drenched in cold sweat.


Professor Ellen, who obtained the identity of the informant, disappeared with a sullen face.

“Why was the lab next door empty… .”

muttering in a muffled voice,

His lab located right next to Cain’s lab.

After confirming that she had disappeared, Cain opened the door to his laboratory and entered.

Desk and empty study room.

Windows and blinds located at the back.

The scenery was nothing special.

I quickly scanned the papers on the desk.

The teaching assistant left it, and it was the list of lectures and students to be taken in the upcoming semester.

Cain finished typing in his head and went out into the hallway again.

I got on the elevator and pressed the ’31st floor’ button.


39th floor.

In addition to becoming Julia’s private tutor, the purpose of being appointed as a professor at Matap was one more thing.

37th floor.

revenge complete.

Return to reality, or stay.

‘In either option, the circuit’s mana needs to be steadily increased. You never know what kind of contingency will happen.’

35th floor.

[ Circuit Level : 3 ]

[ Mana 7913 / 8213 ]

The immediate goal is circuit level 4.

Acquisition of additional attribute points.

In addition, like Raitino and Aitar, you will have the minimum manac to operate the ‘Elemental Warden’.

However, the mana of the circuit has now reached 8,000, so it does not increase significantly by killing any number of enemies.

33rd floor.

There were two ways I could think of.

Defeating a person with overwhelming force, such as the Commissioner of the National Police Agency.

Or absorbing the mana of the mana tank through a ‘specific method’ like the emperor.

31st floor.


As Cain took a step forward,

The elevator closed again and went to another floor.

The hallway that appeared in front of me was closed with a huge iron gate.

Hanging lock magic.

Cain’s palm rested on the iron gate.

People’s conversations replayed in my mind.

Imperial Palace Ball.

When the emperor brought two prisoners.

“Isn’t that person Dare Haley? It was Latium’s chief researcher.”

“I heard that they were caught stealing research data, so it seems they were locked up in the imperial dungeon.”

The 31st floor used by the Matop professors and senior researchers at Latium.

Now beyond this iron gate.

There was a clue to steal the emperor’s mana tank.


The high-level locking magic was released within a few seconds by Cain’s hand.

The iron doors opened on both sides, and the scenery beyond the corridor began to be revealed.

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