A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 169

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 169

169. blueprint (2)

“I would like to speak directly with There Haley.”

Lightino’s eyes narrowed.

“Is that friend going to be in jail now?”

“Yes. I know. If we talk, we may be able to uncover information that we did not know.”

Lightino thought for a moment and stroked his chin.

Johann Kirif.

An unidentified young genius he met in an underground arena outside the wall.

A deity who suddenly appeared in the capital as the representative of Hexa Medical.

Investigations are being carried out, but no nutritious information about his past has been obtained.

If it’s certain, it’s just that he has a liking to this side and that he has a desire to raise his status.

“The experts have already completed the interrogation.”

“After investigating Haley, I plan to go in under the guise of an affable person.”

As Latino sighed, Cain continued.

“I know that your Majesty the Emperor has access to the imperial dungeon. I have heard that Raitino is the most trusted of Your Majesty in the Empire.”

deepest trust.

Lightino couldn’t hide the corners of his lips twitching for a moment.

“Huh, hmm. It is, though.”

“If Raitino-sama makes a request to His Majesty, I think it is possible. It’s a request from Raitino, not anyone else.”

I actually thought it would.

The whereabouts of the person named John and the blueprint.

Both are within the Emperor’s interest.

‘It’s possible, though.’

For Raitino, making a ‘request’ to the absolute emperor felt very difficult.

To ask for something presumptuous.

I didn’t want to give the emperor any such impression.

‘okay. It’s okay to reject this. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find the blueprints just by meeting Haley.’

Lightino nodded.

made a decision

I’m sorry, but this request was kind of unacceptable.

“I am considering attending meetings with my close friends as a disciple in a very positive way.”

“I will speak to His Majesty the Emperor immediately.”

“thank you. After all, I thought that Raitino-sama would be considerate. Then let’s go eat.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cain walked away from the elevator.

It was only then that Lightino realized what he had said.

“Come on, wait! Go, let’s go together!”


two days later.

The emperor’s office.

The emperor said to Cain, who was bowing his head in front of him.

“I heard from Raitino. You said you were interested in an incident from three years ago. I’ve talked to the warden, so go downstairs and meet Hailey in person.”

As the Emperor, there was no reason to refuse.

It’s unlikely, but a talented person named Johan might actually find out where the blueprints are.

Anyway, it didn’t matter if Haley talked about the New World Project.

All those who fail to board the ark will die with the destruction of the world.

A story that is unrealistic by the standards of the general public.

Rather than take Haley seriously, John will first question his mental health.

Also, if that happened, it would be an opportunity to see how the character John reacted to the project.

“I will make sure to repay the favor of Your Majesty.”

Cain nodded and left the Emperor’s office.


two days later.

Cain followed the jailer down the stairs to the basement.

“The behavior of the prisoners is harsh. You may be a little surprised.”

“Yes. Make them aware.”


When the stairs were finished and we reached the basement floor, a long hallway appeared.

The prison cell on either side.

Unfinished stone walls and floors.

The musty smell of deep underground.

Cain said, looking at the dotted, dimly lit light fixtures on the ceiling.

“I have a feeling that my vision is blurry.”

“At His Majesty’s orders, we are not making any improvements or extensions on purpose. It is His Majesty’s will that the guilty should be given an environment suitable for them.”

Cain nodded.

The imperial dungeon.

A place where criminals who threatened the security of the empire are imprisoned.

There must be people who came in with innocent sins.

‘It must mean that they trample on humanity as much as they are outside their own eyes.’

There was also a smell of filth from the inside.

There must be a part where the management of the prison room is not done intentionally.

“Haley’s prison cell is deeper.”

Cain set out with the guard.

And then.


An arm reached out from the left cell, trying to grab Cain’s face somehow.

“Hey! get me out! Get me out! Before you rub your face!”

bang! bang!

A hand reached out from another prison cell that noticed the visitor.

“f*ck you bastard! Why do I have to be here!”

“Tell the Emperor! If I ever get out of here, I will cut off my throat!”

“outside! Tell me some outside news!”

The sight of dozens of pairs of arms grabbing the air was quite bizarre and creepy.

“Everyone can’t go back to their place! hurry! sorry. If you step back for a moment, I’ll calm you down… .”

“it’s okay.”

Cain restrained the guard.

The prisoner’s hand wriggling before his eyes.

He grabbed his wrist and pushed it with the grate.

“Uh, uh, you… !”

“I think the sentence is wrong. It’s probably not a slap, but a stutter.”

Cain’s opposite hand moved like lightning.


The prisoner screamed in pain as his fingers were broken alive.


Whoops! Whoops!

The prisoner fell to the floor with all his fingers broken.

He couldn’t even moan properly and his whole body was trembling.

“… … !”

He raised his head and met Cain’s gaze, then moved his legs back in order to somehow widen the distance.

“Who else wants to say hello to me?”

Cain said as he turned around the hallway.

The arm that had come out of the window disappeared in an instant, leaving only silence in the hallway.

“sorry. I don’t know if I’ve touched the prisoner’s body recklessly.”

Cain turned to the guard and said.

The guard replied with a slightly surprised tone.

“no. That part is fine. Rather, it is the skill you are used to dealing with prisoners.”

“Yes. It’s probably not going to be the case. There are times when you do business off the wall and you have to deal with these tough guys.”

The jailer continued to guide Cain.

After passing the quiet hallway and turning a few corners, a prison cell in a secluded place appeared.

“Haley. Get up.”

The prisoner’s body, lying on the floor, trembled as the jailer shook the grate.

His head was raised weakly.

Empty eyes stared at him.

“You can talk comfortably.”

The guard opened the folding chair that was nearby and disappeared in the direction he came from.

Cain sat cross-legged on the chair and crossed his arms.

Several CCTVs installed on the ceiling.

‘This is the only new thing in this dilapidated facility. Only in Haley’s cell.’

With the latest model that even records sound, the shooting range reached this far.

It must be evidence that the emperor is obsessed with blueprints.

You will be watching this situation through the lens.

You can see it as one hundred percent.

The emperor is the kind of person who likes to put people in a specific situation and observe them.

After Cain was silent for a while, Haley spoke first.

“Who… ? It’s like something I don’t remember… .”

There was no strength in his voice.

There was almost no food left on the plate in the corner of the room.

“It would be nice to eat. Because once you are alive, you can dream of revenge or anything else.”

Silence passed for a moment.

“I remember. It’s a face I’ve seen in a ballroom.”

“Johan Kirif. He is the representative of a pharmaceutical company called Hexa Medical.”

Cain took a business card from his pocket and threw it in front of Haley.

In Cain’s hand with his arms crossed again, he held a miniature audio device from the subspace.

The angle was invisible to CCTV.

“And he will soon be appointed as a professor at Matap.”

Hailey’s hand, who was examining the business card, stopped.

He immediately smiled and said.

“Uh-huh… tower? Did you come from Latino too? After all, all of the people who have come so far have been servants of the Emperor and his gang.”

“Don’t warn me. Give your majesty the correct title.”

Cain growled.

It was an action conscious of CCTV.

Haley’s sarcastic voice returned.

“Yeah, what. If you want, I’ll set it up for you. His Majesty, His Majesty the Emperor. Can I call you like this?”

“… … ”

Cain looked at Haley with bitter eyes and exhaled once.

“From now on, only answer what I ask.”

Then he glanced at the lens of the CCTV that was filming his face.

The latest model manufactured by Latium.

Both sound and video will be transmitted to the control room.

‘There is a slight delay in video transmission due to the limitations of technology. And you can’t even read the shape of my lips because of the dim lighting.’

“Tell me again. Your job is only to answer the questions asked.”


When the button on the voice device was pressed, the pre-recorded voice continued the dialogue.

“Where did you hide your research data?”

Cain spoke with a mouth at the same time.

A little loud, taking care that Hailey can read it without difficulty.

─ Answer the questions without flirting.

Hailey was momentarily taken aback.

It felt like a spark.

“It’s the same no matter how many times I ask. I have no intention of telling you.”

Cain adjusted the playback section of the recorder to choose an appropriate answer.

“You must be well aware that there is no point in persevering.”

─I have come to help you. We have the same purpose.

Haley couldn’t fully understand the current situation, but she continued to answer with instinctive judgment.

“It’s no use holding on. You guys haven’t gotten a single piece of information out of my mouth yet, have you?”

“Information. Rather than that, isn’t your body hardening due to petrification?”

─ The first blueprint was found. A second blueprint is required.

Haley was confused.

The other party is saying that they are here to help.

But did he have anyone he could call his ally?

Isn’t it correct to think of it as a trap designed by the emperor to find out the location of the blueprint?

‘But the emperor wouldn’t know that the blueprint was split in two. Once you answer… .’

“Just because your body hardens doesn’t mean you harden your beliefs.”

Acting according to the opponent’s lines.

But he couldn’t hide his emotions.

For the sake of the cause, he tried to reveal the realities of the emperor and the tower to the world.

However, he was the one who was punished, so he had been thinking that there was no other trick by the gods.

“In the end, you’re going to die as hard as a stone in a prison like that.”

— You must be suspicious of a trap designed by the emperor. I promise. I am the enemy of the emperor. At least the blueprints won’t fall into his hands.

“Better that.”

“Your Majesty has said that he will be merciful and give you a chance.”

— There Haley. Abandoned on a bridge when I was born

“… … !”

“If you know where the research material is, you said that I could treat you for petrification.”

─ Along with a ring believed to be her mother’s belongings. After that, I lived in a back alley.

The story continued.

How Haley grew up and through what process she became the chief researcher of Latium.

And how he realized the emperor’s conspiracy and ended up being imprisoned.

Quickly and concisely with only the key points.

Until the remaining secrets you will never know.

“He even said that he would graciously release me from prison. Even though you won’t be able to set foot inside the wall again.”

— I know everything. Not only about you, but also about the Emperor and the Mato Tower and the conspiracies of the Order.

with a bewildered face,

Haley couldn’t help but ask.

“Da, what the hell are you?”

That is a question posed to ‘John’ who mentioned petrification treatment.

At the same time, it was a question posed to ‘Cain’, who knew everything including his life.

Cain replied.

“Johan Kirif. CEO of Hexa Medical and developer of petrification treatment.”

Stop playing the recorder.

Directly in your own voice.

“Some even call me a savior.”

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